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Slaughter V

31 May 2009

Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado (seats 20,000)




The screen fades from black. The DWF logo shines across before exploding. The Slaughter original theme music begins to play as the camera pans across the crowd before the commentator begins his introduction.

"Welcome everyone to Sunday Night Slaughter! I'm Jason Whiteside and we are coming to you live from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado with another exciting edition of Sunday Night Slaughter on DTN!

Right before the show it was announced that tonight's Mini Dream Rumble will now be for a future DWF Heavyweight Championship title shot! I can assure you, everyone will be giving 110% tonight to have a chance to take home the gold."

Miss USA vs Caroline Kelly

The patriotic tune by Bruce Springsteen, "Born in the USA" pipes up from the loud speakers shaking the rafters. The crowd is on their feet!

Bell: Ding! Ding! Ding!

A well tanned athletic young woman wearing red, white, and blue bursts from behind the curtain carrying Ol’ Glory. She smiles as she high fives several of the fans. As she walks by she spots a young girl and pauses for a moment, hugging her as the camera zooms in. She waves the flag back and forth for the fans. She also waves her free hand to her fellow Americans seating further back and gestures to everyone taking in the festivities from the upper decks. Chants of USA! USA! USA! begin.

"Miss USA will be defending her title tonight, as Caroline Kelly attempts to dethrone America's first lady.."

The lights dim. A spotlight begins searching the events center, followed by a siren. Then, Eminem's "3 AM" begins to play. From the back, Caroline Kelly steps out wearing a hoodie. She walks slowly down towards the ring. Once she gets there, she jumps on the apron. As the lights go to normal, she enters the ring above the middle rope. Kelly pulls her hoodie off as her music fades out.

"Caroline attempted to make this match a Hair versus Mask match earlier this week, but was shot down by Mark Zyber."

As the bell sounds, Caroline runs at Miss USA.

"USA with an arm drag!"

Both women get to their feet. Caroline rushes USA again.

"Another arm drag!"

This time when they get to their feet Caroline Kelly walks up to Miss USA and begins yelling at her.

"USA pays not attention to the harsh words from Kelly."

Caroline Kelly slaps Miss USA.

"Miss USA surprised by the open palmed slap from Caroline Kelly."

USA returns with her own slap. Caroline holds her cheek.

"Caroline Kelly with an eye gauge."

Miss USA grabs her eyes and stumbles around. The referee yells at Caroline, warning her. As USA turns, unable to see, Caroline runs and bounces off the ropes.

"Bull Dog!"

Caroline Kelly gets to her feet and goes to angry stomp USA, who turns over, grabs her foot, and sweeps the challenger off of her feet.

"Miss USA isn't out yet."

USA gets to her feet, still holding onto the foot of Caroline Kelly.

"USA wraps her legs between Caroline's and falls back, figure four leg lock."

Caroline Kelly screams in pain but is close enough to the ropes she can lean back and grab them, breaking the lock prematurely.

"Both women quickly getting to their feet, as they know what is on the line in this match."

Caroline Kelly grabs Miss USA's arm and whips her hard into the turnbuckle.

"Kelly follows up, runs at USA. Miss USA MOVES!"

Caroline holds her chest in pain and stumbles back. As she turns around, Miss USA pushes her back to the corner and climbs.

"USA delivering some freedom punches to the head of Caroline Kelly."

Kelly grabs USA as if she is going to powerbomb her, but USA uses her agility to leap up and wrap her legs around Kelly's head before coming back.


USA jumps to her feet and rushes the turnbuckle, climbing to the top as Caroline turns over and pushes herself up. As she looks up, USA jumps with a missile drop kick.

"The Patriot Missile!"

USA hits her finisher perfect before covering Caroline and getting the three count.

"Miss USA retains the DWF Womens Championship!"

Her music hits and Miss USA celebrates in the ring before we go to a 'Rage in a Cage' promo and then into a short commercial break.

A Championship Announcement

As we return from commercial break, Mark Zylbert is in the ring microphone in hand.

"Denver, Colorado!"

The crowd pops at the mention of their city.

"Tonight, the seventeen man Mini Dream Rumble will be for a future championship title shot!"

They pop again.

"But that's not why I am out here."

He paces a bit before speaking again.

