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Thorpe vs Murray - International Affairs - Video Package

The opening instrumentals to Scream by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play. The scene transitions from black to Cayle Murray entering onto the stage, emerging through a storm of strobe lights.

Williams V/O: The younger brother of a GCW legend, Cayle Murray makes his highly anticipated, highly publicized debut tonight.

Colton Thorpe backs out from the curtain with his head slightly cocked. He slowly turns around, facing the audience, a cheshire grin plastered ear to ear.

Fury V/O: The only man in this match with UTA experience, Thorpe is here to fight. This is Dick’s pick to win tonight.

Murray and Jackson are trading bombs in the corner of the ring. Thorpe from behind, grabs onto Murray’s shoulder, slamming him onto the canvas. Proceeding to unleash a series of boots, Thorpe does his damndest to try and stomp Murray into the canvas.

♫ I can't erase it anymore, it follows me everywhere I go ♫

Thorpe with a snap DDT on Jackson, driving his head into the mat. Quickly transitioning into a pinfall, he hooks both legs for leverage. As the referee’s hand is about to slam down for the three. Murray flies in, colliding with Thorpe to break up the pinfall.

♫ It's like a mask that I don't want to wear anymore ♫

Sprinting across the ring, a raising knee lift by Murray drops Thorpe on his back. Grabbing onto the top rope, Murray puts his foot into the side of Thorpe, using all of his weight to push him outside the ring.

♫ I think I've found a way to let it go but it's still too soon to know for sure

Sliding into the ring, Thorpe sprints like a madman, ducking underneath a Murray clothesline, rebounding off the ropes. As he does so, Lisil connects with a clothesline that almost takes his head clear off. Turning around, Murray leaps back with a twist, connecting across the side of Jackson’s head with a pele kick.

♫ I'd give everything I am to just feel somethin' ♫


Quickly jumping onto the fallen Jackson, Murray hooks the legs. As the referee’s hand comes down with force for the three count, Thorpe is milliseconds late in breaking up the pinfall.

Williams V/O: What a debut victory by Cayle Murray!

Fury V/O: And Thorpe is fuming!

Murray rolls out of the ring, raising his hands triumphantly. Thorpe is on his knees, both hands ripping at the hair on his head in disbelief.

♫ Can you feel that? ♫

Murray and Thorpe stand face to face in a threshold that separates a locker room with the arenas corridor.

Murray: Thanks for the match, lad. You definitely belong in that ring.

The Scot extends an open hand to Colt, who folds his arms and glares at Murray with a face like thunder. Cayle soon retracts.


Murray stands in a littered corridor, talking with a production employee. His conversation is brought into an abrupt halt as Thorpe attacks him behind, grounding him with a crushing forearm to the back of the head.

♫ When the pressure breaks me, when it's too hard to see ♫

Face down on the concrete, Murray can do little to protect himself as an onslaught of size twelves rain down. The smile on his face clearly isn’t one of happiness.

♫ When I feel like I'm at the end of my rope one more time ♫

Colt crouches down beside Cayle, who is struggling to pull himself back to all fours. Gasping for air, having had the wind knocked out of him, Colt pushes him over onto his side.

Thorpe: I know who you really are. I know what you really are...


Thorpe walks around the ring, arms outstretched as he basks in the Chillin’ With Colt Live set. In his right hand, the white piece of fabric that once concealed Santus identity is firm in its grasp.

♫ When the fire burns me, when it's hard to break free ♫

Thorpe’s attention turns to the top of the stage, as strobe lighting flickers throughout the arena. Cayle Murray walks onto the stage, bringing a smile to his face.

♫ When I feel like I'm standin' on the edge of it all this time ♫

In the ring, Murray swings a steel chair wildly, annihilating the Chillin’ With Colt sign that hangs from the rafters. Colt’s near perma smile vanishes and the hatred in his eyes is ever evident.

