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LIVE from the San Jose arena, California the fWo presented Wednesday Warfare. Camera crews caught up to Scott Slugger outside the arena, who was on hand to make an announcement about his upcoming Cactus Jon World Title match. As Slugger locked his rental car, Ice attacked from behind with a lead pipe. Ice beat Scott Slugger down with a lead pipe to the point where Scott Slugger could no longer stand, and finally press-slammed him through the window of Slugger's rental car. As the cameras focused in on the bloody Scott Slugger, Ice walked away laughing.

French Foundation (c) vs. Chris Kidman & Samuel Smooth

French Foundation (c)French Foundation (c)

The unlikely team of Chris Kidman and Samuel Smooth came to the ring together, without the misfits or Smooth's collection of hos. The French Foundation also made it to the ring alone, without the Flying Frenchie, who was backstage in his dressing room. Kidman and Mitch tied up, with Mitch turning the lockup into a colar and elbow tie up, and then grounding Kidman with a Russian leg sweep. Mitch dropped an elbow, but Kidman rolled out of the way and ran to the ropes. Kidman landed a stiff lariat, and tagged in Smooth. Smooth at once tossed Mitch into the corner, and began delivering hard lefts and rights to the face of the tag champion. Mitch powered out and shoved Smooth off the second rope and down to the mat. Mitch tagged in Primetime, and the two split the legs of Smooth, and Primetime landed a headbutt into the chest region of Smooth. Primetime covered, but only got a two-count. Primetime executed a leg drop, and set Smooth up for a splash off the top rope. As Primetime climbed to the top rope, the strange man in the purple mask crawled out from under the ring and grabbed the foot of Primetime, dropping him into the turnbuckle. Seeing this, Wilson ran after the masked man, along with Primetime, who limped and held his groin. The ref made the count, and declaired Smooth and Kidman the victors. As Smooth and Kidman celebrated, Stevie Roberts appeared on the Warfare screen to taunt the pair. Smooth and Kidman only smirked, and announced that they had a surprise for Roberts later in the night...

Result: Smooth and Kidman by Count Out

Slugger's Condition

Slugger's Condition

Outside the arena Scott Slugger was loaded into an ambulance, with special care given to Slugger's neck. As Slugger was driven away by the paramedics, Matt Loco and other fWo correspondants promised that they would stay with Scott Slugger and keep the fWo fans up to date of his condition. As Loco was ready to turn the camera back to Finn and Armstrong, Ice arrived outside the arena and yelled that he would be giving Slugger's speech tonight at the end of the show, and people won't dare miss it.

Darkness (c) vs. New Ninja


The New Ninja came to the ring, informing the crowd that he had some payback in store for Darkness tonight. The Ninja got to the ring, and the crowd awaited Darkness' arrival in his first title defense as champion. Darkness' music played, but instead Joy came out onto the entrance ramp dressed up in an S&M outfit. Joy tried to pass himself off as Darkness inside the ring, but the New Ninja, disgusted with his actions, delivered a hard powerbomb and tossed Joy to the entrance ramp. There Joy lay as Darkness came out for his match. Darkness steped on and over Joy, and climbed into the ring. Darkness charged but the Ninja deftly ducked out of the way and delivered a spinning heel kick on Darkness who bounced off the ropes. The Ninja quickly applied a figure four, but was unable to hold it on with the wide stance of Darkness breaking the hold. Darkness then leveled a strong headbutt into the skull of the Ninja, who reeled backward. The Ninja attempted a sunset flip, but Darkness countered into a firm sleeper hold. As the ref made the count, the Ninja was unable to escape the hold and the ref declaired the match complete. Darkness left the ring area the way he came to it, up and over Joy.

Result: Darkness by Submission



The cameras caught up with Mitch Wilson backstage, who was still looking for the man in the purple mask. Wilson roamed the halls, shoving Austin the Giant and Bookerman up against the walls and asking them if they had seen anything. As a puddle appeared under the Giant's legs, Primetime stepped out of the Black Panther's dressing room, holding a purple mask in his hands. Hearing the Panther's name announced over the P/A system, Primetime and Wilson ran to the ring entrance...

Black Panther (c) vs. Fallen

Black Panther (c)Fallen

Fallen came to the ring to check on the wounded Joy, who lay prone and still on the floor. Fallen got the Speed Demon to carry Joy to the back, and then got into the ring in preparation for his match. At the sound of his name, the Panther came to the ring holding the International title over one shoulder and looked up into the ring at Fallen. Fallen sat slumped in a corner sobbing to himself as the Panther climbed into the ring. The Panther urged Fallen to get to his feet, and when he did not do so the Panther ran and charged, hitting Fallen with a baseball slide inside the ring. The Panther picked Fallen up by the head and whipped him back to the mat by the hair, then stomping on the face of the downed wrestler. Fallen simply lay on the mat, and the Panther climbed to the top rope and executed a perfect splash onto Fallen, and covered him for the pin. As the ref counted to three and declaired the Panther the victor, Primetime and Wilson hit the ring and began to stomp down the Panther. Wilson held the Panther as Primetime delivered a hard chop to the head of the Panther, and shouted at him while holding the purple mask. Primetime then attempted to unmask the Panther, and the Panther broke free and slid to the outside. The Panther told Primetime that he can settle his problem in the ring at the Road To CyberSlam II house show...