"It has come to my attention that we have too many people aching to get a shot at the title that Dark currently holds."

More crowd popping.

"Right now we have a vacant JR Heavyweight Championship Title and a World Heavyweight Championship title."

More crowd reactions.

"I officially am announcing the unification of the two championships to create the Dream Wrestling Federation World Championship, with Dark as your current champion."

The arena goes crazy as Jason Whiteside weighs in on it.

"Huge news from the man in charge of Slaughter! One belt for a hungry roster!"

Jason smiles at the crowd before exiting the ring.

Michael Byrd vs Eric Payne

We get a promo for the DWF coming to 'your town' followed by a short video o the ground breaqking of the future DWF Slaughterhouse arena in Orlando, Florida before returning to the arena.

The lights flicker three times and on the third flick they completely go out. Small candles light the edges of the ring ramp, as the opening chords of 'Falling Away From Me' by Korn begins. Just as the song gets louder extremely loud pyros go off like crazy on the stage area. Eric walks out from the back dragging his feet and walking ever so slowly. With each candle he passes it flickers out, all the way to the last one. He stops a the last one and raises his fist triggering the last two candles to shot two flames into the air. He slides under the bottom rope and is on his finger tips and toes. He slowly crawls as if stalking a prey, before getting to his feet and leaning against the corner.

"Eric Payne has fought to keep this number one contender spot. If he can beat Michael Byrd this week, he will get another shot at the DWF Heavyweight Championship against Dark."

'Sexyback' by Justin Timberlake starts to play. We have a display of large bright sparklers before Michael Byrd steps out.

"Michael Byrd has been here since day one and rightfully believes he too should have a shot at the gold."

Michael slaps the hands of fans down the ramp, as he heads towards the squared circle. Once in the ring, his music fades and the lights go to normal. A few moments later, the bell sounds to begin the match.

"Stare down by both opponents. Its anybody's move as the crowd intensity soars. Hear we go! Both men rush each other. Eric Payne goes for a clothesline, but misses as Michael Byrd ducks."

Payne quickly turns toward Byrd who goes for a super kick. Payne jumps back, a look of surprise on his face.

"It was almost over for Payne if Michael Byrd would have connected. Eric Payne now taking his time, studying his opponent."

They lock up. Payne breaks the lock, and quickly places his hands around Byrd's neck, lifting him up.

"The referee warns Eric Payne, who tosses Michael Byrd to the mat."

Byrd grabs his back in pain as he starts to get to his feet.

"Payne's food meets the gut of the headline as he was trying to get up. If Eric Payne can keep him down, he may have this one in the bag."

Byrd holds his stomach as he rolls out of the ring.

"It looks like Byrd is trying to regain composure, by taking a break outside the ring."

Payne rushes the ropes as Michael moves towards the ring. Byrd reaches in under the ropes, sweeping Eric Payne off of his feet.

"Michael Byrd climbs to the apron. Holding onto the top rope, he uses it to lunge himself over, landing with a leg drop, connecting with Payne."

The crowd begins to get into the match as Byrd climbs the nearby turnbuckle.

"Michael Byrd flies. Huge elbow drop off the top rope!"

He makes the cover, hooking the leg.

"Kick out at two and nine tenths!"

Making sure not to be discouraged, Michael Byrd rises to his feet as Eric Payne uses the ropes to get up himself.

"Byrd waits patiently behind Payne, preparing that super kick of his."

Payne holds onto the top rope, looking to the crowd as if he knows something is amiss. Eric Payne turns and Byrd lunges forward with the kick.

"Payne quickly takes Byrd down with a Dragon Corkscrew leg drag. He knew it was coming and was ready."

Eric Payne makes the sign to show he's smart to the crowd, before lifting Byrd to his feet.

"Will Eric Payne pull off another win, or will Michael Byrd be able to come back? We'll find out after this commercial break!"

The show fades to a short commercial break before returning.

"Irish whip to the turnbuckle. The force behind that was enough to bounce Byrd off of it."

Michael Byrd grabs his lower back and falls to the mat, wrenching in pain.

"Eric Payne straddles the back of Michael Byrd places him in a cross face. Payne applies pressure, trying to make 'The Headliner' tap"

Byrd tries to pry Payne's hands from his chin, but can't as Eric Payne applies pressure.

