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WARPED 93 - AXS TV Debut - 4/30/15 - New York - Hammerstein Ballroom


The red WARPED Wrestling "W" logo is shown in the center of the screen with a black background. The logo draws nearer and nearer, getting larger, as we hear fans chanting "This is WARPED! This is WARPED! This is WARPED! This is WARPED!" until finally the logo is joined by the AXS TV logo. The shot fades to the live crowd in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City where we see our commentary team placed at ringside, Tony D on play by play and the former pro wrestler Kris Red on color.

Tony D: "Here we are on AXS TV, I'm Tony D and that's Kris Red. Tonight is a night that will go down in history as one of the biggest moments in WARPED history."

Kris Red: "Things are about to heat up, Tony D! It took us five long years of grinding on the independent circuit, selling DVDs, live streaming events, trying to get our name out there and grow in popularity, and here we are, on the heels of our 5th Anniversario~!, it's our debut on national television!"

The camera fades to the ring where we see a man in a suit standing. This is the ring announcer, Randy Long.

Randy Long: "Please welcome the owners of WARPED Wrestling - PKA and President Joey Matthew!"

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA System as the President of WARPED, Joey Matthew, wearing his trademark blue jeans, white shirt, and black leather jacket, is accompanied by Patrick Kay Anthony, dawning black slacks, a black vest, and a blue undershirt. These two make their way into the ring and the music fades down.

Joey Matthew: “Welcome to WARPED Wrestling on AXS TV!”

The fans pop! "This is WARPED!" chants begin. Joey and PKA smile.

Joey Matthew: “For those watching for the first time, I am the President of WARPED, the man who runs things around here, Joey Matthew. Next to me is my business partner and a decorated athlete in his own right, "Grade A" PKA.”

PKA winks at the camera and puts his arms out in a crucifix to a pop from the crowd.

Joey Matthew: “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is a very special night. I’ve seen your tweets full of excitement as you hashtag #AXSWARPED and tonight, you gain full access to the best wrestling in the world!”

The fans cheer for their favorite wrestling promotion!

Joey Matthew: “Now, allow me to introduce to you the man at the top of the mountain here in WARPED Wrestling, he is the brand new World Heavyweight Champion - ladies and gentlemen…...I hope I do this justice.. Sinnnnnnnc ..Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrcierrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

There was a sound present, a sound that Sinc hasn’t heard in a very long time. It wasn’t his new entrance music, though it blaring in the background was nice, no, it was familiar, but not displeasing, loud, but not scathing. It was the very fuel that Sinc Mercier consumes every time he laces up his boots, and every moment he puts his ass on the line. He was being cheered. This wasn’t like a dull roar either, it was some eye opening hutzpah. Sinc has been put on a pedestal once again. The pressure’s on, the pot is hot, and he now has to do THE MOST TERRIFYING PART OF HIS JOB IMAGINABLE, sell himself as a real champion. The crowd slowly went to a hush as Sinc enters the ring. He smirks and lightly puts a hand in the air until it all falls totally silent. The new WARPED World champ’s music stops. He takes a mic from the pocket of his freshly purchased Nike slacks and speaks in a velvet contour.

Sinc Mercier:: “Wwweeellll….shit.”

He gets a loud pop and he tries to hush the crowd again.

Sinc Mercier: “First off Joey, thank you for taking a risk with me in this company. Trust me when I say, I know what was going through your mind pal. Oh hey! Let’s put this thirty year old blonde ape looking guy into the main event and see how he does. Oh what? He came from two freshly closed federations? He’s got some baggage to sort out? Lawsuits, financial troubles? Oh man guys, I think we just screwed the pooch with this has been!”

Sinc gets a few laughs from the crowd and he swears he sees a twinkle in Joey’s eyes and a smile from his business driven mug. But he coulda been wrong.

Sinc Mercier: “Point is, I’m just glad I didn’t let you, or the company, or……”

Sinc points a finger and slowly spins in a circle gesturing to the large audience on television for the first time tonight and gets cheered yet again. He stops and gives Joey his attention every so often touching his belt currently slinged over his left shoulder as he is speaking.

Sinc Mercier: “Any of you people down. I am incredibly honored and tickled WARPED to be your next...WORLD...CHAMPIOOONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!”

Sinc raises the mic to his mouth and arches his head into the sky building up his gravitas and letting the arena wire him up. He gets more pops and far louder cheers for his trademark arrogant way with words.

Sinc Mercier: “But secondly, and most importantly, now that I am your champion, I will sadly say with a big frownie friggin frown on my face, that because I now have the confidence to lead this company into the promise lands of professional wrestling history, everyone is going to get Sinc in a different way...let’s say….turned up a notch. Or I guess you could say, a little...more of me.”

There is a brief silence clearly showing some are confused at this statement. Sinc reassures Joey by patting him on the shoulder.

Sinc Mercier: “Don’t worry Joey, it’s all good. When I said a little more it don’t mean I’m going nudie on television! Cool your jets Top Gun. I save that for private parties. Off Air shoot promos anyone?”

Sinc gets some laughs again, this time with a bit more energy.

Sinc Mercier: “No, I mean, that little nickname I had in the big leagues, I’m bringin it here, to THE BIGGER LEAGUES BOYS AND GIRLS! That’s right, I am stepping out of my rookie pajamas, and jumping right into the big boy briefs! The Arrogant Aviator….has returned. And AXS TV, I hope your cameras love me, cause this mouth ain’t gettin any cleaner if ya know what I mean!!!”

Sinc gets the loudest cheers he has heard all night and since his WARPED debut he is grinning like a million dollar baby.

Sinc Mercier: “My promos will be sharper, my humor will be crazier, my moves will be deadlier, and I will speak for all the good fans and the Sinc Mercifuls of WARPED Wrestling by saying, SINC MERCIEEERRRRRRRRR IS READY FOR TAKE OFF!”

The cheers thunder around the entire place and Sinc struts around the ring sucking it all in like a fresh sapling turning up his charm and bringin that old school Sinc Mercier flare.

?: “You know else was ready for take off? The Germanwings co-pilot.”

Johnny Raike comes sauntering out from behind the curtain, making his way toward the ring as he continues to talk. Much of it is drowned out by boos and cries of ‘too soon.’

Johnny Raike:”I’m willing to bet this will turn out about as well for you Sinc. Congrats. You’ve flown to the highest height. Hit the apex of all that effort you did at getting yourself into the spotlight, into the glory, into the places you worked so hard at. An inspiring sight, really, honestly and true, I could cry right now. And not just at the phrase Sinc Merciful. Seriously, dude, no one quality will willingly want to call themselves that. Not anyone who would cheer for an amazing wrestler.”

