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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #2 - "Cloud of Unknowing" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.


The show fades in as we see "Philadelphia, PA - March 19, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen. The text fades out as we see in the ring we're about to start with the Tag Team Redemption match as PKA and The Mighty Aguila have requested a rematch against Tin and Vo Li - eLIte!

Tony D: "Fans welcome to WARPEDLive! #2 "Cloud of Unknowing" as we are live from The Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.. I'm Tony D alongside my broadcast partner, Kris Red."

Kris Red: "Tony D, things are about to get RED HOT! RED HOT!"

Tony D: "Our first show was a showcase of the first ever WARPED talent, and the show was dubbed "The Audition" which is exactly what that was. This time around, the unknown is in full effect.. with brand new talent, on top of the talent who did their best, or might've not done so hot on the first show, all in one building. This.. is Cloud of Unknowing."

Tin Li and Aguila lock up in the middle of the ring and Li immediately applies the side headlock. Aguila elbows Tin in the stomach and runs to the ropes. Tin drops down as Aguila leaps over him, bounces off the ropes and somersaults over onto his back and turns him over for a cover..1... kick out! Both men to their feet now.. they lock up and Tin knees Aguila in the gut. Irish whip into the ropes.. Aguila bounces off.. clothesline attempt by Tin, but Aguila ducks under, leaps up onto the middle rope, and springboards back as Tin turns toward him and Aguila hits an armdrag takedown fluently. Both men to their feet as Aguila quickly hits the ropes, bounces off and comes back to be caught in a Tilt-A-Whirl by Tin, but Aguila lands on his feet, but Tin quickly drops down and takes his legs out and covers 1... kick out.

Kris Red: "I tell you what Tony D, The Mighty Aguila is one of the fastest guys we have in WARPED today, but he does have a lot to learn, and that's what PKA is here for, to be the teacher."

Tony D: "Have you seen how PKA has been treating Aguila, though? PKA seems to not care, and if he's trying to teach his cousin anything, it must be how to slack off and hope for a win.."

Both men up, Aguila with a legsweep, tripping up Tin down to the mat and covers 1... kick out. Both men get to their feet and Tin goes for a chop but Aguila is too quick as he rolls under, spins up to his feet and hits a high kick to the side of Tin's face! Tin is wobbly now as Aguila leaps onto his shoulders and hits a Hurricanrana! The crowd is going wild for The Mighty Aguila now as Tin is sent into his corner with the move and he quickly makes the tag. Aguila looks at his cousin, PKA, and PKA nods at him as Aguila then approaches and tags him in.

Kris Red: "Well PKA and The Mighty Aguila seem to be on the same page here so whatever they have going on works!"

As the tag is being made Vo Li charges in and tosses Aguila over the top rope down to ringside. PKA, from the apron, smacks Vo across the face. He leaps up onto the top buckle and comes off with a Missle Dropkick right on the money! Vo pushes himself up off the mat as quickly as possible and PKA is there waiting as he charges in with a Shining Wizarrrrrd~! Vo is dazed bigtime and PKA brings him up by his short spikey hair and crosses his arms then lifts him in the air... CROSS-ARMED BRAINBUSTAHHH~! PKA pays homage to The Man With No Name using the 'Darkness Buster' as he called it and PKA covers, hooking the leg, 1...2....Tin breaks it up with a kick to PKA's head!

Tin brings PKA to his feet and Vo assists as they chop him one after another, then simultaneously. They back him into the corner and lift him up onto the buckle. Tin climbs up while Vo gets in Powerbomb position.. Tin leaps up onto the shoulders of PKA but PKA overpowers him as he holds on tight while Vo struggles to bring PKA down as well. Just then The Mighty Aguila charges in with a Superkick to the face of Vo, causing him to drop down. Aguila moves out of the way as PKA brings Tin up and leaps off with a huge powerbomb! The crowd is rocking as the ring ropes shake along with the canvas. PKA covers... but Tin is not the legal man in this match says the referee!

PKA gets to his feet and Vo Li comes up from behind, scoops him up and when it seems he's going to nail the Michinoku Driver, PKA slides out from behind, leaps up and hits an Inverted Monkey Flip! This sends Vo down to the mat and just at the right spot as PKA tags in The Mighty Aguila. PKA turns Vo onto his back as Aguila leaps onto the top buckle and comes off with a picture perfect Shooting Star Press!

Tony D: "He calls that The Freefall!"

Aguila nails the move.. and covers! 1.....2.......3!

Randy Long: "Here are your winners - The Mighty Aguila and "Grade A" P..K..A!"

The fans go wild for PKA and Aguila now as the two men are extremely happy. PKA leaps up onto the turnbuckle and showboats as The Mighty Aguila holds his arms in the air. PKA jumps down and points to his arm from the referee and tells him to raise it and the ref does so as Aguila looks on a little taken back by this but accepts it as he has his arm raised as well.

Kris Red: "PKA very excited so it seems but why shouldn't he be.. he didn't lose a second match to these eLIte fellas..