"Payne holds tight as Byrd continues to fight unconscious. He reaches for the bottom rope. Almost... Almost... He got it!"

The referee makes Payne break the hold. As he gets to his feet, he gives Byrd a good stomp. Payne pauses to look out to the crowd.

"Whoa! Somehow Michael Byrd gathered enough strength to roll Eric Payne up with a school boy! Payne quickly kicks out."

Eric Payne pulls Michael Byrd up with him. Byrd hits a forearm shot to Payne's face. Without hesitation Eric Payne turns and hits the Eric Cutter.

"Eric Cutter! Payne goes for the pin, and the match is his."

Eric Payne's theme begins to play as he gets to his feet. The referee raises his hand as we are shown recaps of major spots in the match.

"Eric Payne will go on to face Dark once again for the DWF Heavyweight Championship Title!"

We are shown the Eric Cutter once again.

Dark Days of the DWF

Backstage in the shadows he stands. The glow of a cigarette the only signs of life, other then a slight shine that barely reflects from the gold of a belt on a shoulder.

"Heavyweight or just World... it doesn't matter."

The cherry glows as he takes a drag.

"Eric Payne or a winner of a giant cluster fu.. match. It really doesn't matter."

He scoffs.

"Either way, I am the cancer that sickens the DWF and these are the dark days. There is no calm before the storm, cause it's already hit the fan."

Dark laughs as the scene fades out.

17 Man Mini Dream Rumble

As we return from another commercial break, the camera sets on the staging area. 'I run New York' fills the arena as AK 47 walks out from the back, golden hair and bullet proof vest in tact.

"From the streets of New York, AK 47 claims to be a thug-slash-rapper. Hopefully, he can also out wrestle sixteen other men and win a shot at the championship title."

Once in the ring, the referee pulls off his vest and hands it to the referee, followed by his necklace. His music fades as 'Superman' by Eminem begins to play. Tito the Angry Mexican comes out and does the 'Superman' at the top of the stage before heading to the ring.

"One half of The Mexican Express now making his way to the ring."

Tito enters the ring and begins to get ready.

"The bell sounds to kick our seventeen man mini Dream Rumble, a smaller version of our huge forty-nine man match coming later this year."

The two lock up.

"AK 47 takes control early, placing a knee into the gut of Tito."

He grabs Tito's arm and whips him across the ring. As he returns, AK 47 throws his arm out.

"That clothesline almost took Tito's head off!"

AK 47 stomps away at Tito, before bending down and clasping his fingers under Tito's chin.

"The DWF's gangster controlling the match still with that chin lock. Remember, the only way to win this match is throw your opponents over the top rope and be the last man standing in the ring."

AK 47 lets go of Tito, stands up and yells out to the crowd. Suddenly, Big Dogg's music begins to play.

"The third participant in this match is on his way. Big Dogg making his return to the DWF!"

Dogg runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.

"AK 47 immediately welcoming Big Dogg to the match with vicious stomps."

AK pulls Dogg to his feet. He grabs his arm
pushes him into the ropes and uses them to whip Dogg with momentum.

"Reversal! AK 47 is sent across the ring!"

As he returns, Dogg bends over to catch AK, but instead catches a boot to his face followed by a leg sweep.

"AK 47 to his feet, he leaps straight up, double leg drop."

As AK 47 pushes himself up, he see's Tito getting to his feet.

"AK 47 rushes The Angry Mexican, Tito with a big back body drop!"

AK 47 grabs his back in pain as Tito quickly drops a knee into his chest.

"Tito pulls AK 47 to his feet, two big right hands followed by a left sending AK 47 back to the mat."

As he turns, Big Dogg is up. Dogg scoops Tito up.

"Scoop slam by Big Dogg!"

Team Danger's music hit.

"Which one of the tag champions will it be?"

Stephen Greer steps out, raising one arm to the sky and heading down towards the ring.

"Four of seventeen men in, no eliminations yet in this mini version of our forty-nine man Dream Rumble coming later this year."

Greer steps into the ring.

"Big Dogg locks up with Stephen Greer. Greer tosses him easily into the corner."

Stephen holds the top rope, uses it for leverage, and places his foot into the throat of Big Dogg.

"Totally legal in this match."

