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From WTFC to Bitter Enemies.

We fade into the past….

Coleslaw Jenkins: You could beat dis fool with one hand tied behind your back.

Will Haynes: Yeah I know that. But tonight I just wanna be focus….

Will trails off because someone just stepped into their conversation. His appearance here could be categorized as unlikely, maybe even HIGHLY UNLIKELY. If you were into that sort of thing. Mikey Unlikely steps in the scene wearing a pair of jeans and a WrestleUTA Hoodie on. He has a big smile on his face.

Mikey Unlikely: Heyyy Fellas! How’s it going?

Mikey points behind him. Turns and looks before turning back.

Mikey Unlikely: I was headin’ in the back door here, when suddenly a delicious smelling cloud smacked me in face. Toucan Sam always told me to follow my nose, so here I am!

Mikey makes a nervous glance at the rolled smoke in Coleslaw’s hand. Both just stare at the newcomer. Mikey nods towards Jenkins.

Mikey Unlikely: May I?

Coleslaw looks over at Will Haynes, who just shrugs. Coleslaw hands it to Mikey. The image pans out, as Mikey puts the smoke to his lips.

Mikey Unlikely: I love fruit loops! (Snickers), Actually, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about…

The scene fades to the next

As we return to ringside, a new theme song pumps through the arena speakers. The sound of the keyboard cuts through the crowd. Suddenly the we hear a lighter clicking over the music.The fans are unsure on how to react, until the new entrance video lights up the screen and they see a very familiar face.

Boos erupt from every corner of the enormous indoor arena as Mikey Unlikely appears on the screen. His new entrance video shows replays of him turning on Will Haynes, just two weeks ago on Wrestleshow.

~I live it up like these are my last days,~

~If time is money, I’m an hour past paid.~

Mikey walks out onto the stage, Behind him, the UTA World Heavyweight Champion, La Flama Blanca. The boos grew louder as they reach the ramp. Mikey stops, closes his eyes, smiles, and takes it all in. He wears a very nice suit, decked out in black with gold trim. His collar loose, where a tie would normally rest. LFB dressed in his fine Italian suit.

Blackfront: Here he is folks, the man who stabbed his friend in the back just one week ago. Turning on Will Haynes, and aligning himself with Dynasty.

Ace: What a brilliant move, Jason! I always liked Mikey, and now with a real direction, I predict he takes off!

Blackfront: You liked Mikey? You were out here week after week, poking fun at him and hashtag WTFC!

Ace: Well yea, it’s like Adolf Hitler, You see the potential in someone, but sometimes it takes some time for them to rise to….

Blackfront: Tommy! Bad example!

We open to the same locker room, later that evening.

Jenkins: Alright, man. Time for us to make some tracks. Mr. Unlikely, thanks.

Slaw pulls out the two tickets, thanking Mikey for the hook up.

Unlikely: Call me Mikey.

Jenkins: You got it chief.

Haynes sticks out a hand, Mikey shakes it.

Haynes: Good look on these tickets. I appreciate it.

Unlikely: Hey, do me a favor?

Mikey making reference to Haynes request of Bobby Dean earlier.

Haynes: Yeah?

Unlikely: Have

Haynes smiles and walks down the hall.

Mikey walks down the ramp slowly, gone is the happy go lucky smile we’re so used to seeing from him. Gone is the enthusiasm for pleasing the fans, he holds back laughter as he walks right past their outstretched hands. LFB talking into Mikey's ear on the way to the ring.

He arrives at ringside, and takes his time slowly climbing the ring stairs, before pausing one last time and shaking his head as he looks out towards the thousands in attendance. He steps between the ropes, and walks over to the corner immediately for the microphone from the ring announcer. He returns to the center of the ring, and goes to speak but is cut off by the crowd. The champ resting in the corner now. 

Crowd: ‘Asshole, Asshole, Asshole’

Blackfront: These people, telling Mikey exactly what they think of his actions.

