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LIVE from Cleveland, Ohio the fWo presented Sunday Slaughter. With only 18 days remaining until CyberSlam, emotions were hot, and backstage most wrestlers stuck to themselves, perhaps sensing the upcoming storm...

Primetime Challenge

Primetime Challenge

As Matt Panzer was preparing to announce the first match of the evening between VL and Wild Thing, an angry Primetime stalked to the ring. Primetime grabbed Matt, and drove his back into his knee with an audible pop. Primetime grabbed the microphone from the mat and told the crowd to shut up. This only enraged the crowd further, and they began to toss bottles and garbage inside the ring. Primetime ignored this, and told the Black Panther to get to the ring right now, and he could wear any mask he wanted... because Primetime was going to kick his ass. The crowd booed louder, when suddenly the Black Panther's music blared over the arena PA system...

Black Panther vs. Primetime

Black PantherPrimetime

The Black Panther ran to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans as he went. He dove into the ring, and with a solid kick sent Matt Panzer out of harm's way. The two locked up, with Primetime moving the Panther into a headlock. The Panther ran with Primetime, still locked in the hold, to the turnbuckle, where the Panther proceeded to run up the side of it, and flipped over behind Primetime. The Panther gave a hard shove to Primetime and sent him into the turnbuckle face-first. Primetime's face opened up, and Primetime swung wildly in the air, finally managing to connect with a closed fist into the face of the champion. The ref warned Primetime, but he continued his steady assualt, delivering suplex after suplex without letting the Panther go. Primetime sent the Panther into the ropes, and delviered a vicious snap suplex. Primetime gave the finger to the enraged crowd, and delivered a powerbomb to the weakened Panther. Primetime then rolled him up for the three count, and was awarded the title. Primetime wanted no part of it, however, and shoved the ref to the mat. Primetime stomped away on the ref, then turned his attention back to the Panther. Yelling "this is what I think of your champion!" Primetime tore at the Panther's mask, finally ripping it free. Shocked, Primetime discovered...

Result: Primetime by Pinfall

Unmasking and a greater challenge

Primetime grinned an evil grin of triumph as the Panther's mask was ripped free to reveal a purple mask, which was the mask of his recent attacker. The crowd fell silent in disbelief, unable to comprehend that their champion was the man responsible for the recent run-ins on Primetime. Still smiling, Primetime delivered kicks to the face of the Panther, teaching him a lesson for the recent attacks. Finally satisfied Primetime jumped from the ring and made his way backstage, accompanied by loud boos from the crowd. Primetime suddenly halted however, as on the Slaughter Screen pictures were shown of the Black Panther, who had been attacked backstage. The Panther was being examined by medical personel, but looked to be healthy. With this live scene unfolding on the Slaughter Screen, Primetime slowly turned his head back to the ring, where the man in the purple mask and the Black Panther outfit lay. Primetime slowly walked back to the ring and climbed back inside, shrugging off the grip of officals trying to keep Primetime out of the ring. Primetime looked down at the man in confusion, and then slowly started to remove the purple mask. But the masked man suddenly came to life, and delivered a hard chop to the neck of Primetime, leaving him gasping for air. As Primetime went down to one knee, the masked man stood and ripped his mask off... revealing Wolf Fang beneath. Wolf Fang punched Primetime in the face, and quickly applied the Scorpion Deathlock submission hold he calls the Wolf Bite on the leg of Primetime. Wolf Fang screamed as Primetime, weak from loss of blood and the surprise attacks was helpless in the hold. Security rushed the ring to get Wolf Fang off, but as they grabbed at the man revealed to be the attacker in the purple mask a loud explosion was heard backstage...