Greer lets go, allowing Dogg to fall to his knees. Behind Greer, both AK 47 and Tito are on their feet.

"AK runs toward Greer, who turns to see him in time and move, causing AK 47 to spear Dogg."

Big Dogg crumples to the mat as AK 47 holds his shoulder in pain.

"Tito rushes Greer. Big arm drag by one half of the DWF Tag Team Champions."

As Greer hits his feet, AK 47 is up and runs at him. Greer catches AK, lifting up and putting him down.

"Spine buster! Greer dominating! Wouldn't it be something if a tag team wrestler pulled off a victory in this match?"

Stephen pulls Tito to his feet, grabs the back of his head, and rams it into the top turnbuckle.

"Tito meets that turnbuckle with force."

Trent Bradley's music hits as he runs from the back, sliding into the ring.

"Bradley up, he rushes Greer. Greer moves, assisting Trent over the top rope!"

Bradley soars over, slamming into the unforgiving floor on the outside of the ring.

"We have our first elimination of the match as Trent Bradley didn't even have a chance."

As Greer turns, Big Dogg runs, hitting a clothesline and sending Greer over the top rope.

"Stephen Greer saves himself, rolling back into the ring from the apron."

Greer grabs Dogg's legs from behind, lifting up and sending him over the top rope.

"Stephen Greer's second elimination!"

As Greer turns this time, AK 47 kicks him in the gut. He jumps up, grabs the back of Stephen's head and puts his knees into his chest at the same time, falling to the mat before letting go.

"AK 47 calls that inventive move the Numba One Stunna."

Tito turns AK 47 towards him, and pops him with a right.

"Back and forward exchanges of punches. Tito blocks a right, HEADBUTT!"

AK 47 stumbles back.

"Tito lunges forward and latches on, BITING AK 47's forehead!"

The Mexican Express theme hits.

"Here comes assistance as Tito's tag team partner, Blue Phoenix makes his way to the ring."

Phoenix heads up the turnbuckle from the outside as AK 47 finally pushes Tito off of him. AK turns and Phoenix leaps.

"Double axe handle from the top rope."

Behind Blue Phoenix, Stephen Greer is up. He turns Phoenix around.

"Snap Suplex."

As Stephen gets to his feet, Tito runs at him.

"Greer lifts Tito up, slamming him down on top of Blue Phoenix."

Rich Mahogany is next out.

"Mahogany seems to be taking his time heading to the ring."

Inside the ring, AK 47 pushes himself up.

"AK 47 and Stephen Greer lock up."

Mahogany walks around the ring, watching from the outside.

"Greer takes control, side headlock. He applies pressure."

AK 47 pushes Greer off of him, sending the tag champion into the ropes. However, Stephen grabs the top to stop himself.

"As Greer turns to face AK 47, he sees him running in his direction."

Greer bends over, lifting AK 47 up and over the top rope crashing down.

"AK 47 is eliminated, landing on Rich Mahogany, who has yet to even enter the ring."

Stephen leans over the top rope to see AK 47 on top of Mahogany. Behind him, The Mexican Express are on their feet.

"Greer has no idea that Tito and Blue Phoenix are up."

Greer yells at Mahogany who rolls under the ring.

"Out of sight, out of mind."

The Mexican Express work together, obviously, grabbing Stephen Greer's legs, and lifting him up and over.

"Stephen Greer has been eliminated, leaving tag team partners standing in the ring!"

Tito and Blue Phoenix look at each other before exchanging fist.

"Partner or not, it's every man for himself in this match."

Next out is Paul Owens, who jets down to the ring and slides in.

"Big right sends Blue Phoenix to the mat. Now a right puts Tito down as well."

Owens stomps Phoenix, then Tito.

"Paul Owens continues his momentum, lifting Blue Phoenix to his feet. Irish whip. Owens catches Phoenix with a spinning heel kick."

He runs to the ropes, leaping to the second.


Owens hits his mark on Tito. As he gets to his feet, Blue Phoenix is as well.

"Blue Phoenix runs. Owens ducks a clothesline attempt. Both men turn, and both men with a standing drop kick!"

They both hurry to their feet. Phoenix rushes Owens.

"Arm drag."

They're up again. Phoenix once again rushes Owens.


