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LIVE from Hartford, Conn, the fWo presented Sunday Slaughter in front of a capacity crowd. Ready for the only serious action on Sunday night, the fWo Slaughter Screen picked up limos pulling into the backstage wrestler entrance. Machina and the Lone Gunmen stepped out, with Machina giving a long, hard look to the brand new purple BMW in the parking lot. Shaking his head, Machina headed for the ring...

Surgeon vs. Fathom

Inside the arena Fathom and Judge Steel were inside the ring, with the rest of the bWo and Doomsday arguing outside of the ring. David Willis and the fWo security team ordered the bWo and Doomsday away from ringside, and forceably removed Stevie Roberts to the backstage area. Fathom and the Surgeon locked up inside the ring, and the Surgeon quickly grounded Fathom and applied an armbar. As the Surgeon locked in the hold, the crowd came alive with boos as the Lone Gunmen came onto the entrance ramp and made their way to the ring. The Lone Gunmen got into the ring, and proceeded to beat down both Fathom and the Surgeon. The Shocker picked the Surgeon up and tossed him from the ring, causing him to land sideways on the metal barrier. Fathom meanwhile was bodyslammed repeatedly by Sid Snow and Billy James. The ref called for the No Contest, and urged Rudo and Machina to leave the ring. Machina cracked Rod over the ref's head, as Rudo piledrove the ref into the mat. Kicking the ref from the ring, the Lone Gunmen stood alone in the ring as Machina asked for the microphone...

Result: No Contest

Lone Gunmen Interview

Lone Gunmen Interview

Machina took the microphone and began screaming at the fans, telling them to silence or he would be sending them all to Russia the second he got into the Oval Office. Machina stood still, took a deep breath, and addressed Ultra Violet. Machina informed Ultra Violet that even though he got through Sid, he wasn't through with him. Machina then pointed to Billy James, who looked tired and appeared to be sporting light facial hair. Machina told Ultra Violet that if he had the balls he would get his purple ass down to the ring and take his medicine. As the crowd began to chant "Impeach" Machina singaled for the Shocker to enter the crowd and begin pummeling random fans making noise. Suddenly, Rage started up over the PA system...

Ultra Violet vs. Billy James

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet and Violet came out onto the entrance ramp holding a set of large beach balls and looking confused. Machina yelled at Ultra Violet to get into the ring, and the wrestler ignored the presidental hopeful and began to sign autographs in the crowd. Billy James then yelled at Ultra Violet to get into the ring, but the purple superstar and his valet were transfixed by the legion of flash bulbs going off in the crowd. Billy James finally exited the ring and grabbed Ultra Violet by the hair, and drug him into the ring. James then laid down, and tossed Ultra Violet's arm over him. The ref counted to three, and an annoyed Ultra Violet went back to ringside to stare at the flashes in the crowd with Violet. Billy James meanwhile rolled out and confronted Machina, asking if he was FINALLY an offical Lone Gunmen member, since he had now "won" 10 matches Lone Gunmen style. Enraged, Machina sent the Shocker over to Ultra Violet, who picked up the purple superstar and tossed him into the crowd. The Lone Gunmen then exited the arena, with Machina yelling at Ultra Violet that he would be facing the great Shocker on Wednesday Warfare, and that Machina would have his revenge then. Billy James trailed along behind the crew, checking out the tight dress Violet was wearing, and smiling.

Result: Ultra Violet by Pinfall

Fallen Interview

Fallen made his way to the ring, alone. Fallen carried with him a large photo of himself with Joy, on what appeared to be a rollercoaster. Fallen held up the poster, and slowly tore his part of the poster up, and tossed it into the crowd. Fallen pasted the piece of the poster with Joy on it on the turnbuckle, and adressed it. Fallen said, "Joy, you're a great leader of happiness and truth. I... I am just a lowly pile of crap who isn't fit to be stuck on the bottom of your shoe. I'm dragging your mission down, Joy. I can't help you... only hurt you. It's my curse to always be... alone. If not for me, you might still have that Happycore title... if not for me. I am... worthless. Nothing... and now, I am nothing." Fallen then asked for music to play in the arena, and began to sing: "Feelings... nothing more than feelings, trying to forget my feelings of hate... imagine beating on my face, trying to forget my feelings of hate... feelings for all my life i'll feel it... i wish i'd never been born, i'll make me sick again... feelings, oh oh feelings of hate on my mind... feelings, feelings like nobody ever liked me... feelings like i want to kill me, live in my heart... feelings, feelings like i wanna leave this... feelings like i've got to get out of my life... feelings, oh oh feelings that hate is in my eyes... feelings, oh oh feelings life is not very... nice..." With that, the lights dimmed to darkness, and when they returned Fallen was mysteriously gone, with only the torn photo of Joy left behind.

