220: HOUSE SHOW 2 - 2/14/2014

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Omega St Valentines Day Massacre House Show Report

by “Captain” Rose Morgan


Preliminary Card Results Quick and Dirty


I would like to point out that normally we have several video cameras set up to record and post the matches online, however due to technical issues, we only gained the final two bouts


Classy Ladies In Tights defeated Team Super Hardcore Anime


Opening bout saw the female members of the Omega Academy in action against one another, the CLIT consisting of Mjoll Larsson and Angel Black took on Kasumi and Miyuki of the most animated team that came to Omega. The speed of TSHA kept them in the bout and kept the power of Mjoll and Angel’s technical skill and off balance until Mjoll about decapitated Kasumi with a big forearm shot when the speedster went to the air. The CLIT took advantage and dragged Kasumi into their corner and kept her isolated for a good five minutes, using powerful slams and weardowns to keep Kasumi grounded. Hubris took over though as Kasumi managed to catch her Powerboot shining wizard on Mjoll when she started mocking and tag Miyuki into the contest, almost stealing the match with a elbow to the back of Angel Black’s skull and a swift rollup, Mjoll saving the match with a Superman punch that put Miyuki out for the count and allowed the CLIT to hit their finisher, The Penetrator, an Electric Chair Drop into a Lungblower on a still very beaten Kasumi


Archangel defeated Ross Saunders


Ross Saunders came to the ring, talking trash about how no one in Omega showed him any respect since he survived the European and American leg of the Omega Gauntlet and issued an open challenge. The returning Archangel who’s US run since he won the Gauntlet hasn’t been up to scratch was in no mood for words. The match lasted one kick as Archangel came out, hit the spinning hook kick he calls the Angelblade and pinned Saunders without a word.


Lightning defeated Frostbite, El Fantasma and Grimm (four way dance)


In a match where the USA, Canada, Mexico and Tobago were all represented, men and women collided in a bout that saw a major contrast of style, and the ironically named Grimm take a beatdown from the American girl next door and high flying Lightning, Canadian technician Frostbite and the luchador Fantasma in an attempt to remove the power of the chilled back and generally friendly Tobagan, forcing him to power back against the short lived alliance, Frostbite hitting Fantasma with an elbow and leaving Lightning to deal with Grimm and forcing her to survive the powerhouse.


The first elimination came from Frostbite, who took advantage of a Lightning hurricanrana to nail Grimm with an elbow drop from the top rope and saw all three try and pin Grimm in an effort to keep him down. It worked but no one knows who actually got the pin in the confusion. Whilst Frostbite argued with the referee to demand to be named the winner of the fall, he found himself pinned by a double rollup from Fantasma and Lightning to be eliminated second. What followed was a display of high flying skills as the remaining two exchanged holds and spins like they were going out of fashion. The crowd called it awesome, and it was indeed, with Lightning eventually catching Fantasma with a Tornado DDT and then a 450 splash to win the contest. Afterwards, in a show of sportsmanship, the two shared a hug and then posed for the crowd.

Luke Knux vs Mystery Opponent


With working cameras focused on the ring and the crowd now alive after the previous match, Omega’s MC Jaws hit the ring, mic in hand.


Jaws: Ladies and gentlemen, the next bout is a single fall with no time limit. Introducing first..


“Anyone” By Beautiful Creatures hits and the lights go down. Smoke begins filling the stage as we hear the opening of the song. A few riffs of a guitar, then when the drums hit and lyrics kick in louder, Luke Knux comes out from the back in his usual attire. A cigarette hangs from his lips as he continues playing the song. He then stops and hands the guitar off to a stagehand and raises the metal horns. He puts them down and begins down the ramp.


Jaws:”Hailing from Castle Knux in Kent, Washington, weighing in at 190 pounds, he is the Suicidal Scumbag, LUKE KNNNNNUUXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Luke is now at the end of the ramp as he stops to look around the arena. Knux takes the last hit of the cigarette and then tosses it on the ground and stomps it out. He runs and slides into the ring before hopping up to his feet and leaning over the ropes. He points to his head, fingers like a gun, and fires. He walks backwards and spins around before handing off his entrance gear. He then leans against the corner and waits for the match to begin.


“Captain” Morgan: Bout time they got me a mic, shouldn’t expect cameras to work around anywhere with the Donovan family running things…


After a few moments pause, Nemhain’s “Dirty Weekend” began to play and Katana strolled out, mic in hand as Jaw’s left the ring


Katana: Now Knux, I know you made a request for a warmup match, saying you’ll fight anyone and that we’d pick someone for you, however, your opponent for this evening was rather insistent he get the match… So from the Severn Valley… weighing three hundred and fifty pounds… This… Is… HARBINGER!!


And out he strolled, adjusting the mask that hid his face he walked down the ramp to the ring, staring at Knux who focused on Harbinger with a stare of his own, then before he could climb the apron, Knux surged forward and dove over the ropes with a stiff elbow strike.