Result: Black Panther by Pinfall

Briana Interview

Backstage cameras caught up with Briana, who was signing the contract for a Skyscraper match at CyberSlam with VL. Briana told the camera crew that she was signing the contract for the most dangerous match in the fWo for one reason and one reason only... to rid the fWo of VL. Briana told the crew that she had been burned by VL once too often, and at CyberSlam she would finish things for good...

Brandi (c) vs. Fyre 

Brandi came to the ring with Stevie Roberts, who pointed at the title she carried. Roberts then took the microphone and told the crowd that in three weeks he would put an end to Scotty Cool's career, take his title shot, and go on to beat the "baseball player that walks like a man" at the biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year. Roberts told the crowd that Doomsday all lead up to this. Roberts then told the crowd that Kidman and Smooth deserved each other... since neither seemed to like women any. The ref called for Fyre to come to the ring, but nobody came down the ramp. From up in the rafters howls were heard, and cameras finally found Fyre unconcious backstage. Fyre looked to have been mauled, with bite marks on her legs and her clothing torn. Brandi held the title up in the air and declaired another easy victory thanks to her "skill". At that moment, the Warfare screen cut to Kidman and Smooth, both looking confidant...

Result: Brandi by Pinfall

Kidman and Smooth interview

As Roberts yelled at the fWo production crew to cut the image of Kidman and Smooth off the monitors, Smooth told Roberts that "his pale ass might want to watch close-like". The screen then cut to a shot of the rest of Doomsday, who were oogling some scantily-clad females in their dressing room. As Famine, Steel, and the Surgeon all tripped over each other to get closer to the "hos", Roberts yelled that they were supposed to be outside guarding his new car. The shot then cut to the arena parking lot. The camera focused on Roberts' brand-new Prowler, which was parked near Ultra Violet's brand-new purple BMW. As Roberts watched, the misfits appeared on the screen weilding sledgehammers. They began to attack the car with vigor, smashing the hood, windshield, and generally demolishing the automobile. Kidman then told Roberts that what happened to the car is what was going to happen to Roberts next Friday. Smooth told the crowd that this would be their final matchup, and it really would be doomsday...

Austin Davis (c) vs. Mad Trucker

Austin Davis (c)Mad Trucker

The Mad Trucker made his way to the ring with a loud TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT and waved to the fans as he went. The Trucker seemed momentarily troubled as he neared the announcing table, but his expression returned to a wide smile as he stepped into the ring. Austin Davis' music was played, but Davis did not appear on the entrance ramp. As the Trucker waited and looked up in that direction, Austin Davis came through the crowd, swatting away fans as he went. Davis snuck into the ring behind the Trucker, and drilled a hard punch into the back of the Trucker's head. The Trucker went down and Davis stomped on the leg and knee of the Trucker, trying to keep the big man off his feet. Davis picked the Trucker up and tossed him into the ropes, but the Trucker ducked the clothesline and delivered a hard lariat which took Davis off his feet. The Trucker continued to hammer away on the champion, until Davis was finally able to slide under and execute the DDD. Davis covered the Trucker, but he kicked out at two. The Trucker then picked Davis up for a pumphandle slam and smashed him down to the mat. As the Trucker prepared to cover Davis, the Frenchie came running to the ring and pulled the Trucker off Davis and out of the ring. Seeing this the ref awarded the match to the Trucker by DQ, as Davis and the Frenchie glared at each other. The Frenchie yelled to Davis that he just saved HIS title, which just happened to be held by the bald American freak in the ring. Angry at the Frenchie's interference, the Trucker attacked the Frenchie, and Davis leapt onto both men with high punches. All three men traded blows as fWo security attempted to seperate the three, with Willis pulling back the champion...

Result: Mad Trucker by DQ

Ice interview

Ice interview

Ice came to the ring to great boos to the audence, rubbing his face slightly due to the attack by the Dark Riders last Friday. Ice addressed the crowd and told them that first he would be paying the Dark Riders back for what they did... but that his attention wasn't going to be diverted from the true goal this time. Ice pointed to the Warfare screen where footage of his attack on Scott Slugger earlier in the night was shown. Ice smirked, and told the crowd that due to his "vicious assault on Slugger" the Jon vs. Slugger title match match won't be able to happen, and he was "sincerely sorry" for the inconvienence. Suddenly the crowd erupted, and on the entrance ramp a bloodied and bruised Scott Slugger stood. Slugger told Ice and the crowd that he was the fWo World Champion, and when he tells the doctors that he's fine, the doctors do what he says. Slugger then told Ice that since he was so fond of surprises he had a real big one for Ice on Slaughter, and that Ice should make sure to show up. As the cameras went off the air Ice left the ring to confront Slugger, who glared back at him...