As if on cue, the crowd busts out a loud “Sinc Mer-Cier!” chant. Johnny sneers.

Johnny Raike: “My point exactly. And you WARPED fans out there, who buy into this “I’m the foul mouthed Andy Griffith” thing Sinc is tossing around, you make me sick and you should be ashamed of yourselves. All my buzz from Holicraze Hell, that made you all want to see what happened when I came to WARPED. That made everyone want to see. Who do you think got them riled up enough to want to put it out on cable, honey? It was the promise of golden globes and I’m not talking boring award shows.”

Johnny slides under the rope to join Sinc and Joey, all ready in the ring.

Tony D: “Did Johnny Raike just take credit for WARPED on AXS TV?”

Kris Red: “Pretty sure he did, Tony D. Raike is definitely full of himself. I love it.”

Raike gives Joey Matthew the air kiss to either cheek, flicks his eyes disdainfully over Sinc, and casually leans against the turnbuckle.

Johnny Raike: “Thankfully, for all of the undeserving masses here tonight cheering for a technicality, I am the Sissyboy Saviour. And I will deliver WARPED from it’s captivity around your waist.”

Johnny rocks forward on his heels and is instantly giving Joey Matthew a side hug, smiling benevolently.

Johnny Raike: “So I’ll be calling in my number one contendership tonight!”

Sinc Mercier gives the ‘bring it on’ motion with his hands, ready to fight. The crowd pops and wants to see these two go at it! Suddenly, Joey interrupts.

Joey Matthew: “With all due respect, Johnny, that’s not exactly how I imagined things going tonight as we debut on AXS TV.”

A few boos are heard as Joey cancels what could be an exciting match between the two men, whether Raike deserves the match or not.

Joey Matthew: “As I said earlier, tonight is a very special night, and everyone needs to be prepared to put on a Grade A performance..”

Joey looks over at PKA, who subtly rolls his eyes.

Joey Matthew: “And the person who impresses me the most tonight by bringing their A-Game will be granted a special opportunity - a shot at Sinc Mercier’s World Championship.”

The fans pop. Johnny isn’t too pleased.

Joey Matthew: “So to the entire roster, tonight is YOUR night, step up, and impress.”

-Johnny tries to interrupt but Joey cuts him off -

Joey Matthew: “I think we’ve had enough talk. Let’s get to the action! Let’s get WARPED!”

The buzz of the crowd is interrupted by the near deafening sound of static as WARPEDVision lights up. When the static dissipates J.B. Ronie is seen behind Vaughn Ronie Jr. in a seething pace. J.B.’s sleeveless white shirt reads I AM WARPED in black block letters and the WARPED Evolution title is wrapped snugly around his waist.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Not so fast, Joey! I know, I know! New York City is frothing at the mouth in anticipation of seeing my number two client here retain his title against The Wrestling Demi-God, Anton Chase.”

J.B. Ronie mutters “patience is a virtue” mid-pace; Vaughn continues.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “But, did you just say whomever impresses you most tonight gets a shot at Mercier?”

J.B. Ronie stops in his tracks; tapping VRJ on the shoulder and whispering something in his ear. VRJ steps to the side allowing the WARPED Evolution Champion to take over. In the ring; Joey Matthew sighs.

J.B. Ronie: “Don’t worry, Joey. I’m going to get right to the point. Seeing as how I’m about to set the bar. I gladly accept the opportunity to face Sinc Mercier for the WARPED World Championship. Now, if those two wind bags will be so kind as to get out of my ring, so I can defend my Evolution Championship. Anton Chase, let’s get WAAAAAAAAAAARPED!!”

J.B. Ronie balls his fists up and begins convulsing rather cartoonishly as he walks out of the frame.

Joey Matthew: “Okay stop, stop, stop! This is NOT how our first show on AXS TV is supposed to start. This is supposed to be a simple opening segment with our new World Champion, Sinc Mercier, and now you three have to come out and make it all about yourselves! This is about SINC!”

Vaughn Ronie, Jr. is heard off-mic saying “well let’s make it all about Sinc” and that’s when the three men jump Sinc Mercier and start beating him down! Joey waves his arms and tries to get them to stop.

Tony D: “Oh My God! Sinc Mercier is now a victim of a three on one beatdown!!”

Kris Red: “I can’t believe this Tony D!! This is supposed to be a celebration and - Waiit look!”

Two men burst through the curtain and run down the aisle..

Tony D: “That’s Crowbar and Anton Chase, two WARPED Originals, but what are they here for!?”

They slide into the ring and both help out Sinc Mercier, Anton pulling JB Ronie off and Crowbar pulling VRJ off of Mercier.

Kris Red: “It’s an even fight now and looks like Raike and the Ronie’s are getting it taken to them!!”

Clothesline to Vaughn Ronie Jr over the top rope by Crowbar! Anton Chase then hurls JB Ronie through the ropes to the ringside area. Johnny Raike is left in the ring as he pleads for forgiveness as Crowbar and Anton approach, with Sinc behind them. They pull him up and irish whip him into Mercier who backdrops him over the top rope onto the Ronies! The fans pop!!

Joey Matthew: “Enough, enough!! This is how its going to be - J.b.Ronie, Anton Chase, Evolution Title match starts RIGHT...NOW! Everyone else, get the hell out of here!”

Joey Matthew and PKA, along with referees, escort everyone else away from the ringside area, but not without resistance. Anton Chase is shown in the ring awaiting his opponent, J.B.Ronie, who is at ringside, clutching his Evolution Championship.

Tony D: “What a way to kick off WARPED on AXS TV! When we come back we’ll have the entire Evolution Championship match between Anton Chase and the champion - J.b.Ronie! Don’t go anywhere.”




Tony D: "Welcome back to WARPED on AXS TV. We're getting ready to have an Evolution Championship match between the champion, J.B.Ronie, and the challenger, Anton Chase, who's already in the ring, but the champion seems to be stalling a bit."

J.B. Ronie is shown up on the stage, looking through the curtain.

Kris Red: "I'm sure he's got a good reason for stalling."

Ronie disappears through the curtain as the fans boo. Anton Chase is shown in the ring looking frustrated that he's having to wait. The referee waves and insists Ronie get out here.

Tony D: "So now what? He's gone? Wait, who's .."

From behind the curtain come a group of eight young men wearing Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services SECURITY shirts as they line the aisle way, as “(I’m A) Babyface Killer” by ANTiSEEN blasts over the PA. J.B. Ronie appears at the top of the ramp with the WARPED Evolution Championship belt around his waist and over his white, sleeveless I Am WARPED t-shirt that’s tucked into a pair of Prussian blue tear away pants.

