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Backstage Geoff Green packed large rolls of film into crates, ready to be shipped off to fWo Headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It's been a long day for Geoff... his early days as a broadcast producer for NBC did not prepare him for the rigors of keeping up with the wild atmosphere of the fWo. As wrestlers walk by him with duffel bags, a few say hello to him. John Skyler is one, who chats with Geoff for a few moments before running to catch a lift with his off-air friend Tim Lawrie. Geoff generally liked the fWo roster, although some members were more friendly than others. From the corner of his eye he spots Clarence Chadwick, Scott Collins, Thomas Olson and Dexter Cain walking out together. Cain and Collins are going over moves for their upcoming match, and Chadwick holds the line for his pretty purple lady friend, who tugs at a knot in her hair. John Willis stops by, and sits down with a thud. Willis complains about his back, which was pulled during the altercation with Davis and Universal. Willis landed wrong, and complained about Davis not understanding his own strength. The two chatted for some time while in the background Miller packed his prop away in a small box. In the distance, Roberts complained that the locker room angle ruined a tape player he had brought with him, which was kicked over. Roberts and Beaven got into an arugment, and Beaven put away the cell phone after promising Jim that he would get back to him in a few days. The chaos after the show was often as intense as the show itself, and Davis Willis was kind enough to help Geoff finish packing the rest of the equipment. Outside the sounds of cars and motorcycles departed, with Sid and Christina Iom leaving together on their way to a nice bed & breakfast a few miles away. Soon all was quiet, as Roberts left chewing a handful of asprin and asking around where a local bar was. Brian Cage scratched his sweaty and itching head as he and John Malcon were the last to depart, leaving Geoff and Willis alone in the large room. Willis mentioned to Geoff that he looked tired, and advised that he catch a few hours of sleep before setting out on the road. Geoff nodded, and after fixing his coat as a pillow behind him, shut his eyes and let himself drift off into a surprisingly deep sleep, where Geoff dreamed what can only be described as facinating dreams.....

Syndicate Interview

Syndicate Interview

The capacity crowd gave a large ovation as the Warfare intro video played, and the announcers for the evening came out for the show. Scott Taylor, Ryan Moore, and Richard Stephens were seated at the announcing table for commentary. The crowd loudly booed Richard Stephens, who flipped off the screaming fans in protest. Before the first match could get underway, ring announcer Gordon Hatcher was interupted by the sounds of the Syndicate's music. Chris Universal led his stable to the ring to the loud jeers and boos of the crowd. Universal only smiled smuggly, as the Seer Jason Xavier, Showstopper, and Dark Panther joined their leader inside the ring. Universal told the crowd that what he did the week before was only a sample of what the Syndicate was capable of... and that it didn't matter that Fin and her manager Finn would be in the hospital for weeks to come. Universal then dared the fWo World Champion to come to the ring, but the entrance ramp remained empty. As Universal was about to give up, Skyler strode out onto the enrtrance ramp with the fWo World Title over his shoulder. Skyler told Universal that the good and decent people in the fWo didn't have to put up with Universal's brand of evil any longer, and if it was a world title match he wanted, Skyler would give him one later in the night. Universal only laughed, and told Skyler that he had a big surprise waiting for him...

