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While Charm City Skate Park is being torn apart by kids volunteering and hoping for those free tickets to tonight’s event, the girls of 220 wrestling are being housed at a nearby hotel where they are getting ready for Second to None’s Confusion in Charm City event.

Heath Sommersby was inside of the building somewhere supervising a group of kids who were tearing down twenty thousand square feet of skate ramps and setting them back up on the rooftop and in the parking lot. Just as fast as the ramps were coming out, the 220 equipment was being moved inside.

Jason Richards had hundreds of kids outside unloading the 220 FOURLOKO Truck.

Perry Davidson was on the roof making sure that all of the ramps were safe and would not interfere with the light which would shine the 220 logo into the night’s sky at showtime.

While the guys were getting the venue ready, the girls were getting themselves ready. Being thrown in with the rest of the girls, and Chloe Deville didn’t set well with Megan Dela Vega. She wanted to be where ever Grinder was at, so she could keep an eye on him.

She hurried and got dressed in her wrestling gear of black leather pants and black tee shirt with the 220 logo across the front. She grew tired quickly of the three bitches who shared the room with her. She felt they were so beneath her and that she rated something far more deserving. After dressing, she left the room and the hotel to get back to the Charm City Skate Park. It was there that she would find Grinder and maybe if she was lucky she may even bump into Sommersby and not Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby, it had to be Heath.

As she entered the building wielding her sledge hammer in her right hand, that she always kept in the trunk of her car when it wasn’t at her side. The place was beginning to fill up with 220 wrestlers and workers who were getting the skate park into shape. It wasn’t long after her arrival when she came across Grinder in a rage with a brown paper bag over his head. She came up on him slowly as she wasn’t too sure of the reaction she would get from him after all the time she held him captive.

Megan Dela Vega: What the hell are you doing?

He turned around with both hands out stretched, aiming in the direction of her throat.

Grinder: You did this, where did you put it?

Megan Dela Vega: Calm the fuck down, where did I put what?

She made sure she kept some distance from him, it was obvious to her that he was in a rage and she knew it was directed at her.

Grinder: Don’t even try denying it. I know it was you. Give it back.

Megan Dela Vega: I can’t give back what I don’t have. What the hell are you talking about?

His body moving in a frantic way with the rage growing within him, she knew that something was really pissing him off.

Grinder: You know damn well what I’m talking about. My Mask Megan, give it back.

Megan Dela Vega: Ah, I see,

She waves her hand in the direction of his new headdress.

Megan Dela Vega: That’s why the paper bag, makes sense now. Don’t have it and haven’t seen it.

Grinder: You’re a liar, give it back to me now.

Megan Dela Vega: Sorry love, it wasn’t me who took it. It’s time you stop hiding, take that ridiculous bag off your head. You’re not going to the ring with that stupid thing on your head.

Grinder: I will if you don’t give it back.

She throws her hands in the air and then tries to remove the bag from his head. He sees this and slaps her hand away before taking a few steps back and out of her reach.

Megan Dela Vega: There’s more we need to discuss then your damn mask, like what went down the past two weeks. We haven’t even talked about it.

Grinder: We won’t, not until you give it back to me, now give it back Megan.

Megan Dela Vega: This is ridiculous, you do realize there is more important things going on then that damn mask don’t you?

Grinder: NO! Give it back!

Megan Dela Vega: Look I know that you may think I’m the prime suspect here, but really why would I want to take that fucking stupid mask? It wasn’t me.

He’s now losing what control he had and leaped at her, pushing her hard into the brick wall behind her, causing her to hit her head hard against the wall. With his hands on her shoulders, he pinned her there glaring into her eyes with his deep blue ones.


She brought her arms up quickly and broke his hold on her shoulders, she then brought her knee up and nailed him between the legs again, just like she did the first time he saw her in 220. He fell to the ground just like he did before, moaning in pain.

Megan Dela Vega: It’s just a mask, and you’re acting like a lunatic. I don’t have your fucking stupid mask and I haven’t seen it. It wasn’t me. Look if it means this much to you, I’ll help you look for it. I’ll go one direction, you go in the other. We can search better if we split up. We meet back here in 20 minutes.

Grinder just nods his bag covered head and takes the area where he was headed before Megan showed up. She didn’t budge an inch as she watched him search for his mask. Megan just shook her head as “Tattooed Bruise” by doubleDrive assaulted the speakers inside of Charm City Skate Park.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: WHAT’S UP MOTHERFUCKERS?!!? YOU FOUND US!

The crowd knew that it was on when Lucia said those words! They started a short-lived 2-2-0 chant.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: And we are live and Second to None from the Charm City Skate Park in Baltimore! Second to None has been at work since six o’clock this morning to bring you Confusion in Charm City! The ramps are gone! And the ring is set-up! Let’s do this!

Finally. The match bell sounds three times and the crowd goes wild!

Chloe Deville: Ladies and Gentlemen, the underpaid and oversexed. Bulletproof and BETTER THAN ADVERTISED HEATH SOMMERSBY…welcomes YOU to the Charm City Skate Park in Baltimore, Maryland for a night of Second to None Wrestling!!!

The capacity crowd of twenty five hundred went wild. The sounds of Lolene’s ”Bite Your Tongue” come over the Public Announce system and blares through the arena as the fans start to cheer even louder because they know who is about to come out..The camera moves onto the ramp where from behind the curtain the beautiful Libby comes out with a big smile on her face. The fans continue to cheer the stunning blonde as she sticks her hand in the air with a smile Libby walks closer towards the descending ramp at to go to the ring when she places her hands in her hair and before she bends over towards her toes and flips her hair back up with a smile.

Chloe Deville: This match is for one fall! Introducing first…from Los Angeles, California….LIBBY MARCIL!

At the sound of her name Libby starts to walk down the declining part of the ramp with a huge smile on her face, as the fans continue to cheer for her she throws her right hand into the air showing the fans some love while she makes her way to ringside.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Libby has had a few professional matches over the last year, however, she hasn’t had too much training.

As Libby makes her way down to ringside she walks around the ring instead of heading up the stairs as she does she passes closely to the guardrail as she starts to give Hi-fives to the fans in the first row, as she passes around the ring the fans continue to cheer the beautiful diva. As Libby makes her way across the entire ringside area, when she makes it to the stairs she starts to ascend them. As she climbs the stairs one by one the cheers from the fans get a bit louder. As the beauty makes her way up to the ring apron she stops in the dead center of the apron, she enters the ring under the top rope. The sounds of “Bite Your Tongue” then start to fade out the sounds of Hate on Me by Jill Scott ring throughout the arena.

Chloe Deville: And her opponent! From Atlanta, Georgia…GIA DANIELS!

Gia made her way to the ring much quicker than Libby had. Obviously ready to get to work after Sway.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Gia took D-Dawg to the very limit two weeks ago at Sway. She really proved to Second to None that she is going to be taken seriously here.

