220: IPPV 7 "ZEBU #7EBU" - 02/08/2014

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Standing in line to see the show tonight and…the crowd outside waiting for the doors of Mr. Small’s Funhouse to open were treated to a surprise. JXD opened the doors himself, no introduction, no waiting, he raised a bullhorn to his mouth.

JXD: Don’t worry, I’m not here to piss off anyone… no one in senior management anyway. But see, backstage the last few weeks and on the dirtsheets… I’ve heard some… shall we say… disturbing rumors.

He paused for a moment, palm on his free hand raised up as he glanced around the assembled crowd.

JXD: See, I’ve heard rumors of individuals in the back who have said that Second 2 None is boring. That Second 2 None is stale. Now, I’ve been hit in the head a lot…

The crowd outside starts a J-X-D chant.

JXD: And I’ve suffered a lot more concussions than is probably healthy for a twenty seven year old, ten year veteran in this business, but anyone in the back who… say, can’t be bothered to get off their arses and actually come out here and do something simple like talk some trash, plug a t-shirt, generate some atmosphere has no fucking right to bitch about. I mean, when was the last time you saw Libby Marcil come out here and punk someone out? Tommy Rowan? D-Dawg? Anyone who has not fought against or on the side of the boss?

He glanced around, exaggerating the movement, if there were names being shouted out, he either was ignoring them or couldn’t hear them.

JXD: See, it’s as I thought, it’s like anyone in the back thinks that if they want to talk or do something, they just get given a wad of paper, wank on it a few times, stick the pages together and expect someone else to do all the fucking work for them! No ones had the bollocks to call me out and challenge me to a fight or a verbal diatribe, and no one’s had the bollocks to call out the Champion in any other media apart from bitching about it on Twatter!

He smirked.

JXD: You know it’s true when I say that Megan Dela Vega has got a bigger dick than most of the male roster combined with cast iron boners. And you folks out there in internet PPV land know that when you stick her in the ring with me, you get  more than your money’s worth every single time, and you folks know that I’ll rise up to that challenge without hesitation because of respect.

He turned to the door and shouted this next bit back inside, towards the 220 Superstars who were waiting for the show to start. The smarks in the crowd could hear SURE THING by Lil  Wayne was playing inside. Everyone’s cue that there was less than two minutes and twenty second left until showtime.

JXD: So yeah, everyone in the back who thinks that this place is boring, I’ll make these simple steps verrrrrrrrry simple, incredibly condescending and possibly the most accurate depiction of what you fuckers are doing. Take this…

He raised his thumb up to the camera so it could be seen.

JXD: This next step’s important, pull it out of your ass, then take your bollocks out of your purses, put them, find a mic and a camera and PUT SOME MOTHERFUCKING EFFORT INTO THIS FUCKING PROMOTION! Rag on someone backstage, come out to the ring between bouts and talk some shit, just don’t fucking whine and bitch about this place being as stale as Italian bread after thirty minutes! Doing fuck all means you don’t have the fucking right to bitch about anything, you’re professional wrestlers, not actors. Fucking act like it, because I will tell you now, the Sommersby’s deserve better than you fuckers, and these fans especially so.

Those fans began their well known SECOND – TO – NONE chant. As they did, JXD raised the bullhorn again.

JXD: So if you all think you’re worthy of calling yourselves Second to None and you think you’re ready to put on a show worthy of our sick and fucking twisted fan base then there’s only one thing left to say.

He took a deep breath and screamed it.


With the crowd filing in and taking their seats, Libby Marcil was already waiting as Nemhain’s Dirty Weekend began blaring over speakers as Katana charged straight out to the ring.


Chloe Deville: Ladies and Gentlemen your bulletproof and better than advertised promoter Heath Sommersby welcomes you all to Mr. Small’s Funhouse in Pittsburgh for a night of Second to None Wrestling!!! Our first match tonight is for one fall! In the ring already…LIBBY MARCIL! And her opponent…KATANA DONOVAN!

Katana didn’t showboat, eyes focused on Libby as she slid under the rope and tackled her straight down with a spear, laying down a flurry of punches.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Neither KXD nor JXD wasting anytime tonight. JXD couldn’t wait to kick off the show, Katana can’t wait to get to work in the ring tonight. And here we go, what’s going on now?

Katana didn’t stay with the punches, she hauled Libby back to her feet, controlling the head and arm and dropping her with a vertical suplex, rolling over into a cover. The referee quickly slid into position to make the count.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…Libby with a kick-out!

Katana pulled Libby back to her feet, beginning to tag her with the shin kicks, the crowd counted out for each strike as Katana dug into the waist and the arm, sending Libby recoiling into the corner.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Marcil just landed hard in the corner. What’s KXD doing?