♫ I can't suppress it anymore, here it comes like a flood just like before ♫

Colt launches forward with a barrage of forearms that initially stagger Murray, but he counters with a tackle onto the canvas. The two men roll around, trading blows as officials pour into the ring.

♫ When it rains it pours and I don't want to swim anymore ♫

Colt is pinned into one corner by a group of officials, Cayle cornered by a separate group of staffers in the opposite corner. Colt is practically foaming at the mouth, screaming out obscenities at Cayle.

♫ I think I've found a way to let it go ♫

Colt pushes past Murray into his locker room, a twelve pack in his hand. Grabbing a seat on top of one of the benches, Colt takes out one of the cans, offering it to Murray. A combination of disbelief and disgust cover Murray’s face as he declines.

♫ I don't know I've never felt this way before ♫

Empty cans surround Thorpe, and he winks at Murray, who stands across him with his fists balled up. Tilting the can, the foaming beer pours out of the can, coming into contact with Murray’s once impeccable Jordan’s.

♫ But with everything I am I just let go ♫

The two UTA newcomers explode in a storm of flying fists and elbows, trading rights and lefts and jostling for position until a well-timed eye jab blinds Cayle temporarily. Thorpe moves forward, planting a forearm into Murray's neck and pushing him against the wall.

♫ Can you feel that? ♫

Cayle lashes-out with a sudden burst of energy, pushing Colt away and causing him to slip on the spilled beer. He takes Thorpe by the head, dragging him through the locker-room door, then throwing him back-first into the wall! Colt's back leaves a huge dent in the dry wall and he lands like a sack of spuds.


Colt laughs as he is seated on the ground against the wall. Cayle steps forward, only to be stopped with a stiff kick to the nuts, sending him to the ground clutching himself. Quickly scampering off, he laughs so vociferously that a group of technicians scatter as if he were an Arkham escapee.

♫ When the pressure breaks me, when it's too hard to see ♫

Thorpe and Murray are seated across from one another, a table separating the two men. Sliding a single ticket across the table top, Thorpe’s eyes don’t leave Murray.

♫ When I feel like I'm at the end of my rope one more time ♫

Not looking down at the front row gift from Thorpe, Murray’s eyes don’t leave Thorpe. The spoon in his hand is unmoving, his knuckles white from the death grip he has on the utensil.


Murray is seen walking through a swarm of fans as Thorpe and Hussain trade blows in the middle of the ring. Thorpe can’t help but smirk as he notices Murray taking his seat from the corner of his eye.

♫ When the fire burns me, when it's hard to break free ♫

Hussain comes flying through the air as Thorpe lays flat of his back. Twisting in the air with a shooting star press variant, at the last second Thorpe’s knees come up, driving every last bit of wind out of Hussain’s body.

♫ When I feel like I'm standin' on the edge of it all this time ♫

Thorpe has Hussain locked into a guillotine choke, Hussain flails around the ring desperately. All four limbs slowly start to lose life, and with no choice left, Hussain taps outs.



♫ You make me wanna screeeeeeeeeeeeeam ♫

Ringside, Murray applauds Thorpe’s hard earned victory. Thorpe, with his new Wildfire Championship in hand, walks over to the barricade that separates the two men, ear to ear grinning. Holding the championship high in the air, the two men stare at one another as officials quickly step between the two of them.

♫ It's not a joke, I've felt as messed up as you do ♫

A huge pyrotechnic explosion erupts and Cayle Murray steps out from the fog, gazing around the arena and running an extended finger pistol across the horizon. He’s soon on his way, but is  blindsided out of nowhere, Thorpe driving the Wildfire Championship into the back of his head.

♫ I've felt the feelings you've been feeling ♫

The reigning Champion makes no attempt to head for the ring and just stands there, raising the Wildfire Belt high above Murray’s head. Under a blanket of jeers, Thorpe lets an old familiar stretch across his Macklemore-ish features.

