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Slaughter IV

24 May 2009

Alerus Center, Grand Forks, North Dakota (seats 22,000)



The screen fades from black. The DWF logo shines across before exploding. The Slaughter original theme music begins to play as the camera pans across the crowd before the commentator begins his introduction.

"Welcome everyone to Sunday Nght Slaughter! I'm Jason Whiteside and we are coming to you live from the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota with another exciting edition of Sunday Night Slaughter on DTN!"

Zero/Mad Max vs. Bishop Steele/Tyler Straven (Next Level)

The camera sets on the top of the entrance stage. 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin begins to play. Trent Bradley steps out and looks out towards the crowd before heading down the ramp to the ring.

"Trent Bradley coming off a debut loss last week, looks to add a check in the win category."

Bradley walks up the steps and enters under the bottom rope as his music fades out.As "Grounds For Divorce" by Elbow comes crashing through the arena's sound system, the mysterious form that is Lupin Cy comes speeding down the ramp from the backstage area. Just as Cy begins a head-first slide into the ring, green fireworks launch from the top of all four turnbuckles. Lupin wildly keeps the energy going for the crowd by spinning in circles, pointing out to the masses as he does so. After ascending one of the turnbuckles to deliver a single fist salute to the crowd, Cy steps back down to the mat and shakes out a few stretches and rope pulls. A few moments later, the men are ready to begin their match.

"They lock up as the bell rings to begin this match."

Lupin Cy breaks the lock then delivers several quick kicks to the legs of Trent Bradley.

"Cy follows up those kicks with multiple chops."

Lupin grabs the arm of Trent and goes to whip him. Bradley reverses but instead of whipping Cy, he pulls him into a knee.

"Trent Bradley rolls behind Lupin Cy, applying a full nelson. He lifts Cy and throws him overhead back. NO! Lupin Cy lands on his feet!"

Lupin pushes Trent hard enough, to cause him to run into the ropes. However, he grabs the top one to stop himself.

"Lupin Cy runs at Bradley, who turns to see him in time. Trent Bradley pulls that top rope down, sending Lupin Cy over it!"

Cy is able to catch himself. As he uses the ropes to balance himself back over, he wraps his legs around the head of Trent Bradley and twist to the mat releasing Trent, sending him crashing to the mat.

"What a huge reversal into a head scissor take down. Lupin going for the pin."

The referee gets to two before Trent kicks out.

"Close call, but Bradley was able to kick out."

As Lupin Cy gets to his feet, he pulls Trent up with him.

"Halfway up, Trent is able to drive a knee into Lupin's midsection."

Bradley grabs the back of Lupin's head and guides him to the turnbuckle.

"Trent Bradley sends Cy's head into... No, Lupin Cy blocks it, grabs Trent Bradley's head and introduces it to the top turnbuckle."

As Tren stumbles back and turns, Lupin wraps his arm around Bradley's head and grabs his trunks.

"Big suplex into a bridging pin by Lupin Cy!"

The referee drops and counts.

"Lupin Cy gets the three to win an impressive debut match against Trent Bradley!"

Cy's music begins to play as he gets to his feet and has his hand risen in victory. We get a 'RAGE IN A CAGE' promo followed by a short commercial break.

Trailer Park Tramp versus Caroline Kelly

The camera zooms up on the top of the stage. The patriotic tune by Bruce Springsteen, "Born in the USA" pipes up from the loud speakers shaking the rafters. The crowd is on their feet!

Bell: Ding! Ding! Ding!

A well tanned athletic young woman wearing a referee shirt and a mask burst from behind the curtain carrying Ol’ Glory. She smiles as she high fives several of the fans. As she walks by she spots a young girl and pauses for a moment, hugging her as the camera zooms in. She waves the flag back and forth for the fans. She also waves her free hand to her fellow Americans seating further back and gestures to everyone taking in the festivities from the upper decks. Chants of USA! USA! USA! begin.

"Miss USA will be the special guest referee in this number one conders match.

'Move Bitch' by Ludacris begins to play. Trailer Park Tramp heads out from the back to a mixed reaction. She heads down the ramp and enters the ring.