Tony D: "Ahh, a grand entrance, of course."

Following behind him is legendary Mid-Atlantic Ring Announcer Art Burns; more recently of Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services fame. Ronie saunters down the aisleway; stopping half way to exchange words with an angry fan. Art Burns continues the walk to the ring; not wanting to get involved. Ronie smirks while pointing at the Evolution Championship Belt around his waist.

Tony D: “His own personal ring announcer? Is he serious? Ever since he’s received the cease and desist letter from the clowns, J.B. Ronie has really become full of himself.”

Kris Red: “Can you blame him? He deserves it! When people talk about WARPED, he’s the first and last member of the roster they talk about. He’s the reason we’re on AXSTV right now, Tony D!”

The WARPED Evolution Champion laughs off the moment with the WARPED fan and approaches the commentary table; patting Kris Red on the back as he arrives.

Tony D: “Since when are you two so chummy, Kris?”

Kris Red “Since about five o’clock this evening when he handed me a crisp wad of one hundred dollar bills, Tony D!”

Tony D: “You might want to check the validity of that currency. He tried the same thing with me, and they had his face printed on them.”

Ronie quickly ascends the ring steps; stopping on the apron to wipe his boots. He unsnaps the Evolution Belt from around his waist while spinning to the center of the apron in the process. Ronie leans back against the ropes as he holds the WARPED Evolution Championship Belt up high. As the song comes to an abrupt halt he enters the ring through the middle and top ropes. As Randy long begins the introductions Ronie kisses the main plate of the title and reluctantly hands it to the referee.

Randy Long: “The opening contest is set for one fall and is for the WARPED Evolution Championship! Introducing first, to my left; the challenger!”

Anton Chase examines the title; while inaudibly smack talking J.B. Ronie.

Randy Long: “From Los Angeles, California! Weighing Two-Hundred Ten pounds! The Wrestling GOD! ANTOOONN CHAAAAASE!!”

The fans pop! Anton Chase steps into the center of the ring signaling to Ronie that he’s about to take his Evolution Championship and be a three time champion.

Randy Long: “To my ri..”

Ronie shoves Randy Long aside; pulling the microphone from his grasp in the process. He hands the microphone over to Art Burns and sternly tells Anton Chase to back the hell up. The Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services Security crew quickly surround ringside.

Art Burns: “To my right, from The Carnival Grounds by way of Charlotte, North Carolina! Weighing Two-Hundred Twenty pounds! Representing Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services! The only exclusively contracted WARPED Roster Member! He is YOUR WARPED WRESTLING EVOLUTION CHAMPION!”

J.B. Ronie approaches the center of the ring; pulling his tear away pants off.

Art Burns: “Jay!”

Ronie drops to a knee and begins ripping his I Am WARPED shirt.

Art Burns: “Bee!”

The Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services Security team showers J.B. Ronie with Prussian Blue and white streamers.

Art Burns: “ROW-KNEEEEE!!”

Art Burns announcement of J.B. Ronie’s last name is drown out by the crowd yelling SLOPPY! in unison and starting a “J.B. Sloppy” chant. No sooner than the bell rings Anton Chase attacks J.B. Ronie from behind!

Tony D: "Chase has had enough! Here we go!"

Chase backs Ronie into the ropes and looks for an irish whip, but Ronie counters and Sends Chase into the ropes, and on the rebound, Ronie goes for a knee but Chase avoids it and tries for a roll up..


Kick out!

Chase goes for a right hand but Ronie blocks it and kicks Chase in the gut. He delivers another right hand, followed by another, backing Chase into the ropes. He pulls him away from the ropes and irish whips him across the ring.. Chase off the ropes.. Ronie lifts him up but Chase counters into a hurricanrana, followed by a dropkick that sends Ronie through the middle and top rope, down to ringside.

Tony D: "What a dropkick to the face from Anton Chase and there goes J.B. Ronie through the ropes."

Anton Chase slips through the ropes onto the apron and measures his opponent off..

Tony D: "Anton has something in mind here.."

Chase leaps onto the second rope and springs back with an Asai Moonsault!

Kris Red: "Perfect Asai moonsault!"

The fans cheer for Chase as he celebrates, slapping a few of the fans hands who support him. He brings Ronie to his feet and rolls him into the ring and follows, crawling into the cover..


Kick out!

Ronie sits up and Chase hits the ropes and dropkicks him in the back of his head! He covers again..


Kick out!

Chase brings Ronie to his feet and goes for an irish whip, but Ronie counters. Chase hits the ropes and gets met with a back elbow attempt, ducked by Chase, but Ronie jerks him to the mat with a handful of hair!

Kris Red:" Ooof! Ouch. Watch the locks, bro."

The fans boo as Ronie lays atop Chase, going for the pinfall..


Kick out.

Chase holds the back of his head on the mat while Ronie gets to his feet and shakes off the cobwebs. He puts the boots to Chase and the fans begin a "Let's Go Anton!" chant. Ronie brings Chase to his feet and whips him into the corner and begins driving his boot into the midsection of Chase, who drops to the mat, and Ronie continues now with stomps to the face and chest. The referee starts a 5 count to get Ronie out of the corner.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Ronie backs out..

Tony D: "Here at WARPED we follow tranditional rules, rope breaks, count outs, and the like. J.B. Ronie has until a five count to get Anton Chase off the ropes or he risks getting disqualified."

Kris Red: "I'm sure Ronie would take it. He's not afraid to be DQ'd. Hell, he'd still be the Evolution Champ if he did!"

Tony D: "Very true, very true."

Ronie pulls Chase out of the corner and to the middle of the ring where he applies a seated headlock. Chase starts to get up to his feet and Ronie keeps the hold locked in.

Tony D: "This is definitely a different style for Ronie than we're used to seeing with his old persona of Mr. Rottentreats, grabbing a headlock rather than going high risk."

Chase elbows Ronie in the gut and is able to escape, kicking him in the gut and then setting him up for a vertical suplex.. he gets him up and holds him in the air.

Kris Red: "Chase letting the blood rush to the head of Ronie now.."

..But Ronie escapes, landing behind Chase, and applies another headlock! Chase elbows him in the gut once more, one after the other, finally able to escape. Ronie turns away and Chase pulls him to the mat with a backslide pin..



Kick out! Ronie to his feet and LEVELS Chase with a clothesline!

Ronie paces left and right, thinking out his next move. He brings Chase up by the head and... locks in a headlock. Chase doesn't even let him lock it in all the way as he grabs the head of Ronie and snapmares him over then kicks him in the back! Ronie grabs his back as he gets to his feet and Chase whips him into the corner, and charges in, following through with a big clothesline! The fans pop as Chase backs up and awaits Ronie who staggers out of the corner and right into an overhead belly to belly from Chase!