As Gia slid into the ring, the match bell sounded officially kicking off the match and the show. Gia was up to her feet in a flash and entered the ring with a running lariat to takedown Libby! Gia hit the ropes running; as she bounced back to the center of the ring Libby hit Gia with a Lariat takedown of her own.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Physically these two are pretty evenly matches up. Let’s see who’s got the biggest heart.

Libby nailed Gia with a knife edged chop and you could clearly see that Daniels did not like it so Marcil continued. Libby hit her again and again with knife edged chops which quickly had Gia on the ropes. Libby took wrist control and with an Irish Whip sent her for the ride. As Gia bounced back to the center of the ring Libby took her down hard with a Lou Thesz Press. Gia had two handfuls of Libby’s hair by the time that she hit the mat and was rolling herself over onto the top. She banged Libby’s head down hard onto the mat twice then got up and hit the ropes running. Gia went for a diving elbow drop but Libby rolled out of the way.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Gia rang the doorbell but nobody was home!

Both women made it back up to their feet and Libby landed a single leg dropkick. Backing into the ropes Libby ran hard at Gia and as she stood took her right back down with a cross body block. With a lateral press applied, Libby hooked a leg.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…Gia Daniels kicks out!

Back to their feet they went. Warily they stalked each other now, circling the ring slowly. They moved in for a collar and elbow tie-up but Gia landed a hard, high knee lift. With Libby doubled over, Gia lifted her up for a powerbomb. When Gia got Libby up, Libby wrapped her long legs around Gia’s neck and twisted herself around onto Gia’s shoulders! Libby reached down for Gia’s ankles and tumbled them both into a Victory Roll.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…Gia is able to kick out again!

Libby pulled Gia up in an underhook. Then she hit the Double Underhook Tornado DDT!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Bit the dust! …1…2…3!!!

The bell sound and the ref raises Libby’s arm in victory!

Chloe Deville: And here is your winner…LIBBY MARCIL!!!

Once again, Bite your tongue by Lolene hits the speakers. Libby Marcil leaves the ring playing to the crowd as she make her way to the back.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Wow. I really like her! Libby Marcil is truly Second to None. I can not believe how well she did tonight in her debut match! I see her going very far here and becoming one of the top draws that we promote here at Second to None. You know, speaking of the best that we have and an honest to God top draw..check this out everyone. This…is what’s up. You will not want to miss it.

As the big red circular 220 logo fades out from the big screen everyone’s attention is drawn to it. In an obviously pre-recorded segment, we see Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby inside of Charm City Skate Park well before showtime. She is wearing a trucker style cap with the 220 logo on it. Black yoga pants and a thin black zip up hoodie with a red sports bra on underneath it. Without the high heels she is almost always seen it, Lucia’s diminutive size is all but obvious. She finds who she is looking for, obviously Heath Sommersby. She gives him a kiss and a coffee.

Heath Sommersby: Great! I was hoping to see you before showtime. There’s someone I need you to meet.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Heath! I’m not dressed! I don’t have on any make-up! I am NOT meeting anyone looking like this!

She looked great and she knew it. Then a shadow covered her. A larger than life, giant of a man stepped into view.

Heath Sommersby: Listen, with everything that’s gone on…backstage…since Sway. I thought it would be best if I brought someone onto the payroll to watch your back during showtime while I am busy backstage.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: You bought me…protection…

The look on her face was utter disgust. She was instantly beyond pissed.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: You think that I need…protection?

Lucia turned and faced her new bodyguard, finally acknowledging him. He stood almost two feet taller than Lucia. He looked to be twice as wide as she was. Slowly, she extended a hand towards him..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Hello…I am Mrs. Sommersby..

He went to shake her hand, when their hands touched he immediately went right to his knees howling in pain. She brought a knee up and caught him square on the point of his chin, then wrapped that leg around the back of his head and squeezed. As she stared down Heath, you could plainly see that in her mind it was him that she was choking out. Her new bodyguard fell in a heap at her feet. Sound asleep.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Heath…the next time you want to be thoughtful and spend some money on me. Make sure it sparkles.

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The match bell sounds three times calling for everyone’s attention as Dig by Mudvayne hits the speakers.

Chloe Deville: This contest is a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!!! Introducing first, from Babylon, Texas…APOKALYPSE!

He enters and heads for the ring.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Big buzz surrounding Apokalypse when he tried out at the 220 Academy and I personally liked what I saw. This kid is brings a fear factor with his creative hardcore style and his high tolerance for pain. But…like him or not…when you talk about the 220 Academy you have to talk about the Lead Trainer, Apok’s opponent Jason Richards. And that motherfucker…is tough. This should be good.

Right on cue, the wolf howled and the crowd went wild as “Clutch” by Barrie Gleddon hit the speakers.

Chloe Deville: And his opponent…”THE AMERICAN WOLF” JASON…RICHARDS!!!

The lights then begin to flash red, white, and blue as Richards appears from behind the curtain. The crowd lost it when they saw Richard! He looks out over the crowd pumping them up as he makes his way to the ring holding his hand out. The crowd slaps it as he makes his way around the ring stopping at the corner he stands on a chair once again hyping up the crowd.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Richards is the last man standing who wrestled on our first I pay per view, “FREE”. Apokalypse was the last man who had passed the tryout when this card was booked. Now we know how tough Richards is but in the indy wrestling circles Apok’s brother has a much more brutal reputation. I don’t like him though. He looks like he went clothes shopping in Grinder’s trash!

As Richards slid into the ring the ref called for the bell to officially start the match. Richards moved in to feel out Apokalypse with a collar and elbow tie-up but was met with a boot to the gut. Apok dropped an elbow to the back of Richards’ neck. Then another, and another. Apok hit the ropes running, bounced back hard and fast where Richards caught him with a stiff mule kick. Apok was stopped in his tracks and Richards continued his striking attack by hammering away at the thigh of Apok with a barrage of kicks. Then from out of nowhere, Richards burst towards Apok and took him down with stiff lariat.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Richards will push the pace if you let him! He has a running start off the ropes!

Apok was fast to his feet. He turned to face Richards and was immediately knocked flat with a Sleeping Neckbreaker! Richards hopped up to the top turnbuckle and fell flat connecting with a diving headbutt! Richards stood, wincing in pain!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…3…Apok is up!

Richards pulled Apok up to his feet and he gouged Richards right in the eye! Apok with a judo toss which sent Richards into a corner. As he stood, Apok connected with continued stiff shoulder thrusts right into his gut. Richards fought back, clubbing Apok hard on the back as he did this. Apok stepped back and called Richards out of the corner. Richards took one step towards him and Apok struck with an Exploder Suplex. Apok turned and as Richards stood he was decapitated with a brutal Yakuza kick!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Blood on the ring! I love it! More!

Apok took wrist control. He stood over Richards and crossed Richards arms beneath them both as he lifted Richards up, upside down. Apok turned in a small circle, showing it off, then he sat out the maneuver hard!


The ref started the 10 count..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…3…4…5…Richards is up!

Richards attempted to get up but Apok nailed him with a hard double axe handle smash. Apok dropped to his knees and showered Richards with Multiple Downward Elbows to the spine.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: That would be illegal in Mixed Martial Arts…not here!