PKA grabs a microphone and pounds on it to see if its live..

Bump bump bump..

PKA: "Ya know what, cuz? I told ja that you had it in ya.. and look what happened.. a lil' assist from ya boy and you got the lucky three count. Just think.. one day.. you'll be helping someone win their match and have a spotlight moment."

PKA extends his hand as Aguila slightly laughs and hesitates.. and nods his head and shakes the hand of his cousin and they embrace with a hug.



Kris Red and Tony D. are sitting down at their commentary booth table together discussing the last WARPED Wrestling show. It was at the Frontier Park Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, Illinois. All of a sudden things start to heat up at the entrance way of the dressing rooms where wrestlers come out from when newcomer Howard 'The Bank' Thompson steps out towards the ring.

Standing next too him as he stops and looks around to the crowd is WARPED Wrestling reporter Kelly Calloway. She has a microphone in hand and the fans watch on with a mixed reaction thus far as she seems to be interviewing Howard now. Kris Red and Tony D. hush up and look over as the fans quiet down too.

Kelly Calloway: "Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to introduce to you right now at this time, a man who will be making his debut tonight he has wrestled all over the world and is now back in Philly, Howard Thompson..."

Fans make a little noise as she looks to Howard who has black and white shoes on, a WARPED Wrestling full back hat on and a t-shirt from the company too. He stands there focusing in on Kelly as she continues to talk on the microphone.

Kelly Calloway: "So tonight is your big night, Howard. You are starting off fresh here, but you already know WARPED President, Joey Matthew..."

Kelly takes the microphone and puts it towards Thompson who stands there and looks out to the fans.

Howard Thompson: "Me and Joey go a long way back. He made me who I am today and for that, well... I'm going to work for the guy. I've already got some momentum under my belt right now and this three way dance tonight is going to be seeing me on top as the winner!"

Fans cheer and boo as Howard looks around and Kelly takes back the mic for a moment.

Kelly Calloway: "Do you have anything else to say before you get ready for your match up?"

Calloway pushes the microphone his way again as he gives his final thoughts.

Howard Thompson: "Take a long hard look at me when I am in that ring tonight. I am a veteran of this business, I've been doing it for awhile now. I'm young, I'm healthy and I'm ready to shine! The bank is just about to re-open and Switchblade and Malcolm Knite are going to find that out soon enough!"

Howard 'The Bank' Thompson goes behind the reporter Kelly Calloway and begins to put his arms up in the air and shout aloud. They still give him a mixed reaction as he heads towards the locker room once again.

Kelly Calloway: "That match is coming up soon fans!"



Randy Long: "The following contest is a Four Corner Survival match. All participants will be involved in the match at the same time and it the first person to score a pinfall or submission will be the winner! Introducing first.. "The Insane" Brian Zaaaaane!"

"Till I Collapse" by Eminem starts blasting over the PA System

Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out
Till my legs give out, can’t shut my mouth.
Till the smoke clears out - am I high? Perhaps
I'ma rip this shit till my bone collapse.
Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out
Till my legs give out, can’t shut my mouth.
Till the smoke clears out and my high burn out
I'ma rip this shit till my bone collapse.

As the song keeps playing a tall built but slender individual wearing a tight black tanktop, baggy black shorts and a black due-rag, with a pair of all black nike shox, standing at he top of the ramp. The individual starts bouncing to the music. After a few seconds the individual does a side flip and begins walking down the ramp toward the ring. The crowd starts going wild once they see that it was "The Insane" Brian Zane. He walks to the ring, walks up the steps but instead of stepping through the ropes he pulls back and springboards over the top rope into the ring.

Randy Long: "And from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 205 pounds, he is "Dangerous" Dan Dillinger!"

"Idols and Anchors" by Parkway Drive hits the P.A. speakers. The small hall lights turn off and a heavy strobe and fog fills the small hall. Green and White shades start to flash as "Dangerous" Dan Dillinger walks out from behind the curtain and raises his hands. He starts to jumps and runs back and forth on the stage taunting the crowd at all angles. He walks down the ramp and starts to show appreciation to his loyal fans. He gets onto the apron and jumps over the rope and rolls to the other side of the ring throwing his hands up leaning against the ropes.

Randy Long: "Their opponent, from Boston, Mass.. weighing in at 235 pounds - Callllebbbbb Cross!"

"Set It Off" by Lil' Boosie starts to play and Caleb Cross steps out from behind the curtain wearing a confident smile. He walks down the entrance way to ring side, stoping just before the ring stairs. After a slight pause he throws his right arm in the air, hand balled into a fist, head bowed, and waits for a brief moment. After dropping his hand to his side, he quickly moves up the stairs and into the ring where he waits for the match to begin.

Randy Long: "And finally.. from Platinum Springs, weighing in at 205 pounds, this is Lance..Platinum!"