Tony D: "Anton Chase making a comeback!!"




Kick out!

Kris Red: "Damn we could've had a new Evolution Champion!"

Chase stays on Ronie now as he brings him to his feet and slams his face off the top turnbuckle. Ronie stumbles away from the corner as Chase steps up onto the second buckle and sits on top, grabbing Ronie by the head. He then hits a Tornado DDT and goes into the cover!



Kick out!

Tony D: "That Tornado DDT nearly made Chase a three-time Evolution Champion."

Kris Red: "The only other person to hold the title three times is Leon Stone, who we'll see in action next week on AXS TV."

Chase wastes no time as he goes to the top turnbuckle..

Tony D: "While Ronie has held the title now for thirteen months, unprecidented in WARPED history."

Ronie gets up and turns right into a Missle Dropkick! The fans pop as Chase calls for the Chaos Theory. He brings Ronie up, setting him up for the move most people know as the Styles Clash, Chase calls it the Chaos Theory, but Ronie backdrops Chase and slides to the outside with his team of security, huddling up with them.

Tony D: "Ronie got out of there fast and now it looks like he's taking a breather."

Kris Red: "Or perhaps making a new game plan. Or maybe it's all a part of the plan!"

Tony D: "Whoa look out!! Senton Splash from in the ring over the top rope from Anton Chase takes out ALL of them!"

"This is awesome!" chants fill the building, fans clearly in favor of the moves Anton Chase is pulling out. Chase pulls JB Ronie from the wreckage of security guards and rolls him into the ring. Chase climbs up on the apron and then up the turnbuckle as the fans get on their feet to see what he does next. Ronie then finds it in him to step up and push the ropes, causing Chase to crotch himself on the turnbuckle!

Tony D: Ooooh nootttt good at all for Anton Chase there."

Ronie starts ascending his way to the top and looks to be setting up for a vertical suplex from the top but he's taking his time. He tries for the Superplex but Chase won't allow it. Chase fights back with a few headbutts and right hands, nearly taking Ronie off the top, but he holds him there and pulls him up to the top turnbuckle with him.. Chase looks like he's setting up for a superplex of his own now, and he lifts Ronie up... and they fall down to the ringside area on top of the eight security guards!!


Kris Red: "A superplex from the top rope taking out all of that security group at ringside!! Where did Anton find it in himself to even do that after getting dropped on his nuts?!"

The referee slides out of the ring to check on both men momentarily to make sure they're okay. He then slides back in the ring and begins a 10 count.


Tony D: "These two men have until the count of 10 to get back into the ring but neither are moving right now."



Anton Chase starts to roll off of the security and onto the floor.


He gets to his feet and leans up against the apron a second, looking around for Ronie. He spots him and pulls him to his feet.


Chase delivers a right hand to Ronie, and Ronie delivers one right back. Chase slams Ronie's head off the apron and Ronie staggers to the barricade, looking for something to keep him standing.


Chase puts the boots to Ronie's gut and goes to throw him into the ring but Ronie knees him in the gut and applies a side headlock, then drags the face of Chase across the top of the steel barricade!

Tony D: "That's gonna leave a mark!"


Ronie starts to go to the ring, but he stops. He looks back at Chase who is down on a knee, and he goes to kick him in the side of the face, but Chase moves and Ronie kicks the barricade instead, pushing it up against the standing fans in the front row.


Chase backs up and charges at Ronie, running in and Ronie lifts him up and drops him face-first on the barricade.


Ronie pulls the limp body of Chase up and struggles to push him into the ring. Ronie gets up on the apron as the referee hits 10.. and calls for the bell.

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via count out - Anton Chaaaase!"

The fans pop!

Randy Long: "But stillllllll WARPED Wrestling Evolution Champion - J..B.. Ronieeeeeee!"

The fans boo! “(I’m A) Babyface Killer” by ANTiSEEN blasts over the PA. J.B. Ronie realizes what happened and he shrugs his shoulders. The referee brings him the Evolution Title and he puts it over his shoulder, looking into the ring at Anton Chase who's sat up by now, clutching his head, realizing what's happened.

Tony D: "Well Anton Chase won the match, but since it was via count out, J.B. Ronie is still the Evolution Champion. I don't know how I feel about this in our first match."

Kris Red: "Ronie obviously didn't want it to end in count out as he was bringing the action back in the ring. This is on the referee."

Tony D: "Are you sure? This is not the first time we've seen Ronie escape a match via count out. And to be honest, he doesn't look too disappointed that he lost via countout.."

Kris Red: "He's still the champion, Tony D, that's all that matters now."

Tony D: "I know the fans aren't happy about this and I can tell that Anton Chase isn't either."






As WARPED on AXS TV returns from commercial break we see a sweaty and angry Anton Chase marching into the office of President Joey Matthew, but the only person he finds is PKA.

Anton Chase: "Where's Joey? I need to talk to him."

PKA calmly leans forward in his chair and looks up from his cell phone."

PKA: "Anton, buddy, you can talk to me. What's up?"

Anton paces. He wipes the sweat from his brow.

Anton Chase: "I don't like how the match ended with Treats."

PKA: "First of all, we can't even call him that anymore. He is J.B. Ronie. And what? He lost via count out.. so, it happens. Better luck next time."

PKA puts his focus back on his cell phone in his hands. Chase gets closer to PKA, right in front of him. PKA looks up at Chase and stands up face to face with him.

PKA: "You know, I think it's best if you calm down. Go back to the hotel, have a beer, put some on ice for me, and we'll talk about this like grown men do later on. I'll fix this, okay? Don't worry."

A bit of relief comes across Chase's face.

PKA: "Trust me."

PKA smiles and Chase nods. PKA pats him on the shoulder and Chase heads out of the office. PKA smirks and sits back down in his chair as the scene fades..




The cameras fade to the commentary table at ringside. The fans behind Tony D and Kris Red are hyped and ready for more action.

Tony D: "We've got more action coming up next but fans, coming next week, we give you exclusive access to the WARPED Wrestlers, starting with a very special look at the new World Champion, Sinc Mercier."

Kris Red: "AXS Sinc Mercier, next week! I can't wait! But you know what I can't wait for even more? This Total J Cup tournament! Tony D! It's been around for over a decade and WARPED is proud to bring to you the hottest junior heavyweights in the WORLD and giving them a spot to showcase their talents on national television starting tonight, and every single night for the next two plus months!"

Tony D: "It's yet another thing that sets WARPED apart from all the rest. We introduce to you the Total J Cup.. right now.


