Posted by Rumor Man Stan

The latest updates on UTA superstars after a particularly hard hitting Wrestleshow...

During the Dublin Wrestleshow, Chris Hopper was attacked before his match against Quinlan by Dynasty's Kendrix. Aside from the gash above this left eye [closed with eight stitches], Chris showed no signs of head trauma. Certainly good news as the legend inches closer to his showdown wih the man that tried to lay him out, Kendrix.


Also in that match, it appeared that Quinlan was injured attempting a Vaulting Plancha as Hopper sidestepped the attack, leaving him to collide with the announce table. Noticiably favouring his leg for the rest of the match, he refused medical assistance at the arena and was helped to the back.


Sources tell me it is being diagnosed as a left PCL strain. We will learn more as we approach the International Affairs show.