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Join Dr. Emo in a special UTA Network exclusive where he previews the upcoming International Affair pay per view, and discusses the matches with his guests.

This is Part Two..

The UTA logo fades into view, basking in it’s blue, white and red. This then fades out to the studio where Dr. Emo sits back and welcomes his viewers.

Emo: Welcome back everyone. We are just hours away from International Affair as it goes live over the air waves. So let’s get right to this then.

Behind him the screen lights up with the IA logo.

Emo: What started, seemingly, after the roster was drafted to the two shows, on Wrestleshow 45, the King of Cool Chris Hopper would look to rally the fans for an awesome show only to have Kendrix interrupt and basically he spoke the truth. He told him how everyone found Hopper boring and bland, old and broken. Kendrix would then get involved in his match later in the night. This would continue throughout the weeks including Kendrix costing Hopper his shot at the Legacy Championship, which CBR won and faces John Sektor for tonight.

The screen comes to life and a montage of clips are accompanied by the voice over of both Hopper and Kendrix, from across the past few months since Ring King. This comes to a close with Cecil Farthington making the match for IA.

Emo: This is truly a battle between the rookie and the veteran. Now while there are no stipulations attached to this match you can bet that whomever does win, will have a strong card to play later in earning themselves a Championship title shot. It all goes down tonight at International Affair. Hopper and Kendrix. May the best man win.

Sitting back Emo readies for his next.


Emo: For reasons unknown at the time our mister Ace in the Hole, the Mental Rapist Sean Jackson was attacked by a bum at Wrestleshow 46. Sure he was introduced after the attack as 4CW’s Jason Cashe but he ruined the cash-in opportunity and for that he will forever be a bum. Thankfully Sean Jackson has gotten his hands on this miscreant and rattled whatever brain cells he has.

On cue behind him the screen lights up and starts rolling a promo package depicting the Ring King match where Jackson grabs the case, to his cash in teases, and the arrival of Cashe, to their brawls. The video runs nearly three minutes before fading out and Dr. Emo continues.

Emo: I would have to have this bum on my show tonight, just to hear how afraid he is of stepping in the ring with the former UTA World Champion. But, I have better things to do with my time tonight, and so do you watching this at home. So instead-

‘Can you feel it coming in the air tonight?’

‘In the air tonight’ starts to play as the camera pulls back and Sean Jackson walks into the stage, he readily shakes the hand of Emo and takes a seat next to him.

Emo: Welcome Sean, thank you for joining me.

Jackson:  Thank you for having me.   

Emo: I want to get into the controversy of the briefcase being stolen by Dynasty, however we will get to that here in a bit. First, Jason Cashe. The bum that attacked you and ruined the perfect opportunity to cash in.

Jackson:  You know, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise.  Much like ISIS, he is a coward and attacks from the shadows.  He does his best work on social media, trying to make the world believe he is something more than a bum.  Well at International Affair, I put an end to his nonsense and will send him packing back to 4CW.  

Emo: Now I understand wanting some payback for that factor, however I understand that this rivalry between you two spread far more than just a few weeks. Could I bother you for a break down or history lesson for the ungratefuls watching?

Jackson:  You are correct, we have a history in a former company called WWA.  But Cashe isn’t the only one at fault, Dan Benson also must share the blame because he brought that bas...that piece of trash into my life.  But I’m not here to give Benson his fifteen seconds of fame, instead I’m here to let the world know that Cashe is done at International Affair.

Emo: And I am sure everyone will appreciate that but, in speaking more on the 4CW Extreme Champion, he is new to the UTA, but you have seen his work in the ring before. With this in mind is there anything in particular you are weary of or know to look out for tomorrow night?

Jackson: Yeah, he is ugly, smells bad and has no business being in the same ring with me.   

Emo: Anything else to add here before we move on?

Jackson:  Just that I’m going to destroy him, and you can take that to the bank.

Emo: Great, then something I have been doing with the guests here tonight is a bit of a name dropping thing.

From off set to the right walks in his assistant and hands him the samurai helmet. He smiles at the woman as she walks off.

Emo: In this kabuto are names of your fellow UTA wrestlers both present and past. When I read the name off I just need you to give me the first words or thought that comes to mind about them.

Jackson: Okay, but remember, you asked for it.

Emo: (reaching in the helmet he pulls out the first name) Apollo Cain.

Jackson:  Made the right decision in NOT joining Dynasty.