The golden trophy known as the Total J Cup is shown at ringside next to the commentary table where Tony D and Kris Red are seated.

Tony D: "There you see the Total J Cup trophy. That illustrious trophy will be given to the winner of this 16 person tournament, showcasing the best junior heavyweights in the world. It all kicks off right here and right now. This is the 2015 Total J Cup!"

The entire arena falls to black as the almost industrial bass sounds of Porcelain and the Tramp's "King of the World" begin to play. The video on the screen turns to solid black, a thing purple line moving across the screen, elevating and descending with each hit of the bass. More lines join as the voice of Porcelain Black wails out, until the words "Do Not Test Me" flash one at a time on the screen with the song. As the full force of the song hits, a shattering graphic goes across the screen, followed by scenes of Eden Morgan in the ring, her hand being raised in victory, looking down at Donovan Hastings' still form, Travis Pierce dropping to his knees in disbelief, Eden planting the World Title in the face of Jet Somers. The scenes mix with scenes of her during various press conferences and board meetings, circling back to the beginning. As the lights begin to rise, we see Eden Morgan standing on the stage, a confident half-smile turning up one side of her lips.

Randy Long: "The following is a round one match in the Total J Cup tournament. Introducing first, on her way to the ring representing Unified Global Wrestling Coalition, this is Eeeeeeeden Morrrrrgan!"

She surveys the crowd, some cheers still heard, but most of the fervor has turned to boos and chants of "You sold out!" Eden makes an obvious show of yawning and then smiling in a deceptively lazy way as she slinks down the ramp. As she goes along, she turns to the crowd on each side, pointing to her heart with one hand and pointing out to all of them mockingly. Finally ignoring the screaming, she makes her way into the ring, taking her time to climb each step and slip between the ropes.

Kris Red: "It's obvious that the WARPED fans are aware of Eden Morgan's work in UGWC, Tony D, based on those boos and chants. Wow."

Tony D: "There she is, representing UGWC as Kris said, her name is Eden Morgan and she is 1/4 of the faction known as The Syndicate. Only a two year pro, she's got quite the challenge on hand tonight with her opponent."

The opening riffs of AFI's "Miseria Cantare" floats throughout the arena as the crowd erupt in a flurry of cheers. Once the song kicks in (0:25), "Indestructible" Owen Gonsalves slowly walks out from behind the curtains with his trademark hooded vest on his shoulders and the hood itself covering half of his face, the crowd is on their feet with cheers and claps. He stands there with his face covered up as smoke fills the floor of the stage. The crowd begin to slam the guard rails, their chairs and whatever they can hit in tune to the booming beat. Owen stands and doesn't make a move. You see him join his hands quickly before unclasping them on going ahead with the sign of the cross. Finally the first words to the song kick in (0:34)





Those words repeat a second Owen once again stands motionless. The crowd's cheers have lessened bu they're still there cheering for him and slamming to the beat of the song. Finally the beat pauses for a moment before suddenly the opening heavy drum beat of Crossfade's "No Giving Up" screams(1:08) , it's at this point Owen flips off his hood , revealing his face, set with determination and focus...

"So you found out today your life's not the same
Not quite as perfect as it was yesterday but
When you were just getting in the groove
Now you're faced with something new
And I know it hurts and I know you feel torn
But you never gave up this easily before
So why do you choose today to give it all away"

Randy Long: "Her opponent represents Visionaries Of Wrestling, this is Owen Gonnnnsallllllves!"

He throws his arm up in the air to the crowd's delight. Owen walks down the entrance ramp, not taking his eyes off of the ring but at the same time he reaches out to the sides, slapping hands with the fans. Owen stops in front of the ring, staring at everyone inside of it as the song really kicks in...He climbs up onto the apron and then slingshots from the apron into the ring. The song begins to die down as Owen climbs up onto the second turnbuckle, facing the inside of the ring and takes off his hood and throwing it outside the ring. He sits on the top turnbuckle and await the opening bell while chatting out to nearby fans in the front row.

Tony D: "Owen Gonsalves, respresenting Visionaries of Wrestling, a place where our very own PKA has spent some time at and found success at. He's a seven year pro wrestling out of Detroit, Michigan by way of Melbourne, Australia. This kid is impressive."

Kris Red: "Absolutely he is, but so is Eden Morgan, and if you're tuning in for the first time, well obviously you are, but if you're saying that there's no way a woman can win a match against a man, well think again. This is WARPED and this is where everyone gets a shot at showing what they can do, no matter the gender, race, or anything. It's all good here. Bring your talents and showcase them to the best of your abilities!"

Tony D: "And that's what these two competitors will do right now in the first match of the first round of the Total J Cup tournament. We'll have the match in its entirety coming up NEXT.. on AXS TV. Don't go anywhere."




We're back from commercial and the bell sounds and Eden Morgan wastes no time as she gets up in the face of Owen Gonsalves, begging him to throw the first punch. Gonsalves seems a bit hesitant, and she mocks him for being afraid to hit a girl. She then turns her back to Gonsalves and this seems to insult him. He grabs her by the shoulder and spins her around and she clocks him with a hard clothesline that takes him to the mat!

Tony D: "That's a helluva clothesline!"

"You see that, Travis?" shouts Eden Morgan as she poses with her hands on her hips.

Kris Red: "Eden Morgan referencing Travis Pierce, another Total J Cup participant, whom she has quite the history with."

Tony D: "She wants to face him in this tournament but she's got to get past Owen Gonsalves first."

Her boasting costs her, though, as Owen gets up, spins her around, and piefaces her to the mat. She gets back up, though, and delivers repeated right hands, but Gonsalves knees her in the gut and irish whips her into the corner. He charges in but she moves and he crashes against the corner. He turns around and she nails him with a Pele Kick, which causes him to stumble back into the corner. She puts the boots to Owen and he drops to the mat, allowing her time to run to the distant corner. She poses for a moment before charging in and leaping......

Tony D: ".. Hesitation Dropkick!"

She pulls him away from the corner and hooks the leg..


Kick out!

She gets to her feet and Owen begins to do the same. She hits the ropes and returns for a Scissors Kick to Gonsalves, but he moves out of the way, and as the two spin around, he does a standing backflip, kicking Eden in her head!

Tony D: "That's a Sudden Violence Kick! A little taste of Eden's own medicine there I'd say comparable to the Pele Kick!"

Owen covers..


Kick out!

Both wrestlers rise up and Owen delivers a hard knife edge chop, and Eden clutches her chest as she backs into the corner. Owen delivers a European Uppercut, rocking the UGWC's Eden Morgan. Irish whip from Gonsalves, sending Morgan into the far corner. She leaps onto the second buckle as Owen follows, and gets a kick to the face. He staggers back and turns around as she then leaps back, spinning and driving Owen's face to the mat with a Leg Drop bulldog!

