FWO: RTCS HOUSE SHOW - 03/12/1999

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The fWo opened LIVE from Grand Rapids, Michigan as fireworks exploded to introduce the very first show in the Road To CyberSlam road tour. Rock and Roll band White Snake performed the national anthem, but as they finished their set Fallen and Joy came out to confront the band. Joy demanded that they play some happier music, and when White Snake blew them off, Fallen and Joy demolished the band, finally finishing matters by smashing the drum set over the head of the lead singer. Fallen then flipped off the crowd, as Fallen and Joy made their way to the ring to lead off the night. As they went to the ring Chris Finn noticed on the monitors that the Dark Riders had arrived, and Scott Taylor led them into the ring...

Darkness vs. Fallen


With Fallen in the ring looking sullen, Joy worked the microphone, telling the crowd that is was "happy time or else", and that Fallen was finally going to finish off the dark, while later that evening he would teach goomy Violet a lesson in joy. At that moment the lights went out, and the pale light of Darkness shone from the rafters. Darkness strode confidantly down to the ring. Fallen and Joy cowered in the corner as Darkness entered the ring, staring down the two men. Suddenly, Darkness was attacked from behind by the Speed Demon, who weilded a bowling ball. Darkness reeled from this attack, and Fallen grabbed the opportunity by repeatedly kicking the downed Darkness. Fallen then tossed Darkness into the ropes, but his clothesline failed to budge Darkness. Grinning down at Fallen as he attempted more strikes, Darkness finally delivered a standing kick to the back of Fallen, and grabbed his neck. Darkness rasied Fallen up in a chokeslam, and then delivered a devistating slam to the canvas. As Fallen lay prone, Darkness placed a single foot on the beaten man for the cover. The ref declaired Darkness the winner, and in return Darkness picked up the ref and tossed him into the audence. Darkness continued his rampage outside the ring as Joy ran for the safety of the backstage area. fWo security arrived to restrain Darkness, but Darkness swatted them aside, finally standing eye to eye with David Willis. Willis instructed Darkness to the back, and Darkness seemed to submit. As Willis turned around to survey the damage, Darkness stuck from behind, piledriving Willis into the steel. His damage done, Darkness strode without confrontation to the backstage area.

Result: Darkness by Pinfall

Ground Zero (c) vs. Elementals vs. French Foundation vs. Dreamers

French Foundation

The Elementals came to the ring, with Fyre looking carefully up into the rafters. They came to the ring with a warmer crowd reception than usual, and Fathom gestured to her waist as a symbol of her upcoming title match against Brandi. Out next came the French Foundation, with Mitch Wilson looking solid, and Primetime looking sullen and angry. Primetime rubbed his shoulder and muttered about the masked purple man. Next came the New Dreamers, with Prophet and Soothsayer coming solidly to the ring. As they entered the ring Prophet spit on Mitch, and the two began an impromptu brawl. Ground Zero, the tag champions, came at a run to the ring, and at once went after the wrestlers inside the ring. As the ref attempted to seperate the wrestlers into their corners, Wolf Fang landed a hard chop of the head of Primetime, knocking him to the mat. Wolf Fang and Primetime started the match off, with these two long-time rivals going at it inside the ring. Primetime started to get the upperhand, and Wolf Fang brought him down to the mat with a hard drop toe hold. Primetime tagged in Fyre, and Wolf Fang began to laugh. Wolf Fang quickly took Fyre down to the mat and attempted to apply the Wolf Bite. Fyre rolled out of the ring before he could lock it on, and rolled for safety. Wolf Fang followed, and grabbed a steel chair to break over the back of Fyre. As he grabbed the chair, a low growl came from under the ring, and a wolf slowly crawled out, teeth bared. Wolf Fang ignored this, and swung with the chair, sending Fyre to her knees. After doing so the wolf leapt, and Wolf Fang and security struggled to get him off. Fyre rolled back into the ring, and the ref continued to count. Wolf Fang was finally counted out as he continued to struggle with the feral animal. From up in the rafters howls commenced, and Jackhammer and Wolf Fang strode angrily from the ring, determined on obtaining vengence. Inside the ring Soothsayer swung Fyre into the ropes, and delivered a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that sent her to the mat. He covered her quickly for the pinfall, leaving only the Dreamers and the French Foundation. Prophet was tagged in, and used power moves to take Mitch Wilson off his feet. Prophet attempted a cover, but Mitch quickly reversed the pinfall attempt for a three count. The French Foundation won the match, but Prophet and Soothsayer obtained chairs and quickly knocked the new champions to the outside. Security arrived and quickly seperated the two teams.

