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The fWo broadcast LIVE from Bakersfield, CA for the fWo presentation of Wednesday Warfare. Clips were shown of the altercation between the Dark Riders and Ice, and the resulting change in the main event on Road To CyberSlam I. A limo was shown arriving backstage, and War, Plague, and Scott Taylor emerged. Spotting the camera, War shoved the cameraman to the ground as a large dark man stepped out of the limo behind them. Fans were reminded that in under two weeks the fWo would celebrate the six month aniversary of Death being retired from the fWo...

Mad Trucker vs. Mitch Wilson

Mad TruckerMitch Wilson

The fans came to their feet as a loud "TOOOOOOOOT" was heard, and cheered the arrival of the Mad Trucker, who strolled out onto the entrance ramp with a giant, goofy smile. The Trucker entered the ring and took the microphone, asking the French Foundation to send out the nancy. Mitch Wilson came to the ring angry and disgusted with the situation, pointing at the Mad Trucker and gesturing to the crowd. He was accompanied by Primetime, who held a French Flag and sneered at the crowd. Undaunted by the crowd's boos, Wilson turned to the Trucker. The Mad Trucker was waiting for this however, and picked Wilson up and tossed him into the corner. Wilson climbed onto the second rope and delivered repeated blows to Wilson's head, with the crowd counting along. Rolling away at ten, the Trucker backed into the ropes for a hard running lariat, but Wilson ducked under and grounded the Trucker with a ankle trip. Wilson attempted an inverted bow and arrow submission hold, but was unable to lock it on the large man. Wilson executed a series of quick strikes, and went to the top rope for a flying elbow, but the Trucker got a boot up, and caught Wilson in the face. The Trucker went to the ropes again, but his leg was caught by Primetime. As Primetime prepared to attack the Trucker on the apron, a strange masked man emerged from under the ring and grabbed Primetime, and tossed him into the steel barrier. The damage done, the man in the purple mask ran to the backstage area. Meanwhile, inside the ring the Mad Trucker caught Wilson in a pumphandle slam, and took Wilson to the mat. Using his weight advantage, the Trucker rolled onto Wilson, and got the three count, and the pinfall victory. As the Mad Trucker celebrated, the Flying Frenchie came out from the crowd and broke a French flagpole over the Trucker's head. The Trucker went down, as the Frenchie and Wilson pummeled him further, until fWo security and Davis Willis pulled the Frenchie off, and sent them out of the arena.

Result: Mad Trucker by Pinfall

Scott Slugger Interview

Scott Slugger Interview

Scott Slugger arrived on the entrance ramp in a three-piece suit, and carried the fWo World Title over his shoulder. Slugger was met by Chris Finn, who talked to Slugger about his upcoming title match against Plague. Scott Slugger told the crowd that he was looking forward to paying Ice back for stabbing him in the back many months ago... but that he was out to finish the Dark Rider revolution before it got started. As Slugger spoke, the ring corners blazed with fire, and Plague appeared on the WarfareScreen laughing. Plague pointed to Scott Slugger, and wispered into the camera that people had been saying that he wasn't worthy of a title shot... but on Friday all of that would change. Plague then told Scott Slugger that he had another surprise in store for him... and that his life would change before the night was over...

Dreamers vs. Elementals

The Elementals came to the ring looking more relaxed than usual. Fathom flirted with the crowd and teased removing her top, and Fyre waved to the fans while eying the rafters carefully. As she did so, wolf howls rose through the arena, and fans spotted Wild Thing sitting high above them looking down. The new Dreamers came to the ring, with the large Prophet leading the way and the mysterious masked Soothsayer walking behind. As the Dreamers entered the ring, Fathom at once attacked Prophet, but had little luck as the much larger Prophet quickly turned her attack into a suplex followed by a tombstone piledriver. Prophet covered her for a two count, but jerked Fathom's head up before three was counted. Prophet tagged in Soothsayer, while Fathom made it to her corner to tag in Fyre. Soothsayer ducked under a charging Fyre, and quickly spun around to deliver a quick clothesline. Soothsayer followed this up with a dropkick, which sent Fyre to the outside. Soothsayer followed, but as Soothsayer prepared to send Fyre into the steel steps Ground Zero arrived and attacked Soothsayer and Prophet. With Soothsayer on the receiving end of a blow to the head, Jackhammer rolled Soothsayer into the ring, and a weary and beaten Fyre covered him for the pinfall victory. Ground Zero then climbed into the ring to continue the assault, which eventually brought out the French Foundation as well, and all eight attacked each other inside the ring.