Ace: These people don’t know what they are talking about!

Mikey brings the mic to his lips, where he waits for the noise to die down.

Unlikely: I guess I knew better than to expect some class from a low life, blue collar city like Pittsburgh.

The mass of fans once again attempt to shake the building with the smattering of boos and yelling. Unlikely smiles, and sticks his tongue behind his lip, embracing it.

Unlikely: If I can just garner your attention for a few moments, then you can get back to watching your races, or getting that newest pair of Levis, or watch your quarterback defile another woman.

Turk grabs the ropes and pulls himself to the apron before entering the ring. He looks down at Doozer and licks his lips before stomping away at the DREAM Hall of Famer.

Blackfront: Come on Turk. He's hurt! Just end this already!

Ace: He wants to send a message to anyone in the back who thinks they should step up and play hero like Doozer has!

Turk begins to lift Doozer up. Suddenly the fans explode into cheers as the camera moves to the stage. From the back we see a motorized cart dart out of the back being driven by none other than Bobby Dean. Also in the cart, Mikey Unlikely and Will Haynes.

Ace: What the f-

Blackfront: I have no idea Tommy, but it looks like they are on their way down here to save Doozer!

Bobby slams the cart into the side of the ring, causing it to move. Turk yells at them to bring it as the three pile out of the cart. As he has turned his back on Doozer, the Hall of Famer leans against the ropes.

Blackfront: It appears they are out here for emotional support and not to interrupt.

Ace: Yet.

Turk turns back to Doozer and grabs his arm.

Blackfront: Turk looking to continue where he left off now,
The new Dynasty member, glances over at the champ who just nods back at him. Unlikely walks around the ring a little, his eyes scanning the crowd.

Unlikely: I decided this week, that I did not want to hear weeks of “Why Mikey?”

Mikey uses quotes with his fingers, the camera follows up by zooming in on a fans sign that says just that.

Unlikely: I didn't want to have someone chasing me around every arena, and calling me out looking for answers.

Blackfront: Mikey obviously alluding to Will Haynes calling out Bobby Dean a few weeks ago.

Ace: I love it Jason!

He once again brings the microphone to his lips.

Unlikely: Here it is! Are you ready!? For the first time in my UTA Career, I did something I have never done before. I did the unthinkable! I did the unimaginable! I decided to choose loyalty!

The fans react with expected criticism of the returning superstar.

Blackfront: Abdul bin Hussain is now.. CLIMBING THE  TURNBUCKLE!

Ace: No! Please! NO!

Hussain grabs the pole and stops to look around at the sea of hate coming his way. He snarls before lifting the pole up and out of it's holder. As he raises the flag high, the bell begins to sound.


Announcer: The winner of this match.... ABDUL... BIN... HUSSSSAAAAIIINNNN!!!

The fans are on their feet cursing and yelling as Abdul stands on the ropes and waves the flag.

Blackfront: A crushing defeat not only to Will Haynes, but to America's pride tonight.

Ace: This is sickening.

Abdul hops to the canvas as Will Haynes begins to push his way up. Abdul takes the flag pole and comes across his back, sending him back to the canvas. The fans continue to boo.

Blackfront: This is terrible!

Ace: This is worse than North Korea almost getting The interview shelved for life!

Blackfront: Abdul bin Hussain still attacking Will Haynes, now stomping away at him.

The fans get on their feet and cheer as they see Mikey Unlikely burst from the back and down the ramp.


As he slides into the ring, Abdul bin Hussain drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring. He lifts his flag as he gets to his feet. Mikey watches him from the ring as he also checks on Will Haynes.

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely making the save, but it's a little too late as Abdul bin Hussain takes home the victory.

Blackfront: What? Loyalty? How was anything Mikey Unlikely did loyal?

Ace: Well let the man finish Jason, maybe you’ll learn something.

Unlikely lets the fans calm down before he continues.