Darkess (c) vs. Mad Trucker vs. Samuel Smooth

Mad Trucker

And the arena shook sounds of a loud explosion ripped through the crowd. The Slaughter Screen blared to life, showing Darkness outside the arena standing next to a burning semi truck. He stood laughing at the flaming husk as fWo security and fire officals hit the scene to spray down the blast. From behind the Mad Trucker attacked with a running forearm, driving Darkness into the hard concrete. The Trucker looked at the truck and discovered it to be one of the fWo trucks and not his pride and joy. Wiping his forehead with relef, the Trucker did not notice Samuel Smooth, who leveled the trucker with a piece of the bumper he had obtained from the explosion. With the Trucker and Darkness both on the ground, Samuel Smooth took turns attacking both with the hard chrome bumper. Darkness finally got an arm up and caught the bumper, tearing it from Smooth's grasp and opening up long cuts in his hands. Darkness grabbed Smooth by the neck, and drug him back into the arena, through the locker rooms, and down the ramp to the ring. Darkness let Smooth lay outside the ring as he went into the crowd and grabbed a food vendor, and shoved him out of the way. Darkness then tossed his heavy cart back over the guard rail. Darkness set up the metal and glass cart on the arena floor, picked Samuel Smooth up, and carried him to the ring apron. Darkness set Smooth up, and powerbombed him into the cart, sending shards of glass and metal spraying into the crowd and Smooth. Smooth lay helpless as Darkness pinned him for the victory. Darkness then looked around for the Mad Trucker, and grinning manaicaly told the crowd that he wasn't finished yet. Darkness strode up the entrance ramp, leaving the bloody, mangled mess of Smooth behind. As Darkness climbed the entrance ramp to the backstage area in search of the Mad Trucker, he suddenly appeared on the rop of the ramp with a fire hose. The Mad Trucker had grabbed the fire hose from the fire officals who were taking care of the explosion in the parking lot, and now turned it full-force onto Darkness, blasting him backward. The Trucker yelled his signature "TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!" to the crowd, who responded in kind. The Trucker then told the crowd "Mad Trucker says don't blow up other people's rigs!" before turning the hose on Darkness once more, who was battered by the explosive force of the water. Just then, cameras went to the rafters where...

Result: Darkness by Pinfall

Wild Thing vs. VL

Loud howls of wolves filled the arena as the lights dimmed and Wild Thing decended from the rafters on a cable. Wild Thing stood in the center of the ring, a pack of wolves circling outside like sharks. The loud music of VL blared over the speakers, and VL came to the ring wheeling a large cart of weapons. As VL got close to the ring, the wolves paced toward her, growling. Wild Thing pointed to the cart, and signalled that VL could not pass until she left the cart behind her. Unsure about this development, VL finally wheeled the card to the edge of the guard rail, and away from the ring. As the crowd happily looted material from the cart and began to beat each other with them, the wolves parted and allowed VL to enter the ring. Wild Thing charged VL, who sidesteps out of the way, sending Wild Thing into the turnbuckle. VL quickly slapped on a swinging neckbreaker, and followed up by a series of three running lariats to keep Wild Thing on the ground. Vl climbed to the second turnbuckle for a forarm drop, and attempted a pinfall. VL could only get a two count, and Wild Thing quickly locked on a reverse chinlock. VL went to her knees turning the hold into a jawbreaker, and laced hard chops across the chest of the Wild Thing. VL set up for a piledriver, but Wild Thing countered with a back bodydrop before the move could be executed. Wild Thing attempted a shoulderblock, but VL attacks with high kicks. Wild Thing grabs the leg, and VL attempts a spinning heel kick which Wild Thing ducks under. Wild Thing hits a DDT, and then marks a single scratch across the chest of VL, opening the skin. The two take it to the mat with quick holds and counter holds applied and escaped. VL goes for a figure four, but Wild Thing is able to reverse it in the center of the ring. Smiling, VL singals that she is submitting, and the hold is released. VL singals to the crowd that she has more important matters in the weeks to come than to damage her leg in a match she knows she can win. Wild Thing stares silently as VL walks from the ring, with VL singalling that the Hardcore title will become hers this Friday. As Wild Thing slowly escaped back into the darkness of the rafters, the crowd erupted as "Centerfield" began to play...