Get Ready for This by 2 Unlimited plays on the speaker system as from behind the curtain struts Lance Platinum dressed in a pink and silver pair of tights and with a pink feather boa around his neck. He stands at the top of the ramp and raises his hands clearly waiting for some fireworks but nothing happens. He tries again. Still nothing. He emphatically raises his arms once more as Justin Lane, his manager and adorer, quickly runs from the curtain and throws silver glitter over him. He cockily walks down the ramp and over to ringside. A fan stands up and slaps him on the back. Platinum screams and turns around with his fist raised before screaming "DON'T TOUCH ME I'M A STAR" and spitting in the fans general direction. He turns to face the ring as his face changes back to a smile as if nothing had just happend. Platinum climbs onto the ring apron as Lane hurriedly follows and pulls down the second rope for him. Once in the ring Platinum struts around letting the fans bask in his glory.

Tony D: "Another exciting match on the way here Kris.."

Kris Red: "That's right Tony D. A Four Corner Survival match is always exciting to watch."

Lance Platinum continues to strut around in the ring as Dillinger, Cross and Zane look on, baffled. Brian Zane thinks fast and turns to Caleb Cross and whales on him, taking him over the top rope and blindsiding him while he was watching Lance Platinum go on and on. The bell sounds... Zane makes his way to the apron and leaps off with a double axe handle, taking down Cross.

Kris Red: "This match is on and poppin'!"

Tony D: "Two newcomers.. two men who we saw at "The Audition" our first show.. this is going to be a wild match."

Kris Red: "And another thing to point out, though they might choke me out after they watch this on DVD, but both Dan Dillinger and Brian Zane are coming off a lost in their first WARPED matches, so a victory here would be great for their sake to even out one of their records."

In the ring, Lance Platinum and Dan Dillinger lock hands, jockeying for control. Platinum applies a side headlock, wrenching it in tightly. Dillinger backs Platinum into the ropes and tries to push him away but Platinum steps on the right foot of Dillinger suddenly, stalling him from continuing. Platinum pokes Dillinger in the eyes and laughs as Dillinger tries to rub out the pain. Platinum with the irish whips off the ropes, Dillinger bounces off and Platinum delivers a dropkick that takes Dillinger down to the mat. He falls back and still favors his eyes as Platinum covers 1.... quick kickout.

Kris Red: "One count there for ol' Lance Platinum.. he's a character. Have you seen his videos up on"

Tony D: "That I have.. Let's just say he makes ya laugh.."

Kris Red: "Yeah, let's say that.."

On the floor, Caleb Cross counters an irish whip attempt by Brian Zane and sends him into the barricade back first. Cross raises his arm in the air and slaps his elbow as he charges in quickly and hits a fast European Uppercut, sending Zane over the barricade and into the first row of fans. The fans go wild as Cross climbs the barricade and kicks Zane in the head. He lifts him up and tosses him over the barricade.

The action in the ring features a dazed Dan Dillinger in the corner, as Platinum is still in control. Platinum delivers a knife edge chop, and another. Dillinger strattles the ropes with his arms as Platinum struts away from the corner, a cocky smile on his face. The crowd already has grown a dislike for his cockiness, and when he approaches Dillinger in the corner, they are very pleased as Dillinger quickly grabs him and puts him in the corner and begins chopping him hardcore over and over. Dillinger then grabs his arm and goes for an irish whip but Platinum counters with a knee to the gut, followed by a Brainbuster! Platinum quickly shoots up and raises his arms in the air, a smile on his face. He struts to the ropes and gets out on the apron, grabbing ahold of the top rope. He looks as though he's about to sling or springboard in when Caleb Cross grabs his legs and pulls him down, causing him to smack face-first off the apron. He then follows through with an irish whip that sends the flamboyant Lance Platinum into the ringsteps!

Tony D: "And that HAS to hurt!"

In the ring, Brian Zane comes out of the blue as he slides into the ring and as Dillinger gets to his feet Zane leaps up and hits a big RKO like ace-cutter! He rises to his feet and spins around, a sick grin on his face. He drops into the cover.....1....2...Caleb Cross in to break it up. Cross brings Zane to his feet and connects with a snap suplex... holds it... lifts him up... snap suplex #2! ... holds it.. lifts him back up.. and hits a 3rd snap suplex! Cross covers... 1...2... broken up by Lance Platinum. Platinum brings Cross to his feet and grabs him by the head for a 'Cutter perhaps, but runs toward the turnbuckle, walks up.. Sliced Bread #2 connects! As Platinum nails the move, Dan Dillinger hits the "Dillingerplex" - a Half Nelson Choke Suplex! Dillinger then gets to his feet and from behind Brian Zane tries to capitalize with a Pele kick out of nowhere but Dillinger steps back just in time and Zane lands hard. He pushes himself up off the mat and enter Caleb Cross as he grabs the head of Zane, leaps up and drops him face-first onto Cross' knee as he lands on his back - "The Overdose"! Zane goes down and Dillinger rushes in to make the pin 1.....2......3-----Cross stops it just in time!