Unlikely: Over half a year ago, when I was still a rookie here, I tried to not only form a faction, but a group of friends. I took the initiative, and put together what I thought was a pretty impressive group of well rounded wrestlers, excluding Bobby Dean of course.

This receives a chorus of boos. The big man, although recently turned on Mikey as well, is still loved by the fans. La Flama Blanca, readjusts the title over his shoulder.

Unlikely: We grew in popularity each and every week, and went through a lot of crazy times. Although we rode together, smoked together, and partied together, Quickly I realized, that these men, they were not my brothers like they claimed to be.

The champion nods in the corner and claps lightly, agreeing with Mikey's words.
Mikey sees Simon, turns, and leaps from the top toward him.


Simon flies from the apron toward the barricade, slamming into it as Mikey rolls from hitting the canvas and gets to his feet.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca hits the ring!

He rushes Mikey and throws a leg out.


Will Haynes slides into the ring, leaping to his feet and coming forward with a clothesline.

Blackfront: Haynes takes Blanca down!

Ace: NO!

Outside of the ring, Simon begins to get up, using the barriers to pull himself to his feet. Will Haynes sees him, then runs toward the ropes on the opposite side. As he approaches, Haynes leaps through the ropes.


Mikey Unlikely begins to pull Sean Jackson up.

Blackfront: Unlikely with Jackson up. He runs back, off the ropes.. BLACNA WITH AN ESTUPENDO KICK CATCHING UNLIKELY OFF GUARD!

Ace: See! Just like that, La Flama Blanca comes out of nowhere!

Doozer hits the ring and charges La Flama Blanca, tacking him.

Blackfront: The referee has lost all control!

He begins yelling for Doozer and la Flama Blanca to get out of the ring. Sean Jackson shakes off the assault and heads over, pulling Doozer off of La Flama Blanca.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson working Doozer now!

The referee continues to yell. Outside of the ring Will Haynes is up and slides back in. he runs and leaps forward.


Jackson flies back to the canvas. Simon is next, rolling in.

Blackfront: Simon now in, turns Haynes around. He grabs him.. HAYNES THROWN OVER THE TOP ROPE!


The referee begins  waving his hands and the bell starts to sound. Simon grabs Doozer, spins him around and throws him over the top rope as well.


The bell cntinues to sound as Sean Jackson grabs the top rope and holds it, as he places his foot into Mikey Unlikely's side, pushing him until he rolls out of the ring. The fans boo at the top of their lounges.

Blackfront: This one is over.

Dynasty gathers themselves inside the ring as the fans continue to boo. WTFC begin to help each other up outside.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has officially declared this match... a NO CONTEEEESSSTT!!!

More boos.

Unlikely: Doozer, was a man I looked up to, a great example for children and wrestlers a like. A man who was well respected amongst the wrestling community. Then Doozer did, what Doozer does best. When the going got tough, Doozer disappeared. He DID NOT choose loyalty!

Unlikely’s chest swells and deflates visibly, his anger getting the best of him.

Unlikely: Bobby Dean, let's talk about that fat, useless, excuse of a man. The man who would be NOTHING if not for MY DIRECTION. A man who floated around here without purpose, biding his time before his next sexual harassment lawsuit. Who do you think kept him out of trouble? Who do you think kept him from being arrested night after night? I did.

Blackfront: To be fair, there were two other members of #WTFC who helped out.

Ace: Oh stop Jason, you don’t know what you are talking about.

Unlikely:  Bobby Dean DID NOT choose Loyalty, when he not only turned his back on me, but pushed me off that cliff. He fed me to wolves, after all I had done for him!... Finally, let's talk about Will Haynes.

The crowd explodes in applause and cheering for ‘The Thrill’. Mikey rolls his eyes and drops the mic to waist level. He walks to the ropes and rests his arms across them. He tilts the mic back towards his lips.

Unlikely: I’ll sit here for as long as it takes for all of you stupid people shut up, and listen to what I have to say.

