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The International Affair has come to a exciting conclusion. New champions crowned, new contenders named, and feuds burried with a hatchet through the chest. The UTA is returning to the states and Dr. Emo is here to bring you up to speed as we head into Proving Grounds.

We cut back ringside to the commentators desk. Dr. Emo has the microphone from the ring announcer.

Emo: Folks before we get to our next match, how about that International Affair! (Cheers) What a night. New champions. New direction. And with Season Beatings just around the corner, the surface of the UTA has been re-molded.

With the camera on him he grins and gestures at the Tron.

Emo: At this time we have a special guest to talk all about those events from Japan. So please turn your attention to the Tron.

With a chuckle he sits down as the Tron lights up to his own face.

Emo: Our guest, Dr. betterthandick Emo!

The cameras pan around and center focus on the Tron while the stream feed cuts out the rest and focuses on just the footage from the tron. Dr. Emo stands in his usual studio with the large circular screen behind him filled with still shots from the big night's duration.

Emo: The International Affair tour has come to a grinding halt, for at least one man. That night however would be the rocket up the ladder for several others.

As he speaks out the names the screen behind him merges into focus on the wrestler in profile form. Each pause between the next is giving time to show the highlights of the Championship match before resting on that wrestler.

Emo: A new Prodigy Champion in Amy Harrison. (Pause) A new Legacy Champion in CBR. (Pause) A new UTA World Champion in Eric Dane.

Filtering from Eric Dane's mug, one of Perfections own takes focus..

Emo: From there we also know who will be the first challengers to our Champions. With little rest between IA and Seasons Beatings. Perfection will face Eric Dane for the World Championship. Zhalia Fears will face CBR for the Legacy Championship. Scott Stevens will face Colton Thorpe for the Wildfire Championship. And Quinlan will face Amy Harrison for the Prodigy Championship.

The footage fades off on Quinlan as Emo continues.

Emo: Each champion, aside from Thorpe who managed to survive, will have little time to be acquainted with their newly won titles. Victory, Wrestleshow, Victory, Wrestleshow's Special Seasons Beatings. The boys at Victory get the pleasure of two nights as champion before they put it all on the line but-

The camera zooms out on him and focuses in on his leggy assistant as she walks in view. Handing him a cup of what one would imagine is hot coco unless drinking on the job. That much steam though it would be quite the liquor. She walks back out as Emo takes a sip and continues.

Emo: Ah, refreshing! In more ways than one. Champions and Contenders were decided at IA, however we also had a few more blood fueled matches. So let me ask you all. Did you know that Lisil Jackson bested The Truth's Brother Judas? He took the big man down and quite possibly rid the UTA of him and the Good Rev.

We flash forward to the final moments of that match.

Emo: Jason Cashe came to the UTA for a purpose, with a loud bang as some hobo. Sean Jackson sent him back to the indy's after finding that the hounds bark was more of a whimper. Jackson can now focus forward on the UTA World Championship around the waist of Eric Dane.

Again the final moments are shown leading to Sean's victory.

Emo: Dynasty's Kendrix would go on to face the veteran Chris Hopper in an excellent matchup of two generations that would not only cement the end of Hopper's career, but also Kendrix's status in the UTA. Often overshadowed by the other newer signed talent in the UTA, Kendrix now has a chance to explode on the scene at the next Wrestleshow. Championship's on the horizon.

We then cut forward from the match end to a 'this is a montage' voiced over montage of the brutal destruction that Will Haynes and Mikey Unlikely put themselves through, ending on the towel being thrown in by Mary Jane and official Knoxx awarding Haynes the victory by stoppage.

Emo: In a battle that has spanned the year, and quite possibly during their WTFC days, Mikey and Will gave each other everything they had, and more. Every tool was at their disposal as well as the kitchen sink or Japan equivalent if they would have used it. It was an I Quit match for much more than glory, but in the end the official was forced to stop the match. Haynes walks out as your victor, however with neither man having said I Quit officially, you can rest assured that this is far from over between the two. I suspect some electrifying consequences are ahead.

Once more the screen fades out and this time onto the Main Event. Emo continues to speak as the match's greatest hits stroll out behind him.

Emo: If you went into the UTA World Championship match expecting a fair fight by either the challenger, Eric Dane, or the long reigning Champion, La Flama Blanca, I would have told you that you were watching the wrong sport. And then to go rewatch The Chamber match and LFB's defense against Alex Beckman, both at Ring King.

The clips continue to roll on.

Emo: From the start we see LFB out alone, while Dane elected to bring out some added muscle for those opportune moments. We would then see Sean Jackson make his appearance, however not to cash in but rather to steal the Ace in the Hole briefcase back in his possession. Whatever plans Dynasty had for it... halted. This however would lead to the distraction of the challenger and in sight of the official Blanca delivered that Low Blow! The match was over, the title remained his.

Or so it seemed as the footage behind him showed the official declaration following the match, then LFB's exit, to Dynasty's arrival, to Lorenzo's appearance. The match is restarted. Dynasty brawls with Dane and Thorpe. Blanca takes the official out with the Estupendo Kick.

Emo: Just when things look in their favor Lorenzo makes the wrong decision. And yet even still Blanca plows on like the Champion he is, putting Dane in his place and looking to cement his victory once, and for all. And quite well should have...

We fast forward briefly to the arrival of one Madman Szalinski. Madman fails to make the pin due to something in his eye, leading to Dane with a school boy and Madman with the quickest three count in the history of the UTA.

Emo: It took the Wildfire Champion, a match restart by Lorenzo, and the dastardly deeds of Madman for Eric Dane to finally unseat the UTA's World Heavyweight Champion. A dark cloud sits above the UTA folks. A dark day is ahead. And not just because Dane is champion, but because Dynasty... is not.

We fade out on the celebration of Eric Dane as Emo concludes.

Emo: And we may not be ready for what that storm brings..

The clip comes to a close, the Tron fading off to darkness as the camera pans around to Emo who stands applauding himself and holds the microphone up in the air to capture the series of boos, jeers and even cheers.

Emo: Thank you, thank you. Shall we continue Proving Grounds then?

And on cue that cameras zoom back out from him and we move forward.