Result: Wild Thing by Submission

Scott Slugger interview

Scott Slugger interview

Scott Slugger came to the ring with a slight limp and the fWo World Title over his shoulder. Scott Slugger had his bat and a bag of baseballs with him, and as he grabbed the microphone from Chris Finn told the crowd that he was about to make their dreams come true. Slugger then proceeded to bat several of the balls into the crowd, who scrambled to retrieve the pieces of history. Slugger asked where James Armstrong was, and seemed annoyed when told he was in jail. Slugger then told Finn that he had a great deal on his mind, starting with the Dark Riders. Scott Slugger told Finn that the identity of Death was something he could figure out, but then it hit him. Who was the one individual in the fWo who was so vile, so evil, and such a backstabbing piece of trash that he would actually don the mantle of Death? Slugger told the crowd that he had some footage from Road To CyberSlam II that they hadn't seen yet, and pointed to the Slaughter Screen. A large video of Plague, Chaos, David Spencer, and Scott Taylor was shown, talking outside their dressing room. They turned to greet none other than Austin Davis, who began speaking with the Dark Riders. Suddenly, Plague spotted the camera and grabbed for it, before the picture went to static. Scott Slugger told the crowd and Austin Davis that he knew the truth, and that Austin Davis should come out to the ring right now and admit what he's done. The crowd awaited Davis, but instead Ice's music began to play, and Ice walked out onto the ramp. Ice told Slugger that what he showed was very interesting, and that Ice would have to check into things himself... since he still had a score to settle with Death and the Dark Riders. But Ice went on to say that Scott Slugger knew full well that Austin Davis was not in attendance tonight, and that this was just another cowardly attempt to dodge the man Scott Slugger knew could defeat him. Scott Slugger laughed, and dropped the microphone, signalling Ice to come to the ring right then and there...

Scott Slugger (c) vs. Ice

Scott Slugger (c)Ice

The crowd roared in approval at Scott Slugger's challenge, and Ice shrugged and said "why the hell not?" Ice ran to the ring and was met by a boot to the head by Scott Slugger. Slugger continued the assault, delivering blow after blow to the chest and head of Ice. Ice finally got his wits about him and shrugged off the punches, grabbing Slugger by the neck and pitching him backward onto the mat. Ice delivered a punt to the head of Scott Slugger, which sent the champion into the ropes and through them to the outside. Slugger quickly scrambled to his feet as the huge Ice gave chase, running around the outside of the ring. Ice bellowed and sprung at Scott Slugger, sending the champion back-first into the steel steps. Slugger attempted to get to his feet but couldn't, as Ice looked down at the helpless Slugger and laughed. Ice then picked Slugger up and bench pressed him above his head, before dropping him onto the steel ramp. The ref singalled for the bell as he counted both men out, but Ice seemed not to notice or care as he continued to assault the smaller champion. Suddenly, James Armstrong came down the ramp after having been released on bail. Armstrong attempted to shield the fallen Scott Slugger, but Ice picked him up by the neck and chokeslammed him to the steel. James Armstrong twitched helplessly as Ice leaned over Scott Slugger and told him that only one man was strong enough to hold the fWo title against the Dark Riders... and that he just proved who that man was. As Ice walked slowly to the backstage area rock music boomed over the speakers as a loud "SHAG ON!" echoed through the crowd...