Katana ran to the opposite corner, then charged into Libby with a clothesline. Libby dropped to the floor as Katana ran the ropes and scraped her boot across Libby’s face, then began stomping away at Libby’s arm. Libby managed a quick surge, pushing Katana back, raising to her feet. Katana charged, Libby went for a clothesline, Katana ducked, using the arm to propel herself around in her lucha style DDT.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: SCREWDRIVER! IT MIGHT BE OVER!

Katana stood up, positioning Libby on her back with a sharp kick to the ribs, then ascended the turnbuckle, balancing on the top rope, leaping forward into the shooting star press and striking Libby with the elbow drop!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  Katana just had Libby beat with that Screwdriver. There’s no way that Marcil can survive that…Nuclear Winter. This one is over..

Katana rolled onto Libby, but instead of going for the pin like Perry assumed, she grabbed the arm and locked it in the Ude-Garami. The hold was locked in as Perry checked Libby, seeing she was in no position to tap, called for the bell.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Wait. What just happened? At first this looked to be a perfectly done Americana, or Figure Four Armlock to me… but there was no tap.

Perry then forced Katana to break the hold. As she made it to her feet, he raised her arm in victory.

Chloe Deville: And your winner…by referee stoppage…

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: What the fuck? That’s never happened before!

Chloe Deville: KATANA DONOVAN!!!


As her music plays again on the p.a. system, we see a video montage began playing some of 220’s most extreme hits and blows.

Chloe Deville: Some call these men and women the greatest of entertainers on the planet. They defy physical limitations. Taking great risks, so please, Do not try anything you seeeee aaaat hoooooome…

The voiceover work suddenly dragged out, Katana Donovan stepped in front of the montage that had now paused. The video faded out to a clip of the Omega Academy where JXD was chopping the hell out of a rookie in a British style ring.

Katana: Fuck. That. Bullshit. Why try what we do at home when you can pay some dollar and actually find out if you have what it takes to call yourselves Second 2 None. The Omega Academies based in Derby in the UK and Orlando Florida await…

The scene cuts to a much different kind of training facility. This looks like a small, old martial arts dojo which may or may not even be in America. Megan Dela Vega was demonstrating a Triangle Choke Hold onto Grinder in front of a seated class which circled them on a thin mat.

Megan Dela Vega: Or when you get serious about your training…try and find…PARTS UNKNOWN DOJO. Our results are…WWWORLD famous!

Again, the scene changes. Jason Richards and Heath Sommersby are in a wrestling ring and it is very, very easy to see that they are at the one and only Second to None Academy in Washington D.C. First, a student vaults over the top rope. From there Richards Irish Whips them into the ropes, when they bounce back to the center of the ring, Sommersby hits them with a high hip toss. They take the bump and roll out of the ring. As soon as they are out of the ring, another student vaults over the top rope and does the same thing.

Heath Sommersby: What’s up motherfuckers? No matter where you get your training…make sure that…YOU FIND US!

The Second to None logo hits the big screen as TATTOOED BRUISE by doubleDrive hits the speakers. Again, like always, Chloe does the voice over work.

Chloe Deville: When you absolutely, positively have to become a professional wrestler or become the very best professional wrestler that you can be…the Second to None Global Training Program! Accept no substitutions!!!


The music fades and on the big screen we can see Katana Donovan backstage. She is with the new backstage interviewer and 220 Magazine editor, Freya Davidson.

Freya DGAF Davidson: What’s up motherfuckers? Freya here with the vicious and victorious Katana Donovan. Katana, you and JXD are a huge addition to 220, how did you find us? Or was it by sheer chance?

Katana: It was by chance, there was a contact James had that told him of 220 when our most recent Omega graduate got contracted in the states.

Freya DGAF Davidson: Is there any one in 220 that you would love to square off with inside the ring?

Katana: If they can wrestle, I’ll face off against them. Male, female, transgendered, makes no odds to me because I know my skills and what I can do.

Freya DGAF Davidson: What do you like most about being a professional wrestler?

Katana: The travel, easily the best thing about it. We’ve been to places and worked shows that we’d normally never dream of going to. Finland in winter for one, but when you see the Aurora Borealis when you walk out of a show… well, we went back for our anniversary.

Freya DGAF Davidson: One final question and one that I like asking everyone. How do you feel about Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby running things around 220 and is Heath an easy guy to work for?

Katana: Hard to comment on Lucia as she is someone I hardly know. As for Heath Sommersby, time will tell after all the shit that he and James have done to one another over the last 9 years. Sometimes though, bygones have to be bygones and the atmosphere may be cool, but there’s respect there… maybe…

Freya DGAF Davidson: And that’s as real as it gets.