Kris Red: "Neva seen that one before! Sweet!"

She covers..



Kick out!

Eden taunts the crowd as Owen starts rising up. She goes for a Superkick but Owen ducks under and applies a reverse waist lock. Eden reaches for the ropes and grabs on as the referee tells Owen to release the hold. He tries pulling Owen off and he inadvertantly gets an elbow to the face. Without the referee's knowledge, she plants her leg to the upright of Gonsalves, dropping him to the mat.

Tony D: "Oouch! A low blow by Eden Morgan and the referee didn't even notice.

The referee turns back and sees Gonsalves down but doesn't know about the low blow.

Tony D: "Gonslaves wisely rolls out of the ring now, avoiding a pinfall attempt from Morgan."

With Owen Gonsalves on the outside, Morgan has something in mind. She hits the far ropes and charges, suicide dive out of the ring and Gonslaves catches her, and she plants him with a Tornado DDT!!

Kris Red: "Holy crap that was an awesome move!"

Tony D: "Gonsalves' face being driven into that unforgiving floor at ringside off the Suicide Dive Tornado DDT. What an innovative maneuver from Eden Morgan!"

Kris Red: "I wonder how the other Visionaries are feeling after seeing one of their own get dropped like that by Eden. Phew."

Eden gets back into the ring and insists on a 10 count from the referee. He begins the count, not because of her of course, but because that's the rules!


Tony D: "If Owen can't answer the 10 count, Eden moves on to Round two!"


Kris Red: "I imagine President Joey Matthew is watching intently, not just to witness the great action from the Total J Cup, but to see who impresses him the most, cause somebody is going to get a World Title shot based on their performance tonight!"


Tony D: "It'd be a huge deal for either of these two to get that title opportunity, but the story is much more interesting in that neither of them are on the active WARPED roster, but the opportunity is open to anyone!"


Owen starts to rise to his feet and Eden looks annoyed. She slides out of the ring to try and cut him off before he could get anything going, but he grabs her around the waist and drives her back-first into the side of the ring! He rolls her into the ring and she starts to get up as he climbs on the apron. With his hands firmly on the top rope, he slingshots his way in and hits a Flatliner!

Tony D: "Eden's face was DRIVEN into the mat right there off that Slingshot Flatliner!"

Kris Red: "That certainly caught her off guard."

Owen pulls her into position, then quickly climbs the turnbuckle. Facing away from the ring, he looks up to the sky before looking out at the crowd, before he performs a 180 turn in mid-air, into a 630 senton to Morgan!

Kris Red: "That was amazing!!!"

Tony D: "Death To All But Violence!"

He stays on top and hooks the legs..




Tony D: "Only two! Only two!"

Owen slaps the mat a bit and the crowd can't believe he didn't get the win after that pristine maneuver. He stands up and the fans begin a "This is Awesome!" chant. Owen watches as Eden starts getting up, no idea Owen is behind her, and he leaps up and hits a Reverse Hurricanrana, dropping her on her head!

Tony D: "Ooh, rough landing there."

Owen pulls Eden's head between his legs and applies a double underhook on her arms. He lifts her up in the air and holds her there for a few seconds before dropping to the mat, driving her head into the mat yet again.

Tony D: "He calls that Violence Driver II!"

Kris Red: "Man she's gotta be out cold."

He floats over into the cover..




The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Owennn Gonsallllllllvesss!"

"Miseria Cantare" by AFI/ "No Giving Up" by Crossfade (Custom Remix) hits the PA system as the fans cheer. Owen stands up and has his arm raised in victory.

Tony D: "That was a great match to kick off the Total J Cup tournament. What a great battle between Eden Morgan and the winner, Owen Gonsalves. I hope this isn't the last we see of Eden around these parts, but if it is, she'll definitely be remembered fondly."

Kris Red: "Hopefully next time she's focused a bit more on her opponent. Something tells me she had her sights set on Travis Pierce more than Owen Gonsalves.

Tony D: "We won't have to wonder about Owen Gonsalves, cause the Visionary will be returning for more action in Round Two in the future. Next week, we've got more Total J Cup junior heavyweight action with the same kind of flavor as Ian Rothburn of Pride & Honor Wrestling faces WARPED Wrestling's very own Evangelista. She'll be making her big return next week on AXS TV in what should be another exciting juniors matchup."




We fade to the building's exit where we see Anton Chase rolling his luggage behind him, heading out of the building, per PKA's request. He heads through the EXIT and the camera pans out to show PKA watching from around the corner with a somber look on his face... His phone's text message alert goes off, and he checks his phone. A wide smile fills his face.

PKA: "Joey's gonna love this.."

He turns and heads down the hallway...




We fade to the dimly lit Gorilla Position where we see President Joey Matthew with a headset on. He's confronted by Hugo Strange with a coffee and donut. The former WARPED Champion holds his cell phone up, showing something to the President, who squints to look.

Hugo Strange: "See?"

Joey Matthew: "What is that? We Are 138?"

Hugo Strange: "Sorry boss. I went to get your coffee and donut, came back to the office, and it was like that. Spray painted on the wall.."

Joey Matthew: "Who did that?"

Hugo Strange: "He jumped out of nowhere and hit me.. he said he'd be at the next show.. boss.. uhh.."

Joey Matthew: "Who did?? Who?? The Phantom? Is this that creep again?"

Hugo Strange keeps his mouth shut and leaves the area. He's then replaced by one PKA, who has a smirk on his face.

PKA: "Your office is a mess, man. By the way, there's a phone conversation to be had after the show. Somebody we both know very well has shown interest in WARPED after hearing about AXS TV. I'll get with ya later.."

PKA pats him on the back.

PKA: "Congratulations, by the way. We made it."

Joey Matthew: "We made it."

Joey shakes PKA's hand and PKA heads off down the hall.



We fade back to the ringside area where we see Randy Long standing in the center of the ring.

Randy Long: "The following match is our main event of the evening. Introducing first - from Long Beach, California by way of Sydney, Austrlaia, he weighs in at 246 pounds - Crowbarrrrr!"

"Headbanger Victimized" hits the arena with the lights pulsing a deep red. Crowbar steps onto the stage wearing blue jeans, converse sneakers, a black t-shirt and black leather jacket. He extends his arms out and soaks in the mixed reaction from the crowd, laughing the whole time before looking out and saying "I love you all, too!".

As Crowbar makes his way to the ring, the screen goes Picture In Picture as we are getting a look at the dark, dimly lit, busy area where the wrestlers walk through the curtain; known as the Gorilla Position. Amongst the crew is President Joey Matthew, headset on, guiding the show along.