Apok landed a knee to the mouth of Richards which was already bloody from the Yakuza kick from before. Richards sprawled backwards hard and fast moving away from Apok spitting out blood on the mat as he did. Richards backed himself right into a corner he stood as Apok landed a stiff boot to the gut. Apok took wrist control and sent Richards for the ride with an Irish Whip. Counter by Richards slammed Apok back hard into that same corner. Richards then connected with a hard Running Corner Forearm Smash!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: The American Wolf in on the hunt.

Richards hammered away at Apok’s ribs landing shin kick after shin kick. The crowd was on their feet and urging Richards on! He stepped back, then Richards lunged forward and connected with a European Uppercut. Richards used that momentum to lift Apok up onto the top rope in a seated position. Richards sprung up onto the top rope and slowly pulled Apok to his feet. Apok landed a stiff punch to Richards’ gut and Richards landed two. Then, before Apok could strike again, Richards hit him with a overhead belly to belly suplex off the top rope! The crowd was going wild as Richards pointed to the corner across from where he and Apok had just stood. With Apok down, Richards went back up top, wasting no time he leaped and connected with a Frog Splash! The ref was right there!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9..APOKALYPSE IS UP!

As Apok stood, Richards caught him in a side headlock and sent him right back down to the mat! color]

[color=orchid]Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Emerald City…nope, tonight I am calling that the CHARM CITY BOOM!!!

Richards slid off of Apok taking wrist control as he did. Before Apok knew it, Richards had him locked down into an Anaconda Vice![/


Apok went limp, Richards didn’t let go.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Rowan went to sleep on Lucia’s Sunday Morning Hangover. Richards has gone to sleep two events in a row and right now Apok appears to be out! No one in Second to None has tapped out…YET!

With the ref making the ten count, Richards was on a cornerpost urging them to count louder!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …SIX…SEVEN…EIGHT…

Richards was inciting to crowd into a near riot. They were blowing the roof off of the place!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …NINE….TEN! RING IT CHLOE!

The match bell sounded and Jason Richards’ arm was raised in victory!


Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Is Richards back on track here in Second to None? We will find out in two weeks in Detroit Rock City! Until then, if you want to get your pro wrestling career on track…go see Jason Richards at the Second to None Academy in Washington D.C.

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Backstage, we find Second to None promoter Heath Sommersby. He looks more than a little stressed out running the show live the way things were going down. Confusion, was turning out to be much more than a catchy title for this event. He looked as if he were looking for someone and if he didn’t find them soon that there would be another glitch. Suddenly, Libby Marcil can be seen walking backstage. She is all changed and fresh after her hard fought victory over Gia Daniels earlier in the night. Making her way back towards the ringside area, she passes by Heath who stops her.

Heath Sommersby: Hey…

He didn’t exactly grab her, but when he saw her his hand did reach out and take hers. He pulled her hand closer to him and basically forced a handshake on her.

Heath Sommersby: Good job out there tonight! We haven’t met. I’m Heath Sommersby.

Heath didn’t immediately release his grip on her hand. And he really didn’t think he’d done anything wrong. But he did sit right down on the edge of right and wrong and dangled his feet over that edge.

Libby Marcil: Well, thank you Mister Sommersby, I try. It’s great to be back in the ring and I have to say, it was a hell of a thrill.

A smile comes over Libby’s face as she grasps her hand that Heath shook as if it slightly hurt her. [/b]

Libby Marcil: I have to say, you have a hell of a grip.

[b]Heath Sommersby: So I’ve been told, but if you want to get a long with me, we’re going to have to be much more informal than all of that. Call me Heath.

He seemed calm, relaxed. Nothing at all like he had when she’d first seen him. He seemed much more, “in his element”.

Heath Sommersby: Now, what would you like for me to call you?

She lets out a soft laugh. With a smirk on her face she thinks about what Heath could call her.

Libby Marcil: You can call me Libby, anything else I think I’d kill you…I’m just joking of course.

After forcing the joke, she felt as if she royally fucked up. Her little joke could have easily cost her. But, he obviously took it as just that, a joke. He must have, he simply burst of laughing.

Heath Sommersby: Kill me?

He pulled his key ring out of his pocket and jammed a key hard into his knee three times. Nothing, well nothing except for the sound of a metal ping of that notorious titanium knee.

Heath Sommersby: You can’t kill me! Haven’t you heard? I’m bulletproof! And it looks to me like you could hurt a man a lot worse…by not killing him!

Libby crosses her arms over her chest before smiling at Heath.

Libby Marcil: Well, you can be bulletproof just like 50 Cent but you know what they say about looks killing. I’m really harmless though… sometimes.

Uncrossing her arms, she places her hands on her hips.

Heath Sommersby: I doubt that Gia Daniels would agree with that statement.

They finally shared a genuine laugh toward without any of the awkwardness of just meeting.

Heath Sommersby: So what’s going on? Are you out of here now that you’re finished wrestling? Or are you sticking around for the rest of the show?

Libby Marcil: Oh, I’m definitely sticking around. Things are way too interesting for me to just leave. I think I’m going to just sneak in with the crowd, though that may not be my brightest idea.

Libby smirks before she flicks her blonde hair off her right shoulder.

Heath Sommersby: No. I can’t let you do that.

It has been rumored for years that Heath Sommersby could go to his mailbox and come back with a backstage pass to some sort of event. He reached inside of his t-shirt and pulled out a stack. He must’ve had a dozen different ones on right now. He separated out one with the 220 logo on it and took it off. He slid it over Libby’s head and she quickly pulled her hair through it, so that he wouldn’t do it for her. It was kind of obvious by now that he would.

Heath Sommersby: No need to sneak around. Go wherever you want to and have a good time! But…I might come looking for that later..

Libby takes the pass and looks at the 220 logo for a few seconds. She smiles at Heath before she lets go of the logo letting it fall between on her chest.

Libby Marcil: Well you know, whenever you need it, come and find me.

She turned and left, slowly walking away from Heath. His eyes never left her ass until the cameras cut back to ringside, and if looks could kill..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: What the fuck was that?

Lucia took a long pull of the liquor in her flask that she usually has with her during the shows.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: No. Really. Just exactly what the fuck was that…Libby Marcil?

And just like always, her Heath, had done nothing wrong in her eyes.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Not only is Heath Sommersby a married man…

She makes sure that the cameras catch her oversized sparkler on her ring finger..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: He is your promoter and I will NOT have you throwing yourself at him in hopes on any sort of special treatment. Or…actually…that’s exactly what you’re going to get here in Second to None! Some very, very special treatment, courtesy of Mrs. Sommersby! Now, somebody fight for me before I go pick a fight with somebody!

The match bell sounds three times capturing everyone’s attention!

Chloe Deville: This next contest is for one fall and it will decide the #1 contender to the Better Than Advertised Championship!!!