Immediately back to booing. The champion walks up to Mikey and speaks inaudibly to the cameras. Unlikely smirks as LFB backs up again.
Haynes is in a bad way, stumbling, but manages to slide in the ring by the WTFC turnbuckle. He blindly reaches for someone and finds the hand of Bobby Dean.

Greer smiles and bounces on his feet. He fixes his arm pad, ready to throw the Hellfire Lariat at a moment’s notice.

Bobby steps foot into the ring, Mikey watching from the outside. Haynes dazed by the ring stairs. Mikey holds out his hand for Bobby, urging him to tag him in. “Let me,” Mikey says. Bobby does, but he doesn’t leave the ring.

Mikey enters the ring, Greer ducks a clothesline attempt from him, Mikey ducks one from Greer, and then Bobby spins Mikey around and knees him in the gut stopping him in his tracks.

Blackfront: What just happened?

Bobby nods to Greer, who smiles. He tags in Ty Walker. They’ve got big, big plans for this. Dane smiles from the outside, and rubs his hands together before giving Bobby a brief thumbs up.

Greer motions for Bobby to serve Mikey up like last night’s prime rib. Bobby pushes him towards Greer. Greer bends him over for the powerbomb portion of the hellacious finisher that is Simon Says Die. The fans start to boo.

Blackfront: Bobby Dean just turned on WTFC, I can’t believe this.

Ace: This is the best part of the show so far!!

Greer puts Mikey into the air with his portion of the finisher as Ty comes over for his Neckbreaker finish and Greer sits out. Simons Says Die on Mikey Unlikely as his neck takes an awkward angle on impact.

Ace: That’s all she wrote.

Ty rolls ontop for the pin.



Haynes charges but Greer sees him coming and…

Blackfront: HELL FIRE LARIAT! Haynes flips in the air. Jesus Christ!

Ace: Wow, this just keeps getting better and better.


Announcer: Your winners by pinfall….TEAMMMMMMM DANGGGGGGER.


Unlikely: William Haynes! The Thrill Ride, The man I was happiest to recruit to our little gang. He was a man I respected inside the ring. A man who I thought would prove to be very loyal, but man was I wrong.

Blackfront: Oh come on! This is getting ridiculous. Haynes is the ONLY one who was loyal!

Unlikely points to an imaginary watch on his wrist.

Unlikely: Let me take you back in time, to December! When Will Haynes fought Abdul Bin Hussain, and Hussain viciously attacked him after the match… Where was I? I came to this ring, and chased away Abdul. Weeks later when Abdul attacked me in the locker room, and left me bloody and carved, where was Will Haynes? Out with the boys.

Ace: He’s got a point you know.
Blackfront: Sean Jackson using the ropes to get to his feet as CBR and La Flama Blanca beat Will Haynes.

Ace: He deserves it! He didn't win this!

Dynasty continue to beat on Will Haynes, with Sean Jackson limping over, composing himself and joining in. All three men stomp on Will Haynes as he tries to cover up. Jackson steps away as CBR and LFB get in a few more strikes before grabbing Haynes and propping him up on his knees. Blanca and CBR each have one of Haynes’ arms. They both look at Sean Jackson.

Jackson steps toward Haynes as he waves his index finger at him.

Blackfront: This isn’t good, Tommy.

Ace: Will Haynes has been punished this evening. Time to put the dog to sleep.

Sean Jackson smiles but his glee turns to confusion. A buzz seems to be going through the crowd. A figure is seen running through the crowd and leaps over the guardrail. Jackson motions for CBR and LFB to get away from Haynes as the three stand together by the ring ropes. This person wastes no time getting into the ring.

Blackfront: Is that? It’s Mikey! It’s Mikey Unlikely!

Ace: He’s back!

The Dynasty members are shocked to see Mikey Unlikely. Unlikely goes right for Haynes to give him some protection. The Garden is shaking, the crowd so loud. Mikey Unlikely looks fresh and looks pissed.