“Captain” Morgan: And Knux isn’t going to back down and wonder what might come his way, he’s fighting and on his terms!


Harbinger fell back as the smaller Knux began stomping at the giants leg to take him down to a knee, hitting a snap DDT on the floor.With Harbinger down and regrouping, Knux began searching under the ring and pulled out a trashcan filled with weapons.


“Captain” Morgan: Really? Why do folks leave that shit under the ring? Almost as though they want it to resort to cheap tactics by smashing each other with weapons!


Knux removed a nightstick from the trashcan then launched it into the ring, Harbinger was back on his feet as Knux hit him down in the leg with the weapon, Harbinger surged forward, leaning on the ring apron as Knux worked his leg with the nightstick.


“Captain” Morgan: Can’t fault the gameplan here, keep the big man off vertical to remove his power.


Knux sized up a blow to the head, Harbinger instinctively ducked  as the nightstick bounced off the corner post, before Harbinger grabbed Knux and launched him into the post headfirst. Knux hit the floor as Harbinger strode over, picking up the smaller Knux, lifting him over his head and dropping him onto the guardrail.


“Captain” Morgan: And the game changes again.


With Knux on the rail, Harbinger lifted him up again into the military press and slammed him over the top rope into the ring, Harbinger followed as he clambered onto the apron and over the top rope, stalking Knux with slow, methodical stomps. The giant then picked up the trashcan and began pummeling away on Knox, denting the can with each strike.


“Captain” Morgan: And the big man tell Knux that he fucked… for a mute giant swinging a weapon, not that impressive


Harbinger dropped the can and came down hard with the Big Splash.


“Captain” Morgan: Cover… 1…2… and Knux with the kickout.


Harbinger stood, looking over the weapons, eyes off Knux who rolled to his knees and picked up a chain, wrapping it around his hand and then struck with the chain aided low blow


“Captain” Morgan: And there go Harbinger’s evening plans! And about 3 million potential children!


Knux didn’t hold back, Harbinger was doubled over but still standing, prompting Knux to strike again dropping the giant to his knees. Pulling himself to his feet, Knux walked around and decked Harbinger in the face, almost instantly blood seeped through Harbinger’s mask


“Captain” Morgan: And a broken nose, Knux might be outsized and powered, but he’s not backing down! Not at all!


Seeing blood, Knux discarded the chain and picked up the trashcan, placing it under Harbinger before slipping onto the apron. He vaulted the top rope and doublestomped Harbinger’s head into the trashcan


“Captain” Morgan: Suicide Stomp!


Harbinger wasn’t moving, Knux rolled him over and covered


“Captain” Morgan: …1…2…3! This one is over!


Jaws: And the winner of this contest by pinfall… LUKE…KNNNNNUUXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Video 2: Grinder vs DefTek


The ring was cleared, Omega MC Jaws made his way to the ring.


Jaws: And now, it’s time for the main event of the evening, the first of a Best of three match series!, staring into


GWAR’s “Carry on my wayward son” hit first, and Grinder made his way out from the back to a chorus of boos, donning the mask of the Nightmare before entering the ring


“Captain” Morgan: Grinder, normally has a good reception in Second 2 None, but he’s in JXD’s house and every fucker here is the Definition of Sycophantic!


GWAR quickly faded into Skillet, JXD strode out staring at the ring, keeping his eyes on Grinder as he made his way to the ring, vaulting into the ring as he kept his stare on Grinder. The bell rang 3 times as Jaws began speaking


Jaws: From Hokodate-Shi, Hokkaido Japan…weighing in at 220lbs… This…Is…GRRRRRRRRRINDERRRRRR!


The crowd booed as Grinder posed, a few people cheered but they went quiet as Jaws spoke again


Jaws: And his opponent, from Derby England and now residing in Orlando, Florida, weighing in at 250lbs … The Definition… of Technician… JAAAAY… EXXXXXX… DEEEEEEEEE!


And they went ballistic with their cheers. The referee called for the bell as Jaws exited the ring, Grinder stepped forward as did JXD, both staring the other down.


“Captain” Morgan: Neither wants to back down.


They stared a while long, JXD reaching out as both went into the collar and elbow tieup. Both working before JXD transitioned into a headlock. Grinder pushed JXD off into the ropes, DefTek rebounded and Grinder caught him with an armdrag, JXD rolled back to his feet and hit an armdrag of his own, Grinder rolled up and met JXD in a standoff. The crowd cheering loudly


“Captain” Morgan: And we’re back to square one. This is going to be a clinic.


Another collar and elbow, this time Grinder took control and slipped behind DefTek, going for a German Suplex. DefTek blocked the attempt, broke Grinder’s grip and hit a snapmare into a chinlock. Grinder pulled himself up and Snapmared JXD in turn. JXD pulled himself up and went for another snapmare, though he followed with a Spinal Tap. He went for a second as Grinder ducked instinctively, catching JXD with a rollup.


“Captain” Morgan: 1..2… DefTek kicks out!


