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Vancouver hosted a night of non-stop action. Six matches worth the price of admission.

The United Toughness Alliance was live in Vancouver, BC, Canada at the Rogers Arena in front of a sold out crowd.
The first match of the night was a great one between Abdul Ahad and Dan Benson. Ahad dominated most of the match and put Benson down for the 1..2..3 with the "Infidel's Demise".
Perfection had his way with Lyra Starchild. Starchild just couldn't handle Perfection and was put away early in the contest. Lyra Starchild was forced to submit from the "Picture Perfect".
Ian Michaels Hate faced off against La Flama Blanca in a duel. La Flama Blanca was able to make Hate submit with "The Dirty S".
Max Burke defeated Tobias Devereux just before time expired in the match. Burke hit the "Max Plex" for the 3 count.
Claude Baptiste Ranier went head to head with Darian Dumont and walked out with the victory. Dumont complained about a quick count but went home the loser.
The Main Event. Abdul bin Hussain took on Yoshii. Jed Dye trying to help Yoshii get the upper hand distracted the referee. This allowed Hussain to grab a chair and use it to his advantage. Yoshii was knocked out allowing Hussain to get the win. The crowd let Hussain have it, capping a great night of wrestling. Worth every penny.