Out from the back runs Steve Lane.

"The other half of Dazed and Confused! We have a tag team showdown as Lane hits the ring."

The Mexican Express stands toe to toe with Dazed and Confused.

"You could cut the tension with a spoon. Any of these four men can win this match, just as either of these teams could be the next DWF Tag Team Champions."

They attack. Tito takes Owens as Blue Phoenix goes up against Lane.

"It is war in the ring as anarchy extrudes from all directions."

Punches, kicks, forearms and knees are exchanged over and over.

"Tito whips Owens as Phoenix whips Lane."

Dazed and Confused come off the ropes, both with drop kicks taking their opponents down.

"The quickness from these teams amazes me!"

Both Lane and Owens climb alternative turnbuckles.

"They both leap, double five star frog splash! My God!"

The fans pop huge as both men hit their mark and quickly get to their feet.

"They each hit opposite ropes, two simultaneous elbow drops. This team is a well oiled machine."

From the back heads Tyrone Walker.

"The second half of Team Danger, out to try and finish what his partner began!"

As Walker enters the ring, both Owens and Lane attack.

"Double forearms to the back of Walker."

Lane runs and hits the ropes. As he does, Owens chops the legs of Tyrone sending him to one knee.

"Paul Owens moves, shining wizard by Steve Lane. A dangerous situation for Tyrone Walker as all four other men in the ring are his enemies."

Both members of The Mexican Express begin to get up.

"Owens and Lane turn their focus."

Paul Owens grabs and whips Tito towards Steve Lane why catches him with a fireman's carry into a sit-down slam.

"Blue Phoenix runs at Owens who moves, grabbing his trunks and tossing him over the top rope!"

As Phoenix slams into the floor, Dazed and Confused lift Tito up.

"They set him up, double hanging suplex!"

As they get up, so does Walker.

"Walker grabs Lane by the throat and lifts him up. Owens with the assist, forearm to Tyrone's back."

Tyrone Walker drops Lane, then backhands Paul Owens.

"It looks like our next entrant is on his way. Here comes Lupin Cy."

Lupin walks up the stairs and enters the ring.

"Lupin and Tyrone Walker staring each other down."

Behind each man stands a member of Dazed and Confused.

"Both men push the other out of the way and attack the last tag team standing."

Tyrone brings a fury of rights and lefts that Paul Owens has never seen
Before. Lupin Cy meets Steve Lane with a kick to the midsection, followed by an elbow to the head.

"Cy and Walker temporarily working together. Each one whips their respective opponent. Dazed and Confused meet each other in the middle of the ring."

As Lane and Owens stumble back and turn, they both get scooped up and slammed to the mat.

"Lupin Cy and Tyrone Walker pick Dazed and Confused up. Two more Irish whips into the ropes, both men run after them and follow up with clotheslines! DAZED AND CONFUSED GO OVER THE TOP ROPE!"

Bothy Lupin and Tyrone meet in the middle of the ring.

"Tyrone Walker with a boot to the gut of Lupin Cy"

The Black Jesus grabs Lupin up, and into a torture rack.

"Cy is screaming in pain."

Quickly he brings him into position and drops into a pile driver.


Tyrone violently picks Lupin Cy up.

"He lifts him into another torture rack! THERE HE GOES! A SECOND EVERLASTING GODSTOPPER!" Lupin Cy is out cold. Wow."

From the back runs 'The Samoan Suplex Machine' Rey Kaipo.

"Kaipo making his return to the DWF. As he slides in Tyrone Walker meets him with vicious stomps. I'm not sure what's gotten into him, but he has certainly taken control of this match."

Kaipo wraps his arms around Walker once he gets to his feet and attempts a belly to belly suplex, but Walker stops him with a big head butt. Once he stumbles back, he goes up in a torture rack.

"Is he.. NO! He throws him up, Kaipo comes down and eats knee... GO 2 SLEEEEEP!"

Rey Kaipo hits the mat with force as half of Team Danger, a DWF champion, dominates.

"LOOK! From the back, here runs Tyrone Walker's partner... here comes Stephen Greer who's already been eliminated! What's he doing?!"

Greer pushes through the referee and runs to the side of the ring, grabbing a chair from under the time keeper.

"I don't know his motive, but we got Team Danger in full out here."

