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The Bay Area of California gets a beat down, UTA style. New faces, old faces and a sold out crowd... gotta love it.

The United Toughness Alliance was live in Daly City, CA at the Cow Palace in front of a sold out crowd.
Re-Education by Rise Against begins to play. The crowd erupts, they know whose music that is, Frank Washington.
He thanked the fans for their support and couldn't resist the opportunity to come back to the UTA when they came to his neck of the woods.
The crowd chants, "Washington" and then Max Burke's music starts and he steps out to the entrance ramp. The fans let him have it and he takes it all in. He challenged Washington to a match, to add a legend to the notches on his belt.  Washington backed off from the subject but Burke baited him. Washington finally excepted. We have a main event.
The opening match was a three way dance between Ian Michaels Hate, Ron Barker and Tobias Devereux. The three men brawled most of the match. Devereux had the match won but Hate knocked him out of the ring and pinned Barker who was laid out from Devereux's finisher.
La Flama Blanca went one on one with Abdul Ahad. The two men beat each other almost to death in this one. La Flama Blanca seemed in control but Ahad found his opportunity and was able to put La Flama Blanca in the "Du'a". Blanca tapped out quickly to avoid injury.
Claude Baptiste Ranier came down to the ring. The fans boo'ed him and as one said "WHAT?" when he spoke. He praised himself and how he should be number one contender for Yoshii's Internet title. That's when Log Habben came out. Habben was tired of Ranier and his mouth. "If you want that Internet title, you gotta get through me". They agreed to a match. 
Yoshii, the UTA Internet Champion took on Frank Dylan James in a non-title match. FDJ tried his best but Yoshii was too much for him. Yoshii hit the "Yoshii Bomb" and got the pinfall victory.
Log Habben faced off against Claude Baptiste Ranier. Ranier had the better of Habben most of the match. CBR was cocky, picking Habben up early from three counts. CBR finally looked like he was going to put Log away for good when Habben rolled CBR up in a small package and just barely got the three count victory. 
CBR sat in shock. In anger he tried to give Habben the boots but Log rolled out of the ring. CBR screamed at Habben that he would get him back.
The Main Event. Max Burke waited in the ring for Frank Washington to make his entrance. Washington hits the ring and wastes no time with Burke. The two go back and forth with exchanges. Washington was set to putting the last nail in Burke's coffin when the other half of the dynamic duo, CBR, made his way into the ring chopping the left knee of Frank Washington. The ref called for the bell.
Burke and Ranier attacked the lower body of Washington. Both men looked to hit a double team maneuver to finish Washington once and for all when former Joker's Wild teammate Drew Stevenson ran down the ramp. Burke and Ranier start double teaming Stevenson. He fights them both off and nails them with a double clothesline sending them both over the ropes and to the floor.
The crowd goes berserk. The Joker's Wild allies stand in the middle of the ring as the Canadians smartly get out of dodge.  Worth every penny.