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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at the MTS Centre in front of a sold out crowd.

The UTA and VCW came together the night before Wrestleshow to give the Canadian fans a great night of wrestling action.
The opening match was a bout between Joe Rogers of the VCW and the UTA's Lyra Starchild. Lyra came out strong and continued it throughout the match. Her speed gave her the edge over Rogers. Starchild hit the "Falling Star" and scored the victory.
Ron Barker (UTA) took on Matt Miguel (VCW) in a short match with Barker coming out the winner. Miguel went to the top rope to go for an offensive maneuver and was stopped by Barker. Barker belly to belly suplexed Miguel off the ropes onto the mat. Barker hooked the leg and got the 3 count.
Yarrin Carmack (VCW) faced IM Hate (UTA) and had one of the matches of the night. Hate dominated the match and won convincingly. Carmack was hit with the "Curb Stomp". Hate not wasting time quickly covered Carmack and scored the pinfall.
Darian Dumont (UTA) and Hex Girl (VCW) went the distance in their match. Just before time expired Hex Girl was able to make Dumont submit with her move the "Magic Carpet Ride".
Max Burke (UTA) and Tommy Lipton (VCW) went head to head in front of their home country. The crowd was split between the two and enjoyed the match thoroughly. Lipton seemed in control and went to finish Burke off the his finisher the "Lipton Slam". Being the gamer Burke is, he was able to break the hold and counter with his finisher "MAXimum Overdrive". The Canadian crowd went nuts as Burke came out the victor. 
The Main Event. Sebastian Blackthrone (VCW) and Yoshii (UTA) went toe to toe in front of the UTA army. Blackthrone took the fight right to Yoshii before the bell. Blackthrone's strategy was to keep Yoshii on the mat while he beat him down. Jed Dye sensing the end for his man Yoshii jumped up on the apron and got the attention of Blackthorne. Sebastian brought Dye into the ring and put his hand around his throat. Yoshii got back to his feet and ran and hit a "Yoshii Splash" on Blackthrone and Dye in the corner. Yoshii climbed the ropes and executed the "Yoshii Bomb". Yoshii pinned Blackthrone for the 1…2…3.  
One hell of a night. Worth every penny.  
Bring on Wrestleshow.