The crowd marked out for this announcement, and they really got loud as Playing The Saint begins to play! The lights all fall dark and begin to flash around the stage. The lights flash, but we can see someone walk out onto the stage. Once the intro rift ends the lights fades up to see a smug and rough looking young man. He’s wearing a jet black leather jacket with ripped jeans. He smirks as he slowly pulls down his hood to reveal his piercing eyes. A very uneasy feeling washes through the arena as he begins to walk down towards the ramp.

Chloe Deville: From Seattle, Washington, Weighing in at 218 pounds, He is the Second to None “Saint of Hate” Isaac Rox!!!

Isaac Rox walks down the ramp his eyes staring holes through the crowd watching him. He shakes his head and rolls his eyes as he approaches the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. He lays there for a moment before getting to his feet and taking off his jacket. He walks over to the ropes and leans back against them as he sits on the middle rope just waiting and watching as “Playing The Saint” dies down .

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: WAIT! Hold up just one minute! Now…first of all, I’ve realized that it will only be confusing if we have a #1 contender to a belt with no champion. And second, when Heath Sommersby booked the Better Than Advertised Championship match last week, he booked it for a match that WILL NOT happen here tonight. So…what I’m thinking here is…since this match was booked, and is happening…and since Second to None Wrestling needs a Better Than Advertised Champion a lot more than we need a number contender to a vacant title…this next match, in that very ring, WILL decide the vacant Second to None Better Than Advertised Championship!!!

Now the crowd was hyped up and ready to go. Then “Levels” by Meek Mills hit the speakers! As D-Dawg pushed through the curtains wearing his new gray 220 –tshirt he was celebrating as if he had already won the BTA championship and so were a rowdy group of his fans in his t-shirt near the entrance.


Majors slid into the ring under the bottom rope and stood up to full height towering over Rox and the match bell sounded to officially start this fight. Rox just smirked and landed a stiff right hand to the jaw of Majors! D-Dawg returned the favor with jaw-jarring right hand of his own!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Oh yeah! It’s on now! And when the dust settles one of these men will stand tall with the Better Than Advertised Championship around his waist!

Rox landed another right hand and beating D-Dawg to the punch landed a second hard right hand then shoved Majors back into the ropes. As they hit the ropes Rox landed a high knee lift and followed that up with a short arm clothesline with sent majors over the top rope! D-Dawg showed “cat-like” reflexes though, landing on his feet. Immediately he grabbed both of Rox’s feet and snatched them out from under his! Rox hit the mat hard and majors pulled him to the outside under the bottom rope. As Rox’s feet hit the ground, D-Dawg pushed him over backwards on the ring apron a laid down a hard clubbing forearm shot. He followed with a second and then a third before pulling him up. Majors looked as if he was going to shove Rox into the broadcast table, saw Lucia, then ran him hard shoulder first into the steel steps at ringside! Majors ran up behind Rox and landed a big boot to the back of that shoulder, again running it into the steel steps. Majors pulled Rox up, snatched the man’s arm behind his back and ran him hard into the cornerpost of the ring! Then, still with Rox’s arm behind his back, D-Dawg picked him up and bodyslammed him down hard onto the hard concrete. Rox writhed in pain, clutching his shoulder on the ground as Darius Majors slid back inside of the ring and again began to celebrate as if he had already won.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: I have got to give it up to D-Dawg! Isaac Rox literally put Darius Majors on the ropes to start this match off, what happened just now on the outside of the ring was simply better than I would have been able to advertise!

With Rox still down on the ground on the outside of the ring, majors gambled that his opponent was down, but not quite out. He stopped his celebration with the referee counting Rox out and began to climb the ring ropes.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: D-Dawg is going up top! He’s looking to out-do what he has already done!

The crowd was on their feet when D-Dawg stood on the top ropes and did “Aaron Rodgers’ Championship Belt Taunt” and leaped! He hit Rox with Top-Rope Diving Elbow Drop and the crowd lost it!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: HOLY SHIT!

The Baltimore crowd agreed and a loud “HOLY SHIT!” chant was starting by the crowd at ringside and spread through the small venue quickly as the replay of this vicious bump hit the big screen. The impact was so hard the D-Dawg was favoring his hip when he got to his feet. Majors then pulled Rox up and rolled him back into the ring under the bottom rope which stopped the ref’s count. Majors didn’t slide into the ring, he began climbing the ropes again from the outside..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: D-Dawg Darius Majors had some luck at SWAY coming of the top rope arm in arm, leg in leg with Gia Daniels! He’s looking to use some more of the top-rope luck to make short work of Issac Rox and start his Second to None GOLD Collection!

D-Dawg didn’t waste one second or hesitate. He got to the top rope and with the confidence of a seasoned pro leaped and landed a picture perfect top-rope leg drop! With his leg still down across Isaac Rox’s chest, D-Dawg hooked the inside leg and the ref started the three count.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…ROX GOT A LEG UP ONTO THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

The ref actually didn’t see it! He could actually hear Luc ia’s big mouth over all the background noise and when she didn’t scream out THREE, he caught the leg in his peripheral vision.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Rox did not want to expend the energy to kick-out. Right there shows a veteran savvy with that leg up on the bottom rope. He will be tougher to beat than Majors thinks!

D-Dawg pulled Rox’s leg down off the bottom rope and landed a hard right hand. He went for the mount to really ground and pound Rox, but Isaac was already trying to get away from the next right hand. He slid outside of the ring.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: D-Dawg isn’t going to just let Isaac Rox walk off all that damage he just inflicted. He’s following Rox to the outside.

Majors grabbed Rox from behind looking to ram him into another cornerpost but Rox blocked it and with a hip toss threw Majors right into the guardrail at ringside. Rox quickly followed that up with a sitting dropkick right into D-Dawg’s face. Rox began pulling D-Dawg up and then dropped him hard with a double arm DDT onto the steel steps at ringside! Quickly, Rox was up. He stood over Majors, then crucifixed the arms and pulled D-Dawg up. Rox put his boot right on the back of D-Dawg’s head and curb-stomped him down hard onto the steel steps at ringside!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Rox with back to back moves using those steel steps at ringside and he just had to dive back into the ring to break up Referee Perry Davidson’s ten count!

Rox slid right back out and pulled Majors up to roll him back inside of the ring. Immediately, Rox went for a pinfall, hooking the inside leg!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…D-DAWG KICKS OUT!

Rox cinches in around D-Dawg’s waist going for back control on the ground. Majors uses his size advantage to get his feet under himself, just as soon as he does, Rox hits him with a snap German Suplex. Rox bridges the pinfall!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…D-DAWG IS ABLE TO KICK OUT ONCE MORE!

Rox pulls Majors up and sends him for the ride to the far side ropes with an Irish Whip. As D-Dawg bounces back, he nails Rox with a Corkscrew Shoulder Block! Both men move to their feet and from out of nowhere, D-Dawg nails Rox with a Jumping Spinning Thrust Kick !


D-Dawg grabs Rox hard around the throat. He pulled him up to his feet and then lifted Rox right up off of his feet with a one handed choke lift! He held Rox up over his head with one arm!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: OMGWTF?!?!!?

