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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Atlanta, Georgia at the Philips Arena in front of a sold out crowd.

The new era in the UTA starts in Atlanta. SIx matches that had the crowd on the edge of their seats all night.
VCW started the night off. Newcomer Conrad "Con" Teller took on Tommy Lipton. Both men pushed it to the limits. Con looked poised for the win but was blindsided by a thunderous clothesline from Lipton, who covered Conrad for the 1…2…3.
Dan Benson faced Ron Barker in a great match. The Natural Boy waited for Barker to get to his feet looking to finish him off with "The Shocker" but Barker seemed to know it was coming and caught Benson in his finisher "Perfection". He scored the pinball victory.
Log Habben seemed more determined than ever in his match against Elvis McDonald. The two went back and forth with offensive maneuvers before Habben was able to execute the "Log Removal". McDonald was forced to tap out.
Abdul Ahad took on Tobias Devereux. The two men had more of a fight than a wrestling match. The fight lasted close to twenty minutes and ended in a double count out before Ahad could get back into the ring. 
Ian Michaels Hate went toe to toe with Abdul bin Hussain. Hussain showed that he is ready for the Ring King tournament and made quick work of Hate. Hussain used his pure strength and picked Hate up and landed a Death Valley Driver to secure the victory.
The Main Event. UTA Internet Champion Claude Baptiste Ranier went face to face with former UTA Champion Sean Jackson. The two top stars stood toe to toe before the match started. Jackson laughed in Ranier's face and slapped the Canadian Star. The main event was the match of the night. Jackson seemed to injure his ankle during the match and referee Mickey O'Conner checked on the former champ. Ranier went over to continue the match and was rolled up in a small package. Jackson played possum and came out the winner. 
Ranier and Jackson continued to battle as UTA security and referees tried to separate the two. The fans got their money's worth tonight. Worth every penny.