Emo: (tossing that aside he reaches in and pulls another out) Kodo Dragon.

Jackson:  Who?  never heard of him.

Emo: (and another) Crimson Lord.

Jackson:  Speed bump.

Emo: (and another) Chris Hopper.

Jackson:  Came into UTA with high expections and disappointed everyone.

Emo: (reaching in he pulls another name out) Will Haynes.

Jackson:  Will never be UTA Champion.

Emo: (once more he digs in and swirls the papers around before drawing it out) Final one, and quite interesting, La Flama Blanca.

Jackson:  A liar, and a thief.  He got scared and used Dynasty to take my most precious possession, the Ace in the hole briefcase.  He knew that I could cash in at anytime I wanted, and moved to take that away from me.  But in doing so, he forgot who I was and how dangerous I can be.  Well at International Affair, in the Tokyo Dome, he had better have eyes in the back of his head because I will get that briefcase back and when I do?  he will be three seconds and I do mean three seconds away from the year of the Luchador coming to an end and me as the UTA World Champion.

Emo sets the helmet aside for his assistant to retrieve and continues on.

Emo: Since we just touched on the Champion, what I have been asking every one of our guests tonight is if they think that Eric Dane will be able to do what no one else has and become the new UTA Champion, or if La Flama Blanca can overcome yet another obstical?

Jackson:  Why worry about Eric Dane?  can he beat Blanca tonight, yeah...he can.  But I am the one everybody needs to be concerned with because if anyone is going to walk out with the championship, it is going to be me.

Emo: Okay and the final part of that question, will you cash in to make it a triple threat or wait until after the victor is decided and pick up the scraps?

Jackson:  Are you kidding me?  I know Blanca and Dane better than anyone on the roster.  When I cash in, it is going to benefit me and nobody else.  Triple threat or pick up the scraps?  A predator always catches his prey when they are at their weakest, and believe me, THAT is when I’ll strike.

Emo: Well that covers it for me. Is there anything else you would like to add or say to Jason Cashe or Dane and Blanca before we end this?

Jackson:  Absolutely.  Can you feel it coming, in the air tonight?

Emo: Thank you for your time Sean, and good luck tomorrow night against that bum.

Jackson:  Thank you Dr. Emo, it was a pleasure.

Jackson exits out of the set leaving Emo to gather his energy and prep for his next.


Emo: Next up is quite possibly the most anticipated match in the UTA’s history or at least 2015 as two men that debuted together practically will meet up in the ring for the Wildfire Championship, currently held by Colton Thorpe.

Behind him the screen lights up and plays the entirety of the promo package for the feud between Murray and Thorpe. Once completed it fades out and Emo resumes.

Emo: Personally I think that we can all agree that no matter who wins, be it new champion or successful retaining of the title, the fans are in for quite a treat. For a bit more insight into this match please welcome my guest, Cayle Murray!

‘Sinster Rouge’ plays as Cayle walks into the room and onto the set, shaking hands with Emo before both men take a seat.

Emo: Thanks for coming, Cayle.

Murray: Appreciate it, Doc, but the pleasure’s all mine.

Emo: This has been a fun night so far. Next to the UTA World Championship, this is the most anticipated match and championship defense. But let’s face it, Cayle. You’ve been building to this oppurtunity for several months now.

Murray: Yeah, just a week short of five months. It’s kinda crazy thinking about it in those terms. It feels like yesterday that I was just walking through the door here, but here we are, ready to blow the roof off a 60,000-seater baseball stadium. I keep having to pinch myself.

Emo: And now tomorrow night you get Colton Thorpe, one on one, for his Wildfire Championship. The belt that formerly was thought to be cursed here in the UTA, and now one of the most highly contested titles.

Murray: All credit to Colt for taking a belt once seen as a laughing stock and elevating it to a point where it’s second only to the World Title. Look, he and I are probably never gonna get along, and sometimes it feels like fate was destined to bring us together so we can knock lumps out of each other forever. I don’t need to go into the level animosity between us, because it’s there for all to see…

Cayle pauses.

Murray: But I can’t deny his pedigree as a competitor. I’ll never agree with his methods, but he’s one of the most dangerous wrestlers on the planet. Him just holding the belt gives it prestige, y’know? And that’s without even mentioning the killer names he’s defended it against. I give him all the credit in the world for reinvigorating the Wildfire belt and making it something worth fighting for again. I’m honoured to be able to compete for it.