From out of nowhere Rox planted Majors with a Tornado DDT!!! Rox took the underhooks and lifted Majors up, then dropped him down hard with some crazy double underhook Emerald Fusion type maneuver!


Rox quickly pulled D-Dawg up and sent him for the ride with an Irish Whip. With a Running Lariat, Rox hit Majors so hard that D-Dawg was turned inside out and upside down. He hit the mat hard on his stomach. Rox then hit him with a Deadlift Back Suplex. Lucia turned to the crowd at ringside and screamed at them!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: THIS IS AWESOME!!!

And the Baltimore crowd echoed her chant over and over marking out for what would decide the first 220 Better Than Advertised Champion. Rox held onto Majors and lifted him back up for a second Deadlift Back Suplex. The impact of this jarred the ring. And then,, unbelievably still holding on tight and locked in, Rox lifted D-Dawg up for a third consecutive Deadlift Back Suplex! When he went for the pin, the crowd was on their feet making the count!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…D-DAWG KICKS OUT ONE MORE AGAIN!!!

Frustrated, Rox goes for a tap-out. He applied a Mexican Surfboard Stretch to Majors. D-Dawg’s back was wrenched out and arched as Rox really applied the pressure. The ref checked to see if D-Dawg could continue, but before he could reply, the ref dropped to the mat, checked Rox’s shoulder and began a three count.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…The Saint of Hate is forced to break his own hold or be counted down for the three count.

Rox stood up, taking wrist control of D-Dawg as he did. Rox slung the wrist of the arm he was holding over his own shoulders and quickly lifted D-Dawg up under one leg and around the waist interlocking his fingers when he did. Rox spun them around hard backwards and planted D-Dawg hard with a Spinning Sidewinder Suplex!!!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: AROUND THE WORLD!!!

With a lateral press, Rox hooked both legs and rocked back hard in a pinning combination. The referee slid into position to make the count.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…3!!!

The match bell sounds and Playing The Saint by Digital Summer explodes from the speakers!


Lucia stood at the broadcast table and pulled out a locked briefcase. She walked over to the ring and slid it inside to Perry Davidson. Lucia pulled a key out from between her breasts on a long necklace. Took it off and handed that to the ref. Perry Davidson unlocked the case and took out the Second to None Better Than Advertised Championship belt. He held it up over his head and the crowd went wild.


The referee gave the belt to Rox and raised his other arm in victory!

Chloe Deville: THE SAINT OF HATE!!! ISAAC ROX!!!

He didn’t even celebrate. Rox fell to his knees clutching the belt in both hands and staring at it intently. A slow sadistic smile spread across his face.

user posted image

We cut backstage where we see a locker room. Lockers line the wall and private possessions hang from the lockers. The camera pans around for a second before it stops suddenly on a man taping up his fists. The man…Tommy Rowan. Tommy sits on a bench in the locker room and slowly tapes up his wrists and fists for battle. Not looking up, he begins to speak quietly.

Tommy Rowan: I’ve been silent since you last saw me. Not a word, not a peep. Silence has been what two twenty has gotten from me. Interviews, press conferences, signings, none of those. I have been a closed book when it comes to two twenty. Now we are on the eve of battle and I am ready to open my mouth again about Second to None..

Rowan continues taping his left fist, making sure it is tight.

Tommy Rowan: There has been trash talk and rumors flying around on Twitter and on the streets talking about Grinder and myself. Cage and everyone else around me. People ask me my intentions. All I have to say is Vengeance. Vengeance is what I am after. Grinder has made me a fool. He will get what’s coming to him. Cage has made me a fool by pinning me in a match where he was the ref. He will be taken care of in due time. And then we come to the top of the wood pile. Stryker. He took my chance away from me. My chance to rise to the top. Everything was on that match and what happened? I flunked. I failed. I…..lost.

Rowan finishes the tape on his left hand and then begins his right fist.

Tommy Rowan: Tonight is a different night though. Tonight we begin a new journey. A new path if you will. A brand new adventure. Tonight, Vengeance takes full control. This match has a lot riding on it. Winner gets the title shot. So I have a choice

Rowan finishes the tape on his right fist and then tears the roll away. He pounds his fists into his palms and then stands up.

Tommy Rowan: Title shot or Vengeance. I’ll let fate decide. Kill Until Killed! Villain out!

Tommy covers the camera lens with his hand, sending the feed back to ringside. Right then, the match bell sounds three times calling for everyone’s attention!

Chloe Deville: This match is for one fall and will decide the number one contender to the Second to None Better Than Advertised Championship!!!

The house lights fall and “Astro Zombies” by the Misfits. As soon as Danzig belts out the first “OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!” of the song, Ajax hits the curtain and appears in his ring gear, and a hoodie on. He takes a quick moment to look at the crowd as the Announcer gives the details on Ajax.

Chloe Deville: And his opponent…JOHNNY AJAX!!!

Johnny walks down the ramp and gives a few high fives to the fans before jumping up on the apron, wincing and walking over to the nearest ring post, which he then climbs and yells at the crowd and poses, again grabbing his ribs and wincing. Ajax then jumps into the ring and then takes his seat on the top turnbuckle.

Chloe Deville: And his opponent!

“Wrecking Ball” by Five Finger Death Punch plays out as the lights dim down very low. Smoke fills the area and as the song’s intro ends and the lyrics begin. Jason Kaine with Roxxanne directly behind him throws back the curtain and walks onto the stage. He stands in the smoke for a few moments before pounding his chest three times, flexing his arms in front of him and bellowing a deep heavy metal scream. He storms down the aisle with Roxxanne following close behind with more than enough of her own attitude to match her husband’s.

Chloe Deville: From Baltimore, Maryland…accompanied by Roxxanne…weighing in at two hundred pounds, he is a representing and founding member of the Misfits Republic Motorcycle Club……..Jasoooooon…..KAAAAIIIIINNNNEEE!

Reaching ringside, Kaine pulls himself up onto the apron. He sits on the second rope and holds the ropes open for Roxxanne who makes a bit of a show of entering the ring. Jason walks down the apron and stands up on the outer side of the second turnbuckle. He raises a double set of metal horns high. He lowers his arms, glances around at the crowd and then jumps into the ring. He puts his back into the corner as Roxxanne takes a position at ring side.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: So..word on the streets is Ajax has a couple of broken ribs courtesy of an unsanctioned sparring match with “The American Wolf. Now earlier in the night, there didn’t seem to be anything at all wrong with Richards. Unfortunately for Ajax, he has not personally contacted Heath or I about this situation. Therefore, it’s not our problem. Ajax…is at his own risk tonight with the founding father of the Misfits Republic Motorcycle Club .

The bell sounds and Ajax offers a handshake to Kaine but is met with an open handed smack. Ajax swung right back with a slap of his own but Kaine ducked and landed a stiff body blow to Ajax right in the ribs! Kaine then landed a boot to the gut and as Ajax doubled over in pain, Kaine lifted him up and slammed him down hard with a Gutwrench Suplex.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: I would have been happy to tell Ajax about the change in his match…had he contacted me about his injury. Maybe next time…he won’t be so shy.

