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With the camera at its typical floor level, Peach runs up and begins to sniff the lens, as Madman does a voice-over from off camera.


Peach: BARK! BARK!

The Peach's Predictions logo comes onto the screen. When it disappears, Madman is now laying on the floor in front of the camera, next to a standing Peach.

Madman: Two bones, two choices, one pick...and Peach knows her picks. Don't you, beagle butt?

Peach: BARK!

Madman: That's right! Let's rock this!

La Flama Blanca vs. Tobias Devereux

Peach sniffs around both bones, bringing the red one forward with a tail wag.

Peach: RUFF!

Madman: You think so, puppy?

Peach: BARK!

Madman: She says this one might go places, kids!

Elvis McDonald vs. Perfection

Madman: Careful, puppy. Don't wanna offend anybody...

Peach swiftly runs over to the blue bone, picking it up in her mouth...and taking it towards the trash can, dropping it at the foot of the can. Peach then bounces over to the red bone, bringing it to Madman.

Madman: Love this what was that? Like dog, like owner?

Madman holds out a piece of bacon jerky from his mouth, which Peach snatches up.

Lyra Starchild vs. Darian Dumont

Peach again wastes little time, bringing the red bone forward. She sits on her hind parts, waving her paws in the air as she drops the red bone to Madman.

Madman: This one is REALLY going places...

Peach: BARK!

Log Habben vs. Travis Ryan

Peach grabs the blue bone, setting it down in front of Madman and again sits on her hind parts, throwing up one paw as if she is saluting.

Madman: E plurbus unium baby!

Yoshii vs. Max Burke & CBR

Madman: This isn't fair...

Madman holds up one giant red bone in his left hand, and two normal-sized blue bones tied together in the right.

Madman: Eh...

Madman releases both bones. Peach spins around in a circle, falling over and looking up while laying on her back.

Madman: Great. We broke the Peach. ARIEL! BACON JERKY! STAT!

Ariel comes in briefly to hand Madman a pack of bacon jerky.

Madman: Come on, fuzzball, stop corpsing!

Peach kicks up quickly, getting to her feet.

Peach: GRRRRRRR.....

Madman gets in Peach's face, growling back.

Madman: Grrrrrr....

Peach: BARK! BARK!


Peach, growling the whole time, drags the large red bone over and pushes it with her head, laying down in another corner afterwards.

Madman: One more...mouthy little fuzzball...

Peach: BARK!

Madman: ZAT KNIS!

James Wingate Address Madman Szalinski, Sean Jackson, and Abdul bin Hussian

Ariel: Now what?

Madman: I don't know, woman, I've never had to predict a public chewing out before.

Ariel: Why would they be chewing you out?

Madman: I left a roach in the bathroom stall in Albuquerque?

Ariel picks up the large red bone (still on the floor) and smacks Madman in the top of the head. Reeling, Szalinski goes for the double-bone set and swings one of the bones in the air while holding onto the other one, the rope holding on.

Madman:, not today...

Madman throws the bone, running away. Peach is left in the scene, still laying down.

Peach: BARK!

Madman runs back in, panting heavily.

Madman: We'll see you next time on Peach's Predictions...

The double blue bone flies in off-camera, Madman ducking by inches (crashing also heard in the background.) Ariel runs in, and Madman takes off once again. Ariel runs after Madman one more time, and the scene fades to black as Peach lays on the floor looking on.