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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Scotiabank Saddledome in front of a sold out crowd.

The bright lights in the arena suddenly turn red as Yoshii's music hits. Out walks Jed Dye and the 500 pound Internet Champion.
Dye goes after the Canadian crowd and the UTA roster. Attacking the talent in the back. Saying Yoshii could be a double champion soon. "In the Air Tonight" begins to play. Sean Jackson and his world title walk out, mic in hand.
Dye and Jackson go back and forth until Yoshii gets frustrated and grabs the mic from Dye. "Yoshii! Jackson! Match! Tonight!" The crowd pops and we have a Main Event.
The first match of the night was a No Disqualification match between IM Hate and Darian Dumont. Chair shots galore in this one. IM Hate got a pinball victory after he caught Dumont with the Seed Planter… through a table.
Lyra Starchild and Log Habben faced off and had a decent match. A few moves were sloppy but the crowd didn't seem to mind. Habben took advantage of a Starchild mishap but fortunes turned once again allowing Starchild to hit a Tilt a Whirl DDT for the 3 count.
Max Burke, Elvis McDonald and Abdul Ahad participated in a Triple Threat match. Quite possibly the match of the night the three men kicked it up in this one. Max Burke was victimized by double teams most of the match but received some help from Claude Baptiste Ranier. CBR's interference allowed Burke to score a pinfall victory on Ahad.
Burke and Ranier celebrated in the ring until La Flama Blanca slid under the bottom rope and took the fight to the two Canadians. Burke quickly exited the ring while Ranier and La Flama Blanca started their match off in an unusual fashion.
A classic. The two men pulled out all the stops. Ranier used his power to wear down Blanca. Blanca used his speed and agility to hit multiple aerial moves to even the match. Ranier caught La Flama Blanca in the "Crab Drop" but time expired before the referee Mickey O'Conner could even start counting. 
The crowd chanted "Five more minutes!" Maybe next time.
The Main Event. The two champions of the UTA, Yoshii and Sean Jackson faced off in the last match of the night. The bell rang and the two men inched closer to each and stood toe to toe. Yoshii used his size to his advantage and took it to the World Champ. Jackson had been laid out from a "Yoshii Splash" in the corner when Vanessa got up on the apron. Yoshii chuckled as he pointed at her. Jed Dye gets up on the apron and yells at the referee Frank Knoxx to get her down. 
While the ref's back was turned Vanessa sprayed hair spray in the eyes of Yoshii. Jackson chopped the knee of Yoshii bring the mammoth to his knees. Jackson runs off the ropes and hits his finisher "Game Called Due to Darkness". He hooks the leg and scores the victory. 
Jackson is handed his title and his booed by the UTA faithful in Calgary. Capping off a great night of UTA wrestling action. Worth every penny.