Emo: You guys have been around the bin a few times here and know each other quite well at this point. Does this help your outlook heading into this match? Have you set his weaknesses and strengths to play to put to use?

Murray: It helps and hinders in extra measure. I feel like I’ve got a good grasp of what makes him tick, but he can say the exact same thing about me, so it’s tough to say. But if you look at us, our strengths and weaknesses are almost totally inverted, especially when you look at our wrestling styles. He likes knocking teeth out, I like giving the fans something to cheer about. It’s tough to gameplan and strategise for matches like this with so much on the line, though. I’m gonna go out there, try to make it my kinda fight, and adjust when he starts throwing curveballs. It’ll be one hell of a match, Doc. I can guarantee you that.

Emo: If you do win, who would you like to defend the championship against as your first?

Murray: I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, y’know? I think it’d be disingenuous of me to sit here and reel-off a list of names when I’ve got to worry about tryna win it first. I’m just focusing on the match, and what I need to do to survive. If I win? I’ll take-on anyone management deems worthy, because if you’re in the UTA, you’re already one of the best wrestlers on the planet, and I look forward to sharing a ring with you. I wanna fight the best of the best every single week, Doc. No exceptions.

Emo: Great! Well moving forward what I have done here tonight is pulled a few names of current and past superstars out of this samuai kabuto and just need you to give me the first word or thought that springs to mind regarding this person.

His assistant walks into the shot and hands him the helmet as done before. She walks off slowly ensuring both men get a good view before they revert their focus.

Murray: Sounds fun, let’s go.

Emo: (he reaches down and draws the first name out) Mikey Unlikely.

Murray: Talented, but lost, confused and naive.

Emo: (he pulls another up) Perfection.

Murray: Cancerous.

Emo: (and another) Skylar Montgomery.

Murray: Absolutely bewildering, and his light-tube obsession’s starting to worry me a little.

Emo: (and another) Madman Szalinksi.

Murray: Unique.

Emo: (and another) Zhalia Fears.

Murray: The underdog, fighting the good fight.

Emo: (he reaches in and digs around before pulling up one more) Final one, Brother Judas.

Murray: A walking nightmare.

Dr. Emo sets the helmet down on the ground and continues as his assistant walks over to pick it up.

Emo: Thank you for that. Before we get you on your way, I have made it a point tonight to ask one particular set of questions. As the Main Event of International Affair approaches, do you see the UTA World Championship changing hands to Eric Dane, or even a cash-in by Mr. Ace in the Hole, Sean Jackson? Or will the current reigning champion retain?

Murray: This is tough, Doc. Blanca’s had a great year, but Dane’s comfortably the biggest test of his reign thus far. Eric and I don’t get along -- hell, you’ve seen the footage yourself -- but I can’t bet against him, I just can’t. Despite everything, he’s a pillar of this sport and he’s coming-in like a wall of fire. It’s a really intriguing match though, isn’t it? If I’m still standing after my own match, I’ll be pulling-up a seat, grabbing some popcorn and sitting down to watch this.

Emo: Well that will do it then. Any final words to add or perhaps say to your opponent tomorrow night, and the fans waiting in anticipation?

Murray: I just want to thank the fans for all the support they’ve given me thus far, and let them know that whatever happens at International Affair, I won’t let them down. Without them, I’m not wrestling Colton Thorpe in Tokyo, I’m not sitting here giving this interview, and I’m not working for the UTA. This is the biggest night of my career, Doc. I’m just tryna make sure I don’t let them down.

Emo: Thank you for hanging out here, Cayle. Hopefully we can do this again soon in a less restrictive manner. Best of luck tomorrow night.

Murray: Thanks a lot, Doc. It’s been fun.

Cayle Murray exits to the left and off shot as Emo preps for his next spot.


Emo: John Sektor, Colton Thorpe, La Flama Blanca. These are your current reigning champions in the UTA. Three men and one woman will have the opportunity tonight to be declared the official number one contender for each of these, along with the Prodigy championship in a first ever wildcard fatal fourway elimination contenders match.

The screen lights up behind him in fourths, with each competitor filling a spot. Quinlan, Perfection, Zhalia Fears, and Scott Stevenson.

Emo: Perfection, the cashcow and pick to win it all, is a former UTA World Champion. His sight is on that same title that he never lost at All or Nothing, where he like the other champions at the time had to relinquish the title.

