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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Lafayette, Louisiana at the Cajundome in front of a sold out crowd.

An excellent card tonight showcasing the VCW and UTA stars.
Our night was kicked off by a match involving Fizz and Log Habben. Habben didn't hesitate and beat Fizz down for Eight solid minutes. Fizz became the latest victim of the "Log Removal" securing the submission victory for Log.
Chuck Mancini and Matty Fredrickson went head to head in front of the sold out Louisiana crowd. Fredrickson capitalized on a Mancini miscue allowing Matty to hit the "Game Check". Thus giving him the upper hand to score a pinfall victory. 
Mike Harrison squared off with Ron Barker. The match might have been the match of the night. A real wrestling match took place in this one. Harrison locked Barker in his finisher "Lights Out" but the match was called due to time limit being met.
Elvis McDonald and Tobias Devereux faced off and had another good match between the two. Devereux's size seemed to factor into the match greatly. Devereux's mat skills also played part in the match. McDonald was out matched and suffered the loss.
The Main Event. Current VCW World Champion Lew Smith took on former UTA World Champion Sean Jackson. Jackson attacked Smith before the bell and continued the onslaught. He was heard calling Lew "Spectre" during the match. Smith came back and looked poised to go out the winner but Jackson came out of nowhere to hit a Death Valley Driver and covered Smith for the win.
Jackson was booed as he celebrated his win. Then the music of Spectre hit and he walked from the back and stood on top the entrance ramp. Jackson lost his mind and wanted The Spectre to come to the ring to face him. The two just stared at each other until Spectre walked to the back. Another great UTA event, worth every penny.