Kris Red: "Whoa that was close! Caleb Cross was in the right place at the right time."

Tony D: "Looks like Caleb Cross and Dan Dillinger might go!"

Cross and Dillinger exchange words and Dillinger pushes Cross and Cross responds with a slap to the face. They almost break out and begin to brawl but in comes Lance Platinum who charges at both men looking to catch them off guard but they sidestep and hit a double drop toe hold. Dillinger grabs the right leg of Platinum and stretches him with an over-the-shoulder single leg Boston Crab.. "Seriously Elevated" as he calls it. Simulteously its Caleb Cross who applies the Rings of Saturn!

Kris Red: "Dual submission! Lance Platinum has two guys on him at once and I wonder how he must feel!"

Suddenly here comes Brian Zane with a BIG boot to the face of Dillinger, dropping him. Cross realizes what's going on as he releases the hold but Zane is right there with a boot to the back of Cross. Zane brings him up to his feet and sends him into the ropes with an irish whip and drops down for a backdrop but Cross nails "The Overdose" once more! Cross leaps into the cover...1.....2.....3!!

Caleb Cross picks up the victory as the fans erupt with cheers and his arm is raised in victory.


The camera cuts to what appears to be the main cafeteria of the arena. Not too many people are there since dinner was hours ago, but one wrestler remains. SwitchBlade is seated at one of the tables, a bottle of water in his hand. He’s in his attire, and appears to be ready for his match tonight.

???: Excuse me, Mr. SwitchBlade!

The camera pans out and we see WARPED reporter Sean Armstrong, mic in hand, walking at a face pace towards SwitchBlade. After taking a long sip of his water, SwitchBlade gets up from his seat and stands next to Armstrong.

Sean Armstrong: Sorry to bother you, but I was hoping I could get a few comments from you regarding your upcoming match.

SwitchBlade: Sure thing, Sean. Anything for the WARPED fans out there.

Sean: Do you feel good going into this match? Do you think you’re in any way threatened by either Howard Thompson or Malcolm Knite?

SwitchBlade: Let me tell you something Sean, I’ve never been better. I’m in top physical condition, and even at my age, I know I can still compete with the young blood. Both Howard and Malcolm look like tough guys, but they don’t have much to say either. I don’t know if it’s nerves or what, but if they want to make it in this business they’re gonna have to step up their game.

Sean: So what are your future plans in WARPED? What is it you’re trying to accomplish here?

SwitchBlade: Heh…well there’s a million dollar question. What are my goals here? I suppose it should be to eventually become the World Heavyweight Champion, but you know what…that’s not it. I’ve been a world champion before, and even if, for whatever reason, I never win it again, it wouldn’t tarnish my career one bit. So what is my goal? Simple…to make legends.

Sean: I don’t understand…make legends?

SwitchBlade: That’s right. I’m not going to be around forever, and I know what this business is all about. Out with the old, in with the new. That’s how it works. I got to where I am because of the legends of the past who pushed me to my breaking point, who sent me to hell and back in order to make me a star in this industry. Now it’s my turn.

Suddenly, SwitchBlade snatches the mic from Sean and looks into the camera, his eyes piercing deep into every individual watching.

SwitchBlade: I want to send out a challenge. An open invitation for the next show. This goes out to any WARPED wrestlers out there who think they have what it takes to step into the ring with me and be at the top of this business. Two on one, three on one, hell, let me fight the entire roster if I have to! If you’re not willing to give every match your all, if you’re not here to be the alpha dog, then I don’t want to see you in this, or any other wrestling ring!

SwitchBlade points to the exit door across the hall.

SwitchBlade: There’s the door. Either show your way out or I will have the EMTs carry you out! To the rest of you, I await an answer.

He pauses as he thinks up his next few words carefully.

SwitchBlade: If I can’t make you…I’ll break you!

SwitchBlade slams the mic into Sean’s chest before walking out as he makes his way to the ring.


Randy Long: "The following is a Triple Threat Match scheduled for one fall!"

'Raise Your Hands' By Bon Jovi hits. The fans stand up, cheering as they like the song, but who is it? That's when the song fades out and the familiar tune of 'Grillz' By Nelly Ft. Paul Wall plays as the fans have a mixed reaction for formerly known star 'Hollywood' Howie Banks who now goes by Howard 'The Bank' Thompson. He steps out from the back and towards the ring.

Randy Long: "Introducing first, from St. Mary's Ontario Canada, now residing in Brantford, Ontario, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is "Mr. Canada" Howard Thompson!"

Howie is wearing his patented dark sunglasses, his black wrestling boots, gold and green wrestling trunks, white wrist tape and he has his hair spiked. Banks makes his way into the ring and just stands in the corner, listening to the fans reactions as he smirks a lot and gets loosened up for his match.

The arena is motionless and still as "Crawl" by Breaking Benjamin pounds through the speaker system. A thick red smog fills the rampway and The Aprentice follows Nathan Keller to the ring. Malcolm Knite enters the ring and begins putting on his black leather gloves as he awaits the bell.