The lights dim. A spotlight begins searching the events center, followed by a siren. Then, Eminem's "3 AM" begins to play. From the back, Caroline Kelly steps out wearing a hoodie. She walks slowly down towards the ring. Once she gets there, she jumps on the apron. As the lights go to normal, she enters the ring above the middle rope. Kelly pulls her hoodie off as her music fades out.

"Miss USA signals signals for the bell to start the match. TPT and Caroline Kelly lock up."

Trailer Park Tramp puts a knee into Caroline's stomach, taking control. She grabs Kelly by the back of her hair and yanks her back, to the mat.

"TPT using Caroline's hair against her."

USA warns TPT, who runs past her, leaping to the second rope and flipping as she jumps back.

"Moonsault by The Tramp hitting her mark."

TPT goes for a quick cover.

"Miss USA taking her referee job seriously, drops and begins to count. Caroline kicks out at two."

As Trailer Park Tramp begins to get up, she pulls Caroline with her.

"Kelly with an elbow to the stomach of TPT. She runs past her. Off the ropes. Jumping forearm shot to the face of Trailer Park Tramp."

TPT falls back and Caroline quickly gets to her feet raising both arms to the crowd. She turns and looks at Miss USA< just giving her an evil stare before pushing past the special guest referee and stomping away at TPT.

"Caroline Kelly trying to send a message to Miss USA, as she angrily stomps Trailer Park Tramp."

Caroline runs at the ropes, jumps t the second rope and flips back.

"Caroline Kelly with her own moonsault this time!"

She pins TPT. Miss USA drops and counts, hitting the three to end this lackluster women's match.

"And it's over, Caroline Kelly will be facing Miss USA for the women's title!

Dark Match

Backstage, cameras find Pierce in his locker room. He is wrapping tape around his wrists and fingers, preparing for tonight’s highly anticipated matchup with Dark. Jack looks up from his pre-match routine to take some time for the fans.

"From a small-time, hole-in-the-wall company to the mainstream can be a rapid switch. For many, it’s damn near impossible. For some, it’s a breeze. And then there are some that get their path paved in gold and glory. People who never have to work at what they have get it handed to them while others - like the seven-year pro sitting here talking to you before one of the bigger match ups in his professional career – have to forge their own path to glory and gold."

Pierce cracks his knuckles systematically. His facial expression never dulls or brightens – it is a constant state of readiness.

"So let me keep this brief. This is my challenge to you, DWF faithful. Stick around and watch what happens when Dark steps into my realm, my ring. It won’t be easy, or weak, or quick, or boring. It will be the single most exciting thing you’ll get to see in quite some time. And when it's over with and Dark is begging me to stop - it will be clear why I will be the quickest to win the DREAM Championship and take this place by storm."

Pierce looks up from his taped hands, once again, with a cold glare over his face.

"Get on board, Dreamers. The Pierce Express is about to get moving, fast. Real fast."

Dazed and Confused versus Team Danger

'Sour Smoke' by Comets on Fire hits the sound system as Dazed and Confused step through the curtain.

"This is going to be one hell of a match folks, as it has potential to be the show stealer."

A few moments later, once Dazed and Confused are in the ring their music fades out and 'Simon Says' by Drain STH begins to play. Team Danger is out and makes their way down.

"The tag team that won their titles last week, here on Slaughter!"

Once they get in the ring, their music fades out. The camera zooms in on the tag belts hanging high above the ring.

"The object of this match is simple, use a ladder provided to reach those belts above the ring."

Both teams stand in the middle of the ring and look up at the hanging belts.

"The bell sounds and we are off!"

Tyrone Walker locks up with Paul Owens as Stephen Greer connects with Steve Lane.

"Team Danger, defending tag team champions, easily take control with their size advantage over Dazed and Confused."

The members of Team Danger whip their opponents into the ropes. They look at each other before running at the returning team.

"Two big clotheslines! Dazed and Confused go down."

Tyrone Walker lifts Paul Owens to his feet. He turns him to face Greer who delivers two big chops before scooping him up.

