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During the Victory XL broadcast which was live in Paris, France at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, there was a moment when the cameras spotted former UTA Manager of the Year, Jed Dye. He wasn't backstage though, he was amongst the Paris crowd in attendance for the show. Not a common place for someone with backstage ties such as Dye.

There must've been some kind of mistake, or one would think, given the tweet Dye sent earlier that night.


@WrestleUTA You've got to be kidding me?! What is this nonsense?!!!

— Jed Dye (@TheRealJedDye) October 26, 2015


We may have an explanation after receiving anonymous cell phone video footage.


Fans held back behind security guard rails near the talent entry into the arena. Fans have cameras ready, UTA Shop t-shirts on, random poster signs such as "Perfection aime les garçons" and "Amy Harrison peut faire face à asseoir moi à tout moment" are held up.

Into view walks Jed Dye as he approaches the security guard in front of the door. It looks as if Jed says something to the guard and the guard looks down at a clipboard. The guard shakes his head 'no'. Jed says something again, the guard looks down again and shakes his head 'no' and points back as if to tell Dye to leave.

At this point Dye stomps his foot and looks to be yelling at the guard while he's pointing back at the door. The guard turns and opens the door a crack, says something into the opening. Next thing you see is UTA road agent, Seth Payne, walk out of the arena door.

Dye looks to be throwing a temper tantrum and yelling towards Payne. Payne yells back, points to the clipboard, yells back, and looks as if he begins to laugh.

Dye looks irritate and reaches out and smacks the clipboard to the crowd and motions as if to tell Payne and the guard to kiss his butt. This looks to infuriate the security guard and Payne. They both grab Jed by the arms and shoulders picking him up and carrying him away as he looks to be kicking and screaming and still throwing a tantrum.


Which Dye seems to attempt to explain the meltdown through more tweets...


@WrestleUTA security wouldn't let me in with backstage access!!! Said I don't work for any talent there, so I have no reason to be there!!!

— Jed Dye (@TheRealJedDye) October 27, 2015


Now I'm not allowed on site until further notice because the guy dropped his STUPID clipboard!!! What is this nonsense!!!

— Jed Dye (@TheRealJedDye) October 27, 2015


Looks like Jed Dye will have to not only someone try to find his own way in but he'll have security on his tail as well. Have we seen the last of Jed Dye? We'll see.