As DefTek got to his feet, Grinder charged him into the corner and chopped JXD across the chest. DefTek simply stared at Grinder a moment then gazed down at his chest.


“Captain” Morgan: This is going to hurt…


Grinder raised a finger to his lip, and the crowd said it with him.




The second chop hit, JXD wasn’t particuarly phased by the strike as Grinder hit a third, JXD no sold it which caused Grinder to tilt his head in confusion. He went for the forth, only for JXD to block and hit him with a stiffer chop that echoed like a gunshot. Switching Grinder into the corner, JXD began chopping away at Grinder.


“Captain” Morgan: I said it would hurt! Just never said who but it’s NEVER DefTek.


JXD stopped with the chops, shaking out his hand before he dragged Grinder to the center of the ringropes, whipping him across the ring. DefTek turned side on as he hit the British back bodydrop and with a sudden surge of athleticism, hit a Shooting Star Splash!


“Captain” Morgan: …1…2… Grinder gets the shoulder up!


DefTek pulled Grinder up into sitting position, landing a few clubbing strikes to the head, Grinder turned and lashed out with a lowblow, dropping JXD before he rolled to the outside, regaining his bearings.


“Captain” Morgan: And I never understand why they insist on hardcore all the time! There’s been a lot of blatant ballshots this evening and the referee handwaves it!


Grinder lifted up the apron and pulled out a couple of chairs, checking them both before shrugging and sliding them into the ring, JXD pulled himself to his feet and as Grinder slipped in the ring, he struck JXD in the groin with the edge of the chair. As DefTek fell to the mat, he lashed out and caught Grinder with a flicked boot, dropping him as well.


“Captain” Morgan: These two could be here for a while… Someone grab me a drink!


Both got up slowly, grabbing a chair as they stood, turning to face one another they swung, chairs bouncing off from the shots, both throwing their chairs at the other before DefTek charged forward, using his size and strength advantage to throw Grinder to the outside into the rail. JXD ran the ropes, stopping short as Grinder moved to the corner post, grabbing a breather.


“Captain” Morgan: And Grinder obviously watched some of the Rox and DefTek match, he moved out of harms way.


JXD charged to the corner opposite, gathering a head of steam as he went for a plancha, clearing the turnbuckle and corner post and crashing onto Grinder, both men laid out on the outside of the ring, DefTek sitting up with a sadistic grin on his face as he used the ring to pull himself up, taking a hold of Grinder by the head, pulling him up and throwing him into the crowd, following in pursuit as DefTek began throwing a number of forearms.


“Captain” Morgan: Someone follow, we’re losing track here!


The crowd parted as Grinder regained some of his senses, grabbing a chair and launching it into JXD’s face, then with a head of steam clotheslined him back to ringside, Grinder following with a second chair and drove the edge into JXD’s arm then began laying down the chair chairshots, JXD covered his head as best he could as Grinder nailed him in the kidneys.


“Captain” Morgan: Doesn’t matter how big and strong you are, a chairshot like that will drop anyone.


Grinder rolled DefTek into the ring and went for the pin.


“Captain” Morgan: …1…2… And DefTek gets a foot on the ropes!


Seeing the foot, Grinder pulled it off and went for a second pin, leg hooked.


“Captain” Morgan: ..1…2… Hand on the ropes!


Seeing the hand, Grinder pulled it off, and kept the pin


“Captain” Morgan: …1…2… DefTek kicks out.


JXD sat up, grabbing the ropes to haul himself up, turning around Grinder ran forward and latched on the flying armbar. JXD fought it initially, trying to keep himself vertical and his arm bent, Grinder using his weight to straighten the arm as he locked in the hold.


“Captain” Morgan: And Grinder has the hold in tight, JXD might have to tap in his own dojo right here!


DefTek began pulling himself, trying to find the ropes, Katana running out to ringside clutching a chair, sliding it to JXD who grabbed it with one hand and rammed the edge into Grinder’s floating ribs, breaking the hold, shaking out his arm, JXD rose to his feet, waving the chair ominously as he waited on Grinder then struck, buckling the seat of the chair on Grinder’s head.


“Captain” Morgan: Holy fuck!


Grinder was still on his feet, dazed but not out, JXD threw the chair down and hauled Grinder onto his shoulders and dropped him down head first onto the chair with the Death Valley Driver.


“Captain” Morgan: Retro DefTek! Nightmare Driver version 1!


JXD rolled over, barely hooking the leg


“Captain” Morgan: …1…2…3!


The bell rung as Hero played out once more, DefTek rolled into the corner, holding his arm as Katana slid into the ring, checking on her husband


Jaws: And the winner of the match by pinfall, JAAAAAAY…EXXX… DEEEEEEEE!


“Captain” Morgan: Well it took a technical masterclass and a lot of weapon attacks, and plenty of groin shots but this one is over at last. This is the first of three and DefTek is one and zero. Until we meet again, this is the Captain saying So Long from the Sunshine State…