Crowbar heads down the ramp, stopping at the end to look around the ring before walking up the steps and jumping the top rope into the ring, removing his jacket and handing it to an official.

Tony D: "Crowbar has been with WARPED since nearly the beginning in 2010, and he is the only man in WARPED to have held the Evolution and World Titles simultaneously."

Kris Red: "Not to mention he was part of one of the most dangerous factions in history, AbominationZ. But it'd appear things have changed a bit and Crowbar is back on the right path..for now."

J.B. Ronie enters the frame with Johnny Raike; seemingly giving advice and hyping up The American Wet Dream for his main event match against Crowbar. Joey Matthew is making a feverish attempt to get Ronie’s attention; Ronie just waves him off. The camera zooms in on a chuckling J.B. Ronie.

J.B. Ronie: “He’s vicious, Johnny. Laurel can try to take credit for MY EYE(!) all she wants. But, Crowbar started the initial process.”

Johnny Raike is in his own headspace, but nods to confirm he’s listening. “Pure Morning” by Placebo hits the PA System.

J.B. Ronie: “Knock ‘em dead. Seriously, I can’t stand him.”

J.B. Ronie winks his good eye at Raike; patting him on the back.

Back to the ring..

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Salt Lake City, Utah, weighing in at 195 pounds, he is The Most Liberated Man in Professional Wrestling - Johnnyyy Raaaaaaaaiiike!"

As the singing starts for Pure Morning Johnny emerges from behind the curtain the screen returns to single camera view. Johnny Raike saunters down the aisle way, lost in the music, running his hands sensually over his own chest. He approaches a corner of the guardrail upon notice an attractive couple. Raike is overheard asking the female if she’s legal. He places a business card on his lips and inhales air to keep it stuck to his lips. The attractive females eyes light up as Johnny leans forward with the card on his lips. Just as he’s about to pass his business card to the female via “suck & blow” method the card drops and he zeroes in on the male of the couple; planting sloppy kiss on him. The male shoves Johnny away and throws a wild punch, but Raike merely backs away; blowing a kiss.

We get a frame-in-frame shot again to the Gorilla Position.. Joey Matthew pulls his headset off of his ear for a moment to call out for Ronie.

Joey Matthew: “By the way, that stuff you pulled earlier? The count out victory? That’s got to stop. Twice. TWICE now..”

J.B. Ronie turns and raises the eyebrow above his good eye.

J.B. Ronie: “Oh, come ooon, JoJo!”

J.B. winks his good eye; knowing he’s under Joey Matthew’s skin. Joey Matthew grabs the WARPED Evolution Champion by the wrist; as he’s turning to walk away.

Joey Matthew: ”It was bad enough that you pulled that at our 5th Anniversary show, but in the first match EVER on AXS TV? Unacceptable.”

J.B. Ronie: “Count-out, or not. Chase and I set the bar tonight and you know it, Joey!”

Joey Matthew shakes his head disapprovingly as he places his headset back on and turns his attention back to the monitor. He notices the picture-in-picture and huffs.

Joey Matthew: “This is the main event! Focus on the ring, damn it!”

Kris Red: "Seems like Joey Matthew isn't too pleased with how Ronie retained his Evolution Title tonight."

Tony D: "Something tells me J.B.Ronie won't be the one who impressed Joey the most tonight and gets that World Title shot."

As the two circle the ring, Raike attempts at a few kicks to take Crowbar off guard, but Crowbar avoids them. Raike teases a leg tackle, but Crowbar steps aside, and Raike nearly catches him with a spinkick. Raike with a go-behind, into a side headlock and he begins gouging the eyes of Crowbar!

Kris Red: "Ouch!!"

The referee tells Johnny Raike to stop, and Crowbar pushes Raike into the ropes and on the rebound nails him with a shoulderblock.

Tony D: "Raike paid for it there."

Raike gets to his feet, grabbing the back of his head and retreats to the corner, telling Crowbar to back away. Crowbar tells him to bring it on, and Raike slowly approaches.. Raike goes for a slap, but Crowbar grabs ahold of his arm and twists it, and Raike shows the pain in his face from the arm wrench. Crowbar backs Raike into the corner and the referee tells Crowbar to back it out and he listens.. but quickly returns with a right hand, but its blocked by Raike, who then delivers a quick kick to the gut, followed by a spinkick to the gut, and a quick right boot to the gut, causing Crowbar to back into the ropes.

Tony D: "Johnny Raike is so quick and vicious with those kicks."

Raike hits the far ropes and returns with a clothesline that sends Crowbar over the top and down to the floor. Raike poses to the crowd as they boo. Crowbar gets to his feet and reaches under the ropes, pulling Raike out and then drops him with a hard right hand.

Kris Red: "Perhaps he celebrated a little too early there and once again paid for it."

Crowbar grunts and brings Raike to his feet before rolling him back into the ring. Raike crawls to the corner and pulls himself up as Crowbar is in persuit and doesn't allow him to do much as he delivers a hard right hand and a back elbow to Raike's face.

Tony D: "Crowbar is no slouch. He will tear you up if he gets the chance, and Raike needs to find a way out of that corner right now."

Raike tries to escape, throwing wild punches at Crowbar, but Crowbar grabs onto his hand and pulls Raike out of the corner and goes for a neckbreaker but Raike escapes and delivers a big kick to the side of Crowbar's face, causing him to stagger into the ropes. Raike kicks him in the thighs and shins, causing Crowbar to drop to his knees, and Raike quickly goes out on the apron and pulls Crowbar's face across the bottom rope as he hops onto the floor and continues to pull down, choking the life out of Crowbar. The referee counts 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. and Raike lets go.

Kris Red: "Does Johnny Raike seem a bit more vicious than usual tonight?"

Tony D: "He does. He's just coming off a big loss to William Wallace and Sinc Mercier for a World Title shot at our previous event, and now he's not only out to impress the bossman I'd imagine to get another shot at the gold, but to also redeem himself."

Crowbar rolls to the middle of the ring, clutching his throat, as Raike slides in. Crowbar rises up and Raike charges in with a big Yakuza Kick.

Tony D: "That nearly took Crowbar's head off!"

Raike into the cover..



Kick out.

Raike gets on top of Crowbar and repeatedly drives his right fist into the face of Crowbar. The referee starts a 5 count.. 1.. 2.. 3... 4... and Raike lets up. He pulls Crowbar to a seated position and hits the ropes, returning with a big knee to the head. He then hits the ropes and returns with a kneedrop, leading into another cover..



Kick out!

