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Cancer Jiles vs. Skidd Row vs. Goliath vs. FJ Tombs vs. Chance Von Crank vs. Dylan Daniels

Wolf: Doozer in the ring for a match for the first time since arriving here at Death Row, today donning a referee shirt to be responsible for one of the most chaotic matches thus far.

Ace: You mean he's in the match to make sure that Cancer Jiles wins.

Wolf: Although the two are former tag team partners, holding championships together, I known Doozer on a personal level and he is nothing more then strictly professional.

Ace: We'll see about that.

Wolf: Tim Ross has stated that the participants in this gauntlet will enter at random. Every person in this match tonight is standing by, unknowing of when they will hear their music.

Ace: Depending on the order, this could become very interesting, very quick.

Wolf: A lot of good talent is about to be displayed, but who can outlast the rest?!

Kiss My Country Ass hit the Pa and the crowd starts cheering. After a few seconds, FJ Tombs walks and points to the right side of the audience and then to the left. He smiles and starts walking to the ring.

The crowed goes insane.

Announcer: Hailing from Athens, Texas at 275 pounds, standing 6 feet and 5 inches, FJ Tombs!

The crowd pops again. FJ walks up the steps and climbs into the ring. He walks over to the opposite corner and stretches till his opponent enters the ring.

Wolf: FJ Tombs is number one in!

Ace: I feel bad for this guy. Just two weeks ago he fought the toughest match of his career, sustaining injuries that required stitches, and now this? There is no way he will make it to the end.

Wolf: I don't know Tommy, FJ Tombs has a resilience I've never seen before!

Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the... FLOOOOOOORRRRR!!

As Drowning Pool hits the speakers, Goliath steps out and raises his arms to the sky, yelling with the roar of the song before walking without emotion toward the ring.

Wolf: He has to face Goliath! The man who almost ended Rykor's career!

Announcer: From Las Vegas, Nevada. Standing at 6'3 and weighing in at 263lbs... he is... GOOOLLLIIIAAAATTTTHHHHH!!!!

Ace: If FJ Tombs thought Dark was a tough opponent, wait until this guy gets in the ring.

As Goliath enters the ring and his music fades, FJ walks to the center, meeting him.

Wolf: FJ Tombs standing toe to toe with Goliath.

Ace: I tell you, his match with Dark changed him. FJ is a new, maybe more dangerous man.

As the bell sounds the two men lock up.

Wolf: Tombs quickly takes the lead as he whips Goliath into the ropes.

Ace: he needs to finish Goliath off quick as not to go into the next match worn out.

As Goliath returns he meets the elbow of a spinning FJ Tombs, sending him to the mat.

Wolf: Goliath sent right down by Tombs.

The fans pop as FJ leaps up, bringing a leg down as he drops it onto Goliath's chest.

Wolf: Quick leg drop by FJ Tombs.

Tombs gets to his feet, lifting Goliath up with him. Goliath stops halfway, and picks FJ up.

Wolf: Inverted Atomic Drop by Goliath!

Ace: Fast paced already!

Tombs bounces up and back to the mat.

Wolf: Goliath lifts Tombs back to his feet.

Ace: Goliath is pure strength, can Tombs even overpower him?

FJ pushes Goliath back before throwing a big right at him that connects.

Wolf: They both are now exchanging rights and lefts. Tombs sends Goliath into the ropes. On his return, FJ Tombs connects with a knee to the gut.

Goliath flips over FJ's knee, landing face up on the mat.

Wolf: Quick knee drop by Tombs.

As Tombs gets to his feet, he pulls Goliath up with him. Halfway up, Goliath sends a fist into the midsection of FJ Tombs.

Wolf: Hard chop now by Goliath, followed by a second. Irish whip into the corner.

Ace: Being the first two men into this match is not good.

Goliath follows through by running towards Tombs with his knee making contact. As Goliath moves out of the way, Tombs falls foreword to the mat.

Wolf: Big, vicious stomps by Goliath.

Goliath grabs FJ Tombs and yanks him up.

Wolf: Another whip by Goliath, Tombs on the return.

Goliath comes with a knee to FJ's stomach, followed by a DDT which seemed a bit quick, but did its job.

Wolf: DDT by Goliath!

Ace: Cover him!

Tombs holds his head, showing that he may have hit it a bit harder than intended on the mat as Goliath holds the inner part of his arm.

Wolf: Goliath may have caught his arm the wrong way on that landing there.

Ace: Really not good if you injure yourself in the first match of the gauntlet.

Goliath rolls over and gets to his feet. He moves his arm around and continues on, pushing through whatever pain there may be and stomping FJ Tombs.