Both men moved back to their feet. This time Ajax saw he had to strike first. He hit Kaine with a Spinning Wheel Kick that sent Kaine down to one knee. Ajax quickly measured him and snapped off a superkick to a kneeling opponent!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Headshot by Ajax! Could it be over this quickly? …1…2…Kaine got his foot up onto the ropes!!!

Kaine didn’t get his leg up onto the ropes, Roxxanne did and then she started shouting at the ref to stop the count! Kaine slid out of the ring to shake off the cobwebs when out of nowhere, Ajax nailed him with a Corkscrew Plancha, In the replay, we see Ajax hit the ropes running hard before leaping and nailing Kaine! As Ajax pulled Kaine up and began to roll him back into the ring, Kaine countered with a shoulder block that ran Ajax’s back and ribs right into the ring apron!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: If Ajax didn’t have some busted ribs before this match, he might afterwards! Kaine is showing no mercy tonight in his hometown of Baltimore!

Again and again Kaine rammed Ajax into the ring apron. He did this all the way up until the ref had hit nine in his count, then Kaine finally rolled Ajax back into the ring. Both grapplers were fast to their feet, but Kaine was faster. He hit Ajax with an Inverted Atomic Drop which sent Ajax back into a corner. Kaine followed him in with a stiff Superman punch. When Kaine landed he was leaping into Ajax with a high knee lift.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Kaine is still attacking the ribs of Johnny Ajax!

Kaine landed a European Uppercut and followed that up with stiff shots from both hands to both sides of the solar plexus of Johnny Ajax. Kaine raked the eyes, headbutted Ajax, then scooped him and sat him down on the top turnbuckle! Kaine leaped up onto the middle turnbuckle an again hit Ajax with a Gutwrench Suplex!


Ajax was clutching his ribs, writhing in pain on the mat. Kaine was up and still on the attack. He pulled Ajax up. It looked like Kaine was going for a Fisherman’s Suplex. Kaine lifted Ajax then lunged forward with a Fisherman Suplex Slam!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: THE PAIN TRAIN!!! AJAX IS DONE! …1…2…OMGWTF?!!? AJAX KICKED OUT!!!

Kaine pounded the mat three times in frustration to show the ref how fast he should be counting. The referee asked Ajax if he could continue and he nodded that he could. Kaine then began laying down the boots, just pounding Ajax’s head. Then he began laying down the boots to the ribs of Ajax. Kaine began pulling Ajax up where he hooked the arms behind Ajax’s back and lifted.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: It looks like Kaine is going for the Neck Brace Driver!

Kaine took two running steps and slammed Ajax down hard with his double underhook piledriver! Kaine hooked a leg!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…3!!! It is over!!!

Roxxanne climbed into the ring, shoved the ref away from Kaine then she lifted her husband’s arm in victory!!!

Chloe Deville: Here is your winner…and number one contender to the Bett


user posted image


The big screen shows what is obviously a pre-recorded promo. The first thing we see is Grinder’s big goofy smile. The time stamping on the lower right hand corner of the screen reveals this video to be from Christmas Eve which explains the Santa hat that grinder is wearing.


Megan Dela Vega: SHHHHHH!

Grinder: Hey! You don’t get to say that! Only I can! Now you SSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Grinder is very impatient right now because he is standing in line to see Santa Claus.

Megan Dela Vega: We will leave right now…and you WILL NOT get to see Santa!

He started to say something, then thought better of it. They took one step forward in line.

Megan Dela Vega: And don’t act like a crazy man when you go talk to him! As if a grown, masked man in a mall waiting to see Santa Claus doesn’t look like a crazy man!

Finally it was Grinder’s turn. He made his way towards Santa Claus. Now, this was no ordinary, everyday mall Santa. The seat he sat upon looked like the very throne from Hell. He was surrounded by very, very scantily clad “Helpers”. All of them blonde, with double D’s and all of them well over six feet tall in their leather thigh high boots. And then there was Santa Claus. He looked rough. He looked like he’s downed a bottle of Thunderbird on the way to the mall. His suit was dirty and so was his beard. He looked a lot more like an old outlaw biker in a Santa suit than he looked like any real Santa Claus.


Grinder sat right down on Santa’s lap.

Santa Claus: Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Chrismas Grinder! Have you been a good boy this year?

His eyes lit up when he realized that Santa actually knew his name.

Grinder: I sure have Santa! But I know that mean old Mrs. Sommersby is on your naughty list! She put me in a 3 on 2 match next Saturday night at Confusion in Charm City! Santa, I need help! Can you please bring me some help?

He thought about it for a moment, then those old bloodshot eyes twinkled.

Santa Claus: Well what were you thinking buddy?

Grinder: I am thinking about DICK! Santa…can I have some SUPERB DICK?!!?

One of Santa’s buxom helpers handed Santa a long rectangular box. It was kind of obvious what would be inside of it..

Santa Claus: Well…I didn’t really think you were into DICK…but if you think it’ll help, sure Grinder, here is one SUPERB DICK for you!

Grinder took the box, realized what it was then dropped the box and wiped his hands on his shirt.

Grinder: NO SANTA!!! I’m talking about Superb Dick Fury!!! Can you get him to come and help me?

Santa just chuckled at their misunderstanding.

Santa Claus: I’m sorry Grinder! Superb Dick Fury is busy. He’s at the free health clinic with a IV drip of penicillin attached to him.

Grinder seems to be deep in thought, contemplating..

Grinder: How about my Uncle Jax?

Santa Claus: Brad Jackson is NOT your Uncle.

Grinder: Yes, yes he is! Brad Jackson is my Uncle Jax!

Santa Claus: Ok then, is he an Uncle from your Mom…or your Dad’s side of your family?

Grinder thinks for a moment.

Grinder: Well…Mother was a Babyface and Father is a Heel. He is on my Father’s side!!!

Grinder smiled as if he’d solved the great mystery of the universe.

Santa Claus: No can do Grinder. You really grossed Jax out when you drank that half empty beer of his with the cigarette butt in it!

Grinder: Well it looked half full at the time!!!

Santa seemed to be growing impatient with Grinder.

Santa Claus: So what are we doing here Grinder? Is there something I can actually bring to you for Christmas?

He looked very, very nervous.

Grinder: Well…there is this one guy..

Santa Claus: Ok, who is it Grinder?

He just shook his head, he knew this guy would never come.

Grinder: I sure do wish that…Pat Gordon Jr. would come and help me tonight! I know he would have my back!

Santa smiled a dark and sinister smile.

Santa Claus: Pat Gordon Jr? I’ll send him right over! And if he doesn’t show up, his ass is on the naughty list! And who knows Grinder…maybe I’ll show up and help too! Sounds like someone in Second to None needs a coal-covered ass kickin!

Grinder smiles big and gives Santa a big hug.


Grinder hopped down and Santa just shook his head..

Santa Claus: What a fucking weirdo!


user posted image


The match bell sounds three times!