Randy Long: "Being accompanied to the ring by Nathan Keller, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 238 pounds.. "The Apprentice" Malcolm Knite!"

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays.

Randy Long: "Making his way to the ring, from Boston Mass, weighing in at 192 pounds.. SwitchBlaaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans, and then offers his opponents a handshake before starting the match. Howard Thompson accepts and shakes as Malcolm Knite looks on, and looks back at his manager for advice. They speak momentarily, and SwitchBlade still offers a hand. Knite hesitantly shakes..

Tony D: "And its time for this Triple Threat Match, as we have the two Canadians Howard Thompson, formerly known as Hoju, and Malcolm Knite, taking on the Boston boy SwitchBlade."

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade, who threw out an open challenge to anyone to face him on our next show, which by the way will be live from Dearborn, Minnesota, where ever that is.. on April 4th. Go to for more information."

The bell sounds as the three men look back and forth at each other. Malcolm Knite is the first to take charge as he quickly directs his attention to Howard Thompson, pounding at him in the corner. SwitchBlade quickly makes his way over and rolls up Knite... 1... 2.... kick out! Knite and SwitchBlade up.. Knite swings but SwitchBlade ducks under. The momentum of the swing causes Knite to do a 180 and SwitchBlade rolls him up again 1...2.. kick out! Knite and SwitchBlade up to their feet now.. and Howard Thompson is there immediately with a small package! 1...2... kick out.

Tony D: "Once again another nearfall already in this match!"

Kris Red: "These are three men all making their WARPED debuts today but for those who have followed the projects of Joey Matthew prior to this, namely Headstrong Wrestling, they know who Howard Thompson, formerly Hoju 'The Great' and SwitchBlade are. Malcolm Knite, he's the unknown."

Knite says F this and rolls out to the floor and SwitchBlade suddenly gets tripped up from the outside by Nathan Keller and pulled to the floor.

Kris Red: "Whoa, speaking of the unknown! Malcolm Knite's manager there Nathan Keller just got involved in ways he shouldn't!"

The referee sees this and yells at Keller to get out of here! He bans him from the ring! Keller is fired up and so is Malcolm Knite saying the ref can't do that!! Keller is forced to leave the ringside area as he kicks dirt on the way toward the entrance/exit. Some fans chant 'nananana.. hey hey hey..good byeeee' and so on...

Tony D: "And he has paid the price! Keller has been eliminated from the equation!"

At ringside, Knite begins delivering right hands to the face of SwitchBlade and irish whips him right into the ring apron back-first. SwitchBlade grabs his back and Knite grabs him and rolls him into the ring. Suddenly Thompson connects with a baseball slide on Knite, sending him into the guard rail. Thompson gets to his feet and holds the top rope, awaiting Knite to push himself back up. Thompson then turns around, runs to the ropes, bounces off, runs back and leaps through the ropes with a Suicide Dive! He crashes into Knite and they both are taken into the steel guard rail. The fans cheer for the high risk move. Thompson brings Knite to his feet and rolls him into the ring, and SwitchBlade covers...1...2... kick out!

Tony D: "Smart moves by SwitchBlade there with that pinfall.. and look at Howard Thompson, he doesn't seem too pleased."

Kris Red: "Would you be? I wouldn't. SwitchBlade tried capitalizing on Thompson's hard work, but I would do the same.. soo.. I don't blame him."

Thompson enters the ring and shares a few choice words with SwitchBlade. Thompson then delivers a right hand and SwitchBlade fights back with one of his own, and they continue trading punches. Finally SwitchBlade gets the upperhand and backs Thompson into the ropes. Irish whip.. Thompson off the ropes... SwitchBlade to the center of the ring.. STO Takedown! SwitchBlade gets to his feet.. Knite is up and he goes for a clothesline but Switchy ducks under.. go behind.. Release German Suplex! SwitchBlade up.. Thompson boots him in the midsection and sends him into the corner.. follow through.. SwitchBlade gets up an elbow! He hops up onto the second buckle and pulls Thompson in.. hooks both arms and pushes off.. Tornado Double Arm DDT! He covers.. 1...2... Knite kicks him in the head to break the cover.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade was on fire and Malcolm Knite just threw water all over that flame!"

Kris Red: "Who's flaming? I thought Lance Platinum was in the previous match?"

Tony D: "Uh...."

Kris Red: "What? .. What!"

Malcolm Knite brags to the crowd as they boo him for breaking up the pinfall. SwitchBlade gets to his feet and Knite kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a Suplex.. lifts him up.. Falcon Arrow! Pin! 1...2... kick out! Knite brings him up and sends him into the corner and follows through with a Running Yakuza Kick and SwitchBlade gets his bell rung bigtime. Knite sets SwitchBlade up on the second buckle but from behind comes Thompson with a club to the back. Thompson brings Knite away from the corner and lifts him up in the air but Knite falls behind him and lands on his feet. He turns Thompson around and kicks him in the gut and lifts him up for a Razors Edge.. he turns around, away from SwitchBlade in the corner, and hits the SitOut Edge!

