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1/28  Asheville NC  
Kimmel Arena 
3,000 in attendance

Sabrina Baker beat Ursula Arenao and Angel Kash in a 3 way match, by pinfall after hitting Arenao with a moonsalt at 9:01

UTA Wildfire champion El Treblor beat Luke Dibbins (with Duke in his corner) in 12:38 after hitting the Al Ver Verde

Jarvis Valentine beat Dan Benson in 13:12 by pinfall after hitting the Jarvis Drop

Bobby Dean beat Jeff Andrews by pinfall. Eric Dane was at ringside with Dane and distracted Andrews enabling Dean to execute the Happy Ending for the pinfall in 14:49

UTA Legacy Champion CBR won a three way match with Jack Hunter and UTA Prodigy Champion Kendrix by forcing Hunter to submit to the Canadian Cradle 19:43

Mikey Unlikely beat Lance Mikes by submission to the Backstory in 23:58

UTA World Champion Sean Jackson beat Perfection after Cayle Murray interfered and Jackson hit Perfection with the Game Called Due to Darkness 27:19

Ron Hall was on hand to sign autographs for fans at the event.  While he was signing, Scott Stevens appeared and the two exchanged insults.  Stevens challenged Hall to fight him right there.  Ron was about to oblige him when UTA staff and arena security got between the two and escorted Stevens from the arena.