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The United Tough Alliance was live in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada at the Medicine Hat Arena in front of a sold out crowd.

A no non-sense UTA Live Event tonight. 
Lyra Starchild and Tobias Devereux went head to head to start us off. Starchild looked good hitting some aerial moves against Devereux. The veteran used his superior strength to come out the winner. Devereux caught Starchild while was going to the top rope, choking slamming her to the mat and scoring the pinfall.
Ron Barker squared off against Frank Dylan James in the next match. This was a Pinfalls Count Anywhere match. The two started inside the ring and ended in the parking lot. FDJ came out the winner, looking good before his upcoming Wrestleshow match with Madman Szalinski. Barker was knocked out cold from James' finisher "The Face Breaker" givng FDJ an easy pinfall victory.
Log Habben and Darian Dumont had a great match. Habben really looked good in his match before his showdown with Claude Baptiste Ranier to become Number One Contender for the Internet Title. Dumont was forced to tap out from the "Log Removal"
Perfection took on Ian Michaels Hate and pulled out a win. A very close match but Perfection used his smarts to gain victory. Perfection pulled the tights of Hate while he had IM rolled him up for the pin. Referee Mickey O'Conner did not see it and Perfection didn't mind.
The Main Event. Dan Benson and La Flama Blanca captivated the Canadian crowd for Fifteen minutes. The Twenty pound weight advantage Benson has over Flama Blanca didn't factor into the match. Benson was hit with a Springboard Rider Kick. While Benson tried to get to his feet La Flama Blanca lifted him up and executed the "You're Fucking Out" for the win.
The Canadian UTA Army went home happy. Worth every penny.