Back at ringside, the match bell sounds three times calling for everyone’s attention.


HERO by Skillet hit the speakers, DefTek strode straight out from the stage and the crowd went wild! Pausing before the crowd and raised an arm with a war cry!

Chloe Deville: This contest is for one fall! Introducing first, from Derby, England the definition of technician…JXD!!!

DefTek marched towards the ring, pausing for a moment, then knelt down, raised the apron and pulled out a table. Table in hand, he dragged it around away from the ramp. Playing The Saint begins to play as the lights darken and smaller lights begin to flash around the stage. We can see the silhouette of a man walk out onto the stage. Once the intro rift ends the lights fades up to see a smug and rough looking young man. He’s wearing a jet black leather jacket with ripped jeans. He smirks as he slowly pulls down his hood to reveal his piercing eyes. A very uneasy feeling washes through the arena as he begins to walk down towards the ramp.

Chloe Deville: From Seattle, Washington, Weighing in at 218 pounds, He is the self described “Saint of Hate” Isaac Rox!!!

Isaac Rox walks down the ramp his eyes staring holes through the crowd watching him. He shakes his head and rolls his eyes as he approaches the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. He lays there for a moment before getting to his feet and taking off his jacket. He walks over to the ropes and leans back against them as he sits on the middle rope just waiting and watching JXD climb back up onto the ring apron as Playing the Saint dies down.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: After losing the Better Than Advertised Championship two weeks ago in Cleveland, Isaac, this show, is pretty much on a mission of proving that regardless if he holds the title or not that he’s still a force. DefTek is also pissed about losing in Cleveland. It was his official 220 debut and that asshole Grinder ruined it…and the whole show actually! If I know JXD, he will try to embarrass Rox by picking apart all his submission holds, up to the point of offering limbs or his head and then escaping them to make him look daft, then demolishing him by going powerhouse for a change, he’ll also make use of highflying moves, being extremely agile for a heavyweight. JXD is a true intellectual assassin and a savvy ring veteran which makes him almost impossible to prepare for.

JXD motions Rox back so that he can enter the ring. As soon as DefTek is inside with both boots planted, our referee Perry Davidson steps back out of the way of the action and calls for the bell to officially kick off this match. Wasting no time at all, both men meet in the middle of the ring in a collar and elbow tie-up. Rox ducked under, and cinched in around JXD’s waist from behind, quickly nailing DefTek with a German Suplex. He moved towards JXD who was quickly back up to his feet. Again, JXD engaged in a collar and elbow tie-up. This time, JXD performed the exact same maneuver on Rox, a duck under into a release German Suplex.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: What is it? Octoberfest up in here? Somebody bring me a beer!

This time, JXD held one hand up high, offering Rox a test of strength. Rox accepted but as soon as their hands touched, Rox booted JXD in the gut. Rox then hit him with a Gutwrench Suplex and followed that up with a Diving Elbow Drop! He hooked a leg.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Rox with an early pin attempt…1…2…no way! Not this quick! Nice try though, maybe later.

Both men were up to their feet quickly. JXD whipped Rox across the ring, spinning round for a clothesline, Rox ducking underneath and bounced off the ropes, JXD threw a kick and caught Rox in the sternum.  JXD didn’t wait; he picked Rox up and held him above his head, charged towards the ropes and launched Rox onto the guard rail sternum first! DefTek then ran the ropes and hit a Suicidal Plancha over the top rope crashing onto Rox!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Brutal…brutal maneuver by a very light on his feet heavyweight! That one is sure to make the highlight reel!

JXD pulled Rox off of the guardrail and shoved him back into the ring, rolling in right behind him. DefTek grabbed Rox by the arm and dragged him over, slamming him to the mat and stomps away at the torso, forcing him from the ring. He dropped to the floor in pursuit, grabbing Rox in position for the Giant Swing. There was no space to complete the move, and DefTek just slammed Rox skull first into the barrier. He maintained the grip, and swung again!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Looks like JXD only moved the ac tion back inside of the ring to break up the referee’s count! Well he is back on his count and I for one do not want to see this match end in a disqualification!

With a grin on his face, JXD swung a third time, letting Rox know what was coming as he swung a fourth and final time. The crowd on the other side of the ring were now chanting OVER HERE! OVER HERE! And with a wider grin, DefTek kept his grip and began dragging Rox to the gallows, hitting another four giant swings into the barrier.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: And just in time, JXD rolls Rox back into the ring!

