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Wednesday Warfare was broadcast LIVE from the ARCO ARENA. A capacity crowd was on hand, with James Armstrong and Chris Finn sitting in on announcing dutites. Before the show offically began, the fWo welcomed John Willis, the new head of security for fWo.

Darkness vs. Joy & Fallen

Warfare began with the new team of Joy and Darkness walking to the ring. The Barney dolls who usually escorted Joy to the ring were present, but were dirty, scuffed, and looked depressed. Joy got into the ring and began to scream "happy, happy, HAPPY, dammit!" at the crowd, who booed the pair. Fallen finally pulled Joy away from the ring ropes, where he was threatening to leap out at the crowd. Fallen then spat at the crowd, and told them that they didn't know what it was like to be him. Fallen told the crowd that the Dark Riders didn't want him, Ultra Cool didn't want him, the fWo didn't want him, and Darkness didn't want him. Fallen told the crowd that he had gotten Joy's head together, and were going to beat down everyone who ever rejected them. With that the lights dimmed, and Darkness came out onto the entrance ramp. Darkness looked down at the two maniacs in the ring, and began to grin. Darkness marched with purpose to the ring, and entered. Ducking a double clothesline, Darkness caught Joy and Fallen in a double clothesline, and executed a double chokeslam. Darkness pinned the two, and left the ring, as Joy and Fallen began to bicker at each other. Darkness got to the top of the entrance ramp, when the Speed Demon jumped out from behind the fWo tapestries and leveled Darkness with a board. Darkness staggered to his feet, and the Speed Demon quickly fled to the backstage area, as inside the ring Joy and Fallen had taken to shouting at the crowd, who they blamed for their faliure.

Result: Darkness by Pinfall

Matthew Zhuk (c) vs. Briana


Briana came to the ring alone, steady, and determined. Unlike previous entrances, Briana simply stood in the ring and did not acknowledge the fans. In the audence, Apocolyptica and Melissa Smalls looked on with interest. Matthew Zhuk came to the ring to cheers from the crowd, and proudly got into the ring. The two went back and forth in a fast-paced match, with both wrestlers attempting holds and counter-holds. Briana finally landed a snap-mare suplex, but was unable to get the three count. Zhuk hit a ankle block and backed her up to trip her down and into an ankle lock submission hold. Zhuk locked in the hold, but Briana made it into the ropes. Zhuk broke the hold per request of the ref, and Briana landed a quick russian leg sweep and rolled Zhuk up for a surprise pinfall. Zhuk looked on incredulously as the title was awarded to Briana, and Chris Kidman came to the ring to exchange words with Zhuk.

Result: Briana by Pinfall

Black Panther (c) vs. Chris Kidman Jr.

Black Panther (c)

Chris Kidman exchanged quick words with Zhuk, and Zhuk left the ring looking angry and annoyed, telling nearby fWo ring attendants that he would be getting his title back. The Panther came to the ring and held up the fWo International Title to the crowd, who responded loudly. After a clean start, the two paced the ring, getting a solid lock up and clean break. Kidman landed a running lariat, and the Panther toppled to the outside. Going into the ropes, Kidman launched himself out at the Panther in a corkscrew plancha. The Panther rolled aside, and Kidman crashed into the metal entrance ramp. As Kidman recovered, the Dark Riders, War and Plague came out from the backstage area and beat down Kidman with crowbars. Grabbing a chair, the Panther attempted a rescue, but his chair shot on War went unheeded, and the Dark Riders simply walked away from the attack, leaving Kidman bruised and battered.

Result: Double DQ

Mad Trucker vs. Primetime

Mad TruckerPrimetime

Primetime came to the ring with the rest of the French Foundation, dressed in a lumberjack outfit and stomping around the ringside area looking foolish. Primetime got into the ring, and continued to mock the Trucker... but soon the loud blaring entrance music began, and the French Foundation stood outside the ring as the Mad Trucker made his way to the ring. Raising his arm in the air the Mad Trucker called out "TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!" to the screaming crowd, who responded in kind. Inside the ring, the larger Trucker grinned down at Primetime, who responded with a series of body blows which took the big man off his feet. Primetime continued his attack, but the Mad Trucker rolled out of the way before Primetime could land a dropped elbow. The Trucker tossed Primetime into the corner and began delivering hard lefts and rights. The Trucker tossed Primetime into the ropes for a clothesline, but Primetime ducked under and attempted a cross-body, but the Trucker caught him and delivered a powerslam, or as the Trucker dubs it "The 18 Wheeler". The Trucker covered him for the pin, and Mitch Wilson and the Flying Frenchie climbed into the ring and began to attack the Trucker. fWo security chased the French Foundation from the ring, but not before Mitch Wilson delivered a hard kick to the head of the debuting superstar.

Result: Mad Trucker by Pinfall

Flying Frenchie awarded title

Flying Frenchie awarded title

As the French Foundation was escorted from the arena, the Flying Frenchie asked about his new Internet Title, which was supposed to be awarded to him. fWo security told the Frenchie that they awarded it to him and his funny, purple-haired girlfriend earlier. This confused the Frenchie for a moment, before realization dawned on and he began to scream as security pushed him and the other members of the French Foundation out of the arena.
Meanwhile, backstage Ultra Violet and Violet sat on folding chairs, looking at the new Internet Title, which was propped on a table in the corner. Ultra Violet and Violet looked at each other in confusion, still unsure of why the delivery man had given the title to him. From behind the pair, Scotty Cool and Stone called them out for their match, and they shrugged at each other. As they left the room, Violet noted that she didn't have any earrings since giving them to that French person.

Ultra Cool & Stone vs. vs. Deamers vs.

Scotty Cool, Ultra Violet, and Stone came to the ring to cheers from the crowd, which seemed to confuse Stone, who looked around her as if expecting the crowd to boo her. Oracle, Prophet, and Soothsayer came to the ring to the usual Dreamers entrance, with strange blue light strobing the arena. Scotty Cool and Prophet locked up in the ring, but then Doomsdays music started, and the four members of Doomsday came out onto the entrance ramp to confront the six wrestlers in the ring. Stevie Roberts began to taunt Scotty Cool, telling him that he was offically his "bitch" and that he was going to enjoy watching he and Kidman tear it up on Friday. As Roberts was speaking, Cactus Jon and Tom the Bomb attacked them from behind, shoving Doomsday from the entrance ramp and screaming at the fWo wrestlers in the ring. As Scotty Cool and Ultra Violet ran up the ramp to confront the TCW invaders, Scott Slugger came out from the crowd, and the fWo cameras went off the air...

Result: No Contest