Wolf: Goliath lifts Tombs to his feet. Double hand scoop, Goliath runs and jumps. Power slam!

Ace: What a beast!

The fans pop as Goliath gets up and yells out to them. He eats up the spotlight as the fans begin to back him even more.

Wolf:  With the fans surprisingly behind him, Goliath pulls Tombs to his feet.

Ace: This is HOW country, these people are crazy.

Wolf:  Tombs whipped into the ropes.

As FJ returns Goliath goes for the STP, but FJ pushes his arms forward with all his might, causing Goliath to lose balance. Golitah spins around, and Tombs comes under with a school boy rolled into a pin.

Wolf: Out of nowhere!

Doozer drops and counts, hitting the three.

Ace: Wow! FJ Tombs somehow did it, he beat Goliath!

As Goliath rolls out of the ring, disappointed, “Wild Boy” by MGK hits the sound system. From the back begins Chance Von Crank.

Ace: FJ Tombs has a run for his money now.

Wolf: The man many have said will walk away the winner tonight!

Ace: FJ Tombs looks nervous.

Wolf: He might should.

Chance walks up the steps and alongside the apron. He grabs the top rope and holds on as he thrust his hips before rolling through the middle rope into the ring.

Wolf: Crank giving a show before his music fades out.

Ace: He is a show off, but can he back it with a big win tonight?

As the bell sounds, the two men lock up.

Wolf: This match should be very interesting.

Crank throws a knee into the gut of Tombs to break the lock up, then quickly jabs his eyes with two fingers.

Wolf: Doozer already warning Crank less than a minute into the match.

Ace: What? He was just helping FJ out. He thought there was something in his eyes.

Wolf: Sure.

Tombs holds his eyes and turns, not knowing which direction is which. Crank leans forward, and grabs around his head, pulling FJ Tombs hard back and down to the mat using his eye sockets. Doozer warns him again, as Chance raises his hands as if saying he didn't do anything.

Wolf: Crank going by his own rules tonight as he faces FJ Tombs for a shot at the number one contendership.

Ace: That shouldn’t even be illegal.

Chance begins pulling Tombs to his feet. Halfway up, FJ pushes Chance back, stands up straight and begins punching him with rights and lefts.

Wolf: Tombs fighting back.

FJ grabs Chance's arm and whips him across the ring.

Wolf: Crank off the ropes and on the return. Tombs runs and leaps, Lou Thez press!

Ace: No!

As Chance hits the mat, FJ pounds away at the Trailer Park Prodigy.

Wolf: Chance tries to block the punches, but is having no luck. I don't think FJ Tombs liked Chance's early match tactics.

Doozer gets FJ to dismount Crank.

Wolf: FJ warned and gets up.

Crank pushes up, then comes foreword behind FJ, hitting him with a low blow.

Wolf: FJ Tombs is in pain from that dastardly low blow!

Ace: What was wrong with that Waylon?

Chance gets to his feet then grabs the back of Tombs's head.

Wolf: Crank guides FJ Tombs to the turnbuckle and introduces his head to the top.

Chance slams FJ's head into the turnbuckle twice, and then turns him around.

Wolf: Holding onto the top rope for leverage, Chance Von Crank puts several boots to the mid-section of FJ Tombs.

Chance grabs FJ and assists him to the top turnbuckle, sitting him on it. Crank then climbs it himself.

Wolf: Two big punches to the head of FJ Tombs.

Ace: Go cVc! Go!

Chance gives the fans some thrust action.

Wolf: That man sure loves to move his pelvis.

Chance goes to deliver a superplex.

Wolf: Denied by Tombs!

FJ blocks the maneuver, and is able to lift Chance up. He leaps forward, throwing Crank out horizontally as they hit the mat.

Wolf: What a reversal!

Ace: No no no!

As both men roll on the mat in pain, Doozer begins to count.

Wolf: Who will make it to their feet first?

Ace: What if neither does? How would that affect the gauntlet?

Wolf: I guess the next two men would come out?

Chance begins to get up first, followed by Tombs.

Wolf: Crank runs at Tombs.

FJ sees him, and jumps.

Wolf: DDT!! DDT!!


FJ Tombs floats over and hooks the leg as Doozer counts.


Ace: He cheated!

“Sabotage” by Beastie Boys begins to play and the fans go absolutely bonkers.

Wolf: No time to rest FJ as the hometown favorite, Skidd Row is in the building!

Chicago’s own Skidd Row runs as fast as possible down, sliding into the ring. cVc barely able to roll out of the ring as the bell sounds.