Instead of sliding back into the ring, JXD pulls the ring apron up and pulls a trash can out and the crowd goes wild. JXD goes to the steel steps at ringside and climbs up the back side of the ringpost still holding the trashcan. He holds it up high and not one ass is in one seat when he drops it down over his head. JXD leaps, going for his patented STUPIDSAULT. Rox rolled out of the way and as always…JXD botched this maneuver!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  SUICIDE NOTE!!! CAN ROX TAKE ADVANTAGE?!!?

Rox pulled the trashcan off of JXD’s head then slammed it down on his head again and again. Rox dropped the trashcan, crucifixed JXD’s arms, smiled for the camera and viciously curbstomped JXD down hard onto his own trashcan!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  And that’s what JXD gets for bringing it into the ring. And somebody owes me twenty bucks for another one! Believe that!

With JXD, laid out spread eagle in front of him, Rox could not resist. Rox tied up the feet then took the arms, still crucifixed and rocked back. With a Mexican Surfboard Stretch applied, Rox did his best to submit JXD, but his shoulders were pinned to the mat. When the ref slid into position to make the count, Rox had to release the hold at two or lose this match. When he let go of JXD, Rox held onto a wristlock. He pulled JXD to his feet and took him right back down hard with a short arm Lariat. Wasting no time, Rox locked JXD into a figure four leglock!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Rox is determined to make JXD tap out!

It looked like JXD would tap, but he was able to roll them over and reverse the pressure on his knee, onto the knee of Isaac Rox. Just then, NYMPHETAMINE by Cradle of Filth hit the speakers!!!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Why are we hearing JXD’s…old…music?

Grinder hit the gorilla position and began to make his way down the aisle to ringside carrying a fire extinguisher! When he got to the ringside area he began spraying it towards the ring. In a moment, no one could see the ring, or what was happening in it!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: DO NOT stop this match Perry! This WILL NOT end on a DQ!

When the powder from the fire extinguisher settled, Grinder was inside of the ring with JXD and Isaac Rox. The Ref could not see, he was rubbing at his eyes. Grinder lifted the fire extinguisher and swung it wildly at JXD who ducked it. JXD moved behind Grinder who turned and swung again laying Isaac Rox flat! As he did, JXD with a running start decapitated Grinder with his Running Yakuza Kick!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: FUSION HAMMER!!!

Seeing Rox was down and all but out, JXD hit him with a standing shoioting star press purely to show off his athleticism. The ref was able to see there was a pin and slid into position to make the three count.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  …1…2…3!!!

Hero hit the speakers once again and the ref tried to raise JXD’s arm in victory but he was too intent to lay the boots down onto the skull of Grinder.

Chloe Deville: And here is you winner…the definition of technician…JXD!!!

As his music played, Katana Donovan made her way out from the back holding a torch up high.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: JXD always was a man of his word! Get out of here Rox!

Katana doused the table JXD had set up before the match with lighter fluid and set it on fire! He lifted Grinder up for a Powerbomb, ran him to the ropes and launched the masked man from the ring through the burning table! The crowd lost it and demanded more!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  This does not look good for Isaac Rox!

Katana began setting up another table for Rox, but he had slid out of the ring, and was disappearing into the crowd as JXD turned towards him in the ring.


We cut backstage, where a red headed man, dressed in jeans and dark red shirt, is smoking a cigarette. He blows a cloud of smoke on the camera and then, with a slight smirk, he starts talking.

“My name is Dean J. Stark. The J… stands for Fucking.”

Another drag from the cigarette.

Dean Stark: “I am a star of …


Sommersby just happened to be in the area when the new guy started to drop the name of a rival promotion.

Heath Sommersby: Oh. Sorry about that bud. Go right ahead.

Sommersby made sure Stark was centered in front of a 220 banner before he left him to continue. Stark pulled hard on his smoke, slammed it down and grinded it out hard with the toe of his boot.

Dean Stark: As I was saying…I’m not actually here to wrestle tonight. I came here to see my mentor, Adam Stryker, amaze the crowd. I promised Adam that I would come by and support the man who took a nerdy kid from Dayton, Ohio and turned him into a—

Voice: Nerdy kid? You still look like that! You piece of shit.

The camera turns to see 220’s own Luke Knux standing with a grin across his face. he is dressed in his band jeans, a Civil Dispute T-Shirt, some old Converse All-Stars, and his top hat. He walks up to Dean and laughs.

Luke Knux: You look like you’re lost home boy.

Dean Stark: Who are you again?

Luke laughs to himself as Dean grins.

Luke Knux: I’m Luke MOTHERFUCKING Knux! Someone you should bow down to. I’m the King of the MOTHERFUCKING World baby! Rock and Roll lifestyle bitch. Chicks, smokes, and parties! Things you wish you could have nerd. Now why don’t you make yourself useful and get me a Goddamn drink.