Result: Elementals by Pinfall

Black Panther (c) vs. Plague

Black Panther (c)

The lights dimmed out as low screams filled the air. Plague slowly crawled out of the backstage area on the entrance ramp, giggling uncontrollably and clawing at his own face. Plague sneered and growled at the fans, and from high in the rafters low howls were again heard. Plague momentarily seemed disturbed by this, and rubbed a scar on his chest. The Black Panther came out to the ring looking worried, and limping slightly from his match on Slaughter. The Panther looked for the other Dark Riders, but Plague ran out onto the entrance ramp and pounced on the Black Panther, driving his head into the steel. Plague rolled the Panther into the ring, and it was obvious that he was bleeding under his mask. Still dazed, the Panther lay still as Plague climbed to the top rope and dove onto the prone body of the Panther. Instead of covering the Panther, Plague drug him to the corner of the ring, and applied a figure four on the Panther on the outside of the ring, with the Panther's legs wrapped around the turnbuckle. The ref warned Plague to release the hold, but Plague simply laughed and repeatedly slammed his own head into the concrete, bleeding all over the arena floor. Finally forced to release the hold by fWo security, Plague stuck David Willis in the face, and was restrained by handcuffs, and drug away. Plague stopped laughing for a moment, and whispered "That was a warning Slugger... Friday your belt, your life, and your sould will be ours... revenge is sweet... oh, so sweet..."

Result: Black Panther by DQ

Stump vs. Rod

The crowd erupted as Stump, along with the Black Quicksilver, who carried it, came to the ring. Stump was raised high to the crowd, but the Black Quicksilver looked distracted, and slightly annoyed. The pair entered the ring, and Stump got ready for it's match. Machina came out from the backstage area in a three-piece suit, and held Rod up in the air, which appeared to be wearing a smaller, tiny three-piece suit. As they entered the ring, Machina grabbed the microphone, and announced that the real reason they were here was to thank everyone for their efforts into their political campaign, and that their efforts were rewarded with success. Machina announced that in recent Gallup polls the Machina/Rod ticket had made its way into the top fifty possible candidates. Machina urged the crowd to stay on the campaign trail, and to hit voters with their platform until 2000. Machina urged the fans to ignore the "ramblings of a crazy purple man" who will no doubt be deported to Russia when Machina became president. Finally growing tired of this rant, Stump, aided by the Black Quicksilver, struck from behind, knocking Machina and the Rod to the mat. The Black Quicksilver used Stump to cover Rod, but after only a two count Machina grabbed the Rod and exited the ring, telling the Black Quicksilver that it was unseemly to be in such a contest. Machina walked from the ring and into the backstage area as the fans chanted "Bullshit" at the departing duo. Inside the ring, the Black Quicksilver and Stump argued...

Result: Stump by No Contest

Scott Slugger (c) vs. Stevie Roberts

Scott Slugger (c)

The music of Doomsday played, and Stevie Roberts sauntered out to the ring, kissing female fans and wildly pointing to his crotch. Stevie Roberts climbed into the ring and grabbed the microphone. Roberts pointed up to the rafters, and then clearified what he was doing by saying, "Listen you freaks out there... the shagmaster of the fWo is speaking, so shut the hell up and listen in! Up there, up where the freaky wolf boys hang out, is where the fWo and their lying, cheating, scumbag owner is going to put the shagmaster this Friday... but hear this fWo, and hear it well! If you think for one shagging moment that Stevie is going to stand by and watch the old man, his bitch, or the little pup win a match... well, you've got another shag coming. Stevie has a plan, and now Stevie is fixing to take home one... World... title. So bring down baseball boy, and let's get it the hell on!" Scott Slugger marched to the ring with the title, and at once climbed into the ring, and began to batter Roberts in the corner of the ring. Scott Slugger tossed Roberts from corner to corner, and continued his attack, brutally knocking Stevie to his feet. As Slugger took a moment to catch his breath, Roberts hit a running tackle and rolled up Slugger for a pin, but could only get a two count. As the ref checked the ropes, Roberts pulled a small hammer from his tights and nailed Scott Slugger with it, sending him to the mat. Roberts then climbed to the top rope to hit a big splash, and finish Slugger off. As Roberts got to the top rope however, Ice appeared on the top of the entrance ramp. As the announcers speculated that they had not seen Ice arriving at the arena, the Dark Riders exited the backstage area from behind Ice, and ran down the entrance ramp. War grabbed the leg of Stevie, and pulled him from the ring. War repeatedly slammed Stevie into the metal entrance ramp as the ref called for the bell and the DQ victory. As Stevie was assualted by the Dark Riders, Scott Slugger looked up the ramp at Ice, and the two locked eyes. As the cameras went off the air, only the braying laughter of Plague was heard, and Ice's face slowly faded to black...

Result: Stevie Roberts by DQ