Ace:  FJ may be tired, but he does have a considerable size advantage over Skidd.

Wolf: That may play a huge factore. Can the Chi-town kid beat FJ?

Row runs at FJ Tombs who catches him with a knee to the gut. He rolls behind Skidd, wraps his arms around his waist and leans back.

Wolf: Belly to back suplex  FJ Tombs. Skidd Row needs to keep it fast paced and work off of Tombs already being tired.

Tombs roughly pulls Row to his feet.

Wolf: Multiple knife edge chops cause Skidd Row's chest to glow.

Ace: For a guy who has already had two matches, FJ is going strong. Have to hand it to him.

FJ grabs Skidd's arm, twisting it around then yanking as he stomps down. Skidd lets out a yelp of pain as he grabs his shoulder. Tombs runs past him, bouncing off the ropes as he returns he leaps behind Row.

Wolf: Bull dog by Tombs!

The fans begin booing FJ as they back their hometown guy. He turns Skidd over and covers him as Doozer drops to count.

Wolf: Two count and kick out by Skidd Row. He just barely got his shoulder up there.

Ace: FJ looks confused that the fans are booing him. Get over it! Everyone loves a hometown hero.

FJ gets to his feet.

Wolf: Yes, but being so much smaller, the hero here may not have a chance.

Tombs turns Row over on his stomach, and lifts his left leg up, before driving his knee into the mat. Skidd grabs his knee and rolls over in pain, allowing FJ to leap up and come down hard with a knee drop across his chest.

Wolf: Total control by Tombs who continues his vicious assault on Skidd Row.

FJ Tombs bends down, slapping Skidd Row. He then places his hands around Skidd's throat, and lifts him up to his feet. He grabs his arm and whips him towards the corner post, running behind him. Skidd grabs the top rope, stopping himself, and uses it to lift himself up. FJ Tombs slams into the corner post as Skidd Row lands on his feet behind him. He drops to the mat, cupping under Tombs's legs, rolling him up.

Wolf: School boy attempt! The same move FJ just beat cVc with! Doozer counts. Tombs is able to kick out easily at two. Skidd Row just threw Tombs off a bit with that quick thinking.

Row rolls back and up his feet. FJ Tombs stares at him in a kneeling position and keeps his eyes on his opponent as he stands.

Wolf: FJ Tombs now a bit cautious, and for good reason. it could have been over early for him. I bet he is now rethinking not ending the match right away when he had full control.

Tombs walks over, still cautious, and mouths to Row, a few things that we cannot hear.

Wolf: Lock up in the middle of the ring.

FJ forces Skidd back into the ropes, he uses them for momentum as he whips Row across the ring.

Wolf: Skidd Row on the return, Tombs ducks down. Leap frog by Row. To the ropes and off.

FJ drops to the mat, and Row hops over him. He takes a few steps, stops and turns as Tombs gets to his feet. Skidd jumps with an effective dropkick.

Wolf: Standing drop kick that connects, sending Tombs to the mat.

Skidd runs, jumps to the second rope while grabbing the top. He bounces down and uses the ropes to leap up, landing his body across FJ's. The fans give him a pop.

Wolf: Skidd Row using his agility and the ropes to gain some much needed momentum in this match.

Row gets to his feet, quickly, pulling both of FJ's legs up. He steps in between and wrap's his legs around before attempting to turn Tombs over.

Wolf: Row going for a sharpshooter.

Ace: Nice.

Skidd looks uncomfortable with the move as he just can't quite get Tombs over. FJ struggles, finally breaking his legs free, and kicking Skidd backwards.

Wolf: Skidd Row stumbles back as FJ Tombs gets to a three point stance. He waits... and pounces forward, running through Row with a clothesline. Row just is at a full disadvantage in this match up folks.

The fans boo Tombs who waves them off, stomping Row some more.

At 190 to Tombs's 275 pounds, Skidd Row just can't seem to overcome the brute force of FJ Tombs's attacks, and it is very apparent here as he can do nothing but cover his head as Rile stomps away at him still.

Tombs covers Row, but Skidd throws his foot over the bottom rope, denying FJ a pin. The fans pop.

Wolf: FJ Tombs even more upset now, as he gets to his feet, pulling Skidd Row up with him. Hard chops to the chest of Skidd, followed by a swift kick to his lower legs.

Skidd barely stops himself from crumbling after the kick.

Wolf: FJ Tombs with a big right, followed by anot.. no, Skidd Row is able to block the fist. He returns fire with his own shot.

Ace: He might be able to get control!

The fans begin to get behind their guy as he hits a few more hard fist. He runs back, and comes off the ropes. FJ bends down.