Knux laughs as Dean gets in Knux’s face. Luke looks at him for a minute before he repeats what he said.

Luke Knux: I said make yourself useful you fucking idiot.

Knux shoves Dean and Dean simply shrugs it off. He turns back towards Knux and simply slaps him hard across the face. Knux turns back as the slap rings around the arena. He immedietly throws a fist to Dean’s face and Dean stumbles back. He comes back with a punch of his own and the two start throwing wild punches. The cameraman is lost on words as the two men take eachother to the ground. They begin rolling around, throwing wild punches whenever they can. Suddenly, Tommy Rowan and Adam Stryker run up from different sides and pull the two men apart. Knux is held back by Rowan and Dean is held back by Stryker.

Tommy Rowan: Watch your boy Stryker. Hard headed motherfucker should be spit shining boots where he belongs.

Adam Stryker: Tell your buddy he should watch his mouth more often.

Tommy and Stryker get into each other’s faces. The tension is high. Knux and Dean grab both men and pull them back.

Tommy Rowan: We’ll be seeing you real soon motherfuckers.

Knux and Rowan walk off as Stryker checks on Dean to end the scene.


The match bell sounds three times capturing everyone’s attention as “Violence” By Dope blasts on the PA system. The red exit doors of the arena swing open and smoke pours out as we hear the sound of motorcycles revving. Suddenly, 2 large custom made bikes fly through the smoke and stop right at the guardrail. On one sits Tommy Rowan. On the other is his Tag Team partner Jason Kaine with Roxxanne Kaine sitting behind him. The motorcycles shut off and both men step off the bikes along with Roxxanne. Kaine pounds his chest before flexing his arms in front of him and bellowing a deep heavy metal scream as Tommy raises his fists and soaks in the boos from the crowd. They both hop over the barricade as Tommy talks some trash to the camera.

Chloe Deville: From Baltimore, Maryland and Ozone Park, New York, weighing in at a combined weight of 420 pounds, accompanied to the ring by Roxxanne Kaine, they are Jason Kaine and Tommy Rowan, VIOLENT…TENDENCIES!!!!!!!

The crowd boos as both men pull themselves onto the ring apron, Tommy using his right knee for support. Jason holds the ropes open for Roxxanne as Tommy spins around and holds up the metal horns. Both men get into the ring and hop up on opposite turnbuckles. They raise duel sets of metal horns as they trash talk the crowd and look around. Tommy turns around and sits on the top turnbuckle as Kaine steps down and joins him in the corner, leaning against the pad for support.

Pretty Noose by Soundgarden hit the speakers and the crowd went wild!

Chloe Deville: And their opponents!

Adam Stryker appears on the stage, dressed in his ring gear and black leather jacket and just stands there for a while, enjoying the cheers from the crowd. He then slowly walks towards the ring.

Chloe Deville: From Los Angeles, California, weighting in at 220 pounds… The SoCal Switchblade… Adam Stryker!

Stryker slides under the bottom rope and hands his jacket to Chloe who leaves the ring. He hops on one of the turnbuckles and performs his typical cut-throat taunt as streamers are thrown in the ring. The lights then begin to flash red, white, and blue as Richards appears from behind the curtain. He looks out over the crowd pumping them up as he makes his way to the ring holding his hand out.

Chloe Deville: And his partner, from this Seattle Washington…this is your 220 Better Than Advertised Champion! The American Wolf! Jason…RICHARDS!!!

The crowd slaps it as he makes his way around the ring stopping at the corner he stands on a chair once again hyping up the crowd. He jumps up on the apron.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Now this is a match that I am sure everyone is anticipating! This is a Main Event anywhere in the world!

With all four men now at ringside and on the apron ready to go, it is Tommy Rowan who climbs inside of the ring first. Immediately, Rowan calls out Stryker, urging him into the ring. Stryker paid no attention to the challenge; instead, he and Richards played rock, paper scissors for who would enter first. 1 – 2 – 3 – Richards with a rock, Stryker covers it with paper. They fist bump and then Stryker climbs inside of the ring. As he does, the referee steps back out of the way and calls for the match bell to kick us off.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Rowan and Stryker to start us off..

Stryker and Rowan meet in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie-up. Rowan lands a stiff high knee lift which doubles over Stryker. Rowan then lands several stiff forearm shots down hard across the back of Stryker’s neck. Stryker then lifts Rowan up with a Fireman’s carry to land a back body drop Suplex. As Stryker runs and hits the ropes, Rowan rolls over onto his stomach. Stryker crosses over Rowan and hits the far side ropes. As he bounces back to the center, Rowan attempts to leap frog Stryker who stops dead in his tracks. Stryker landed a brutal Pop-Up European Uppercut off of Rowan’s leap frog attempt!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Stryker always comes out strong! He is taking it right to Rowan and almost knocked him out of his boots with that!