Result: Double Count Out

Doomsday Interview

Stevie Roberts, Brandi, Judge Steel, the Surgeon, Famine, and the newest member of Doomsday Samuel Smooth came to the ring in preperation for the big lumberjack match. Roberts held up the weary arm of Smooth, who was still bleeding and ragged from his earlier match. Roberts went on to say that Chris Kidman was a chump, and that he and Smooth fooled him completely. Roberts said that he didn't want to dwell on the past, because there were plenty more people to beat up, and plenty more women to shag. Roberts then turned to the other members of Doomsday, saying that there was something wrong inside Doomsday, and asking why tag team belts had not been won yet. Roberts cut Steel, the Surgeon, or Famine off before they could answer, and explained that Doomsday was a very special group of individuals. Roberts pointed to himself, and explained how he was the "Shaggingest" one. Roberts pointed to Samuel and explained that he was the "Smoothest" one. Roberts pointed to Brandi and explained how she was the "Sluttiest" one, much to the annoyance of Brandi. Roberts quieted her, and went on, explaining how Judge Steel's name spoke for itself, and how the Surgeon was the love doctor. Roberts then looked at Famine, and slowly shook his head. Roberts told Famine that he just plain sucked, and yelled "NOW!" The other members of Doomsday quickly fell upon Famine, beating him down and kicking him from the ring. Roberts spit at the crowd and yelled that, "Doomsday doesn't have any room for a limp dick, hit the road Famine!" Roberts then told the "French Freak" that later that night he would regret he was ever born. With that, Doomsday left the ring as the lights went black...

Briana (c) vs. Oracle


Oracle came to the ring bathed in a dark blue light. He came to the ring alone, leading fans to wonder where the Dreamers were this night. Oracle stood in the ring as the lights slowly came back on and Briana came out onto the entrance ramp to the applause of the audence. Briana got into the ring and paced Oracle, who looked huge compaired to the smaller cruiserweight champion. Briana ducked under the legs of Oracle and came up from behind with a Russian Leg Sweep. Oracle got to his feet and a flurry of lefts and rights follow, until both wrestlers fall to the outside. Oracle attempts a suplex on the arena floor, but Briana blocks with the foot and suplexes Oracle herself, causing him to land on the timekeeper's table. As Briana rolled back into the ring to stop the count Oracle rose from the remains of the table and quickly slid into the ring, surprising Briana from behind. Oracle attempted a suplex once more, but Briana blocked it and tried to lock on a face buster. Oracle dropped down, forcing his shoulder into the jaw of Briana. Briana fell, and Oracle quickly rolled her up and over for the pinfall. Oracle reached for the title, but the fWo commissioner came out onto the entrance ramp and instructed the ref not to turn over the title, based on Oracle being outside of the Crusierweight title weight limit. Cursing, Oracle left the ring and strode up to the commisioner yelling that he defeated the champion fairly, and deserved something in return. As the commissoner calmed the wrestler, fans looked up at the Slaughter Screen, which was once again showing the Dark Rider's dressing room. Plague and War stood outside the dressing room, when suddenly the Flying Frenchie exited it with Mitch Wilson. As they walked from the room, Scott Taylor called after them that "a deal was a deal... make sure you make good on your end of it..."

Result: Oracle by Pinfall

Stevie Roberts vs. Flying Frenchie

Flying Frenchie

As this scene faded from the Slaughter Screen the Flying Frenchie, along with Mitch Wilson and Primetime, came to the ring. Behind them walked the Frenchie's eight choosen lumberjacks besides the tag champions, Stone, Fyre, Fathom, Wynd, Black Panther, Chris Kidman Jr., Fallen, and surprisingly Famine. Chris Finn noted that these were all people Stevie Roberts had done something evil to in the last few months. Roberts came to the ring with only Doomsday to back him up, and looked wary at the collection of people assembled around the ring. The Frenchie locked up with Roberts inside the ring, but the more interesting events were occuring outside of the ring, where the lumberjacks all broke into a brawl, with Wilson and Primetime carrying large ropes that they began to bundle up the other Doomsday members with. When all of Doosmday was tied up, Roberts began to panic, and attempted to flee. The Flying Frenchie anticipated this, and caught Roberts in a sleeper hold. As Roberts faded, the Dark Riders; Plauge, War, and Scott Taylor stood at the top of the entrance ramp. The ref checked the arm of Roberts, and when it dropped the third time declaired the Flying Frenchie the victor. The Frenchie signalled for Primetime and Wilson to tie up Roberts, and the Frenchie drug him up to where the Dark Riders were standing. The Frenchie handed over the unconcious leader of Doomsday, muttering "Garbage to garbage." As the cameras faded to black, the arena could hear the loud laughter of Death in the background...

Result: Flying Frenchie by Submission