Darkness & Light (c) vs. The Players

Darkness & Light (c)Darkness & Light (c)The Players

With the action cleared from the ring, the somewhat portly ring announcer introduced the team of the Players, who had done well in recent weeks in the tag team division. Primetime and Wolf Fang made their way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans and warming up once inside the squared circle. The lights flickered as the fWo Tag Team champions Crucifix and Ice made their way to the ring. At once the action broke down into an all-out brawl, with all four men battling outside of the ring. Crucifix picked up a table and smashed it over the head of Wolf Fang, but was unable to do further damage when Primetime landed a hard standing drop kick. Primetime then rolled Crucifix into the ring, where quick double team moves from The Players kept him from his corner. Working as a team, Crucifix was isolated in his corner until Wolf Fang climbed to the top rope to land a flying drop fist, which he called the Wolf Bite. Crucifix was covered for the pinfall victory, and the Players were crowned the new tag team champions. Disgusted with his partner, Ice walked away from the ring, leaving Crucifix by himself... perhaps signalling an end to their long team. As the Players walked back up the entrance ramp, Superstar Sid and Winner Wynd appeared on the Warfare Screen, and challenged the new tag team champions to a match on Friday at SpringSlam '99. Dressed in their workout clothes, the two smug atheletes taunted the lack of physcial ability of the Players, and invited them to look at what a real body should look like, pointing to their own muscles. The Players accpeted the match quickly, and held up the titles again for the excited crowd.

Result: The Players by Pinfall

Commissioner Interview

The music of the fWo front office blared into life as the Comissioner of the fWo, Travis walked down the entrance ramp flanked by his bodyguards John Willis and Cage. Travis was met with boos from the crowd, but ignored them and reached for a microphone. Travis announced that he would indeed step into the ring with the so-called Internet Champion at SpringSlam, and that he would have no trouble finishing off the "weak" athelete. Travis then told the crowd that what they all failed to understand was that he was in control of all of their lives... and unless they wanted to feel his boot in their ass, they would do well to do what he says. This was met with more jeers from the crowd, until the loud blaring music of the Quicksilver was heard. The crowd at once rose to their feet and cheered, as the Internet Champion the Quicksilver came out onto the entrance ramp. The Quicksilver told Travis that he could have his stooges look around all they wanted for the Internet Title... but that he had locked it into a safe place and stored it away where he couldn't find it. The Quicksilver then admitted that he was stumped as to why Travis would want a beating so bad on Friday. The Quicksilver then rose his arms to the crowd, but Travis interupted his ovation and told him that he had forgotten about one thing... and that was the checkbook of the Comissioner. Travis then told the Quicksilver that he had bought some insurance against the Quicksilver... and then yelled "get him!" From behind the Quicksilver free agent Jim Dudley attacked, sending the Quicksilver over the entrance ramp and down to the floor below. Travis then joined Dudley on the entrance ramp, and laughed at the fallen Quicksilver below. Travis told the fans and the Quicksilver that he would see them on Friday, and he and Dudley walked patting each other on the back to the backstage area...

Fabulous Frenchie (c) vs. The Dude

Fabulous Frenchie (c)The Dude

The Dude came out and waved to the crowd, peering over his sunglasses and carrying a large surfboard, and in his other hand a White Russian. The Dude then placed the surfboard on the ring ropes and turnbuckle, and mock-surfed while the Cruiserweight champion's music played. The Frenchie came to the ring, while behind him stood the other members of the Foreign Legion. The crowd booed the Frenchie, but noted that his Legion partners were not coming to ringside along with him, but rather standing under the large Warfare screen. Canadian Jon and Stone stood as a couple on one side of the ramp, while Comrade Chameleon, Tom Bomb, and Iconclast stood on the other. Iconclast still wore the colors of Korea on a jersy draped over his shoulders. The Dude tied up with the Fabulous Frenchie at once, but the Frenchie quickly fliped him over and bowed for the crowd. The Dude, angered at this, pointed to the Legion on the entrance ramp to the ref, and while his attention was diverted broke the surfboard over the head of the champion. The Fabulous Frenchie went down to the mat, and the Dude applied a bow and arrow submission hold. The Frenchie managed to make it to the ropes, and then flipped over the back of the Dude and applied a sleeper hold. The Dude began to tire, and his arm dropped twice, before finally reaching for the sky on the third attempt. The Dude then "Duded Up" and began to stomp around the ring, shrugging off the punched by the Fabulous one. The Dude finally hit a running lariat, and a leg drop. While the Dude attempted a cover, the rest of the Legion ran to the ring to pull the Dude off the Fabulous Frenchie. This caused for the DQ to be announced, but the Legion continued to stomp away on the Dude. The crowd finally erupted as the Survivors came to the ring to break up the beating... with the Boston Brawler and Radical Rudo helping the Dude to his feet.

