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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Washington D.C. at the Verizon Center in front of a sold out crowd.

Another great night of UTA action had the nation's capitol on the edge of their seats.
The night was kick started with a match between Perfection and Ian Michaels Hate. Hate put a whooping on Perfection. Hate had the match won when he went for the "Hate Crime" but Perfection was able to move out of the way at the last second. Perfection turned the tides and later finished Hate with the "Photo Finish" capturing the victory.
Dan Benson faced Tobias Devereux in a potential quarterfinal match of the Ring King tournament. Devereux took control early and stayed in control. Benson was knocked out cold from Devereux's "Ace in the Hole". Tobias made the cover and got the 3 count.
Abdul Ahad took on Will Haynes in a fast paced match. Ahad showed why he is undefeated on Wrestleshow cards. Haynes became the latest victim of the "Infidel's Demise". Abdul scored the pinfall victory and looked ready for Sunday night.
Elvis McDonald and La Flama Blanca faced off in another great match between the two stars. The match went back and forth. It looked like McDonald was going to put the match away but Flama Blanca ducked a Spin Kick from the Kung Fu Mechanic. He then pulled off "El Apagon", giving him the win when he scored the pinfall. 
The Main Event. "The Mental Rapist" Sean Jackson faced Xander Hayes in the last match of the night. Jackson looked around the ring and arena most of the match, waiting for The Spectre to show his face. Xander Hayes was able to capitalize on Jackson's paranoia. Hayes was able to hit the "Rolling X" on Jackson. He made the cover and got himself the win.
Worth every penny.