♫ Been through the same things you've been through ♫

Cayle and Abdul meet in the center of the ring, and resort to exchanging lefts and rights as the eighteen thousand plus soak in the slugfest. Left, right. Right, left. Cayle starts to get Abdul reeling, which leaves Abdul no choice but to put his boot onto Cayle’s kneecap.

♫ And I know how hard it is to feel like you're all alone ♫

On the outside of the ring, both Colt and Ron have gotten to their feet, but Ron has his back to Colt. That is enough as an opportunity as he needs, lunging forward and throwing his near two hundred and thirty pound frame into Hall’s back, launching him face and shoulder first into the steel steps.

♫ We've all been given a second chance ♫

Abdul runs towards the turnbuckle to try and knock Cayle off, but he leaps overtop the sprinting AbH, landing on the canvas. Abdul turns around, and is met with a boot to the stomach. Locking him in a facelock, Cayle quickly hooks an arm, and hoists him up…


♫ But the choice is all our own ♫

Cayle has Abdul pinned and beaten, but before the referee’s hand can slap the mat for the third time, he is yanked out of the ring by Eric Dane. Cayle is in shock, staring at Eric. He’s pulling his hair, jaw dropped, and really doesn’t know what to do. Colt has slid into the ring, and as Abdul slowly tries to get up…



Colt has Abdul downed, going for the pin attempt. After being tripped up by Dane, Cayle tries to scramble towards Colt, but is milliseconds late in breaking up the pin attempt. Colt rolls out of the ring, quickly leaving Cayle behind.

♫ When the pressure breaks me, when it's too hard to see ♫

Colt introduces the bronzed center plate of his Wildfire Championship to Bobby Dean’s face, creating a sickening sound of impact that collapses Bobby to the canvas. Colt rolls over, and climbs ontop of Bobby, not even attempting to lift one of his tree trunk legs. The referee having finally composed himself, turns around and makes a slow three count.

♫ When I feel like I'm at the end of my rope one more time ♫

Colt stands above Bobby, who isn’t moving. As the smile spreads across his face, Colt raises his arms in the air, bringing the steel chair to it’s highest possible point. Just when it looks like Colt is about to slam down, Cayle Murray comes flying out to the ring like a bat out of hell. Colt, wanting no part of the Scot, high tails it.


Seated on the metal grating of the entrance ramp, Colt stares at the incensed Cayle pacing in the ring.

Murray: No more games, Colt! No more smoke and mirrors! At International Affair, I’m pulling this thorn out of my side once and for all!

Colt throws a temper tantrum as soon as the words exit Cayle’s mouth, stomping around the steel stage, screaming indecipherable words, most assuredly obscenities.

♫ When the fire burns me, when it's hard to break free ♫

The sound of a steel chair hitting a Scottish back reverberates down the long, echoey corridor and brings Cayle to his knees. The second shot levels him. Startled by the UTA Wildfire Champion’s sudden assault, the techy breaks eye contact and flees down the corridor as fast as his legs will carry him.

♫ When I feel like I'm standin' on the edge of it all this time ♫

Now alone with his adversary (and with the Wildfire belt strapped around his waist), Colt grins from ear-to-ear. He unfolds the now-dented chair beside the fallen Cayle, before sitting down, taking a looming perch over his imminent challenger. Cayle with the resilience of a true hero, refuses to stay down underneath Thorpe.

♫ Standin' on the edge of it all this time ♫

Thorpe: STAY DOWN!

Again standing, wielding the dented steel chair, Thorpe drives the edge down with vicious force into Cayle’s ribs. Then a second time. A third. Then two more times for good measure.

♫ Standin' on the edge of it all this time ♫

The scene fades to black, the instrumentals to the song fading out to Thorpe’s voice.

Thorpe V/O: This here Cayle...this will be NOTHING in comparison to what I do to you at International Affairs. So you need to ask yourself, is this journey of retribution really worth it?