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1/14 Atlantic City New Jersey

 Etess Arena

4,500 in attendance

Lew Smith signed autographs for the fans at the event

Lance Mikes wrestled PT Merciless to a 15 minute draw

El Treblor pinned Jack Hunter following Al Ver Verde in 8:08

UTA Hardcore champion Duke Dibbins beat Sabrina Baker in a hardcore match after suplexing Baker through a table at 11:16

UTA Legacy Champion CBR won a three way match with Luke Dibbins and Dan Benson by forcing Dibbins to submit to the Canadian Cradle in 14:45

UTA Prodigy Kendrix beat  Xander Hayes by pinfall after the Bell End in 17:53

UTA Wildfire Champion Scott Stevens beat Jarvis Valentine after a spike piledriver at 20:37

Eric Dane came out unannounced and demanded a rematch for the UTA World title, he threatened to not leave the ring until he got the match.   UTA House Show director Joey Ross came out and informed Dane that he was in luck. Sean Jackson was in the building and willing to wrestle. Sean Jackson then came out and Ross declared that the match was official and would be for the UTA World title.

UTA World champion Sean Jackson and  Eric Dane fought to a No contest in 24:32