Stryker backed into his corner where Richards makes a blind tag. As Rowan moves back to his feet, Stryker with a running start hits him with a stiff Busaiku Knee Kick! Richards doesn’t enter the ring, he goes up top. Richards leaps immediately and nails Rowan with a Frog Splash. With a lateral press, Richards hooks the far leg.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…The Hardcore Reject Tommy Rowan is able to kick out after Stryker’s HEADHUNTER kick and  Frog Splash by the Better Than Advertised Champ.

Richards pull Rowan up with a wristlock and with a hard Irish whip sends Rowan into the corner where Stryker stood waiting. Stryker raised both hands so the ref and the crowd could see he intended to do nothing to Rowan. With a running start Jason Richards nailed Rowan with a brutal Running Forearm Smash! Quickly Richards tagged Stryker back in. Vaulting over the top rope back into the ring, Stryker too connected with a forearm smash.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Rowan needs to get out of that corner!

Stryker continued striking Rowan with Muy Thai like elbow shots. Rowan got both hands up, doing his best to defend the strikes. When he did, Stryker slipped behind Rowan and applied a Full Nelson. Stryker backed himself into the corner and stepped carefully up onto the middle ropes with his Full Nelson still applied.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Rowan needs to fight his way out of this because I think Adam Stryker is looking to leave some…SCARS!

Stryker heaved and lifted Rowan, as he did, Stryker released his grip with his left hand and spun around to spike Rowan down hard onto the steel steps at ringside with that Half Nelson Suplex of his!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: HOLY SHIT PLEX!!!

Stryker then went all the way up top and quickly leaped to the outside with a Swan Dive and connected with a Diving Headbutt. From the ring apron, Jason Richards started a HOLY SHIT chant which rocked the entire venue!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: OMGWTF?!!?

Unable to take it anymore, from the far side of the ring, Jason Kaine took off running for the action. He immediately began stomping on the skull of Adam Stryker! Richards backed up on the ring apron far enough for a running start then leaped, going for a Hurricanrana. Kaine caught him and hit a vicious sit-out Powerbomb onto the steel steps at ringside!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Stryker and Richards are down outside of the ring!

He shoved Richards out of the way, then, with a front facelock applied, Kaine pulled Stryker up. Wasting no time, Kaine nailed Stryker with a Fisherman’s Suplex Slam down onto the steel steps. Rowan was now up and rolling back into the ring.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: This is better than even I thought it would be!

Rowan started shouting at Kaine and adjusting the elbow pad. Everyone in attendance knew Rowan was calling for his TOMMYHAWK Elbow Smash. Kaine pulled Stryker up and rolled him back into the ring where Rowan was smelling blood. Then, from out of nowhere, Jason Richards cinched in hard around the waist of Jason Kaine. Richards took two steps backwards before hitting the German Suplex. When he did this, the back of Kaine’s head connected hard with the guardrail at ringside!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: I don’t know whether to watch the action on the inside…or on the outside of the ring!!!

Back inside of the ring, Stryker slowly made it up to his feet. Rowan threw the TOMMYHAWK elbow smash like a Superman punch, off of his feet, Stryker caught him! Stryker caught and lifted Rowan up into what looked to be an Exploder Suplex, and then Stryker flipped him and connected with a Double Knee Backbreaker!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Definition of Mayhem!!!

As Stryker pulled Rowan up, Rowan connected with a low blow and then he was able to lift Stryker up with a Fireman’s Carry and drop him with a DVD! With a front facelock applied, Rowan pulled Stryker up then lifted him up with a Vertical Suplex and dropped him hard with a Side Slam. Rowan wasted no time springing up onto the top ropes. From there he nailed Stryker with a Split Legged Moonsault! With a lateral press applied, Rowan rocked back hard with both of Stryker’s legs hooked.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…STRYKER KICKS OUT!!! A Collision Course and a Crooked Moonsault could not keep the first WWWorld Champ down!

Rowan smacked the mat in frustration! By now, Richards and Kaine were back in their places on the ring apron. Both of them wanting to be tagged in. Rowan pulls Stryker up with a handful of hair and sends him for the ride with an Irish Whip.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  Blind tag by Jason Richards…I don’t think Rowan saw that!!!

As Stryker bounces back to the center of the ring, Rowan takes his head off with a Bicycle Superkick! As soon as Rowan connects, Richards is waiting and takes his head off with a Superkick! As Rowan falls, Richards goes for the pin!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…NOPE! NOT THIS TIME!