Result: French Foundation by Pinfall

Briana vs. Austin Davis

Austin Davis

Davis came to the ring to a chorus of boos, and carried a large sack. The crowd continued to yell and toss garbage at Davis, but sections grew silent when Davis approached them, or looked at them. Davis finally neared the ring, and lifted his bag into the air. Fans in the area screamed, and scurried away as Austin Davis flug the bag into the crowd... but it was revealed to be empty, and Davis laughed at the frightened children who had begun to cry. Briana came at a run down the entrance ramp, and began trading blows with Davis. They both entered the ring and the match offically began, with Davis swinging wildly and Briana ducking any punches she could. During this exchange, Chris Universal came out onto the entrance ramp to watch the match with interest. Davis spotted Universal and smirked, flipping him off with both hands. Briana used this moment to hit a running dropkick, but was unable to make the cover. An angry Davis caught a lucky uppercut which sent Briana sprawling, and singalled for a DDD. Dudley attempted to pick Briana up, but she was unable to stand, and slumped back to her knees. Davis looked around disgusted, but the ref singalled that the match would go on. Briana used the ref's distraction to punch Davis in the groin, and she quickly rolled him up for the pin. Davis slumped from the ring, and looked angrily up at Universal, who smirked and walked backstage.

Result: Briana by Pinfall

Joy vs. Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet

Joy came out to the ring first, flanked by Barney dolls and the Speed Demon. Joy announced that the following match was a Happytitle match, and under Happy rules. Joy told the Barney dolls that they should flank the ramp, and "escort" UV to the ring. Joy then added that if the big purple goofball didn't make it to the ring, well... so be it. Rage by Savantage played, but UV did not come out onto the entrance ramp. Instead UV and Violet came out from the crowd, and UV climbed easliy into the ring, after signing a few autographs of course. Ultra Violet climbed into the ring, but instead of attacking Joy, Ultra Violet simply smiled goofily. Joy asked Ultra Violet if he was upset, and Ultra Violet simply smiled, and pulled a lollypop from his tights. Joy's smile wavered, but only briefly, and then grabbed the lollypop away. Smiling, Joy asked Ultra Violet if he was upset NOW. Ultra Violet only continued smiling, and slowly pulled another lollypop from his tights. Ultra Violet raised his eyebrows as Joy's smile wavered again, and Ultra Violet asked Joy if HE was feeling happy. Joy mutted "of course", and began to insult Ultra Violet's intellegence. This seemed to confuse Ultra Violet, who continued to suck on his lollypop and looked at Violet for assistance. Seeing this glance pass between them, Joy's smile turned sinister. Joy snapped his fingers at the Speed Demon, who slowly advanced on Violet. Ultra Violet looked on with alarm as the Speed Demon approached, and gasped as the Speed Demon grabbed the shiny earrings and necklace from Violet, and tossed them into the crowd. Watching this and seeing Violet cry out, Ultra Violet's face turned ashen, and he turned on Joy. Joy asked again if Ultra Violet was happy. Ultra Violet responded "not yet", and delivered a closed fist punch to the face of Joy. The ref rang the bell as Joy slowly got to his knees with a bright purple shiner spreading on his left eye, and Ultra Violet smiled. Going outside of the ring, Ultra Violet put his arm around Violet, and the pair slowly walked backstage, singing a happy song.

Result: Joy by Happy

Shane Austin 3:16

Shane Austin 3:16

Suddenly, crashing glass was heard and loud rock music filled the arena. Fans looked around confused, as a man in black tights and a leather vest with "BMF" strode out onto the ramp. He was bald, and had a goatee, and made his way to the ring with a six pack of beer. He climbed onto the turnbuckle and raised his arms into the air, and fans recognized him as Shane Austin. Shane asked for the microphone, and looked around at the crowd. Shane shouted into the microphone, "Well lookie here. I've got this letter in the mail telling Austin that his ass has been fired from the Fan's Wrestling Organization. Well NUH UH, that sure as hell isn't how it's gonna be and you can take that to the damn bank! Now Austin has been in the fWo since damn near day one and you can bet your ass he's not leaving now! Austin is gonna sit back and drink him one of these Shanewisers, and if anyone has something to say to Shane Austin then he had better get a damn ambulance ready 'cause that's where he is gonna wind up... and that's the bottom line, 'cause Shane Cold says so!" As he finished his speech the breaking glass was heard again, and fWo security, along with the fWo psychiatrist, came to the ring to escort Shane backstage.

