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The United Toughness Alliance was live in North Little Rock, Arkansas at the Verizon Arena in front of a sold out crowd.

A mix of potential matchups in the Ring King Tournament filled the bill tonight in North Little Rock. Also, some old faces came back and put a show on for the sold out crowd.
The returning Scotty Addams took on Skylar Montgomery to kick off the night. The UTA Army serenaded Addams in a "Welcome Back" chant before the bell rang. The two superstars had a terrific match. Addams came away with the win after landing the "Death By Sunrise" on Montgomery.
Perfection made his way to the ring and the boos soon followed. He called for a microphone and talked down to the fans in Arkansas. He talked about how no one wanted to face him and then… Drew Stevenson's music hit. Drew walked to the ring in his gear and the fans exploded. "Welcome Back" chants roared as Perfection talked to the referee at ring side trying to get Stevenson removed from the building. The bell sounded. Perfection tried to talk his way out of it but Stevenson had none of it. The two went back and forth but the match ended after a Perfection was caught in the "Final Conflict". 
Yoshii faced off with Tobias Devereux in a potential Ring King matchup. Devereux wasted no time in attacking Yoshii. Tobias took Yoshii to the ground after a Running Big Boot. He kept Yoshii on the ground and looked like he was going to walk out with the win. Jed Dye made his way to the apron and started yelling at Devereux. While the two shard words Yoshii got to his feet and attacked Devereux from behind. Devereux hit the mat and Yoshii capitalized. He bounced off the ropes and landed a leg drop. He made the cover and got the win.
Dan Benson and Abdul Ahad squared off in a potential semi-final matchup. Benson had Ahad right where he wanted him. Benson was waiting like a hunter for his prey. He went for "The Shocker" but Ahad was able to counter hitting a spinning back breaker. He made the cover and scored the pinfall victory.
The Main Event. Xander Hayes and La Flama Blanca ended the night. The two had the match of the night. La Flama Blanca hit "The Boarder Slam" and made the cover. Hayes just kicked out at Two. Later on X caught Flama Blanca in the "Rolling X". He went for the pin and Blanca kicked out at Two. The two continued to battle. X bounces off the ropes and Flama Blanca pulled the ropes down sending Hayes to the outside. Flama Blanca waited in the ring as Hayes got to his feet. He connected with a Suicide Dive laying both men out. The ref counted both men out before Xander could make it back into the ring. He contested the result but the referee didn't change the decision. 
An unusual end to a great night. Another great show worth every penny.