Posted by Rumor Man Stan

In an odd turn of events, worthy of it's own movie, the UTA has withdrew from the World Wrestling Alliance less than two weeks since announcing their partnership.

Original negotiations had the promotions staying until after ION, however the new WWA Chairman announced in a press conference early this morning that that the withdrawal had already completed.

I reached out to UTA Owner, James Wingate, this morning for comment. This is what he had to say:

"It's a shame that things went down the way they did, but it proved a valuable learning lesson for me and the rest of the United Toughness Alliance. We look forward to working with other promotions in the future, however will probably choose to go about it a different route.

As for the World Wrestling Alliance? I can not in good faith with the new chairman and Board of Directors good luck as they basically strong armed their way into position. When you have people with IQs less than the common household bug running things, it is sure to go down in flames and I am glad we will not be apart of that. I will be reaching out to William Tocci myself and offering him any help I can in these trying times."

Although the withdrawal is official, the World Wrestling Alliance official website still has the link to the United Toughness Alliance on it. UTA officials are wanting everyone to know that those images and links are solely there not, without permission of the UTA and being used to make the new alliance look better.