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Impromptu matches and the biggest stars the UTA has to offer. Portland gets a superb show, worthy of the ticket price.

The United Toughness Alliance was live in Portland, Oregon at the Moda Center in front of a sold out crowd.

Sean Jackson made his first appearance as world champion. Belittling the Portland crowd per his norm. He was interrupted by Claude Baptiste Ranier. A man who thinks he deserves a shot at the world title.

The two went back and forth until CBR challenged the champ to a match. Jackson accepted but is not putting the title on the line.

The opening match was Elvis McDonald versus Abdul Ahad. The two put on one hell of a show. Ahad had the momentum going his way until he was caught off guard by McDonald karate kick, allowing Elvis to use his finisher the "Death Touch" to precision and getting the pinfall victory.

Next, La Flama Blanca faced off against Darian Dumont who still showed signs of the attack from Frank Dylan James. The two had a fast paced match with both using high fly attacks against one another. La Flama Blanca capitalized on a Dumont miscue and hit Triple D with a "Estupendo Kick" knocking the taste out of his mouth. Blanca covered Dumont for the 3 count.

Ian Michaels Hate came out and grabbed a mic. He griped about how he has been under utilized as of late in the UTA. He put out a challenge. To any man or woman on the UTA roster. It was quickly answered by the Starchild.

Lyra hit the ring and the match started quickly. Starchild worked the knee of Hate for most of the match. Hate sensing the end grabbed a chair and brought it the in the ring. He took a swing, Lyra having great ring presence ducked and landed a dropkick into the chair knocking I.M. Hate to the mat. She went for the pin and got the "w".

Yoshii and Max Burke faced off in the middle of the ring. Yoshii pounded down Burke in retaliation for the beating he received from the hands of Burke and Claude Baptiste Ranier. Yoshii went for the Yoshii Bomb when CBR ran from the back and knocked Yoshii off the ropes when the referee was dealing with Jed Dye. Burke went to the top rope and hit an Elbow Drop for the 1..2..3.

The two Canadians kept eye contact as CBR walked toward the back. CBR had Burke's back against Yoshii. Will Burke return the favor?

The former champion Abdul Bin Hussain faced off against Madman Szalinski. The two went down to the wire. Szalinski locked Hussain in the "Deathtrap" but the match ended due to time constraints. They will have to finish the war another day.

The Main Event. The newly crowned champion Sean Jackson took on the man who wants the very title Jackson now holds, Claude Baptiste Ranier. The match split time outside and inside the ring. Max Burke ran out to the ring. Sean Jackson caught Burke with a big clothesline outside the ring, knocking Burke down to the ground. It looked like Ranier was going to put away Jackson but the champ countered and hit him with his finisher. Burke broke up the pin and the ref called for the bell.

Burke and CBR attack Jackson. The champ tries to fight back but is over powered by them. The two Canadians stomp on Jackson as he lays on the ground. Burke grabs Jackson and puts him in a Camel Clutch like hold as Ranier rains fist after fist on Jackson's chin. He puts his finger in Sean Jackson's face and barks "It's MY time!" Jackson spits at CBR. CBR laughs at Jackson and slaps the champ in the face. Madman Szalinski's music hits.

The Madman ran down the ramp and slid under the bottom rope and met both Ranier and Burke with fists. The Canadians soon fled the ring leaving Szalinski to check on Jackson. Jackson got to his feet and shook Szalinski's hand if to thank him. Jackson soon throws Szalinski up and lands a Death Valley Driver on the Madman. Jackson stands over Szalinski, he wipes the sweat from his forehead and flicks his hand at the Madman. "Thanks" Jackson says as the fans boo the UTA World Champion. Worth every penny.