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The scene opens to show Mikey Unlikely and a friend hanging out in the kitchen.

Unlikely: Alright, Here we go!

Mikey slips a delicious looking pizza into the oven. His buddy gives him a high five!

Suddenly, in the other room the doorbell rings. Not taking the time to wait for someone to answer like normal people, the crew rushes through the door and straight into the kitchen. A group of four friends now come onto the screen.

Unlikely: Oh man, who invited these guys!?

Mikey asks sarcastically.

Friend #1: Hey man, you ready for the big pay per view!?

Mikey turns and smiles to the friend.

Unlikely: You know it, Zach!

The two share a fist bump that lingers just a little too long for comfort.

The group all smiles wide until…


Friend #2: Hey Mikey, is it cool if we order some delivery!?

The friend holds out his phone towards Unlikely. The world's greatest entertainer turns and gets a very serious look on his face. He picks up a steel chair from the kitchen.

Mikey swings, and knocks the phone out of the guys hand, before bringing the chair up again and smacking his buddy over the head.  Mikey looks at the remaining friends.

Unlikely: It’s time for you guys to make the right call!

He pulls the pizza from the oven. The super close up view shows all the melting cheese, and glistening pepperoni. It looks immaculate.

Unlikely: We’re having DiGiorno Pizza, Fresh baked in my own oven!

The rest of the guys all look at their knocked out friend, then back to Mikey…

Friends in Unison: Sounds Great!

The scene fades to a smiling Mikey cutting up the pizza while everyone around looks on nervously. The voice over comes on.

V/O: It’s not delivery, It’s DiGiorno!