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A plain block of text appears on-screen, reading “Peach’s Predictions.” When the text disappears, the scene cold cuts to Madman Szalinski, sitting back with his feet propped on a couch.

Madman: HOL-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...LIVE from my living room...

Throwing up a deuces sign, Madman rubs his blue and silver masked-clad forehead, feigning sweating.

Madman: This always gets me hype for some reason, I don’t know…

Madman sits up, kicking his feet onto the floor to show off his UTA shirt a little better.

Madman: All right, so it’s time for another episode of Peach’s Predictions! Okay...first off...PEACH!

Peach: RUFF!

Peach runs into the scene, waddling her way up onto the couch. She wags her tail as Madman scratches her head, Madman speaking to the camera once again.

Madman: If you missed the last run, here’s how it works. Two bones, two opponents. We toss them both out, and Peach brings me back the winner. Sound good?

Madman looks down at his dog.

Peach: BARK!

Madman: All right! Let’s get started, I didn’t drag my coffee table into the kitchen for nothing!

Peach: BARK! BARK!

The placards with names of each participant in the match appear on screen, disappearing after a few moments.

CBR vs. Max Burke

Madman tosses both bones out into his living room floor. With a large amount of space, Peach is free to run around playfully, going back and forth to sniff between each bone.

Madman: Tough choice, huh puppy?

Peach: Ruff….BARK!

Madman: Can you pick?

Peach finally sits down on her hind parts, falling back with her hind paws in the air.

Peach: ...WHINE…

Madman: Okay, baby girl. You saying it was a draw?

Peach: BARK!

Peach comes back down on her front paws.

Madman: All righty then, puppy! I can’t decide either, I think they’re both awesome myself…but let’s move along!

Esteban Awesome vs. Wülfric

Peach pushes the blue bone around a bit with her nose, then grabs the red one and brings it near the blue one. She sniffs at the blue one again, jumping back.

Peach: Grrrr…

Peach pushes the blue one to Madman’s feet with her nose, then sits down to chew on the red one.

Madman: Okay, that’s what it one…

Madman grabs the bone from Peach, who stares him down as he prepares the next two.

Peach: …..grrr...

Roscoe Shame vs. Sean Jackson vs. Log Habben vs. IM Hate vs. Lucius Jones

Madman then stops, looking around for a few seconds with an inquisitive look.

Madman: Wait a minute...I need more bones.

Ariel appears, walking from a hallway to the side of the living room holding a small box.


Ariel turns the box upside down in front of Madman, spilling out several differently colored chew toys.

Peach: R-r-r-RUFF! BARK!

Peach goes berserk, sliding around on the hardwood floor as she goes for each toy one at a time, dragging them around the room.

Madman: But it's not a battle's an elimination tag match...

Ariel: Look out!

Peach crashes into a stand, where several VHS tapes and a handful of Super Nintendo cartridges fall.

Peach: WHINE!

Madman: Dog!

Peach: BARK! BARK!

Peach slides around some more, then goes for the black furry mouse, jumping onto the couch and dropping it, before jumping back down.

Madman: I see we agree, Peach...who’s runner up? That counts in this match, so if I took this one, who would you pick?

Madman holds up Peach’s first pick, handing it to Ariel (who puts it back in the box.)

Peach: ...BARK!

Peach waddles over to the orange colored ball, squeaking it in her mouth as she picks it up.

Frank Dylan James vs. Yoshii

Madman: Again, for realism…

Madman pulls out two giant bones, one dyed red and the other blue. Both are easily double the size of Peach.

Peach: WHINE!

Peach runs from the living room, going around the coffee table in the kitchen and laying on her belly and hiding under the kitchen table (a second camera showing this. )

Madman: Puppy!


Madman: Peach...come on! Frank is...he’s from here! He should smell like home! Well...I think he’s from here, I don’t know...and Yoshii is…

Peach still cowers and shivers under the kitchen table, until Madman comes over to pick her up.

Madman: Fuzzball, you’re okay.

Peach: BARK!

Madman: Exactly. One more match and I think you know what that means.

Peach perks up, wagging her tail while in Madman’s arms.

Peach: BARK!

Madman: Let’s do this.

Madman Szalinski vs. Abdul bin Hussain

Madman: Now, as this is a cage match…

Madman takes a large Maytag box with the top cut off, setting it down with Peach inside. Both the red and blue rawhide bones typically used are thrown in with her.

Madman: Okay, now we just wait...she’ll grab the one she wants and then climb out. Watch.

The camera is set to where Peach cannot be seen inside the box.

Peach: BARK! Ruff….rrr….grr...GRRRRRRRR……

The blue bone is tossed out of the box, halfway across the living room. Peach then runs through the side of the box, blasting through with the red bone in her mouth.


Peach runs off, Madman looking down at the mess of cardboard on the floor.

Madman: That’s right...cages usually have doors...gotta amp my game up!

Madman shakes his head as Ariel walks over, grabbing a piece of the cardboard, smirking, and while hid behind Madman whacks him in the head with the cardboard.

Madman: What the…

Ariel snickers, backing away.

Ariel: It was the insurgents!

Madman: Oh, no you did not...WOMAN!

Madman grabs another section of the torn cardboard box, chasing off after Ariel as the scene fades to black with Peach’s bark in the background.

Peach: BARK!