Briana (c) vs. Oracle


Oracle came to the ring alone, and stood waiting patiently inside the ring. Briana came down holding up the Crusierweight title, to the applause of the fans. Briana then pointed at the rafters, singalling her match at CyberSlam against VL. Oracle attacked with a tope to the outside as Briana neared the ring, and both brawled outside the arena. Briana shoved Oracle to the crowd barrier, and then out into the crowd. The two exchanged blows in the crowd as each used chairs, cameras, and fans to batter the other. Oracle finally reversed a short clothesline attempt and send Briana crashing back into the entrance ramp, where she landed hard one knee. Taking advatage of this, Oracle set up and chair, and ran toward Briana, jumping up on the chair, and diving onto the downed champion. Oracle then rolled Briana into the ring and attempted a cover, but too much time had past and Briana had recovered. Oracle then went for a swinging DDT, but Briana dropped down to avoid the move. Frustrated now, Oracle repeatedly stomped Briana in the head, until Briana grabbed hold of one of Oracle's legs, pulled him to the mat, and swung her body over in an inverted pinfall. Surpirsed at this, Oracle was unable to kick out of the cover. Briana left the ring, but Oracle urged her to come back and fight fiar. When Briana ignored the request, Oracle challenged her for a rematch next Sunday at Slaughter.

Result: Briana by Pinfall

Flying Frenchie Interview

Flying Frenchie Interview

The Flying Frenchie walked out onto the entrance ramp, and surveyed the crowd. Looking displeased with what he saw, the Frenchie marched to the ring with purpose. At his side were the fWo Tag Team Champions, the French Foundation. The Frenchie first told the crowd that this Friday he would be taking back the title that Frenchie built, put Austin Davis in his place, and set things the way they should be. As the Frenchie spoke a strange, shadowy figure watched from high above the arena...

Chris Universal vs. Wolf Fang

Chris Universal

Warming up for his match with Austin Davis at CyberSlam, Chris Universal came to the ring in singles action with Wolf Fang. Wolf Fang came to the ring without Jackhammer, and held his head high after his recent victories in the fWo. Wolf Fang scanned the rafters for signs of the Wild Thing, but the rafters were silent as Wolf Fang got into the ring. Universal and Wolf Fang locked up, with Wolf Fang landing a quick russian leg sweep that took Universal off his feet. Rather than following up, Wolf Fang posed for the crowd, and smirked at the fans. This gave Universal time to get to his feet, and he landed a standing dropkick as Wolf Fang turned around. Universal attacked with a European uppercut, which took Wolf Fang off his feet. Universal picked Wolf Fang up, and attempted a suplex, but Wolf Fang slid down behind him and dropped Universal with a solid lariat. Back on his feet, Universal landed a lucky punch square in the jaw of Wolf Fang, which knocked him out cleanly. Universal covered Wolf Fang for the pinfall.

Result: Chris Universal by Pinfall

Cactus Jon vs. Stevie Roberts

Cactus Jon

Stevie Roberts came to the ring looking concerned, telling people in attendance that the Surgeon was badly injured from the attack earlier, and that Doomsday was in turmoil. Inside the ring and worried, but still alive enough to shake his ass at the females in the crowd, Roberts awaited Jon. Cactus Jon came quickly to the ring, ducking under a running clothesline and coming behind Roberts to hit an inverted DDT. With Roberts laid out on the mat, Cactus Jon pointed to the crowd and told Scott Slugger and Death that they better pay attention to what he was about to do. Jon picked Roberts up then, and planted him into the ground with a facebuster. Jon easily covered Roberts for the pin, and started back to the backstage area. As he walked up the entrance ramp, the lights went out...

Result: Cactus Jon by Pinfall

Dark Riders Interview

Dark Riders Interview

With Jon halfway up the entrance ramp a large figure strode out onto the entrance ramp. Removing his hood, the pale light revealed David Spencer... or as he was better known, Death. Seeing Spencer Jon charged up the entrance ramp to attack, but as he did so the other Dark Riders; Scott Taylor, Plague, and an even larger masked man emerged from behind Spencer. The three caught Jon, and the large man who is presumably the new Death grabbed Jon by the neck. As Jon was about to be chokeslammed, Scott Slugger and Scotty Cool arrived on the entrance ramp and began to brawl with the Dark Riders. As the cameras went off the air, Scott Slugger, Cactus Jon, and Scotty Cool were in a standoff with the Dark Riders...