Wild Thing vs. Crucifix


Having not been seen for some time, Crucifix came to the ring amist strange lights and sounds. Crucifix stood in the ring and raised his arms to let the arena lights go back to normal, and waited. Wolf howls rose from the rafters, as Wild Thing slowly made his way out onto the entrance ramp. He was flanked on each side by a large grey wolf, and was silent as the trio strode to the ring. Wild Thing and Crucifix stared at each other inside the ring, neither wanting to make the first move. Finally, Crucifix lunged, and hit a superkick from nowhere. Wild Thing went down, and his eyes gleemed as he rose again to his feet. The wolves paced the ring as the Wild Thing sprang at Crucifix, and took him down to the mat. Holding his arm, Wild Thing made his way quickly to the turnbuckle and to the top rope, strode half-way across the ropes, and landed a flying shoulder block into Crucifix. Crucifix recovered and began hammering away with lefts and rights, but Wild Thing exectued a drop toe hold and held back the leg to put pressure on the knee. During this Fyre came out onto the entrance ramp and looked from afar, slowly rubbing the back of a stuffed wolf. Crucifix got back to his feet, but favored the leg, and Wild Thing began pacing the ring quickly, much like the wolves on the outside. Finally, Wild Thing ran at Crucifix with a running spear, and caught him by surprise. Crucifix went down, and Wild Thing pinned him for the victory. As he stood in the ring he spotted Fyre, but from behind her came Wolf Fang and Jackhammer, and the two shoved Fyre out of the way as Wolf Fang shouted up at the ring. Anger blazed in the eyes of the Wild Thing, and the two locked eyes.

Result: Wild Thing by Pinfall

Black Panther (c) vs. Chris Universal

Black Panther (c)Chris Universal

Chris Universal came to the ring first, and the fans loudly chanted the man's name, while Universal looked up at the giant fWo screen, and whispered "Megan, this one's for you." The Panther came to the ring, and after a brief moment the two shook hands, agreeing to a fair fight. The two locked inside the ring, and Chris Universal used an armdrag to take the champion off his feet. Universal followed this up with a sitting headlock, and worked in the hold. The Panther struggled to reach the ropes and finally made it, forcing Universal to break the hold. The Panther got to his feet and ducked a clothesline, coming back with a crossbody and tossing Universal into the corner. The Panther attempted a running spear, but Universal rolled out of the way and the Panther hit the turnbuckle, bounced off, and fell to the outside. Looking for saftey, the Panther rolled under the ring. Universal waited inside the ring, and when the ref got to a seven count went outside to break it. Universal reached under the ring, and drug out the Panther, and rolled him back into the ring. Universal went for a cover, but the Panther surprised him with a quick roll up. This only got a two count, and Universal kicked out hard. Universal ran to the turnbuckle, and jumped to the second rope, coming back off it with a splash. Universal attempted a cover but the Panther kicked out and attempted a DDT. Universal blocked it, and hit a jawbreaker. Universal then held the leg and made the cover, and got the three count. The ref awarded the match to Universal, and he held his first belt proudly. Just then, movement came from under the ring apron, and the Panther, bloody and beaten, crawled out from under it. Confused, Universal turned back to the Panther in the ring. Universal yanked the mask off the Panther inside the ring, and revealed Austin Davis, who grinned evilly. Davis hit Universal with a punch, and landed a DDD, sending Universal to the mat. Davis flipped off Universal and climbed from the ring, flipping off the Panther as he went. Seeing all of this, the ref awarded the belt back to the Panther, as Universal cursed inside of the ring...