Raike puts the boots to Crowbar, stomping him repeatedly, as Crowbar tries to roll toward the ropes. Raike stops him, bringing him to his feet and chops him across the chest. This enrages Crowbar, who fires back with a knife edge chop of his own. Raike delivers another, followed by another from Crowbar. Raike grabs his chest as Crowbar delivers yet another chop, and another! Crowbar brings Raike in and hits a Snap Suplex and covers..


Kick out!

Tony D: "A quick kickout off the snap suplex to Johnny Raike."

Crowbar sits up and grunts yet again. He looks at Raike with disgust as he pulls him up by his hair, earning him a warning from the referee. Crowbar sets him up for another vertical suplex, this time he holds him in the air and drops him with a Brainbuster. Crowbar covers..


Tw- Kick out!

Crowbar continues to go after Raike as the fans cheer. He whips him into the corner and calls for the turnbuckle spear. He charges in but Raike gets a boot up to the face of Crowbar, who staggers away. Raike hoists himself up onto the turnbuckle and leaps off but gets broken in half with a spear!

Tony D: "Element Zero out of nowhere from Crowbar!!"

The fans pop as Raike clutches his midsection in pain and rolls under the bottom rope onto the apron. Crowbar doesn't let him go far though as he grabs a handful of hair and pulls his body over the top rope, Raike's feet stuck on the middle rope. Crowbar then drops him with a quick spinning neckbreaker!

Kris Red: "The Shakeup from Crowbar and that usually leads to a KFO.. "

And indeed, Crowbar is stalking his prey now as he looks to hit the KFO (Jumping Cutter)..

Tony D: "This is it if Crowbar hits the KFO. He's laid out nearly everyone in WARPED history with one of these and Johnny Raike may experience his first KFO right.. about.. "

Crowbar goes for the KFO but Raike counters into a Backslide pin attempt, but Crowbar immediately escapes.. Raike charges at him and leaps, going for a Victory Roll, but Crowbar lifts him up into a wheelbarrow........but Raike rolls forward and Crowbar's face goes directly into the mat!

Tony D: "Pleasure Seeker!!"

Kris Red: "How he do that?!"

He rolls Crowbar over, grabs his legs and puts all his weight on the cover ..




Kris Red: "It's ova!!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Johnny Raiiiiike!"

"Pure Morning” by Placebo hits the PA System.

Tony D: "This match could have gone either way, and it looked like Crowbar had it, but this newcomer to WARPED, Johnny Raike, hit that amazing move out of nowhere and totally took Crowbar by surprise, and that was enough to put him away."

Kris Red: "Well I doubt the surprise is what put Crowbar away. He was dropped pretty hard on his face."

Tony D: "Oh absolutely, that's what I meant!"

Johnny Raike stands up and the ref holds his arm in victory. He boasts in the glory of victory now as the fans shake their heads. From the back comes Evolution Champion J.B. Ronie and Vaughn Ronie, Jr, who show up to congratulate Johnny Raike... but Raike isn't done, though, as he slides out to the ringside area and retrieves a chair. He brings it back into the ring and drives it into the back of Crowbar! The referee calls for the bell and it sounds but Raike continues the assault. The Ronies join him in the beatdown.

Tony D: "Crowbar needs some help right now! This is a three on one assault!"

Kris Red: "Anton Chase isn't even here to help out. He was sent to the hotel by PKA!"

The fans chant "We Want Sinc! We Want Sinc!" as the Ronies bring Crowbar to his feet, as Raike is ready to tee off and crack him in the skull with a chair.. but suddenly Sinc Mercier's music hits and he slides into the ring with a steel chair of his own! He starts swinging like a mad man, taking out Vaughn, then J.B. with the chair. Then, he sees Raike, standing in the middle of the ring, chair in hand. Raike looks on with confidence as he too has an equalizer......but not for long, as Crowbar - from behind - rips the chair from Raike's grasp.

Tony D: "Johnny Raike is stuck between a rock and a hard place.."

A possible con-chair-to is avoided by the music of President Joey Matthew, who immediately comes through the curtain with a microphone in one hand and a clipboard in another.

Joey Matthew: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it right there, guys."

Joey enters the ring and requests that Crowbar and Sinc back away from Johnny Raike. He gets inbetween them and speaks.

Joey Matthew: "I know you all want to beat the living hell out of each other and all, but we're about out of time on AXS, and I wanted to make my very special announcement regarding just WHO gets the World Title shot. There's been one man tonight who has impressed me more than anyone else, with his style, with his aggression, with his will to win and with his fighting spirit to help others in a time of need. This man is truly exceptional and I feel like he deserves the shot. So, please, if you would.."

Joey takes a pen from his jeans pocket and holds the clipboard up in the air.

Joey Matthew: "Here's the contract for a future World Title shot. And it goes to.. "

He turns to Crowbar.

Joey Matthew: "Crowbar, LOOK OUT!"

J.B. Ronie drills Crowbar in the face with the Evolution Championship!

Tony D: "Tensions are high in that ring right now.. "

JB asks Joey if that impressed him or not. Joey looks at Sinc, who is standing, ready to fight int he corner with the steel chair in hand..

"Put the chairs down.." says Joey. "Put them DOWN!" he screams off mic at both Sinc and Johnny.

Kris Red: "I wonder if Joey is reconsidering this whole impress-him thing.."

Tony D: "He should get out of that ring. He might get hurt."

Raike is the first person to cautiously put down his chair. Joey thanks him, and looks at Sinc, who slowly and cautiously puts his chair down.

Joey Matthew: "Johnny Raike."

Raike smiles wide as he's handed the clipboard and pen, and signs the contract. The fans gasp. Sinc Mercier nearly loses his shit. Raike nods at Joey.

Tony D: "Joey Matthew just awarded the World Title shot to Johnny Raike!"

Kris Red: "Well, he WAS quite impressive in the match we just saw.. but wow."

Sinc pulls Joey aside and quietly questions him about the decision. Joey whispers "it'll be okay.." to him and that's when Johnny Raike pushes Joey aside and drives the clipboard into the face of Mercier, dropping him to the mat.

Tony D: "My goodness.."

Joey Matthew escapes to ringside to get himself out of harm's way.

Kris Red: "This is total chaos. Joey Matthew just gave Johnny Raike a future World Title shot. Mercier is out. Crowbar is out. The Ronies and Raike are standing tall. What is Joey even thinking?!"

Tony D: "That was definitely a warped decision on the part of Joey Matthew, but we're out of time tonight. Fans, be sure to spread the word and come back next week to AXS WARPED yet again!"

Johnny Raike raises his contract in the air as Vaughn Ronie Jr and J.B. Ronie, with Evolution Title, stand next to him, as WARPED on AXS TV fades out.