Greer sets the chair down and lifts the apron up exposing Rich Mahogany.

"MAHOGANY! I forgot about him hiding!"

Rich rolls out and gets to his knees begging Greer who lifts the chair up and pulls it back.

"NO! Mahogany lunges with an eye gouge! Greer came out to help, and ended up getting blinded by the DWF's love machine!"

Rich grabs the chair and swings, whacking Stephen Greer across the head, sending him down. he tosses it and gets on the apron.

"Walker to the ropes, goes to pull Rich Mahogany into the ring. Shoulder block by Mahogany through the ropes!"

Rich steps in, grabs Tyrone's head and goes to send him over the top rope. Tyrone grabs it and yanks down, causing Rich, who was spinning with force, to trip and go over. He tries to hold on, but on the outside Stephen Greer gets up, grabs his leg and yanks him down to the floor.

"Mahogany is eliminated! Stephen Greer is now attacking him on the outside. Retribution for the eye gouge and chair shot."

Behind Walker, Lupin Cy has gotten up. He runs at Walker who see's him in enough time to lean down, catch him and send him flying over the top rope. Greer moves, allowing Cy to land on top of Mahogany.

"LUPIN CY IS ELIMINATED! It's Rey Kaipo, who is still out, and Tyrone Walker in the ring!"

On the outside, Stephen Greer holds his head from that chair shot and yells for Tyrone to get rid of Kaipo. The referee finally is able to convince him to head back to the back.

"Tyrone Walker lifts Rey Kaipo to his feet. Muay Thai Style Knees and elbows add more damage."

As Stephen Greer gets to the top of the stage near the entrance, Ryan Roland comes out. Greer smiles at him and puts a hand out to shake his. With a confused look on his face Roland accepts.

"Stupid Move by Ryan Roland."

Greer pulls him into a clothesline. He begins laughing and exits as Roland rolls around at the entrance in pain.

"Ryan Roland can't be eliminated if he can't get to the ring, this may help him before the match is over."

Inside the ring, Stephen Greer lifts Kaipo and easily tosses him over the top rope, crashing to the outside.

"Rey Kaipo is gone. Tyrone Walker stands alone in the ring, Ryan Roland unable to make it to the ring yet. Walker will use this time to rest on the turnbuckle."

Tyrone props up and waits as the clock continues to count down till the next person.

"Four more men are scheduled to come out. We are down to our last six in this seventeen man extravaganza."

A few moments later, Jerry Hymen comes out. He helps Ryan up and then both of them head down to the ring. As they slide in, Tyrone Walker meets them both with vicious stomps.

"Walker isn't letting anyone get into the ring at all as he CONTINUES to dominate."

Tyrone Walker lifts Ryan Roland up and whips him across the ring. As he returns Tyrone catches him.


Walker gets up and turns. At that time Hymen bounces off the ropes and returns with a knee to the mid section of The Blackaconda.

"Hymen follows up smoothly with a DDT. Team Danger's violence train looks to have reached it stop."

Jerry flips Tyrone over, lifts his legs up and looks out to the crowd before leaning back then releasing Tyrone, sending him into the corner post.

"Sling shot by Jerry Hymen. He runs past Walker as he stumbles back, Hymen jumps to the second rope, springboards off with an elbow to the face of the Black Jesus!"

Tyrone and Jerry fall back to the mat. Hymen quickly gets up, and Walker holds his head in pain.

"Jerry Hymen helps Ryan Roland up. After making sure he is ok he WHIPS HIM ACROSS THE RING! On the return, hip toss. Both men up. Roland runs at Hymen, another hip toss! Jerry Hymen runs at Roland as he gets up, he leaps throwing his legs out, drop kick!"

The fans go nuts.

"Listen to this capacity crowd!"

Mark Mason jets from the back. As he hits the ring, he rushes up the stairs and up the turnbuckle. Hymen turns and Mason leaps, wrapping his legs around Hymen's head, an twisting down. As he releases Jerry Hymen flies across the ring.

"The Extreme Entity has arrived to the rumble!"

Tyrone Walker gets up. Mason runs and hits the ropes, as he returns he goes to spear Walker, who just catches him in mid spear, and lifts him up.

"Mason is up, twisted, and brought down. Back breaker."