The piano of “Taste of Regret” by In Fear and Faith echoes throughout the building. The crowd knows what time it is and they rise to their feet! The anticipation begins to grow. Shortly after, the guitars and drums kick in…Adam Stryker appears on the stage, dressed in his ring gear and black leather jacket and just stands there for a while, enjoying the cheers from the crowd. Stryker opens his jacket and the spotlight catches the big gold! The Second to None WWWorld Championship! He then slowly walks towards the ring.

Chloe Deville: This match is one fall and WILL decide the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TO THE 220 WWWorld Championship! Introducing first…he is YOUR…SECOND TO NONE WWWORLD CHAMPION!!! From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 220 pounds… The SoCal Switchblade… ADAM STRYKER!!!

Stryker slides under the bottom rope and hands his jacket and the 220 WWWorld Championship belt to our referee Perry Davidson. He hops on one of the turnbuckles and performs his typical cut-throat taunt as streamers are thrown in the ring. His music dies out as he hops off the buckle. The intro part of Requiem by Avenged Sevenfold plays, a single strobe light hitting the stage and flicking as the curtain opens and out walks Shawn Alexander Cage!

Chloe Deville: And his partner tonight…from Montreal, Quebec, Canada by way of London, England…SHAWN ALEXANDER CAGE!

Then with no warning, or hesitation, “In Ashes They Shall Reap” By Hatebreed begins to play and the camera begins to pan around the arena. Lasers begin flashing around the arena as the crowd begins to boo. After the intro the lights begin to violently strobe to the beat. The red exit doors toward the back of the arena swing open and smoke pours out. Tommy Rowan storms out from the exit doors in his usual entrance attire. Across his face, a very smug look and in his right hand he holds a water bottle. He takes a swig and let’s out a huge spray of water. He looks around before wiping his mouth with his arm and snorting. He holds up his fists and the crowd showers him with heavy boos. He puts them down as he shakes his head again. Tommy begins to walk towards the ring, looking left and right and arguing with some fans.

Chloe Deville: And the final member of their team…from ozone Park, New York, the Hardcore Reject! TOMMY ROWAN!!!

Tommy is now at the edge of the barricade and he looks at the camera. He mouths off some words before hopping over the barricade and then hopping up on the ring apron with his right knee. Rowan lifts himself up and spins around on the apron. He looks around before holding up the metal horns. He then gets into the ring and steps up on the turnbuckle. Rowan holds up the metal horns again before slowly putting them to his sides as he wipes his mouth again and turns. He sits on the top turnbuckle as he waits for the match to begin.

Chloe Deville: And their opponents!!!

It was Megan Dela Vega’s music that hit the speakers and the crowd went wild…for the song and for who they knew who would be out next and I don’t mean Insatiable! With “2nd 2 no 1” by Twiztid exploding from the speakers the capacity crowd blew the roof off the place when Grinder stuck only his head out from behind the black curtain at the gorilla position. Down on all fours Grinder took off running towards the ring. And just you’d seen a million times on America’s Funniest Home Videos when grinder got to the end of his hand he was yolked out by his neck and left flat on his back. Grinder got up, planted his feet and then had a tug of war with the chain around his neck, trying to pull something through the black curtain at the gorilla position where he’d just run out from. He pulled and pulled then finally the chain was moving easier.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: You have got to be shittin me!

As Grinder pulled the chain Santa’s sleigh entered Charm City Skate Park! Santa Claus sat in his sleigh looking even drunker than he had on Grinder’s Christmas Eve visit to see him at the mall. Megan Dela Vega sat on the back of Santa’s sleigh back by his bag of toys with a look on her face that said she could NOT believe that she was doing this for Grinder.

Chloe Deville: Being accompanied to the ring by…SANTA CLAUS! THE INSATIABLE MEGAN DELA VEGA AND….

The crowd began their familiar “GRIN-DERR” chant.

Chloe Deville: G R I N D E R ! ! !

As the approach ringside, Megan Dela Vega grabs her sledgehammer out of Santa’s toy sack and hops down off of his sleigh. She then unlocks Grinder and he slides right into the ring and approaches the referee pointing at Tommy Rowan who is still sitting on the turnbuckle. Perry Davidson just shrugs and Grinder starts jumping up and down excitedly.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: What is Grinder up to?

When Rowan hops down into the ring, the ref calls for the bell to start the match, even though there is some confusion as to how Grinder would like to begin the match. He takes two steel folding chairs from Megan Dela Vega who had just gotten them out of Santa’s toy bag where her sledgehammer had been stashed. Grinder set up the two chairs in the center of the ring facing each other. He sat down in one and offered the other to Rowan.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: OOOOOH! Grinder wants to start this off with a Sit-down Punch-Out with Tommy Rowan!

As soon as Rowan sat down Grinder slapped him so hard spit flew into the first row! As Rowan turned his face back to Grinder he back-handed pimp slapped him with a left and followed that up with a right handed slap! Grinder tried to shake it off but Rowan landed another left-right slap combo!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Grinder is getting beaten at his own game!

Another left-right slap combo by Rowan has Grinder wiping at his ownface like Curley, Three Stooges style. When Grinder stops, Rowan nails him with a straight right hand that knocked Grinder over backwards out of his chair! As Grinder stood back up he grabbed his chair and smashed it down hard onto Rowan’s head! Rowan simply stood, grabbed his own chair and slammed it down on his own head three times! Then he slammed the chair down hard across Grinder’s masked skull! Grinder was knocked back towards his corner.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Blind tag by Dela Vega!

Rowan backed into the ropes for momentum, unaware of the blind tag by Megan!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Blind tag by Shawn Alexander Cage!

When Rowan felt the tag he stopped and turned facing Cage. Behind them, with an Irish Whip Megan sent Grinder in hard with a forearm smash. Grinder collided with Rowan. The impact of that sent Cage off of the ring apron and down onto the floor and it sent Grinder and Rowan over the top rope and down onto the floor.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: WHAT THE HELL IS MEGAN DOING?!!?

megan set one of the chairs up not quite in the center of the ring but closer to the far side ropes. She hit the ropes running. Leaped once up onto the chair. Leaped off of the chair onto the top ropes and springboarding off of that landed hard on top of all three men!!!


She wasted no time, Megan went right at the legal man, Cage, and pulled him up and rolled him back into the ring. By the time Cage was in the ring it was obvious he had taken the least of the impact of her triple jump shooting star press. He was up and on his feet by the time Megan was back in the ring. He took wrist control and pulled guard.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Shawn Alexander Cage with a triangle Choke Hold on Megan Dela Vega!!!

The way Cage applied the hold was simply lewd. He wasn’t trying to hurt her as much as he was trying to dominate and dry hump her. The referee cleared the ring of the steel chairs and the cameras focused on Grinder and Tommy Rowan who moving to their feet on the outside. Rowan went for a Spear but at the last second Grinder side-stepped him and hit him with a drop toe hold which sent Rowan down face first into the steel steps at ringside!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Megan Dela Vega is out of the Triangle Choke that Cage had applied!