We get a brief clip of Perfection’s best moments.

Emo: Quinlan, the former masked vigilante Sanctus. Not quite the most impressive streak in the UTA, or a person with anything truly worthwhile, in my opinion, but this could all change tonight if he manages to outlast the other three and secure his shot at the number one prize in the UTA… next to the Wildfire.

Grinning he looks back as the screen showcases Quinlan.

Emo: Zhalia Fears, just a few weeks removed from her title match with La Flama Blanca that she failed to accomplish, she finds herself with another opportunity if she can survive the other three. Like Perfection she too had been a champion, Prodigy, going into All or Nothing and relinquished that title, but has since moved on.

We get a clipshow of Fears better moments of her career.

Emo: Scott Stevenson, the man that rules Chicago currently. Someone that has gone to the stone hell and came back a better man. Not seen on UTA television in person as often as we would like however if he manages to survive these other three we could be seeing a lot more of Stevenson.

A clipshow of Stevenson’s moments… and plus video calls… plays out behind him.

Emo: The first elimination will be be the new contender for the PRodigy Championship. The next elimination will secure their shot at the Legacy title, while the runnerup is made the Wildfire Champion’s contender. The one last standing will then have secured their shot at the UTA World Championship.

A final shot of the four plays out on the screen before the IA logo overtakes them.

Emo: Be sure to tune in tonight to see who will be walking out and the next up to face our Champion.


Emo: Moving forward we come to the Main Event for the UTA World Heavyweight Championship. The champion La Flama Blanca has been through the best that the UTA has to offer ever since he won the title from fellow Dynasty member Sean Jackson.

Behind him a b-roll footage rolls featuring his victories.

Emo: Lew Smith, defeated. Ring King, Prodigy Champion and the Undefeated Alex Beckman, defeated and gone. Marie Van Claudio, defeated. Santa Claus, defeated and sent back to the north pole. Zhalia Fears, defeated and dreams crushed. And tomorrow night the champion will face a man that won his contendership in a gauntlet match against some of our more ‘colorful’ superstars here in the UTA.

The b-roll footage flips over to show Eric Dane’s various victories and the gauntlet as well.

Emo: The man that survived the Chamber match, Eric Dane. Some say this is Blanca’s toughest challenger to date. Others say it is just another step, another day, in the legend-in-the-making’s career as champion. By the end of the night one man will be the UTA World Champion while the other lies on the mat with their eyes glossed over.

On cue the screens behind him light up and start to run the promo package for the UTA Championship match. This highlights the various points made already by Dr. Emo, and focuses on the contract signing night, before ending with the fight billboard seen outside the Tokyo Dome.

Emo: Before we wrap this up tonight, let me introduce my guest for this segment of the show, the number one contender, Eric Dane.

‘Heavy is the Head’ starts up while the camera pulls back to show as Eric Dane walks into the room and onto the set, taking a seat to the left of Emo as the song fades out.

Emo: Thank you for joining us here tonight, Eric.

Dane: It’s a pleasure, I'm sure.

Emo: You’ve been around the bend, you know how these things go. Tomorrow night you have your opportunity at the UTA’s World Championship title. All you have to do is pull off the one thing that numerous superstars before you have failed to do, even our undefeated golden girl.

Dane: If five guys jump me from behind and break my arm with a pipe, maybe I’ll lose too. But if you remember La Flama Blanca couldn't pin or submit her even after all those shenanigans.

Emo: So the question is simple. Do you think you have it takes to make this possible? What kind of strategy do you have going into this match?

Dane: The strategy, as far as you’re concerned, is WIN. By any means necessary.

Emo: We all have to remember that La Flama Blanca is the golden child of Dynasty, and it is quite likely they will be around. Will Team Danger have your back tomorrow night?

Dane: The boys are already in Tokyo. Whether or not they involve themselves remains to be seen.

Emo: There is one other element to this match, or the winner of it. And his name is the Ace in the Hole briefcase holder, the Mental Rapist Sean Jackson. If he cashes in tomorrow night before the match, are you prepared for a three way fight?

Dane: You and I both know that Sean Jackson ain’t gonna Cash In for a fair match.

Emo: And if Jackson were to cash in his title shot following the match, after you and Blanca gave everything you had, if you were to win would you be ready for that challenge?

Dane: Ain’t really gonna have a choice in the matter, now am I?