Ace: I can’t believe he’s back! He’s supposed to be injured!

Fans: Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!

Unlikely helps his friend up to his feet. Mikey puts an arm around Haynes as he yells at Dynasty to stay back. Haynes gives Mikey a big hug possibly just out of instinct. The NY crowd is loving this!

Blackfront: Dynasty and WTFC!

Ace: WTFC is in no shape to go against Dynasty. Will Haynes is lucky he can even stand right now.

Will Haynes steps away from Mikey, wanting to continue the fight. Haynes can barely stand but isn’t backing down. The New York crowd is going berzerk. Will Haynes takes a few steps towards Dynasty. Mikey Unlikely is right behind him.

Blackfront: This isn’t smart guys!

Mikey Unlikely grabs Haynes by the head and pulls him back. Unlikely uses Will Haynes’ own finisher on him, laying him out cold. The arena goes silent.

Blackfront: Oh my god! What the hell?!

Mikey Unlikely snaps back up to his feet after executing the Rolling Cutter. Unlikely stands over Will Haynes as the fans still don’t know what to make of what they are seeing. Unlikely picks his head up and looks over at Dynasty. Mikey steps over Will Haynes and walks towards them.

Blackfront: Oh… Don’t tell me!

Mikey Unlikely shakes the hand of La Flama Blanca. The fans boo in unison. Trash flies from all angles into the ring. Unlikely soon shakes hands with each member of Dynasty. LFB walks over to Will Haynes saying something inaudible due to the crowd noise.

Ace: Mikey Unlikely… I think he’s joined Dynasty!

A full plastic cup of beer is sent into the ring and is somehow caught perfectly with one hand by Mikey Unlikely. Mikey drinks the remainder of the cup and crushes it. He tosses the garbage back at the crowd.

Blackfront: Damnit, Dynasty! Damnit!

A cameraman jumps up to the ring apron close to Dynasty. All four men are together looking into the lense.

LFB: We are… Dynasty. Get ready for war!

The boos continue to rip through Madison Square Garden. Mikey Unlikely walks in front of the group and is inches from the camera.

Unlikely: I’m back! Did you miss me?!

Unlikely: I continued to support my buddies, and continued to push them to their limits. Then we started getting the big matches. Doozer pins Sean Jackson! Will Haynes pins Sean Jackson! Finally I get my chance. Doozer and Mikey vs Sean Jackson and La Flama Blanca. I would finally get my win over Dynasty.

He raises both hands in the air and closes his eyes. Imagining the win. He drops them back down and looks back at the camera.

Unlikely: Then came Will Haynes, running in from the back when we had the match squarely in control, and cost us the decision, resulting in a no contest. Clearly thinking about himself!

The fans choose to take this time to start another chant. “Thrill! Thrill! Thrill!” Unlikely grabs the top rope and stomps the mat, frustrated with the fans. Prompting them to get even louder.
Dane steps through the ropes, as he keeps Haynes steady. The Only Star moves Haynes dangerously close to the steel steps leading down to the ring floor. Dane smiles, as if a devilish lightbulb went off inside his head. He nods and positions Haynes a bit to the side, pulling both both of Will’s arms back into a Double Underhook. The Only Star shifts his weight leaning back slightly but not enough to protect Haynes.

The result is Haynes getting dropped onto the steel steps directly onto his neck. Haynes folds in half and cascades off the ring steps into a heaping, motionless mess on the ring floor. The crowd grows eerily quiet.

Eric Dane nods his head. Impressed with his own handiwork.

Williams: I think we need some EMTs out here, folks. I don’t know if I can watch this.

Dane smirks and hops over the barricade with just the slightest bit of difficulty and exits out through the crowd. The UTA faithful eagerly move from his path, motivated by fear that they might be next in Dane’s current rampage.

The camera quickly cuts to a wide eyed Mikey Unlikely. He looks concerned. He races towards his former WTFC partner who is still lying motionless on the floor.