With a springboard elbow drop, Kaine enters the ring and breaks up the three count! Both Richards and Kaine are quick to their feet, but Richards was quicker. He hit Kaine with an Exploder Suplex. As soon as Kaine rose to his feet again, Richards kicked him in the gut and hit him with a Brainbuster Suplex! By now, Rowan and Stryker were slowly moving back up to their feet. They caught sight of each other and began moving quicker. Rowan grabbed a handful of hair and laid down a hard right hand, using the momentum to lift himself up and to push Stryker back down.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Richards and Rowan are still the legal men!

Stryker fought back. He laid a stiff shot to the solar plexus of Rowan, then another. Stryker made it up to his feet and so had Rowan now. Stryker motioned for Richards to take the top rope and the crowd went wild! Stryker then hit Rowan with an Inverted Atomic Drop which sent Rowan into the ropes.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Blind tag by Jason Kaine!

As Rowan bounced back, Stryker took his head off with a Discus Clothesline shot! With Rowan down, Richards leaped off of the top rope with a Diving headbutt! As Kaine entered the ring, he was met with a stiff headbutt by Stryker! Stryker nailed Kaine a second, then a third time with headbutts! Stryker hit Kaine so hard on the third shot that he went down to one knee. Stryker applied a wristlock and when he pulled Kaine back up to his feet, he whipped him around. Kaine’s arm was across his own throat when Stryker used his other arm to lift Kaine up across his shoulders and immediately heave.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: CUT THROAT SUPLEX!!!

Stryker pulled Rowan out of the ring as he exited to leave the two legal men behind in the ring. Kaine was clearly out of it as he made it up to his feet. He staggered and Richards caught him with a side headlock applied and quickly hit the Headlock Driver!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: EMERALD CITY BOOM!!! …1…2…3!!!

Once again, Pretty Noose by Soundgarden hits the speakers and inside of the ring, the ref raised Stryker’s and Richards’ arms in victory.

Chloe Deville: And here are your winners…Adam Stryker and Jason Richards…SCARS!!!


Up on the big screen we see a scene from a classic dive bar. There are tons of neon lights advertising everything the bar has ever sold. It is dark and smoky. As Scars’ ring music fades we can hear SOUL CREATION by Cinder probably playing on the jukebox inside of this bar. Finally, we find who we are looking for. 220 backstage reporter and magazine editor Freya Davidson is at the big round corner booth table with The Hardcore Reject Tommy Rowan. They are laughing hysterically as the camera zooms in. There is a pitcher of beer on the table and they each have a mug of beer and an empty shot glass in front of them. Rowan is smoking, there are four cigarettes burning in Freya’s ashtray. She’s either really drunk, or really nervous.

Freya DGAF Davidson: Was there any one thing that brought you to 220 wrestling?

Tommy: Sommersby hit me up on Twitter after the company I was working for closed.

Freya DGAF Davidson: Are you happy with the direction that you are going in 220 Tommy?

Tommy: Shit could be better. I’m going through a rough patch. I can rise to the top, but I can’t seem to catch the big one..

Apparently, Freya notices.

Freya DGAF Davidson: Hey motherfuckers! No peeking!!! This interview is NOT for Zebu…it’s for the February issue of EXPOSED! You bet your sweet ass that Tommy Rowan on tap for Second to None Magazine this month. It’s not quite ready yet, but by the end of the month you will be downloading EXPOSED digitally and you can only get it at 220 Wrestling Dot Com! But…if you can’t wait that long for your 220 Rowan fix, check out what Rowan had to say last Wednesday night at 11 PM on 220 Radio with my big brother and our Referee Perry Davidson. Perry and Tommy let it all hang out and there was much shit talking in overtime! Download that tonight from 220 Wrestling Dot Com!


The match bell sounds three times calling for everyone’s attention as Levels by Meek Mills hits the speakers.

Chloe DeVille: This is your Main Event of the evening! Introducing first, from the Dub C…this is D DAWG!

Darius Majors pushed through the black curtain at the gorilla position. D-Dawg looked focused tonight as he began to make his way to the ring. With no warning whatsoever or any type of musical introduction, Megan Dela Vega ran in and with a chop block took D-Dawg down before he got to the ring. Down on one knee, D-Dawg was laid out flat on his face when Insatiable connected with an Insiguri kick.

Chloe DeVille: And his opponent! The Second to None WWWorld Champion…MEGAN DELA VEGA!