As Mark Mason holds his back in pain, Ryan Roland is up behind Walker. He grabs his shoulder and turns him around.

"Swift kick to Tyrone Walker by Ryan Roland. Goes to whip him, no, reversed by Walker. Roland on the return, meets the knee of Tyrone Walker!"

Roland flips in mid air and lands hard on the mat.

"Tyrone Walker lifts Jerry Hymen up, he sends him into and over the top rope! No! Hymen catches them and rolls back in under the bottom."

Hymen runs up behind Walker, chopping his legs, sending him to the mat.

"Jerry is up, runs at the ropes, leaps up, MOONSAULT! He lands on Tyrone Walker."

Pierce's music hits and he begins to head to the ring.

"Here comes Pierce! The man that's online poll has pegged to win this rumble!"

Pierce rolls into the ring and gets to his feet. Hymen meets him.

"Quick lock up. Pierce takes control, putting Hymen in a headlock."

Jerry breaks the lock, spinning around behind Pierce. He holds his waist and pushes forward, releasing. Pierce runs forward but grabs the top rope to stop himself. He turns, Jerry hymen runs and leaps with his legs out.

"Pierce grabs him and tosses him up and over his head! JERRY HYMEN IS ELIMINATED HARD!"

Pierce grabs the back of Mark Mason head and pulls him up. Mason, halfway up, breaks Pierce's hands away from him and gives Pierce a hard jab with his right.

"That just upsets Pierce, who retaliates with a big right of his own. He grabs the arm of Mason, whips him. As Mason hits the ropes, Pierce follows up with a clothesline, MASON GOES OVER THE TOP! Mark Mason is gone!"

The crowd is on their feet as Dylan Daniels is the next, and last to come from the back.

"Here comes entrant number seventeen, Dylan Daniels. With the addition of Daniels, we now have four men left."

Ryan Roland is up behind Pierce. He runs at him, grabbing the back of Pierce's trunks and attempting to send him over the top.

"Elbow to Roland's face! He grabs the back of his head and introduces it to the turnbuckle.

Pierce puts Roland hard into the corner, grabs the top rope for leverage and begins putting systematic knees into his stomach. As Daniels rolls into the ring he is met by Tyrone Walker.

"Walker with hard chops to the chest of Daniels. Daniels blocks and delivers his own. WAIT! From the back here comes Stephen Greer AGAIN!"

Greer runs down and past the referee, sliding into the ring.

"He's behind Daniels, grabs him, German Suplex! Pierce lets go of Ryan Roland to run at Team Danger."

Greer and Walker look at each other, bend down and lift Pierce up high before walking forward dropping him hard face first tot he mat. They both immediately run towards Roland in the corner, turning sideways.


As TD moves, Roland crumples to the mat.

"High Five by Team Danger before Stephen Greer rolls out of the ring, leaving Tyrone Walker to clean up the mess."

Walker picks Roland up. He puts a knee into his gut before slamming his head into the turnbuckle.

"Tyrone Walker lifts Roland up on his shoulders. He goes over the top rope! Ryan Roland is out."

Stephen Greer claps for Walker.

"I overheard Team Danger before the show. As a team they agreed that if either man wins the match tonight, they would both have a fair shot at the future title shot by some sort of competition next week."

Tyrone looks out to the crowd.

"Very impressive showing from both members of Team Danger tonight."

Walker turns to see Daniels who had gotten to his feet.

"Daniels runs at Walker, Walker lifts him up and over!"

Dylan lands on the apron, standing. He grabs Tyrone Walker from the outside, pulling his head back.

"He's not gone yet. He has Tyrone Walker in a very dangerous situation."

Pierce gets to his feet and see's his chance. He runs at Walker.


Team Danger's music hits.


Stephen Greer gets into the ring and they embrace, celebrating.

"Next week this team will decide together who will move on to face the winner of Dark/Eric Payne for the DWF Heavyweight Championship. WHAT A MATCH!"

Greer and Walker hold their hands up high.



The camera zooms in on Pierce outside the ring who can't believe it before heading over to Jason Whiteside.

"Well folks, that's all the time we have for this week! Be sure to tune in next Sunday for another exciting episode of Sunday Night Slaughter on DTN!"

The copyright information fades up before the show ends.