Result: The Dude by DQ

Scott Cold Interview

As the remains of the last match were cleared away, fWo camera crews spotted Scott Cold, the current fWo Hardcore Champion. Scott Cold stood with the rest of the Wrecking Crew, which included his main sqeeze Brandy, as well as The Insane Trucker, The Dark, and Infra Violet. Scott Cold told fWo camera man and interviewer Stephen Roberts that he was going to demolish Willis tonight in their Hardcore match, and show every pathetic fan in the fWo that he was the ruler and master of their lives. Cold then went on to say that Stephen Roberts from now on will forever be known as "little bitch". As Little Bitch begged for mercy and kissed Cold's feet, The Dark and The Trucker picked him up and tossed him through a glass window, where he fell onto a truck carrying mouse traps and tacks to a local city dump. Cold then walked out to the ring...

Scott Cold (c) vs. The Man They Call Willis


David Willis was already in the ring when the cameras returned to the arena, warming up and flexing his muscles. Scott Cold came out onto the entrance ramp with the rest of the Wrecking Crew, and then send them backstage claiming he could finish the little man off without any help. As the Wrecking Crew went backstage once more Infra-Violet looked confused, and stared at his clothing and his partners with concern, as if he suspected something was wrong. A fan waved to Infra-Violet and Infra-Violet waved back happily, earning a hard smack from The Dark who didn't understand why Infra-Violet was acting strange. Scott Cold got into the ring and at once raked the eyes of Willis, sending the big man to the mat. Cold ripped off a turnbuckle pad, exposing the hard steel under it. Cold then took Willis' face and repeatedly smashed it into the steel, until Willis' face was opened up and bleeding badly. Cold tossed Willis from the ring, and climbed to the top turnbuckle to deliver a splash on the outside. Willis rolled out of the way however, and Cold smashed through a table. With Cold momentarily out old, Willis quickly covered him for the title. Willis held the title up for the crowd, and long-time supporter and trainer Bill James came out to help celebrate.

Result: The Man They Call Willis by Pinfall

Lone Riders Interview

The Lone Riders were spotted backstage rolling up on motorcycles. Their leader, Zeus, stepped off the bike and spoke about the days when he was simply Jack McGraw. He then claimed that when he stepped into the ring with Death only one of them would survive. Zeus turned the camera over to Ares, who explained that he shocked the world when he joined the Lone Riders, but that his days as Alex "The Shocker" Handzlik were behind him, and that all roads were Dark roads. The other Lone Riders dismounted their bikes, with "Great Lookin'" Apollo, "Smooth" Eros, and Athena, whose red hair blazed like fire.

Super Scott Slammer (c) vs. Pestilence

Super Scott Slammer (c)

The music of Heavy Metal began to play, and Pestilence came out onto the entrance ramp with Heavy Metal partner the Boston Rocker, Paul Adams, and their manager James Armstrong. Armstrong wielded his golf club and shook it at the crowd, insisting that Scott Slammer would get his tonight. Scott Slammer came out to a wild ovation from the crowd, and beamed happily. Slammer signed some autographs as he came, slapping hands with the fans and finally confronting Armstrong at ringside. Slammer began mocking Armstrong, who grew even more enraged with the International champion, and began beating on him with his golf club. Adams then rolled Slammer into the ring, where Pestilence at once attacked with quick kicks to the midsection. Pestilence brought him to his feet and tossed him into the ropes, but Slammer ducked under the clothesline attempt, and came up from behind with a quick DDT. With Pestilence out cold, Slammer placed a foot on his chest for the three count from the ref. As the crowd loudly cheered Slammer, a red-faced James Armstrong shook his fist at his arch-rival and exclaimed that he would get him yet. Armstrong sent Adams into the ring after Slammer, but Slammer saw him coming and executed a quick DDT, knocking him out as well. Slammer then exited the ring and de-pantsed James Armstrong, revealing heart-ladden boxer shorts. As the crowd laughed Slammer made his way back up the entrance ramp, while Armstrong cursed and vowed revenge.