Williams: Things do not look good for Will Haynes right now. And for those watching at home, I’m starting to think I should apologize for the images you just saw.

Fury: Jennifer, Dick would like to know why you are apologizing? Let this be a lesson to anyone watching. This is what happens when you keep running your trap. People like the Only Star, Eric Dane, shut it for you.

Mike approaches Will Haynes and slides down to the ring floor, the camera moves quickly to capture each moment. Mikey is checking on Will Haynes, making sure he is alright.

Slowly,  Mikey helps Haynes to a standing position. The fans ringside applaud Mikey. Mikey helps roll Haynes into the ring, again slowly, but quite sure of what he is doin.

Williams: Look at this, Mikey showing some concern here. Maybe not all hope is lost.

Mikey points to Haynes and raises his hand. Haynes can’t tell which way is up and slumps forward, grabbing onto the top rope to steady himself. Mikey urges him to lay down. Haynes does so, laying down on his stomach breathing heavily.

Fury: Wow, just when Dick was starting to like Unlikely.

Mikey makes like he is motioning to the back but stops just short.

Williams: Wait, what is he -

Before the words can leave Jennifer’s mouth, Mikey drives his padded knee deep into Will’s neck. Mikey grabs the THRILL’s legs and arches them back, applying pressure and has the Backstory submission hold, LOCKED IN!

Williams: Mikey, punking us all here. He’s got that submission locked in. That’s the move that made Em Vee Cee tap just last week.

Fury: Oh Dick is loving this.

Haynes doesn’t respond. He lays there lifeless, the fans being to boo. Mikey smiles, ear to ear as he continues to hold THRILL in the Boston Crab.

Fury: Mikey has the hold locked in! He’s arching farther and farther back!

Williams: He’s going to break him in half!

Out of the back a security team tears through the curtain, followed closely by a team of two EMTs. The security team slides in the ring and begins to try to pry Mikey off of Will. Mikey shows his resilience by continuing to drive his knee deep into THRILL’s neck as well as keep his legs engaged. Finally after a minute or so the security team breaks the hold

Unlikely: Through all this! I let cooler heads prevail and I kept quiet and supported my friends. Finally, once again I was given a golden opportunity. One on One for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was a great match, went back and forth, and I thought I had it. Sean must have too, because he took things into his own hands. He went outside, and grabbed a steel chair.

Mikey walks to the ropes and points down at a steel chair near the announcer's table as the camera zooms in on it.

Unlikely: Jackson took a chair, and wrapped it around my head. It cost me the world title shot, but more importantly It had me seeing stars in a big way. A concussion and some short term effects, and once the match was over, where were my friends? Where was WTFC? WHERE IN THE HELL WAS WILL HAYNES? They DID NOT choose Loyalty!
Coleslaw moves to his hands and knees, crawling toward the ropes and reaching out.

Blackfront: Coleslaw reaching for the ropes.

Ace: No, he's reaching for Will Haynes!

Abdul bin Hussain runs and leaps up, his leg out.


As he hits the move, Hussain quickly rolls Coleslaw over and covers him.

Ref: One...

Ref: Two...

Ref: Three!

The bell begins to ring.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall.. ABDUL.. BIN.. HUSSSAAIINN!!

Blackfront: Huge win by the Wildfire Champion here!

Ace: Not so sure how huge of a win it is if it's over Coleslaw Jenkins.

Will Haynes, who is halfway down the ramp can not believe it. Suddenly, Mikey Unlikely burst from the back and down the ramp.

Blackfront: It's Mikey Unlikely!

Ace: He's coming to finish the job!

Will turns around and is obliterated with a clothesline. The fans begin to boo.

Blackfront: Unlikely stomping an already injured Will Haynes on the ramp

Ace: It's his own fault. he had no business being out here Jason.

Blackfront: For once, I agree with you.

Mikey picks Will Haynes up, grabbing him by his neck and walking him up the ramp.

