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With the aftermath of PAIN still fresh in the minds of the fans, the fWo exploded into Tampa, Florida for Sunday Slaughter. Backstage cameras caught the arrival of Doomsday, who exited their limos looking furious. Doomsday entered the arena and headed toward the office of the commissoner as the show offically opened...

Joy (c) vs. Fallen


When Fallen's music was played, Joy came out onto the entrance ramp along with Fallen, and the two walked to the ring together. Joy and Fallen stepped into the ring, and Fallen took the microphone. Too upset to speak, Fallen handed the microphone to Joy, who beamed at the audence. Joy informed the crowd that there would be no match tonight, and that the Happyness Championship Belt would remain with him. Joy then held up the title, which was painted yellow with a large smiley face on the front of it. Joy informed the crowd that from now on, the title would only be defended "happy style", and if the crowd didn't like it they could kiss his happy ass. Joy warned Darkness to stay out of his happy mission, and told Darkness that if he had the "little Darknesses", he would face Fallen in a Texas Death match at the Road To CyberSlam tour. Joy then signalled for his happy balloons to fall from the rafters, but instead hundreds of purple balloons drifted to the ground. Suddenly, "Rage" by Savantage blared over the speakers, and Ultra Violet came out onto the entrance ramp. Ultra Violet looked into the ring, and asked Joy where his sucker was.

Result: No Contest

Ice Interview

Ice Interview

Backstage Matt Loco trapped Ice outside his locker room for a quick interview. Ice informed Matt Loco that he had been looking forward to wrestling Scott Slugger for some time... and proving that he was without a doubt the only member of talent ever to serve in the Punisher Squad. Ice then informed Matt Loco that come Friday there would be a new champion. As the interview continued, the locker room door behind Ice slowly swung open, and hands grabbed Ice from behind and jerked him inside the locker room. As the door slammed sounds of a fight broke out behind the door...

Black Panther (c) vs. Surgeon

Black Panther (c)

The Surgeon came to the ring without Doomsday, but with a gurney holding what appeared to be a covered corpse. The Surgeon leaned over as if to hear what the corpse was saying, and then began to snif and lick whatever what under the sheet. The Black Panther came to the ring to the cheers of the crowd, and at once started the match by leaping over the top rope from the ring apron, and hitting the Surgeon with a flying shoulder block. The Surgeon held his arm in the ring, and as the ref pulled the Black Panther back to inspect the damage, the Surgeon sucker punched the Panther in the face. The Surgeon followed this up with a crossbody suplex, and a quick cover. The proved unsuccessful, and the Surgeon attempted a head lock. He locked it in, but the Panther dropped to his knees turning the hold into a jawbreaker. Backing up from the attack, the Panther went to the ropes and landed a full body splash that sent the Surgeon to the mat. Locking the leg, the Panther got the three count and won the match. Looking into the camera, the Panther told the crowd that one was down... two to go.

Result: Black Panther by Pinfall

Austin Davis vs. VL

Austin Davis

Austin Davis stomped to the ring, once again arguing with the fWo security cheif, David Willis. Davis then spotted a fan in a Chris Universal shirt, and began screaming at him. Davis got into the ring and asked where the bitch was he was going to pound tonight. VL's music played, and a cart full of weapons was wheeled out onto the entrance ramp. However it was not VL behind the cart, but Briana. Briana was dressed as VL, and grabbed a shovel from the cart. Davis laughed at Briana, and turned his back on her to order the ref to ring the bell and declare him the winner. However, as the ref ruled in Davis' favor for the match Briana struck with the shovel, breaking it over the head of Austin Davis, who went down and out like a light.

Result: Austin Davis by No Contest

Ice Update

Ice Update

Cameras went to the back where medical personel had found Ice in his dressing room strung up with wire and chains to the celing. Ice was bleeding from the head, and unconcious. The walls were splattered with blood, presumably Ice's blood. Looking on with interest was Scott Slugger, who wondered aloud about the future of his match with Ice at The Road To CyberSlam tour.

Ground Zero (c) vs. Lone Gunmen

Lone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen came to the ring with the usual assortment of players, including Machina and Rod. Machina was prepping Rod for his match on Wednesday, and waved the Rod in the air for the crowd. Machina told the crowd that even though his career as a wrestler was over, he would be still in the public spotlight, serving the people in Washington. Ground Zero came to the ring, and Jackhammer stepped into the ring with Sid Snow. Jackhammer easily overpowered the smaller Sid, and tossed him from corner to corner. Sid managed to tag in Billy James, who looked up the ramp at Machina. Billy then laid down on the canvas, and allowed a confused Jackhammer to pin him. Happy with the easy victory, Ground Zero headed to the back. Meanwhile Machina got into the ring and began to verbally assualt Billy James, telling him that "winning Lone Gunmen style" was bad for his campaign, and from now on Lone Gunmen members needed to win "winner style".

Result: Ground Zero by Pinfall

Stevie Roberts vs. Cactus Jon

Cactus Jon

Stevie Roberts came to the ring with the rest of Doomsday, cursing and looking upset given the news of the main event match at Road To CyberSlam on Friday. Stevie took the microphone and told the crowd that there was no chance in hell that he would be getting into a steel cage, and that you can't cage the wild shagadelic power of Roberts. Cactus Jon ran to the ring before his entrance, and leapt on Stevie, battering away with hard rights and lefts. Jon was clearly still angry over the results of PAIN IV, and took out his agression on Stevie until Judge Steel yanked Jon out of the ring. Jon responded by whiping Steel into the steel steps, and continued his attack on Stevie. Stevie was prepared however, and used the disraction to pull a set of brass knuckles from his tights. Stevie attacked with the object, and knocked Jon in the head before tossing the object aside. Before Stevie could make the pin however, Scotty Cool and Stone appeared on the big Slaughter Screen. Stevie Roberts looked up at Cool, smirked, and told Doomsday to find them, and hurt them. As the ref watched Doomsday go, Chris Kidman snunk out from the crowd and used the brass knuckles Stevie had dropped to nail Stevie in the head. Kidman made a quick escape, and Jon rolled up an unconcious Stevie for the pinfall victory.

Result: Cactus Jon by Pinfall

Scott Slugger Interview

Scott Slugger Interview

Scott Slugger came onto the entrance ramp and faced the crowd. Chris Finn asked Scott Slugger what the status was of Ice, and their match on Friday. Slugger told Finn that he couldn't give a flying crap about how Ice was, but was told by doctors that Ice would be unable to compete on Friday for their match. Slugger then told the crowd that since he didn't have a match, he thought he ought to thank the person who had taken out Ice by giving them a world title shot. As Slugger said this, Plague attacked from behind shoving Scott Slugger off the entrance ramp and laughing maniacally as doctors rushed to his aid. In Plauge's hands he held an Ice t-shirt, and lit it on fire as the cameras went off the air...