Kris Red: "Kamikaze Syndrome!"

Knite gets to his feet and is surprised to see SwitchBlade waiting for him.. kick to the gut.. Implant DDT! SwitchBlade then grabs the arms of Knite, locks them into place and rolls over into a crucifix hold.. and cranks back on the neck! Knite immediately taps out and this match is over!

Kris Red: "Enter the Darkness! Enterrrr!"

Tony D: "Its all over!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner... SwiiiiitchBlaaaaaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade gets to his feet and the referee raises his arm as the fans go wild as his music hits the PA System. SwitchBlade turns around and suddenly stops in his tracks as Howard Thompson is there, favoring his back, looking none too happy. SwitchBlade shrugs and extends his hand and Thompson hesitates.. but does shake the hand. He says 'you didn't beat me... you didn't beat me...' SwitchBlade chooses to not respond as he lets go of Thompson's hand and goes throught he ropes to the ringside area and begins walking to the entrance. He turns around and walks backward, watching Thompson in the ring who has his eyes on SwitchBlade still..



The song "Weightless" by All Time Low, as Dr. EMO walks down the ramp, and high fives fans on his way down to the ring.

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall.. introducing now, weighing in at 190 pounds and from Roswell, Ohio - Dr. EMO!"

"Act a Fool" by Lil Jon plays as the crowd goes nuts. Malik "The Hitman" Logan comes out of the curtain and puts his arms in the air to the left, then looks to the right, and the crowd gets pumped.

Randy Long: "His opponent, from Worcester, Mass, weighing in at 220 pounds.. Malik "The Hitman" Logan!"

He starts dancing down the ramp and as he makes his way toward the ring while slapping some crowd members hands. He gets in the ring and does JTG's taunts as his music fades.

Tony D: "And here we go with a match that was initially scheduled to be a rematch between Malik Logan and Kurtis Hyde after that brutal assault via a ladder from Hyde post-match at WARPEDLive! 1 - "The Audition", however just days after the match being signed, Kurtis Hyde backed out of his booking and thus the replacement was made as Dr. Emo was recruited to take the spot of Hyde.


The bell sounds.. Malik Logan and Dr. Emo approach one another.. collar and elbow tie up.. Logan backs Dr. Emo into the corner and slowly backs off.. Dr. Emo then kicks him in the gut and delivers a right hand, then puts him in the corner. He climbs up and goes to deliver a punch but Logan drops down and scurries away. Dr. Emo looks back and kicks Logan in the face, giving him a second to turn around on the middle buckle. Dr. Emo then leaps off with a headscissors on Logan! Dr. Emo gets to his feet and Logan comes toward him and gets bodyslammed. Dr. Emo now makes his way to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Logan gets to his feet and Dr. Emo hits a Moonsault off the top! He covers.. 1... 2... kick out!

Dr. Emo applies a side headlock on the mat and Logan pushes up off the mat and elbows his way out of the move then delivers a hard chop to the chest of the newcomer Dr. Emo. Irish whip by Logan.. Dr. Emo hits the ropes and Logan hits a big Double A Spinebuster! He covers...1...2... kick out!

Dr. Emo rolls away and under the ropes to the floor to collect himself. Malik Logan approaches the ropes and leaps over with a crossbody but Dr. Emo moves out of the way and Logan hits the floor the hard way! Dr. Emo points to his head with a smile on his face. He climbs the apron and backs to one of the ringposts furthest away from Logan. Logan gets up off the floor and Dr. Emo runs along the apron and somersaults off onto his opponent! Dr. Emo gets to his feet as the fans applaud and cheer. He picks up Logan and rolls him into the ring and climbs the apron, then the turnbuckle. Logan gets to his feet and hits the ropes, causing Dr. Emo to get racked! Logan climbs the turnbuckle as Dr. Emo grabs his groin, wencing in pain. Logan leaps onto the shoulders of Dr. Emo and falls back.. Frankensteiner! Logan with the cover, hooks the leg.. 1...2... kick out!

He gets to his feet and stomps the body of Dr. Emo now.. Logan brings him to a seated position and kicks him in his back once.. twice.. three times! Dr. Emo grabs his back in pain as Logan brings him to his feet and lifts him up onto his shoulders.. Death Valley Driver! Wait! Countered into an armdrag! Logan gets to his feet quickly as Dr. Emo rises up holding his back. Logan goes for a clothesline but Dr. Emo ducks under... both men trade positions and .. UberKick! The superkick connects to Logan's face. He then puts Logan into a Piledriver position but its much more as he hits the Flipping Piledriver known as the Panik Attack! "Holy Shit" chants fill the arena as he goes into the cover 1...2.....3!! "Weightless" by All Time Low hits the PA System and Dr. Emo is the victor!

