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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Wells Fargo Center in front of a sold out crowd.

The Home of Hardcore was treated to a great night of UTA and VCW action.
Our night was started with a match involving Fizz and Fill. Fill made quick work on his smaller opponent picking Fizz up and laying him out cold with his finisher the "Stressout Powerbomb". Fill made the cover and scored the victory.
Xander Hayes and Abdul bin Hussain had an exciting match. A match that saw time inside and outside the ring. Hussain took Hayes to the woodshed and put him away with the "Arabian Knight". Hussain got the pinfall and the w.
Dick Fury took on Ian Michaels Hate. Hate incorporated a chair into the match. Fury was able to duck a chair shot and knee Hate in the gut. Dick was able to Double Underhook Facebuster Ian onto the chair. He made the cover and got the win.
La Flama Blanca faced Matty Frederickson. Flama Blanca made short work of Frederickson in this one. He was able to grab hold of Frederickson's hand and executed "El Apagon", knocking Frederickson out allowing Flama Blanca to make the cover and win the match.
The Main Event. Claude Baptiste Ranier and Tobias Devereux finished the night. CBR like a pro worked on Devereux's legs most of the match. Ranier locked Devereux in the "Canadian Cradle". Devereux soon submitted to avoid injury. CBR got the win and was showered in boos. 
Yet another great night in the UTA Universe, worth every penny.