Posted by Rumor Man Stan

It was recently announced that UTA Superstar and Hollywood actor, Mikey Unlikely, was cast to star in the upcoming remake: Back To The Future.

We took the opportunity to catch up with Mikey at last nights UTA Live Event. The first question we asked him... Would Mikey be missing time in order to film the movie?

Mikey assured us, that although he may have to miss a Victory here and there (of which he is currently branded too), he has no plans to take an extended period of time away from the sport!

"Luckily, after the pay per view, we head back to the United States. Once we arrive, filming is set to begin. WrestleUTA is heavily involved in the project, and plan to keep my time managed equally between wrestling and acting, until the project is complete."  - Mikey Unlikely

While Mikey is commited to acting, and has greately enjoyed his time in hollywood, when asked about his future Mikey had one thing to say.

"Acting is another great source of income and exposure, but wrestling is my passion!"

There you have it folks, keep watch in 2016 for "Back To The Future", but otherwise we have no reason to think Mikey is leaving WrestleUTA anytime soon.