"Owens slammed to the mat by Steve Greer. Walker leaps up and comes down with a big leg drop right after!"

Paul Owens rolls out of the ring in pain as Greer lifts Steve Lane to his feet.

"Greer holds Lane as Walker runs at him, he throws a big boot up... Steve Lane moves! He moved! Stephen Greer gets a big boot to the face from his partner!"

Walker immediately checks on his partner who went down hard from that forceful boot.

"Lane behind Walker. He swiftly kicks his legs from behind."

Walker grabs his leg and leans enough to that side for Steve Lane to put him on his shoulders and follow through, slamming him to the mat. On the outside of the ring, Paul Owens has set a ladder up near the ring.

"Owens climbs that ladder! He leaps from the top soaring into the ring... 450 splash hitting his mark on Tyrone Walker!"

As Paul was leaping, Steve Lane was outside the ring. He slides another ladder into the ring and rolls back in himself. With Lane in, Owens exits, grabbing his own ladder. As Steve Lane sets his up, Owens takes his ladder and slides it into the ring, following.

"Steve Lane helping Paul Owens sets the second ladder up. Wait, behind them Stephen Greer is getting up. As Dazed and Confused turn, Greer runs, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!"

Lane and Owens hit the mat hard. Greer rubs his face, still sore from the boot he received earlier. Greer helps Tyrone Walker up. They look up at their titles hanging high above the ring before adjusting the ladders below them.

"Each member of Team Danger is now climbing a ladder."

Owens and Lane begin to push themselves up. Once they realize what's going on, they hurry up and begin to climb the ladders themselves.

"All four men are climbing those two ladders! It is anybody's match!"

Team Danger reaches the top first, both men reaching out for the belts. Dazed and Confused finally get to the top, causing TD to quit reaching and begin punching.

"Back and forward strikes high above the ring on those ladders. All four men reaching for the belts."

A member from each team almost have their respective belts.

"We could have a weird situation on our hands!"

As they almost have them, the ladders begin to wobble. The alternate members begin to punch. Suddenly, both ladders begin to tip.

"Both teams trying to hold on for dear life as those ladders are falling!"

Both ladders fall to separate sides of the ring. Members of both teams hit the top ropes and bounce back into the ring. Bodies lay everywhere.

"What a mess!"

Suddenly, the clasp on the title belts loosen, causing the tag belts to fall. When they hit, they hit hard... landing on Team Danger.

"WHAT?! The title belts just fell, the teams must have almost had them! Unfortunately for Team Danger, when they fell, they fell right on them. Those belts are heavy, and that had to add to the pain."

The referee looks at the mess in the ring.

"I have no idea how the referee plans on calling this one."

A few moments later the bell is sounded. The event announcer calls the end.

"This match has ended in a no contest."

The fans begin to boo as there is no clear winner.

"Wow, a no contest due to the belts falling, and not being pulled down."

We get a replay of all four men falling and then the titles falling from a few different angles. 'Simon Says' begins to play again.

"All four men are up and have no idea what has happened. Team Danger has secured their titles this week, but will they be ok with the way it was done?"

We fade to commercial.

Rich Mahogany versus Eric Payne

The lights flicker three times and on the third flick they completely go out. Small candles light the edges of the ring ramp, as the opening chords of "Falling Away From Me" by Korn begins. Just as the song gets louder extremely loud pyros go off like crazy on the stage area. Eric walks out from the back dragging his feet and walking ever so slowly. With each candle he passes it flickers out, all the way to the last one. He stops a the last one and raises his fist triggering the last two candles to shot two flames into the air. He slides under the bottom rope and is on his finger tips and toes. He slowly crawls as if stalking a prey, before getting to his feet and leaning against the corner.

Love Man' by Otis Redding begins to play. Rich Mahogany steps out and does a seductive dance at the entrance before heading towards the ring.

"This match is for the number one contendership."

Rich walks up the steps and along side the apron. He grabs the top rope and holds on as he thrust his hips before rolling through the middle rope into the ring.

"Mahogany giving a show before his music fades out."