Wolf: Row over Tombs, sunset flip!

Doozer drops and counts.

Wolf: One.. two.. Thr... NO! Kick out by Tombs!

Ace: Close one for Row!

The fan groans in unison as FJ Tombs escapes another surprise pin by Skidd Row.

Wolf: The crowd explodes as he flips Tombs over into a pin and Doozer drops for the count. As he hits two, FJ is able to kick out to the fans discontent.

Ace: Close call, Skidd Row almost had Tombs there.

Both men begin to get up. Halfway up, FJ Tombs grabs both of Skidd Row's legs and yanks up, putting his back down hard to the mat. He holds Skidd's legs up and leans back.

Wolf: Slingshot!

Row is shot into the turnbuckle. As he hits, his body falls limp over the ropes, standing upright in the corner. Tombs walks over and sends several fist into the back of Row.

Wolf: Hard kidney shots by FJ Tombs.

Skidd lets out a yelp of pain as he grabs his back. FJ turns him around, grabs the top rope and begins to stomp away at Skidd, until his collapse in the corner. He continues to hold the top rope for leverage as he stomps.

Wolf: Doozer making Tombs pull back. the fans are livid folks.

Ace: This is Row-ville

The fans begin to throw trash into the ring as FJ pulls a barely awake Skidd Row to his feet.

Wolf: Tombs scoops Row up, turns and runs. He jumps, and big slams to the mat followed by a pin. Tombs hooks Skidd's leg for good measure.

The boos get even louder as Doozer drops for the count.

Wolf: I can’t believe how well Doozer has been officiating this entire match.

Ace: Well, wait for Cancer Jiles to enter. Doozer will show his true colors then.

Skidd Row kicks out and the fans pop again.

Wolf: Wow! He kicked out!

Ace: FJ cannot believe it, and neither can I really.

FJ uses the ropes to pull himself up. He puts his hands on his hips and just looks at Skidd who tries to get up himself. As FJ walks toward him, Skidd quickly shoots between his legs. FJ turns, and Skidd lunges up, grabbing FJ’s head and dropping to his knees, cracking FJ Tombs’ jaw on his head. The fans pop.

Wolf: Desperation move that pays off!

Skidd gets up quickly as FJ turns around holding his jaw. Skidd jumps forward, grabbing FJ’s neck and falling back.

Wolf: Inverted DDT!

Ace: Out of nowhere!

Skidd Row covers Tombs and Doozer drops to count.


Ace: Close one, but the little guy did it!

Dylan Daniels jumps the barrier from the fans and slides into the ring.

Wolf: Dylan Daniels is here and coming out of the fans!

Ace: Speaking of coming out, someone get that fag FJ Tombs out of the ring.

Tombs rolls out, upset that he lost as Skidd gets up and the bell sounds.

Wolf: Daniels rushes Skidd, drop toe hold!

As soon as Daniels hits the mat, Skidd slides on top of him, locking in a cross face chickenwing.

Wolf: I haven’t seen that move in a long time!

Ace: Vintage!

Daniels begins tapping out and the fans laugh at him.

Wolf: Skidd Row makes Dylan Daniels tap out, and quick!

Ace: I do believe that is the fastest win in Death Row history at twenty-two seconds.

Wolf: Do you know what this means?

Ace: That Dylan Daniels is a pussy?

Wolf: No, that Cancer Jiles is up next in the last match of the gauntlet!

Ace: Prepare to get screwed Skidd.

"I am the COOL" by "Screaming" Jay Hawkins hits and Mr. COOL himself steps out from the back. He smiles as he points to the ring then takes off running.

Wolf: Cancer slides into the ring. Skidd Row looks ready.

Cancer goes over and reaches to shake Doozer’s hand, whom turns away and calls for the bell.

Wolf: Doozer doing his job and getting the final match started!

Ace: it’s all an act; he’ll screw Skidd Row over.

Skidd rushes Cancer, who catches him with an arm drag into an arm bar.

Wolf: Nice technical move by Cancer Jiles as he applies pressure.

Skidd is able to reach the bottom rope with his foot. Doozer tells Cancer to break the hold.

Wolf: Wow.

Cancer gets up quickly, getting into Doozer’s face. Doozer can be seen mouthing that it was the right thing to do.

Wolf: Doozer not playing favorites it seems!

Skidd gets up behind Cancer, bounces off the ropes and uses them to give him momentum. Cancer turns as Skidd jumps with an arm out.

Wolf: Jiles steps to the side and brings Skidd down into an arm bar again!

Ace: I think he’d rather yell at Doozer some more.

