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The UTA was live in Sioux Falls from the Sioux Falls Arena in front of a sold out crowd.

In the opening match newcomer Elvis McDonald went over Log Habben.

Max Burke went over Tobias Devereux.

CBR came out and said he deserves to be main eventing. He deserves to be the champion. That's when Yoshii and Jed Dye came out. After a back and forward, this lead into an Internet Championship match.

Yoshii retained the championship after Jed Dye interfered causing CBR to fall to the Yoshii Bomb.

Travis Ryan defeated Abdul Ahad in a good match.

Perfection beat Darian Dumont after Frank Dylan James came out and distracted him. After the match, James beat Dumont down until security ran out.

In the main event, a triple threat between Madman Szalinski, Abdul bin Hussain, and Sean Jackson went to the time limit.