Megan snatched a chair out of the first row. The leg that she had chop blocked was placed through the chair and that steel folding chair was immediately stomped closed down onto his knee. Megan stomped the chair closed on his knee a second time and then a third as D-Dawg did his best to get the chair off of his leg! Insatiable reached down and did it for him and she pulled him up to his feet. It looked as if she was going to run him head first into the corner post, but again, she chop blocked him from behind, ramming his knee into the steel steps at ringside. Megan then rolled D-Dawg into the ring and rolled in behind him. Finally, the referee called for the bell to officially begin this match.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  That’s the one and only thing I have in common with Megan. She’d rather hear her music at the END of the match than at the beginning!

With no hesitation, she began stomping that same knee over and over. With her boot Megan shoved D-Dawg over onto his stomach where she was quick to lock him into her Scorpion Deathlock.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  Putting in some overtime on the left knee of D-Dawg tonight!

D-Dawg got his hands flat onto the mat and pushed himself up high enough to tuck his head and roll himself out of her grasp. As Insatiable released her grip on him, she hit the ropes running. D-Dawg stood up facing her and as he did, with both hands she grabbed him behind his head and dropped down hard onto both knees to crack a tough jawbreaker! D-Dawg remained on his feet but he was staggered. Megan lunged at him and with a running start took the much larger D-Dawg down. She covered him just to force him to have to kick out.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  …1…2…D-Dawg kicks out!

Determined to keep him off of his feet, Megan swiftly connected with that same knee with a low dropkick. As he went down, D-Dawg grabbed the ropes out of instinct and trying to stay up. Insatiable kicked his hand so that his grip on the ropes was broken, then she landed a boot to the gut that doubled over D-Dawg. With a front facelock applied, she went for a Vertical Suplex. D-Dawg was able to block it, and then hit her with a Vertical Suplex of his own. Majors pulled Dela Vega up and with an Irish Whip, sent her for the ride. As she bounced back to the center of the ring D-Dawg nailed her with a Corkscrew Shoulderblock! He went for the pin attempt!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  …1…2….Insatiable kicks out after that Crazy Bloc!

D-Dawg grabbed Megan hard around the throat and as he stands, he pulls her up to her feet. He then lifts her up and chokeslams her down hard to the mat! As soon as she hits the canvas, D-Dawg is going up top. Insatiable slowly makes it to her feet, she turns in the ring, seeking her opponent. D-Dawg leaps and nails her with a vicious Top Rope Clothesline! Again, he went for the pin.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  …1…2…Dela Vega kicks out again!

D-Dawg pulls her up to her feet and Insatiable claws at his eyes! She then kicked him in the gut and nailed a Snap DDT. With no hesitation, she rolled to the outside, stood up on the ring apron and springboarding off of the top rope she struck D-Dawg with a Tumbleweed legdrop! As soon as she landed she was demanding the 3 count.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  …1…2…D-Dawg kicks out again!!!

They both made it up to their feet and out of frustration, Megan went for a Spear. D-Dawg was just to big for it, so when she connected he caught her and pulled her up where he landed a Piledriver! Not going for the pin, D-Dawg pulled her up and sent her for the ride with an Irish Whip. As she bounced back to the center of the ring, he connected with his jumping, spinning thrust kick!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  The Ego Whip! This match is going back and forth so fast that I’m getting dizzy!!!

Again, D-Dawg does not go for the pin, he goes for the sure thing. He pulls her up and points to the roof. The crowd knows what is coming! D-Dawg lifts Megan up as if to bodyslam her, then easily Gorilla Presses her over his head!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  D-Dawg is going for Gangstafia! It’s going to be over if he hits this!!!

Megan Dela Vega began wiggling and squirming, desperately trying to break free of his grip! Somehow, she got her legs loose and swung them out hard and wild to somehow hit D-Dawg out of nowhere with a Tornado DDT! Immediately, she went up to the top rope!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  I really thought he had her there! But this is not over yet!!!

As D-Dawg stood, Insatiable leaped and used her Sunset Flip like a Powerbomb off of the top rope!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  OMGWTF?!!?

Megan rolled D-Dawg over and with the chickenwings pulled him up, but only far enough so that she could hit him with the Pedigree. Turning him back onto his shoulders, Insatiable covered him for a pinfall.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  …1…2…3! It’s over!!!

2nd 2 no 1 by Twiztid hits the speakers and the referee raises Insatiable’s arm in victory!

Chloe DeVille: Here is your winner…the Insatiable…MEGAN…DELA…VEGA!!!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby:  And what a fucking show! Another one is in the books Second to None and once again, we were…better than advertised. Pittsburgh, you were fucking awesome! Thank you for having us…we will do it again! Until now, this is the Boss’ Wife, Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby saying stay…second to none! We will see you in two weeks in Rochester motherfuckers!