Emo: True. Well normally at this point I would proceed to the other half of this segment as you may have heard with our guests earlier, like Lisil Jackson and Marie Van Claudio.

Dane: Yeah, but we’re special, am I right?

Emo: Of course. We may do this again sometime, Eric. However at this time I would like to move forward.

‘Down’ by Yelawolf starts to play over the internal sound system, immediately putting Eric Dane at a state of readiness. Emo however stands from his seat just as Dane does and the camera zooms outward, both men watching as the UTA World Champion, The Luchador La Flama Blanca, walks into the shot, championship across his shoulder.

He stands there looking past Emo at his challenger before taking a seat to the right of Dr. Emo, who then does the same as the music fades off.

Emo: My other guest as we close this out tonight, is none other than the UTA’s reigning, defending, World Champion La Flama Blanca. Now Eric take a seat, and Blanca, stay put. This isn’t a contract signing, nor a talk show.

Reluctantly Dane sits back in the chair while Blanca lounges back and pats his belt.

Emo: Blanca, as I already have covered this with the number one contender here, let me ask you the same questions.

LFB: If I could correct your intro… it’s reigning, defending, and undisputed World Champion La Flama Blanca, but go ahead, ask away.

Emo: The man sitting to my side here will face you for that title tomorrow night. You have gone through everyone put in your path up until now. Do you think you will be able to continue on that path? Although he is sitting here, do you have a strategy in mind as you go into this match?

LFB: I’ve beaten legends, invincible upstarts, and everyone in between. I’ve shown all year why… I am the best and I don’t see the “Year of The Luchador” ending at International Affair. As far as strategy… why would I share that with him sitting over there?

The UTA World Champion laughs a little as he looks over at Eric Dane.

LFB: That wouldn’t be smart now would it? He just needs to know that I won’t hold any punches. I’ll do whatever is needed to keep this.

Blanca looks down at the UTA World Championship title on his shoulder and gives it a few taps before looking back towards Dr. Emo.  

Emo: Well we know that you have Dynasty in your corner, and Team Danger is always near  for Eric here. We can all pretty much guess we will see a repeat of The Machine and Dynasty’s clash if either side gets involved. Are you counting on this? Or rather it remains one on one bell to bell?

LFB: I know my opponent has suffered a lot of brain damage over the past two decades but I’d like to correct him. Alex Beckman was seconds from tapping out at Ring King until… Sean Jackson took that away from me.

Eric Dane rolls his eyes and waves his arm, not wanting to hear it.

LFB: I don’t need Dynasty to get the win and I never have. I know the boys will be watching. I know HIS boys will be watching. I want no doubts… I want there to be no excuses.

Emo: As I asked Eric earlier, there is still one element to this match that should be in mind at all times. And that is the Ace in the Hole briefcase holder, Sean Jackson. If he were to cash in for the match to make it a triple threat, are you prepared to defend against both men?

LFB: It’s funny you bring that up… Dynasty controls the Ace In The Hole briefcase now. There will be no cash in.

Emo: And if he were to wait until the winner is decided and cash in then to take advantage of the champion, would you be ready to meet that challenge and still find a way to succeed? Remember this is the man you beat for the UTA World Championship.

LFB: If there even was a possibility of Sean Jackson taking back his briefcase and cashing in… He, much like Eric here, will fail.

Emo: Well with just over a minute left here, I will give you guys thirty seconds for any final words. As the challenger, Eric Dane, any final words the Champion here?

Dane smirks at the Champion for a solid twenty seconds before speaking.

Dane: Loosen the screws on that nameplate for me, would ya? I’m gonna want your name off of my belt as quickly as possible.

His sneer returns.

Emo: And La Flama Blanca, you got thirty seconds then we have to end this. Any final words for the challenger?

LFB: Just know that I’m walking out of Tokyo… with MY title. After you lose in Japan, you can go back to running the day to day over at Defiance, Eric. Hang ‘em up for the last time.

Both men stand from their seats, while Emo remains seated. The fire above him fails to deter him.

Emo: Thank you for joining us here tonight folks. Be sure to order the pay per view and we will see you all at International Affair. Linda, we’re out of here!

Dr. Emo steps from his chair and heads off set with the assistant from earlier as the camera zooms in on the sneer of Eric Dane and the Champion as he holds the title over his shoulder. We then fade out to the UTA logo in its red, white and blue form once more as the feed comes to a close.