As the bell sounds, the two men lock up.

"This match should be interesting, as both of these men have been on a roll the last few weeks."

Mahogany throws a knee into the gut of Payne to break the lock up, then quickly jabs his eyes with two fingers.

"The referee already warning Mahogany one minute into the match."

Payne holds his eyes and turns,not knowing which direction is which. Mahogany leans forward, and grabs his hair, pulling Eric Payne hard back and down to the mat. The referee warns him again, as Rich raises his hands as if saying he didn't do anything.

"Mahogany going by his own rules tonight as he faces Eric Payne for the number one contendership."

Rich begins pulling Payne to his feet. Halfway up, Eric pushes Rich back, stands up straight and begins punching him with rights and lefts.

"Payne fighting back."

Eric grabs Rich's arm and whips him across the ring.

"Mahogany off the ropes and on the return. Payne runs and leaps, Lou Thez press!"

As Rich hits the mat, Eric pounds away at the king of sex.

"Rich tries to block the punches, but is having no luck. I don't think Eric Payne liked Rich's early match tactics."

The referee gets Eric to dismount Mahogany. He gets up and begins to argue with the referee.

"Argueing with the referee wont solve anything Eric."

Mahogany pushes up, then comes foreword behind Eric, hitting him with a low blow.

"Eric Payne is in pain from that dastardly low blow!"

Rich gets to his feet then grabs the back of Payne's head.

"Mahogany guides Eric Payne to the turnbuckle and introduces his head to the top."

Rich slams Eric's head into the turnbuckle twice, then turns him around.

"Holding onto the top rope for leverage, Rich Mahogany puts several boots to the mid section of Eric Payne."

Rich grabs Eric and assist him to the top turnbuckle, sitting him on it. Mahogany then climbs it himself.

"Two big punches to tge head of Eric Payne."

Rich gives the fans some thrust action.

"That man sure loves to move his pelvis."

Rich goes to deliver a superplex.

"Denied by Payne!"

Eric blocks the maneuver, and is able to lift Rich up. He leaps forward, throwing Mahogany out horizontally as they hit the mat.

"What a reversal!"

As both men roll on the mat in pain, the referee begins to count.

"Who will make it to their feet first?"

Rich begins to get up first, followed by Payne.

"Mahogany runs at Payne."

Eric sees him, and jumps.


Eric Payne floats over and hooks the leg as the referee counts.

"Eric Payne retains his number one contender spot!"

The bell sounds and we are treated to a replay of the surprise Eric Cutter.

Extending a Challenge

We go backstage where Michael Byrd is standing. He looks at the camera and smiles.

"Impressive win Payne, however you took my spot this week as I had already challenged Rich Mahogany to a contender match. So, with this being said.... Next week on Slaughter, Michael Byrd versus Eric Payne. One more time. Lets make this happen Eric, lets give the fans what they want. The man of pain and the headliner."

He cracks a smile and we go to commercial.

Dark versus Pierce

The arena lights cut out, bringing the arena to life. Strobe lights and the Train Whistle sound of a soft, robust harmonica starts "The Wizard" by Black Sabbath. Fans jump, children scream, and women feint to see the devilish Pierce is coming. The DreamTron shows one word on the screen, flashing over and over.


Fans scream and begin chanting in unison with the flashing text.


On cue, the black curtain jerks open to a thunderous reception. Pierce steps out in full ring attire, eyes scanning the crowd, and waits for the third and final long, harmonica riff to near its' end. Suddenly, the arena goes off when the guitar riff comes in.

So does Pierce. Stomping the steel floor beneath him, he raises his head and taped-fists to the crowd; bringing the arena lights back to full blast at his signal, almost. A brief display of walkway pyrotechnics shoot off before Pierce takes off running down the ramp, and jumps through the bottom and second ropes. He rolls gracefully into the middle of the ring and locks his torturous gaze on fans nearby as he stands slowly. An abnormal smile stretches over Pierce's face, ear to ear.

'Binge and Purge' by Clutch starts to play. Dark steps out from the back and the fans pop. He takes a drag from his cigarette then tosses it down and steps on it before heading to the ring.