Result: Scott Slammer by Pinfall

NXS Interview

Loud music began to play, and the unlikely combination of RottDawg, Kidman Jr., VL Tha Killa and the Nasty Ninja came to the ring. RottDawg took the microphone and told the crowd that the four of them were tired of being overlooked in the fWo, and would band together to fight the evil commissioner and his band of thugs. They explained that they understood that Travis had his hands full with Quicksilver, but if he wanted the show to go on he had best come out onto the entrance ramp, alone. Travis did, and asked the four what they wanted, and yelled at them to get out of his ring. Kidman explained that they would from this day onward be known as NXS, and that they were going to fight for the fans who made it possible for them to get a paycheck every week. The Ninja took the microphone and told Travis that if it wasn't for his interferance he would still be Crusierweight champion and that he would pay for the loss. Travis asked the four if they were quite done, and then told them that he didn't give a damn about the fans, and that he was considering changing the name of the fed to "Travis' Organization of Atheletes" rather than the silly name it has now. Travis then told NXS that he knew something they didn't... and screamed "now". With that, VL attacked the three from behind, knocking them out of the ring. A smiling Travis welcomed VL into the Corporate team, and the two walked backstage together, laughing.

Fallen (c) vs. Chris Universal

Fallen (c)Chris Universal

Chris Universal came out with the rest of the Syndicate, but fWo officals told the Seer, ShowStopper, and Dark Panther that they would have to return to the backstage area for this match. Annoyed they complied, but not before asking if Universal had everything under control. Universal reminded them of his big surprise, and they went quietly. Skyler came out onto the entrance ramp to a strong ovation, and strode to the ring confidantly. Skyler again held the title up for the crowd, and was attacked from behind by Universal. Universal continued his attack inside the ring, working on the injured right leg of Skyler. Skyler refused to give up when pinned however, and continued to get to his feet. As Unviersal went for a splash, Skyler lunged and sent Universal to the mat with a overhead bench press into a slam. On a roll, Skyler repeatedly suplexed Universal, and went outside to execute his famous finishing move, and flying plancha from the ring apron into the ring. As Skyler got ready, a hand reached out from under the ring and pulled Skyler to the mat. To the shock of the crowd, "Everyone's Friend" Austin Davis emerged, and began beating on Skyler on the outside. With Skyler hopelessly beaten, E.F. Austin Davis rolled him into the ring where Universal made an easy cover for the World Title. Davis and Universal celebrated inside the ring, with the rest of the Syndicate coming down to join them. Davis told the crowd that he had been a nice guy for the last year, and was sick of the fans, and sick of them "trusting him" to be a ncie guy. Davis then told the crowd that there was one order of business left. All members of the Syndicate began to beat down the helpless Skyler, with the Dark Panther obtaining a chair from the outside. The ShowStopper placed the chair over the injured leg of Skyler, as Universal went to the top rope with the belt. Before he could lunge off, the lights dimmed, and a single spotlight went to the rafters. A man in a black trenchcoat with a white-painted face stood there, holding a camera, and with a small silver necklace around his neck which had a tiny blueish-glass charm attached to it. As the crowd gasped, the man slowly decended into the ring on a cable, and the crowd recognized the man as handsome, noble and heroic ex-cameraman Geoff Green. Green cleared the ring easily with his camera, slamming and tossing the Syndicate out as though they were nothing. Green then helped Skyler to his feet as the crowd began to cheer wildly. Green stood on a turnbuckle, his necklace swaying, as the crowd delivered a standing ovation, chanting his name over and over again. GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! Green! green! green gr.......

Result: Chris Universal by Pinfall