Back in the ring, Megan hit Cage with a stiff Tornado Punch!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Looks like Megan wants to play “Spin The Bottle” with Cage!

With Cage staggered Megan backed into the ropes for momentum. When she came at Cage he went for a back body drop but she countered with a Sunset Flip!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: …1…2…Cage kicks out!

They both moved back to their feet where Megan took Cage down again with a Flying Headscissors!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Blind tag by Rowan!

Rowan tagged himself in and with a big hip toss threw her into her own corner. Rowan invited Grinder back into the ring. As grinder tagged back in, Cage took off running at Megan nailing her with a running lariat that sent both of them down onto the floor. Cage pulled Megan underneath the ring. Back inside of the ring, Grinder took Rowan down with a Mexican Armdrag Takedown…

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: I still refuse to refer to Grinder’s moves as “Japanese”! That was a Mexican Armdrag Takedown Grinder! There is no such thing as a Japanese Armdrag Takedown.

Grinder then hit Rowan with a hard, release German Suplex!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Again, that is not a Japanese Suplex Grinder…that was a German Suplex!

Megan Dela Vega finally came out from under the ring, when she re-appeared her shirt had been torn off of her and hung around her waist in tatters. Her sports bra was barely containing her! As Cage came out from under the ring she turned to the crowd and called for a chair.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: OMGWTF?!!?

About a dozen steel folding chair landed at her feet. As cage stood Megan landed a stiff boot to the gut. Cage doubled over, she took the underhooks and nailed Cage with the Pedigree down on top of that pile of steel chairs!


Back in the ring, Grinder headbutted Rowan! The impact of it spun Rowan around to face away from Grinder. With a handful of hair Grinder took Rowan right to the ring ropes. Grinder shoved Rowan’s face down onto the top rope and gave him a rope burn as he drug him all the way down to the turnbuckles. With the crowd on their feet and ready to count it off, Grinder hit Rowan with a ten turnbuckle smash! Grinder stepped back and smacked his elbow…

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: NO WAY!!!

Grinder nailed Rowan with a Tommyhawk Elbow!


Even though they were not on the same team, Grinder smacked Adam Stryker hard on his shoulder, attempting to tag him in. When the ref motioned Stryker into the ring, he complied. Grinder quickly slid outside and flung the ring apron out of his way. As he pulled a ladder out, Grinder began shouting at Stryker!


Grinder set up a ladder directly behind the ring cornerpost as Stryker held Rowan in place. Grinder quickly climbed the ladder and the crowd began to chant: “GRIN-DER GRIN-DER GRIN-DER “


Grinder reached the top of the ladder and Stryker hopped up onto the top turnbuckle. He slowly pulled Rowan up for a top rope powerbomb!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME!!!

When Rowan was at the peak of height from Stryker’s top rope powerbomb, Grinder leaped off the ladder and nailed him right on the chest with a wicked mule kick!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: HOLY SHIT!

And with the crowd chanting “HOLY SHIT”…everything went black!




Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: DO WE HAVE POWER? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?

A weird teal blue light shined down into the ring creating a creepy and surreal scene. Inside of the ring, Tommy Rowan was gone and replaced with a manikin. On the outside of the ring, Shawn Alexander Cage and Megan Dela Vega were also gone and also replaced with manikins. Lucia was still live, and so was our referee Perry Davidson. And right beneath that weird teal blue light, Grinder held Adam Stryker up!


Grinder held Stryker upside down in that Inverted Vertical Suplex. With all of the blood rushing to Stryker’s head, Grinder began to spin, then he dumped Stryker over his shoulder and sat-out the move hard!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: THE OSAKA STREET CUTTER! IT’S OVER!!!

Grinder rolled up Stryker right in the center of the ring for the cleanest pinning combination you ever saw in your life!


”Carry on my wayward son” by GWAR hits the speakers and the ref raises Grinder’s arm in victory!!


The lights go out!




The I-PPV feed, along with the smallish big screen inside Charm City Skate Park are overtaken with static. The static slowly fades away. When the lights in the arena return to normal, Shawn Alexander Cage and Tommy Rowan are inside of the ring just laying a merciless beatdown on Grinder! [/i]


Santa Claus climbed down out of his sleigh and went to the ring. So did Megan Dela Vega, they did not climb in to help, they only pounded the mat, trying to rally Grinder!


And just when it seemed that all hope was gone for Grinder, “Heroes from our past” by Dropkick Murphys exploded from the speakers and the crowd gave up easiliest the biggest pop of the night!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: NO! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!

And as she said it was not happening, it happened! Pat Gordon Jr. burst through the curtain at the gorilla position in a sprint towards the ring!


Pat Gordon Jr. slid into the ring underneath the bottom ropes and came up swinging! He hit Rowan with a stiff right hand, and Rowan with a headbutt! Pat shouted something to Grinder, then Pat Gordon sent cage for the ride as Grinder sent Rowan for the ride with double Irish Whips.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Hey! Pat Gordon Jr. is here Grinder…so is it ok if I call it an Irish Whip?

Grinder and Pat Gordon Jr. nailed Cage and Rowan with matching tilt-a-whirl shoulder breakers!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: DOUBLE BRUIN BREAKER!!!

GRINDER AND Pat Gordon Jr. then hit cage and Rowan with matching Omega Drivers!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Hey now…this is Second to None…so that was LUCIA’S….SUNDAY MORNING HANGOVER!!!

Pat Gordon Jr. and Grinder then sat down on Cage and Rowan’s backs camel clutch style where they applied cross face chickenwings!!!


Pat Gordon Jr. had a Pat Lock on Cage. Grinder had a Pat Lock on Tommy Rowan!!! Finally, Pat and grinder broke the holds and tossed Cage and Rowan out of the ring! Pat Gordon Jr holds grinder’s arm in victory again and turns him so that the whole crowd can see him. Pat Gordon Jr. released grinder’s wrist and Grinder turned to him to shake hands. Pat Gordon Jr was reaching for his hand, then saw something and pulled his hand back. Pat Gordon Jr. then called for a house mic.

Pat Gordon Jr.: TAKE IT OFF!

Grinder fell to his knees in front of Pat Gordon Jr. his hands clasped together as if her were praying…or begging.

Pat Gordon Jr.: TAKE…IT…OFF!!!

Grinder shook his head violently. Silently saying that he would not.


Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: What is this? What the hell is going on?

Grinder still pleaded with Pat Gordon Jr.

Pat Gordon Jr.: NOW! I WANT THAT MASK…NOW!!!

Slowly, Grinder unlaced his mask. He paused..


Pat Gordon Jr. dropped the mic and moved towards Grinder. He tore his mask off…and the crowd gasped!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME!!!

Pat Gordon Jr. was right! He was NOT standing face to face with Grinder…he was standing face to face with…MR. ROTTENTREATS! And with his identity revealed…





And then…static. No outro music as usual. No hype for the next 220 event. Just static. And then, when you just couldn’t stand it anymore…silence. Followed by the trusty ole 220 logo..


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er Than Advertised Championship!!! Jason…KAINE!!!