Cancer applies pressure. He then just lets go and gets to his feet.

Ace: What is this dummy doing?

Wolf: I don’t know.

Cancer walks up to Doozer and begins trying to question his friendship. Doozer points out he is a referee and must do his job. Cancer stomps his feet like a kid before turning around.

Wolf: Cancer turns, Skidd had gotten up and is waiting. He comes forward, leaping.

Skidd Row grabs ahold of Cancer’s neck and tries to fall back, but Jiles pushes him down hard.

Wolf: Row back to the mat!

Cancer turns again yelling at Doozer now.

Ace: He needs to focus on what’s going on.

Doozer raises his hands and steps back.

Wolf: I think it’s commendable myself.

Jiles grows irritate and turns back to Skidd Row who is getting to his feet.

Wolf: Row to his feet now… Cancer doesn’t play, he shoots forward.. TERMINAL CANCER!

The fans boo as Cancer looks at Doozer and ask if he’s going to count right. Doozer mouths back to pin Skidd or he won’t count at all.

Ace: Here is comes.

Cancer covers Skidd and yells at Doozer who drops down and begins to count, at normal speed.

Wolf: Kick out at two! Kick out at two!

Cancer hits the mat and jumps up yelling at Doozer now. He motions it was a slow count.

Wolf: No Cancer, the count was right but if you don’t focus on the match you are going to lose!

Cancer turns around again as Skidd is getting up slowly. When he does reach his feet, Cancer jumps forward again.


Ace: Slow count, or regular, two Terminal Cancer’s and Skidd is out!

Cancer pins Skidd Row and Doozer drops. He begins to count, at normal speed. Hitting the three.

Wolf: Cancer Jiles wins it, but wasted the entire match questioning his friendship with Doozer.

Ace: I have to say, I was wrong. Wow.

Cancer gets to his feet and stares at Doozer.

Wolf: Cancer Jiles is the number one contender!

Doozer goes to raise his hand and Cancer just puts his palms up, shakes his head at his friend and walks away.

Wolf: Tension between the two longtime friends as Doozer did his job and did it well.

Ace: It was the same outcome; I don’t know why he is so pissy.

As Cancer leaves the ring, irritated, with no celebration, Doozer checks on Skidd Row.


Miss Me I See?

In the backstage area of the Red Arena in Chicago, a man in a black balaclava and HOW hat, sits in a metal fold out chair near an exit.  Most of his face is covered up, a little around his eyes is seen, but the man was smart enough to wear what looks to be black paint to hide it.  All that is truly his is the brown eyes and soft beige lips, can be seen.

The Mystery Man: Ross, you need to slow everything down.  Being locked up has made you paranoid in a new degree.  I've signed no deals yet, I am a free agent.  A few others have noticed that, and my phone has been very busy.  Private jets, limos, and hotel suites that would make Obama jealous.  I've had more titties shook in my face in the past month than I can masturbate too!

But I am back now, and no matter how many whores they can toss my way, my hatred for some of the talent on your roster keeps bringing me back to Death Row!  This is a notice to each and every man, I'm not coming... I AM HERE!

The man kicks out his legs and throws one on top of the other.  He places his hands behind his head in the manner that he is simply relaxed!

Dark vs. Cort Vang

We return ringside where the camera pans to show the ring. Inside, tables have been opened and stacked in the middle below the scaffold.

Wolf: It’s time for our main event for the Death Row Championship. Both men will climb that scaffolding and the only way to win is to throw their opponent from the top, sending them crashing down through those tables and to the ring.

Ace: If they’re lucky they will hit the tables to break the fall. There is always that chance of missing and using something, say, their neck to break the fall.

Wolf: You’re very right Tommy; this is a dangerous situation here.

The camera pans to show a scissor lift that has been parked near the steps.

Wolf: The scaffold has been above the ring all night, but until now, I don’t think it has really set in what we are about to witness. These two men will literally only have about sixteen inches of space. One wrong move and they could fall.

Ace: I guess Tim Ross couldn’t afford to go all out on the scaffold set up. Maybe he should consider taking some of the money being offered to him.

Wolf: It’s more about the danger aspect then the money. With this match, there will be danger.

Ace: Yea there will. When they were setting up, I swear the wood they used was rotten and cracked.

“Crucified” by All begins to play.

Announcer:  From St. Helens, Oregon. Weighing in at 219 pounds. Cort… VANNNNNNGGGG!!!

Ace: Thank God this guy was forced to change his name.

Cort Vang steps out from behind the curtain and the fans immediately begin to boo. He stops at the top of the entrance and looks up above the ring. You can see nervousness in his eyes.