Blackfront: What is he going to do?!

Mikey can be seen mouthing the word Goodbye as the camera zooms in. He then hurdles Will Haynes with all of his might over the edge of the stage and down. Sparks can be seen flying up.


Ace: There goes our sponsorships.

The camera man runs over and aims the camera down as we see Will Haynes laying motionless on top of speaker equipment.

Blackfront: What has come over Mikey?! This is not the man once loved by the fans

Mikey just stands on the edge of the stage admiring his work.

Blackfront: We need someone out here right away. Will Haynes has to be seriously injured.

Mikey raises an arm in the sky.

Blackfront: That man has no remorse.


The camera cuts to the back area where we see Will Haynes in his locker room, Boots untied, glued to the monitor, watching what's going on in the ring. He shakes his head, as the fans blow up.

Unlikely: So here I stand. The last garrison. Now it's time for Mikey, to think about Mikey. When Dynasty approached me, it was an easy decision. Dynasty is about loyalty. Dynasty is about consistency. Dynasty is about gold! I mean, just take a gander at the man I share the ring with right now.

Mikey motions towards La Flama Blanca who waves to the crowd. The fans react with hate and disdain for the champion.

Unlikely: For going on 7 months now, Dynasty has yet to relinquish this championship. For ALL of 2015, the World Title, has been in firm grasp by Dynasty. No one has beaten them when it counted most. No one. Not Lew Smith, not Marie Van Claudio, not 40 superstars in a battle royale. This is the model of success.

Finally we see the million dollar smile by Mikey that we’re used to, but this time, the fans don’t like it.
Jenkins: Ey, wha da hell!?

He turn back to her, she holds her arms up and shrugs.

MJ: Sorry Slaw!

With that Mikey comes bursting from behind a row of lockers. Coleslaw sees him at the last second, his eyes go wide but he doesn't have time to react.

Mikey brings down a steel chair over his head and lays out Coleslaw who doesn't even have time to get his hands up. Slaw falls like a sack of potatoes. Mikey immediately puts the back rest of the chair into the throat of Jenkings, pressing down on it.

Unlikely: This is for costing me the Legacy title you sack of shit!

Mikey brings the chair up over his head and down and buries it into the chest of Jenkins.  Repeatedly, over and over. Coleslaw is choking and trying to catch his breath, flailing wildly.

Unlikely: This one is for your buddy Will Haynes. WHY ISN'T HE HERE SLAW!? DID HE THINK THAT MIKEY MAKES PROMISES HE CAN'T KEEP?

Mikey picks him up by the head, and rams him head first into the lockers. Jenkins falls down trying to reach for something to catch him. Unlikely starts delivering the boots.

Now he gets down on the ground and puts his face next to Coleslaws

Unlikely: If there's one thing that Mikey knows, It’s success. Whether it be music, wrestling, or now movies, there is no one on the planet who has been more successful across the board in everything they do. Never has anyone else in that locker room, made Mikey Money, and never again will I be taken as a joke, a fraud, or someone step stool. Now I have friends, now I have family, now I have brothers! The rest of you…well, the rest of you are just Ungrateful.

Unlikely drops the mic to the ground as his new theme song once again hits the loudspeaker. He and LFB converse as they exit the ring together. They head up the ramp as the camera fades away.
Fury: And what just happened, Mikey Unlikely stole this one with the Backstory!

Williams: There's some noise coming through the crowd.

Mikey Unlikely stands tall, his hand raised in the air in victory when suddenly a fan jumps the barrier!

Fury: Some crazed South African just jumped the rail. Get security out here now.

Williams: Wait, Dick...that isn't a fan.

The man lowers the hoodie covering his head...and reveals his identity.


The fans erupt. Mikey Unlikely looks like he's seen a ghost. Haynes slides into the ring chest first as Mikey hits the canvas and slides out.

The scene fades with Haynes yelling at Mikey from the ring as he backs up the ramp slowly.