Randy Long: "Your winner.. Dr. EMOOO!"

Dr. Emo brushes his hair out of his face and looks back at Logan on the mat, clutching his head. Dr. Emo has his arm raised in victory by the referee and the scene fades...



Taped after the match, we see Malik Logan standing with WARPED Reporter Kelly Calloway. Logan still holding his head, awaits Kelly's first comment.

Kelly: Malik Logan, for the second WARPED show in a row you had a great match, though tonight you came up a bit short. Your thoughts?

Malik: Kelly, the match was great, and the better man came out on top. Neither of us should be ashamed of that match.

Logan gives Kelly a look and walks off...

Kelly: Wow, uh, tank you for your time. Let's get back to the action.

The scene fades..


We cut to the ring where its time now for the final match of the show!

Randy Long: "The following contest is our main event of the evening live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!"

The crowd pops.

A voice announces "We've got Fun Houses, Murder Go Round's, House of Horrors and Wax Museum's, Tunnels of Love, Terror Wheel's, House of Mirror's and Killing Fields". The sound of an old time record is heard skipping followed by In Yo Face by Insane Clown Posse bursting it’s way onto the house PA. A small section of painted faces in the crowd sits down except for one with orange dreads and a custom white hockey jersey with an orange hatchet man on the front. The name on the back reading Rottentreats and the number 17.

Randy Long: "From The Carnival Grounds, weighing in at 200 pounds.. Mr. Rottentreats!"

Cast across his shoulder is his orange and white "Bag of treats" the crew of Juggalos follow him to the guard rail singing along with his entrance music much to the disdain of other WARPED fans. He straddles the guard rail and reaches into his "bag of treats" and pulls out two cans of Faygo Redpop, he hits his forehead with them before popping both open and taking swigs then throwing them out into the crowd. Then he reaches into his bag of treats and pulls out a 2 liter of Diet Root beer Faygo, shakes it up until the top pops off and he sprays the Juggalos and other members of the crowd in the general vicinity before throwing the bottle into the crowd.

He jumps off the guard rail and rFaygo soaked hatchet man jersey and throwing it into the crowd, and shaking the Faygo out of his dreads as the song ends and he awaits his opponent pulling on the top rope in his corner..

Randy Long: "And his opponent..."

The opening orchestra of Hammerfall's "Hero's Return" begin playing over the PA system. As the song bursts into its full on guitar driven melody, Theo Davis bursts out from behind the curtain and raises his arms to adulation of the fans.

Randy Long: "From Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 224 pounds, he is "The Great Leo" Theo Davisss!"

Davis steps down the ramp onto the floor and saunters down to the ring, where he climbs up onto the apron and removes his leather jacket. He hangs it up on the corner post, climbs the ropes and raises his right arm in the air before hopping into the ring.

Tony D: "And here we are! This should be a great match but one in which we see two very differing styles clash."

Kris Red: "You've got the very technical-esque wrestler in Theo Davis taking on an.. unorthadox.. Mr. Rottentreats. Does that explain his style?"

Tony D: "I'd say so.."

The bell sounds!

Collar and elbow tie up.. as both men begin to jockey for control. Davis drops to one knee and tries pushing back up, which he does, as he backs Rottentreats into the ropes, but Rottentreats counters and then pushes Davis into the corner and slaps him across the face. Davis pushes Rottentreats down, and Rottentreats shoots a cold glare at Davis as he steps away from the corner. Rottentreats gets to his feet and bumps chests with Theo Davis, who stands face to face with him. Treats pushes Davis into the corner and Davis fires back with a right hand! Treats responds with one of his own but Davis blocks it and delivers another right and another! Mr. Rottentreats ducks the fourth punch and goes for his own but Davis grabs the fist and twists the arm of Rottentreats, wrenching it hard. Treats tries to escape but Davis has it locked in. Rottentreats drops to one knee, grabbing his arm which is being pulled back by Theo Davis in a way it should not be pulled back! Rottentreats then rolls forward, escaping the hold, and trips up Davis, as he falls on his back... cover! 1... kick out by Davis. Both men get to their feet and Davis connects with an armdrag and holds the arm on the mat, kneeling with the arm twisted and firmly against the knee of Davis'. Mr. Rottentreats battles to his feet and he delivers a forearm shot to the face, followed by a second, while Davis still holds onto the arm. He twists it more and this puts the breaks on the offense of Mr Rottentreats for the time being. Davis backs his opponent up against the ropes and twists the arm once more before an irish whip.. Mr. Rottentreats hits the ropes and holds onto them and escapes through to the outside. He shakes his finger at Davis saying no no no... as 'treats looks for a time out.

Kris Red: "Mr. Rottentreats wants to slow things down a bit and recoup.. and I don't blame him!"

Tony D: "As you pointed out we have the mat technician Theo Davis showing just how good he is against Mr. Rottentreats and it might've been a bit much in the early moments of this match for Mr. Rottentreats."


