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*Rabble members Greta and Ernst both suffered broken jaws in the main event and will be out for 2-3 months. Gustav escaped the event unscathed but refuses to wrestle until his siblings are healed!

*While Chase Jacobson was not able to continue in the Battle Royale (no thanks to the Kentucky Hellbillies), he has been cleared to return to action after a night of rest. After being kept off the June event due to injury, “Lionheart” Kris Jacobson has also been cleared, leading to the Jacobson son & father pairing to challenge the Hellbillies to a tag team match in July!

*New Tag Team Champions The Phenomenons are Tag champions and Tagstravaganza winners, but they paid the price. The gash on Shane Stone’s head required seven staples to close, while Eric Cameron required treatment for swallowing an unknown blue substance. Both men have been cleared to wrestle in July, when they will defend their new titles against the team they cheated their way past in the qualifier: The A-Team!

*Despite enduring a savage beating from Jay Deschain, fan-favorite Lardo suffered no injuries beyond bumps and bruises. He will certainly be sore for a few days…

*The charismatic Atlas has been advised to take some time off to deal with multiple lingering injuries, the result of his months-long feud with The Shadow/Chris Casino. We hope Atlas will be back inside the squared circle soon!