Result: Black Panther by Reversal

Scotty Cool, Chris Kidman Jr., and Stone vs. Famine, Judge Steel, and Surgeon


Doomsday made their way to the ring, and an angry Stevie Roberts cursed the officals that led him to the cage he was forced to get into. Roberts shoved one of the refs into the crowd, and the ref struck a man in a bright green suit with a purple hat, causing him to spill his drink on himself. Rising from his chair, Samuel Smooth began to shout at Stevie, who shouted back at him. Not taking any of the white boy's lip, Samuel Smooth bitch slapped Stevie, who fell into the cage. As officals locked the cage and rose it up above the ring, officals escorted Samuel Smooth backstage, who insisted that his hos go with him. With Doomsday inside the ring, Chris Kidman came to the ring along with his misfits. Kidman stood outside the cage even though Doomsday urged him to enter, and Scotty Cool and Stone made their appearance on the entrance ramp. Cool and Stone met Kidman at ringside, and climbed into the ring together. As the cage lowered, the six wrestlers seemed to form to teams of three, looking at each other inside the ring. With a clang the cage finished lowering, and a brawl broke out. Stone attacked the Surgeon, taking him down to the mat and hammering away with fierce blows. Judge Steel jumped on Chris Kidman, who flipped him up and over, into the cage wall. Scotty Cool went after Famine with hard punches to the face, and began ramming Famine's face into the steel cage wall, causing it to bleed badly. Cool continued his assault, finally beating Famine into unconsciousness. Cool began to climb the side of the cage, but then looked back and spotted Stone being overtaken by Judge Steel, who had her neck between the ropes and was slowly choking her unconcious. Cool got to the top of the cage, and looking briefly up at Stevie, leapt from the top with a flying elbow which connected with Judge Steel's head. Steel went down, and the Surgeon attacked from behind, hitting Scotty Cool with a double axehandle which sent the bigger man down. Seeing the two under attack by the Surgeon, Chris Kidman went to save them... but then looked up at Stevie Roberts. Stevie spat down at Kidman, and Kidman began to climb the cage wall. The Surgeon noticed a second too late, and lunged, but to no avail. Kidman climbed over the top and fell to the floor, winning the match. High above the ring Stevie Roberts screamed, insisting that Kidman would never make it to No Escape. Cool meanwhile checked on Stone, and took out his frustration on the Surgeon, who was helpless against his attack.

Result: Chris Kidman Jr.

Scott Slugger (c) vs. Plague

Scott Slugger (c)

The lights dimmed, and in the distance screams were heard. As red light bathed the arena Plague wandered onto the ramp, accompanied by Scott Taylor and War. Taylor walked to the ring with Plague, then told the announcers that he was going to the back to get a big "surprise" for Scott Slugger. Centerfield played over the speakers, and Scott Slugger came out onto the entrance ramp, holding his trademark bat in one hand and the fWo World Title in the other. Slugger came down to the ring, and was met with a diving suicide plancha from Plague. Dazed, Scott Slugger was rolled into the ring roughly by War and Plague followed, continuing the assault. Meanwhile, cameras picked up Scott Taylor backstage, knocking on Ice's dressing room. Seeing the fWo camera on him, Scott Taylor shoved the man aside as the action returned to the ring. Scott Slugger was attempting to mount an offense, and met a running charge by Plague with a elbow to the jaw. Scott Slugger went to the second rope and landed a quick dropkick, sending Plague to the mat. Slugger attempted a cover, but Plague easily kicked out and gouged the eyes of Scott Slugger. With Slugger blind Plague shoved him from the ring, and then began to distract the ref while War picked up Scott Slugger and ran him into the steel steps. War continued to maul Scott Slugger outside the ring, and finally rolled him back in. Plague covered Slugger, who kicked out just before the arm fell for the third time. Plague began to scream at this, and ripped at his own hair, and clawed at his face until long bloody scratches appeared. Plague then choked Scott Slugger between the rope and the edge of the ring, and the ref warned Plague to release the hold. Plague responded by punching the ref, and bitting him. Crawling away and holding his face the ref called for the DQ, as Plague continued to choke out Scott Slugger. With Slugger helpless the crowd gasped as a smiling Ice slowly walked out onto the entrance ramp. Ice made his way to ringside, and War smiled at him. Fans gasped as they suspected that Ice was the large masked leader of the Dark Riders, but then Ice kicked War and delivered a DDT. Ice then entered the ring and pulled Plague off Scott Slugger, and tossed Plague from the ring. Ice then pointed at the Dark Riders yelling that he still had a score to settle with them. Scott Slugger slowly got to his feet and held his neck as he looked suspiciously at Ice, and the cameras went off the air...

Result: Scott Slugger by DQ