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Spectre's Past, Discusses Sean Jackson, Possible Feud and WHAT it will lead to

For those not familiar with The Spectre/Sean Jackson animosity, their feud began over a year ago in another fed that the two were in at the time.  Their war included the not just their Wrestling organization's Heavyweight Championship, but in fact, the ALLIANCE's World Heavyweigth Championship.  Both men traded said title over the course of several months.  Their war of words via video blogs became classic, and their war in the ring legendary.

But ask either man, and they would tell you their matches and direction things were taken were nothing short of a clusterfuck.  Even one of their most aniticipated and hyped matches that had been built for months turned into a last minute "squash match" that both men felt cheated out of.

For Spectre, his opportunity to put on one hell of a show in such an extreme style match had been, in his words, "raped" from him, and it only served to make him look bad.  Sure there was the sneak attack from behind a camera, but Spectre didnt want it to end there.  He wanted to put on a show.  He, along with Sean Jackson, wanted to put on a hell of a show, especially with a match of the magnitude that had been hyped so much.

"I had no idea management was going to yank the proverbial rug out from under me and Sean Jackson.  So, as I am standing there in the back preparing to swap places with one of the ringside cameramen for Sean Jackson's promo and ready to go out, I get pulled aside and told that after I smash Sean Jackson in the head with the camera, to take him straight up to the top of the scaffold and toss him off.  I was like, "What the fuck?  What about my match?  What about OUR match?  The fans are expecting bloodshed and want to see Sean and I beat the hell out of each other!"

All I get told is, "Just do as your told or suffer the consequences."

"Yeah, suffer the consequences.  That was the beginning of the end of my career there. I got so much flack and shit from my peers backstage.  It ruined my World Championship run.  And the failed bit as TS Jeremiah Woods didn't help either. Storyline changes. A  split personality changed to TWO different people, then back to one. All management.  No wonder the guys backstage were bitching!"

Spectre's eigth year and mostly dominate run came to an abrupt end, with no fanfare, no tribute.   Spectre walked out from that orgainization  in October 2013 , and was planning to just ride off in the sunset.  The lack of any communication from the fed he had been in for the past 8 years only made Spectre's decision that much easier.

"No phone call, no text, no email, no certified mail. No 'thank you for your service, time and dedication'.  Not a fucking thing! Yeah, I was done. I felt I had given my all.  Things had changed in the place I was at.  I no longer felt welcome.  So I was just going to quietly retire after more than 20 years in the business."

Spectre did indeed retire, and Sean Jackson left the same company a mere two months later, citing creative differences and disagreements with the writing team, among other things.

But, as fate would have it, the two would cross paths again, this time in the UTA.  Spectre, it seems, out of pure curiosity, check in his old stomping grounds from 2000 to 2005, never expecting to see his arch nemesis running around, dominating the competition.

Old habits die hard, and pure hatred never really goes away in one's heart.

Spectre struck the first blow but ultimately costing Sean Jackson the UTA Heavyweight Championship at Black Horizon- an event which Spectre himself has had a dark history, most notably the accidental in-ring death of Matt Wingate, better known as Matt Fury.

What will become of Spectre's unexpected return to UTA, and more importantly, his willinglness to re-open a wound still freshly engrained and burned into the souls of both men?

"I hope it starts a war that blows everything else out of the water. I hope it achieves and surpasses anything that ever happened in the past.  We were both cheated and screwed out of something that could have been a masterpiece on the proverbial and literal canvas. Where that place failed, I am hoping UTA management sees the gold mine they have in their hands right now.

Above all, I am hoping that UTA dusts off an old match, a, shall we say, SIGNATURE MATCH of mine, that hasn't seen the light of day since before 2005.  The place where Sean and I came from??? They can have THAT match they pretty much wasted and pissed on.  The match I am talking about, is something I asked for from management in that place for years, but NEVER got.

Time for UTA to step up, give the fans what they want. More importantly what Sean and I truly want."