Davis wants to keep this going as he approaches the ropes and Rottentreats quickly grabs his feet and pulls him to the outside. Treats then kicks him in the gut and tosses him into the steps head first! Treats is proud of his ways but the crowd and the referee certainly are not! Mr. Rottentreats rolls into the ring and takes his time to get to his feet as he continues his breather. Theo Davis quickly gets to his feet and gets up on the apron but Rottentreats is ready for him as he snaps him over the rope. Mr. Rottentreats looks to suplex Theo Davis into the ring now and lifts him up and drops him on his back in the ring! Rottentreats covers... 1... 2... kick out!

Tony D: "Mr. Rottentreats just took advantage of this match and he almost scored a win there."

Kris Red: "What kind of a name is Rottentreats, anyway? I've never known a candy to go rotten..."

Tony D: "Don't read too much into it."

Kris Red: "I imagine he was high when he came up with that name.."

Mr. Rottentreats brings Davis to his feet and winds up and delivers a hard right hand to the head of Davis, dropping him. Rottentreats hits the ropes and returns with a quick kick to the face of Davis as he begins to sit up. Rottentreats covers, hooks the leg.. 1...2... kick out.

Rottentreats grabs the hair of Davis and pulls him up and slaps him across the face, taunting him. Treats then connects with a snap suplex and covers..1..2.. kick out. The crowd begins chanting for Davis now chanting his entire name and Mr. Rottentreats tells them to shut up! He grabs the closest arm of Davis' and pulls him up to his feet. Irish whip.. countered! Mr. Rottentreats bounces off the ropes and Davis tries for a big forearm shot but Mr. Rottentreats ducks under and when Davis turns around he gets a big slap to the face! Davis looks to be inspired by this as he seemingly starts firing up and the crowd is there with him cheering as he charges at Mr. Rottentreats who puts the breaks on bigtime as he hits a huge Capture Suplex! Mr. Rottentreats sits up and 'washes his hands' as if it was nothin' and he covers..1...2.. kick out.

Tony D: "Of course this event is going down on the 19th of March and Kris, tomorrow night in concert is the Insane Clown Posse, a group I know Mr. Rottentreats is all about. Do you think he'll be making his way there?"

Kris Red: "First of all, I don't know how you know who ICP is.. you aren't that cool. and secondly, I'm sure he'll be there whether or not he loses. If he gets his ass whooped, then I imagine he'll just drink and smoke more to take the pain away.. or just for the hell of it.."

Mr. Rottentreats looks a bit unhappy. Treats pulls Davis up and goes behind, setting him up for a belly to back suplex, and Davis flips out! Davis then hits a release German Suplex and the crowd pops! Both men are down on the mat and the ref checks on each before beginning the 10-count.

A feint "Jugg-a-lo" chant takes place for a brief moment as the ref counts... 1.... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... both stir... 9... rising up... and just in time! Rottentreats delivers hard right hands and Davis returns with a knife edge chop.. punch.. chop.. punch.. chop.. chop.. chop.. chop!! Davis with the irish whip.. Treats off the ropes.. Davis bends down.. back drop! Treats gets back to his feet and Davis charges with a short-arm clothesline! The crowd cheers Davis on as Treats gets back to his feet and Davis charges at him with a jumping knee that sends him into the corner. Davis lifts him up and climbs up with him, and both men are vertical now.. as it appears Davis has him set up for a superplex... but Treats BITES the nose of Davis! Davis takes a step back off the buckle and holds his nose complaining to the referee what just happened as the referee checks on him to make sure he's okay. Treats quickly floats over the ropes onto the apron and hops down and grabs his bag of treats. He pulls out a couple cans of Faygo and the referee turns his attention to Treats who enters the ring with one arm behind his back and a can of Faygo ready to strike but the referee threatens to DQ him! The referee takes the can out of his hand and goes to get rid of it as Treats drops down and low blows Davis! He then has the can of Faygo and it seems as though he also has a spike as he pokes a hole in the can and sprays it in the face of Theo Davis!

Kris Red: "A little Juggalo Mist for Theo Davis!!"

The ref turns back around and just as Mr. Rottentreats hits the Release Head and Arm Suplex.. BLAAM!!!

Tony D: "Oh come on!! The ref didn't even see what happened before .. wait here's the cover!! He's going to steal it! 1... 2... 3!!"

Kris Red: "What a ROTTEN way to win a match! Haha!"

The bell sounnnnds as the fans boo Mr. Rottentreats for his trickery while the referee has no idea.

Randy Long: "Here is your winnerrr.. Mr. Rottennnnntreeeeeeats!"

Mr. Rottentreats gets his arm raised and he basks in the glory as the fans boo. Mr. Rottentreats picks up the Faygo and squeezes it, taking the rest of the Faygo and ingesting it. He tosses it out to the crowd as the fans in Philly reach to catch it! Mr. Rottentreats rolls out of the ring and grabs his bag of treats and takes a look at the crowd as the show fades out to the WARPED logo.