Wolf: I honestly think that Tim Ross put Cort in this match because he knew that he was afraid of heights.

Ace: No better way to mess with someone then book them in something they absolutely hate.

Cort slowly walks down the ramp, in no rush to get to his destination.

Ace: If he doesn’t hurry, we won’t have time for this match to even happen!

Wolf: Why don’t you get up there and tell me if you are comfortable with it.

Ace: I don’t have to, I commentate, and I’m supposed to be down here.

Wolf: Then you have no room to talk.

Cort Vang steps up onto the scissor lift. The Death Row official closes the chain behind him while the stage hand who is set to operate it, assures that Cort is in before beginning to raise it. Vang grabs ahold of the sides and begins freaking out. He yells to stop raising the lift, but is ignored.

Wolf: Cort you are 3 feet off the ground, calm down.

Vang shakes the lift, continuing to yell. The stage hand stops lifting, causing the lift to shake, and freaking Cort out more. He yells at Vang to quit being a pussy before turning around and raising the lift more.

Announcer: His opponent, the current Death Row Champion. From Bakersfield, California… he is the one, and only… DAAAARRRRRRKKKKK!!!

“Binge and Purge” by Clutch hits the sound system. Dark steps out from the back. In his left hand the Death Row Championship, in his right a beer. He raises the championship title high and then toast it with the bear before throwing his head back and pouring it in his mouth. The crowd, who usually boos him, is behind Dark tonight signaling it with a huge pop.

Ace: Oh great! He’s going to be drunk AND on a scaffold. This is going to go real well.

Wolf: I think the big thing here is how the fans hate Cort Vang so much they are cheering for the champion.

Ace: No, this man is an alcoholic, putting himself and Vang in danger by coming intoxicated.

Wolf: Yea, THAT’S what makes this match dangerous. Beer. Not the scaffold high above the ring, or the tables inside of it.

The scissor lift stops at the top and the stage hand tells Cort to get out. Vang protest as there is a foot and a half gap from the lift to the scaffold edge.

Wolf: Cort Vang refusing to get out of the scissor lift as it isn’t close enough to the scaffold.

Ace: Close enough? It’s a step off!

Wolf: Once again, you get up there Tommy and let’s see how you feel.

Dark stands under the scissor lift and looks up at Vang holding on for dear life. He then begins to push the lift, causing it to wobble. Up above, Vang starts freaking out even more than before.

Wolf: The mind games begin as Dark seems to be getting some sick pleasure out of playing on Cort Vang’s fear.

Dark walks over and looks at the tables stacked in the ring, then back up at Vang, waiting patiently. He sits up on the apron and crosses his arms.

Wolf: Vang must exit the scissor lift before Dark can even get to the top, this may be a long night.

The stage hand pushes Vang to the side and unhooks the chain, pointing for him to get out. Cort holds on to the lift refusing to let go. The hand puts a foot out, stepping on the scaffold, and then crosses over. He crosses back to the lift to show Cort how easy it is. Cort holds on to the side as he inches toward the corner of the lift. His knees shake. After a moment he puts his foot out, but pulls it back in. The fans boo loudly.

Wolf: Come on Cort.

Cort puts his foot out again, stepping on the scaffold. He slides his other closer and begins to step off. The stage hand gives him a nudge, pushing him from the lift. Vang falls forward, landing face first on the scaffold and holding on for dear life. The crowd pops for the stage hand that puts an arm up in victory. Vang scoots as quickly as possible forward as the lift begins to lower.

Ace: There we go. Let’s get this show on the road!

After a few moments the lift is down. Dark hops off the apron and climbs onto the lift, not even securing the chain as he tells the stage hand to get it going.

Wolf: Dark descending to the top in this extra-large lift taking him almost 30 feet in the air over the ring.

Dark holds onto the lift with one hand, swinging a foot out to mock Cort’s fear, showing he has no problem with the height aspect. On top of the scaffold, Vang has crawled across the top and using the rigging on the other side to pull himself to his feet.

Wolf: If Cort doesn’t let go over the side of that rigging, I have a feeling Dark will help him.

Ace: He’s in the only place where he can hold on as between each side there is nothing to stop either man from going over the edge.

As the lift gets to the top, Dark peers across at Cort Vang and smiles, stepping across to the scaffold, holding onto the rigging just to make sure he has his footing.

Wolf: The lift is lowering, we are about to see who will walk away as Death Row Champion!

Ace: if either man can walk afterwards!

The bell sounds and the crowd goes crazy.

Wolf: There certainly will be Death from Above!

