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The night before Wrestleshow had some great action in it. The UTA superstars that didn't have Wrestleshow obligations faced off in the squared circle. Again we start our House Show with a VCW match.

The United Wrestling Allianca was live in Billings, Montana at the Rimrock Auto Arena in front of a sold out crowd.
Tommy Lipton took on Matt Miguel to kickoff the night. Both men put on a good showing but were counted out when the match went into the crowd. The fans were happy to see the action right at their feet.
Madman Szalinski made his way to the ring. He requested a mic. He spoke about him being the special guest referee in the main event on the next night's Wrestleshow. He commented on both men headlining the big show in Seattle. Sean Jackson's music hits and with it came the boos.
Sean Jackson walked out with mic in hand. After some serious back and forth Szalinski told Jackson he'd do the right thing in Seattle. Who knows what Madman thinks is right.
Ian Michaels Hate and Dan Benson faced off in the next match. Hate went to end the match with a Choke Slam but Benson worked out of it and kicked Hate in the mid-section and caught him with a "Shocker". He covered Hate and scored the 3 count.
Darian Dumont was out matched by Ron BarkerBarker dominated Dumont and finally was able to lock him in "The Argo Stretch" in the middle of the ring. Dumont looked to injure his knee but nothing has been made official.
The Main Event. Madman Szalinski and Frank Dylan James capped off the night. The match involved two of the "more unique" athletes in the business. FDJ came to play tonight. Szalinski took a beating and frustrated FDJJames hit move after move but Szalinski kept kicking out. Szalinski caught James in a Hurricanrana and was able to make him submit with the Texas Cloverleaf submission hold. Stunning victory and devastating loss. 
As Szalinski got his hand raised world champion Sean Jackson slides under the bottom rope. He attacks Madman, mounting the now on his back SzalinskiJackson whaled away on Szalinski with right hands. 
Jackson dogs the crowd as he turns his back on the laid out SzalinskiJackson exits the ring and laughs about what he just did to the Madman. The crowd boos Jackson and goes home anxious for Wrestleshow. Worth every penny.