Posted by Rumor Man Stan

With the announcement of Valor Championship Wrestling becoming the new United Toughness Alliance development league, a few details have been released.

- James Wingate and James Ranger have been in talks in regards to this deal for the past two months.

- VCW's official website will shut down, and all data will be made available on

- VCW will be uniting their current title belts into one.

- James Ranger will continue to operate Valor Championship Wrestling as he currently does with little creative input from outside sources.

- Talent will have to go through VCW first before hitting the main roster. This time could range anywhere from a week, to a year, depending on the talent needs for the United Toughness Alliance and what creative has available for their character.

- Some talent may elect to not move to the main United Toughness Alliance roster, and stay in Valor Championship Wrestling.

We will release more details as we have them.