Dark confidently walks toward the middle as Cort stands, holding onto the side.

Wolf: The champion ready to get the show on the road, but Vang seems to not want to move from the security of being able to hold onto the side of the rigging.

Ace: Screw this. Cort, just forfeit and go home safe!

Dark points to the middle of the scaffold and yells for Cort to bring his ass there.

Wolf: the champion being assertive.

Ace: That’s the locker room leader and Cort is standing up to him!

Wolf: No, he isn’t standing up to him. He is showing his fear. Dark is like a mean dog, you can’t show that you’re scared or it will end up worse.

Dark yells at Cort who refusing to move, obviously pissing the champion off.

Wolf: Uh oh.

Dark starts heading toward Cort who steps back into the corner of the rigging, tightening his grip.

Wolf: Dark refusing to wait.

Ace: He has some more beer to drink in the back.

The champion reaches the other side. Cort’s hands lose color as his grip grows tighter.

Wolf: Dark meeting the side of Cort Vang’s head with that big, rock hard fist of his. Another and another!

Cort tries to hand on but is met with a serious of blows from the closed hand of Dark. He is forced to let go.

Wolf: Dark holding nothing back as he slams his fist into Cort’s head still.

Vang falls back, hitting the side of the rigging and trips, sliding into a sitting position. Dark grabs both sides of the rigging, holding it, as he begins stomping away at Cort Vang.

Ace: Dark is showing no mercy.

Wolf: I can guarantee he won’t either! This man has no emotions and is just plain mean.

Cort tries to cover his face as Dark continues to bring his boot down. Finally he stops, immediately bending down, grabbing Cort by the head and pulling him up.

Wolf: Dark slams Cort Vang’s head into the top of that metal rigging.

Dark then turns around and throws Cort out toward the unsecured portion of the scaffold. Vang falls to the boards, grabbing on as tight as he can. As Dark walks toward him, Cort pushes up and begins crawling away.

Wolf: Vang trying to escape, but there is nowhere to go!

Dark bends down, grabbing Cort’s feet and yanking him back. Cort’s face falls forward, planting his nose into the boards. Dark turns him over, back down, stomping Cort in the mid-section.

Wolf: The champion in full control as he lifts the legs of Cort Vang.

Vang struggles and is able to pulls his legs from dark’s grip. Dark comes forward, but Cort thrust his legs up, kicking the champion as he reaches. Dark stumbles back.

Wolf: Offense from Cort Vang!

Dark catches his footing and continues toward Cort, who thrust up again, once again catching Dark who stumbles back again.

Wolf: Cort needs to get to his feet to have a chance.

Ace: I don’t know Waylon; he seems to be doing very well from a laying position.

Cort sits up, and comes forward to his hands and knees. Dark starts toward him again, Cort is able to stand up, obviously making sure he is balanced.

Wolf: Dark comes forward with a knee, Vang able to step backwards. Conventional wrestling is out the door in this type of match. Cort Vang must somehow beat Dark at brawling and send him flying down if he expects to win!

Ace: That’s tough, as Dark is one of the roughest men in the sport today.

Dark lunges forward, but Vang is able to side step and get behind him, almost losing his footing. His eyes get large. Dark has a look of surprise on his face.

Wolf: Cort Vang now moving as if he has forgotten how high up he is.

Ace: I haven’t makes me sick to watch.

Wolf: Cort Vang with a swift kick to the back of Dark’s knee followed by another.

Dark does down to one knee.

Wolf: Vang takes advantage, another swift kick this time to the back of Dark’s head.

Dark falls sideways, hanging half way off of the scaffold.

Ace: Holy shit, Cort Vang might win this!

Wolf: Vang with a couple of stomps now drops a knee to Dark!

Dark reaches up, jabbing a thumb to his opponent’s eye.

Wolf: Dirty tactics from the veteran champion.

Vang holds his eye and stumbles back. His right foot slips off of the scaffold and he falls, but is able to push his upper body forward and grab it.

Ace: Cort almost ended up falling like Humpty Dumpty.

Dark is able to slide back onto the scaffold and begins to push himself up as Cort gets to his feet.

Wolf: Dark turns. Cort runs, and JUMPS! DROP KICK!!!!!!

Ace: Insane!

As Cort makes contact Dark flies backward. Vang hits the boards but is able to stay in the middle. Dark falls back, once again hanging halfway off the side. This time holding his arms out to the edge of the other side so not to fall.

Wolf: Very high risk move there by Cort Vang.

Ace: High stupidity.

Vang rolls over and pushes himself up. As Dark is able to pull himself back onto the scaffold fully, Cort leaps forward with an axe handle to his back.