"The DWF Heavyweight champion is looking to put Pierce away early tonight and move on to his next title defense."

After a few moments, Dark enters the ring. His music fades and the referee takes the belt. The bell sounds and they lock up.

"Non title main event action underway as the new champion, Dark, takes on newcomer, Pierce, who is coming off a debut victory last Sunday on Slaughter."

Dark takes the lead early, as he breaks the lock and whips Pierce into the ropes.

"On the return, Pierce attempts a clothesline, but the champion ducks."

Both men quickly turn around.

"Kick to the midsection of Dark. Pierce follows up with a elbow to the temple followed by a big chop to the chest."

Pierce grabs Dark, going for a belly to belly suplex.

"Reversal by the champion, Dark with the suplex."

As Pierce hits the mat, Dark gets to his feet and begins to viciously stomp his opponent. He bends down and slaps him.

"The Illustrated Man talking smack to his opponent as he pulls him to his feet."

On the way up, Pierce pushes Dark back. He grabs the arm of the champion and pulls him.

"Short arm clothesline. That looked as if it knocked the champion silly."

Pierce picks a leg of Dark up, stretches it the thrust it down.

"Pierce trying to hyper extend the knee of Dark."

He stomps the champion's knee a few times before lifting both of his legs up and stepping in.

"It appears that Pierce is going for a figure four leg lock."

As he places the lock on and leans back on the mat to apply pressure, Dark yells in pain.

"Dark now trying to get his bearings."

Dark struggles a little before overpowering Pierce enough to reverse the hold.

"Inverted figure four by Dark!"

A few moments later, both men break free and push themselves to their feet.

"Each opponent showing signs of discomfort as they get to their feet."

Dark boots Pierce in the gut and follows it up with a head butt. As Pierce stumbles around, Dark mounts the second turnbuckle behind him. Pierce turns to see him leap.

"Dark grabs Pierce's head in mid air, twisting. Big DDT!"

Pierce is out on the mat, as Dark holds his back from an improper landing.

"If the champ could make the cover, he could capitalize and pick up the win here."

The referee begins counting both men as neither begins to get to their feet.

"We could see our first no contest here tonight if neither man can make it to his feet in time."

Dark finally begins to move. Using the ropes, he pulls himself up.

"Dark is the first up, however, he is showings signs that he may have hurt his back."

The champion bends over, grabbing Pierce's head, and pulls him to his feet.

"Big chop by Dark that leaves Pierce's chest glowing. An Irish whip sends the new guy hard into the corner. Dark follows up with a huge splash."

As Dark moves away, Pierce falls face first to the mat. Dark mounts Pierce, placing his hands under Pierce's chin and locking his fingers.

"The champion hoping to end the match by submission, and he may very well be able to as he applies pressure."

'Falling Away From Me' by Korn begins to play.

"What's this?"

Eric Payne walks out from the back and slowly down the ramp.

"The number one contender is here and Dark looks surprised."

Dark lets go of Pierce and stands up, yelling obscenities to Payne. On the outside Eric Payne just stands.

"Dark needs to focus on Pierce, who seems to be getting up behind him."

Dark leans over the ropes, pointing at Payne and cursing still. Behind him, Pierce has gotten up.

"Dark has seemed to forgotten he has a match."

Dark turns to get kicked in the gut by Pierce. Pierce grabs Dark's pants and lifts him up. He then uses the pants to force the head and neck of his victim into the mat. He rolls over casually for the pin.

"Rocky Mountain DDT!"

The referee begins to count, and the bell sounds. 'The Wizard' begins to play again.

"Dark let Eric Payne take his attention away from the match long enough for Pierce to get a victory over the DWF champion!"

On the outside Eric Payne turns and walks up the ramp. Inside the ring, Pierce celebrates. The camera zooms in on Dark, who is out cold from the huge DDT.


"Well folks, that's all the time we have for this week! Be sure to tune in next Sunday for another exciting episode of Sunday Night Slaughter on DTN!"

The copyright information fades up before the show ends.