Wolf: Cort Vang now desperately trying to throw Dark off his game by straight punching him in the head.

Ace: Vang is a very technical wrestler, but in this situation it’s all about survival by any means necessary.

Cort pushes himself up, pulling Dark by his head as he does.

Wolf: Both men to their feet. Cort Vang goes for another kick, but Dark grabs his leg.

Dark shakes his finger “no” and smiles before coming forward with a very stiff short arm clothesline.

Wolf: Cort Vang down for the count after that.

Vang holds his neck while Dark steps over him. Dark makes a motion that he is about to throw Cort down and the fans go crazy.

Wolf: This is about to end!

Ace: Thank God, I can’t wait anymore!

The arena seems to shake as a extremely loud roaring noise is heard throughout.

Wolf: What is that?

Ace: My God it’s the end of the world! Everybody run!

Wolf: Sit the hell down you idiot.

Dark looks around.

Wolf: Not even the champion knows what is going on.

The loud roar happens again and the scaffold shakes. Dark stumbles around, almost falling. Cort has rolled over and his hugging the ground.

Wolf: Folks, I have no idea what is go… oh… my… GOD!

The crowd is out of their seat as the roar gets even louder and from the back, the entrance curtains rip down. The entire sets burst away and from the back a large monster truck drives.


The truck, which is purple and green in color, as the name “The Spectre” on the side.

Wolf: Look inside of the cab! It’s The Spectre!

Ace: What is this jack ass doing?! He has to pay for that stage!

The Spectre revs the engine more. On the scaffold Dark’s eyes are in amazement. Cort begins to franticly crawl toward the rigging on the side of the scaffold.

Wolf: This cannot end well at all!

Ace: Fuck this noise. I’m out!

Wolf: Where are you going?! Ace?! Ace?!

Tommy Ace jumps over the barrier and disappears into the crowd. Suddenly with a thunderous roar, the truck moves forward and down the ramp way.

Wolf: This isn’t good at all.

The Spectre slows down as he bumps into the ring.  The scaffold shakes. Inside the ring, the tables fall.

Wolf: This sadistic nutjob is trying to kill these men!

The Spectre can be seen laughing through the windshield. Dark drops down and follows suit of Cort trying to crawl toward the side. The Spectre backs the truck up.

Wolf: Not again!

This time he puts more power into it as he rams the side of the ring. The ropes break away and the ring post fall. The Scaffold begins to tilt. The fans start screaming and jumping out of their seats.

Wolf: You can’t do this! You’re going to seriously injure a mass of people!

Cort rolls off the side, able to grab the rigging and hold on, dangling from above. Dark barely is able to hold onto the scaffold himself.

Wolf: This can’t be happening!

The Spectre revs the engine again and pushes forward. The scaffolding breaks loose and begins to fall. Both men try desperately to hold on but cant. Cort is the first to go, flying down. He lands violently across the barrier. Dark is swung outward, flying down to now empty chairs where fans once where.

Wolf: My lord!!!

The scaffold continues to come down, but is stopped ¾ the way down by its roof support.

Wolf: these men may be seriously hurt!

The Spectre swings the driver side door open and steps out on the side step of the truck looking on as the frenzy of fans is running for their lives. The camera zooms in on the carnage as Cort Vang is hyperventilating holding his ribs.

Wolf: Cort Vang may have broken ribs or even a punctured lung! Someone needs to help these guys right now!

We move over to see Dark, unconscious and bloody from the metal chairs that stopped his fall. He can be seen spitting blood as we move back to see a grinning face of The Spectre. From the back, dozens of people run down and past the truck to the two men. Officials, medical staff, and even talent rush to the aid of both Dark and Cort Vang as The Spectre stands proud.

Wolf: I have never seen anything like this!

Tim Ross and Tha Krew burst from the back, rushing the monster truck. As they arrive, Ross and Tha Krew begin yelling and cursing at the Spectre who pays them no attention, just watching the destruction he has created.

Wolf: I am unsure of the condition of the two match participants. I have been told that Dark is the official victor of the match as Cort Vang hit the ground first, but at what cost comes with this victory? Lives have changed tonight, I know that much, and all thanks to that wack job Spectre! What kind of grudge does he have out for Dark? What limits is he willing to go?!

The camera zooms in on both Cort Vang first then Dark, both of whom seems to be moving as they are assisted.

We go back to The Spectre who is still being yelled at by Ross and Tha Krew.

Wolf: We are out of time. Make sure to check for updates as we get them. My lord, pray for these two men.

The Spectre begins sadistically laughing as we fade out.