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WARPED 92 - 5th Anniversario~! - 3/27/15 - Wichita, KS - The Cotillion






WARPED92 opens to Vaughn Ronie Jr. standing alongside America’s Wet Dream, Johnny Raike, near the men’s restroom entrance; a flush is heard.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Happy Birthday WARPED!”

WARPED Evolution Champion J.B. Ronie exits the bathroom clad in lime green plaid; Evolution Title Belt across his shoulder. The former Mr. Rottentreats pats VRJ on the shoulder with his right hand. Disgusted, VRJ removes his older brothers hand from his shoulder. Johnny snorts out a laugh.

J.B. Ronie: “Thanks, brudda. Means a lot coming for you!”

VRJ rolls his eyes.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services is on the precipice of greatness tonight! From the Five-hundred dollar free-for-all, all the way up until my main cash cow, the winner of the HoliCraze Hell TOURnament, Johnny Raike wins the WARPED World Championship in the main event!”

J.B. Ronie secures his Evolution title to hang around his neck; before bending and double pointing at Johnny Raike.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “I suppose you could say RR..”

VRJ struggles with rolling the letters of his own business off of his tongue. Raike and J.B. chuckle. J.B. places his head on his younger brothers shoulder and pulls his dark sunglasses down a bit; revealing the glassiness of both his real and artificial eyes.

J.B. Ronie: “See, I told you the letters were a tongue twister.”

VRJ pushes J.B. away to continue.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.:? “Yea, yea. As I was saying, it’s going to be a clean sweep! I promise the WARPED faithful right now, that a member of Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services is going to win every match tonight. Or my name isn’t…”

J.B. Ronie shoves his brother out of the frame, then displays the Evolution title.

J.B. Ronie: “Row-knee! Jay. Bee. Row-knee! Evolution champion at your service, brudda! What a joyous occasion tonight is. Five years. Damn! Who would have thought we’d make it this far? From rings we’d have to borrow parts to complete, just minutes before show time. Joey running out the back with the cashbox before the final bell rang. In the words of a man who’s buh-buh-bad to the bone and not scared to get it on.”

J.B. fights VRJ back as he attempts to re-enter the frame.

J.B. Ronie: “Looks like we made it!”

VRJ stops fighting to get all the way back into the frame and looks at his older brother inquisitively.

J.B. Ronie: “Pfft, don’t act like you don’t bump Barry Manilow on the daily. Anyway, I hate to break it to ya, Vaughn. Won’t be any kinda clean sweep tonight. I’m not wrestling. Whether Cameron MacNichol wants to, or not! Card Subject to change! Take it away Johnny!”

J.B. turns and smacks Raike in the chest like he’s never smacked anyone before.

Johnny does his best to hold back the wince, but is less than successful.

J.B. Ronie: "Sorry, didn't realize you possessed such a baby bird chest."

Johnny Raike: “Nice one, drunk muscles. But if only one of us repping the illustrious, amazing and, shout out Joey Matthew, financially solvent RRS, then you bet my sweet ass it’ll still be a clean sweep. I have plans within plans, and by the end of the night you will see me, Johnny Raike, get exactly what it is I have earned. Five years of WARPED is what we celebrate tonight. And five years from now, we’ll be celebrating my having been champion for half of WARPED existence. Aren’t we blessed to have that to look forward to? As VRJ himself points out, I’m the cash cow. As long as I’m here, WARPED can’t fail. And once I get my belt, I won’t be going anywhere. So you fine people can go ahead and get accustomed to my face. Because you’re gonna keep seeing it.”

A slight commotion causes all three men to look left.

Johnny Raike: “Speaking of pretty faces…”

A top hat bounces into frame. The trio look down; all three pointing down simultaneously. The camera tilts down, revealing a female midget in a ringmaster outfit.. J.B. and Raike exchange a look, both saying “the fuck?”. The mini ringmaster snaps her fingers, cuing two vivacious, scantily clad clowns to enter the frame; with serving cart in tow.

Ringmaster: “Misters Ronie, and Mr. Raike! A singing telegram for you on this joyous occasion!”

The two clowns lift the silver dome from atop the serving cart; revealing a cake. The Phantom’s logo flashes on the screen. The trio all exchange a look once they notice the cartoon like stick of explosives protruding from the center of an oversized cake.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Being around James is like living in a live-action cartoon!”

Johnny Raike: “Should we like, blow that out?”

J.B. Ronie: “Is blowing things all you think about?”

Johnny Raike: “It’s a theme, yes.”

The female clowns begin to sing a very out of tune version of Happy Birthday; focusing most of their gaze on J.B. Ronie.

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: ”Looks like you’re not the only one, Johnny.”

Both clowns grab an arm and of J.B.’s and pull the struggling Ronie as close to the cake as possible.

J.B. Ronie: “Don’t just stand there!”

J.B.’s eye nearly pops out of his face as he stares down the disappearing wick.

Johnny hocks a loogie toward the dynamite, misses, and shrugs.

Johnny Raike: “That was my idea, now you try.”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “You’re on your own on this one. I’ve got business to discuss with Joey.”

Vaughn Ronie Jr. calmly walks away, leaving his older brother to succomb to quite an explosive end. The female clowns force J.B.’s head down and he attempts to blow out the wick.

J.B. Ronie: “Thanks, assholes!”

The ringmaster tippy toes so that she can see over the service cart and look into Ronie’s eyes.

Ringmaster: “Don’t thank them! Thank THE PHANTOM!”

The ring master removes a ghetto blaster from service cart. She struggles to lift it up to the service cart. Johnny lifts her up for the assist, smiling lasciviously.

Johnny Raike: “So, to you six and a half is huge, right?”

J.B. chuckles as the wick fizzles out. His small victory is short-lived. The ringmaster presses play on the ghettoblaster causing it to emit the sounds of 138 by The Misfits. Ronie attempts to fight out of the females clowns’ grasp.

J.B. Ronie: “What the fuck kind of shit is this?!”

Just when he thinks he’s free the two female clowns smash Ronie’s face down into the cake.

Ringmaster: “The Phantom sends his regards, Mr. Ronie. Ya gluttonous fuck!”

Johnny Raike: “Pretty shitty regards. You can let him up now, B-T-Dubs.”

The vivacious clowns roughly pull Ronie’s face from the cake. He looks into the camera; spitting up frosting.

J.B. Ronie: “The Phantom?”

The Evolution Champion angrily wipes cake from his face.

J.B. Ronie: “I’m gonna kill that scary ass.”

Johnny nods in agreement with J.B before letting a snicker out.

Johnny Raike: “You look like someone forget to tell you to swallow. Or duck.”

Ronie scowls at Johnny Raike; the scene cutting back to wherever the scene is cutting to.


Backstage: President Joey Matthew's Office

Hugo Strange is seen with his left arm in a sling as he sits in President Joey Matthew's office playing with HSW wrestling action figures. Joey's cell phone vibrates. Hugo looks around and answers it. Hugo: "Warped wrestling Hugo speaking."

Hugo shakes his head and then some.

Hugo: "Somebody hacked you and changed your flights and you are stuck in Columbus...?"

Hugo shakes his head again and has a bored look on his.

Hugo: "No problem I will tell him; it won't be a problem."

Hugo hangs up the phone as Joey walks into the office. He looks at the figures across his desk and Hugo holding his cell phone.

Joey: "Um, can I help you?"

Hugo: "Hi boss, No I am fine really just some minor shoulder surgery just some work I wanted to get down since I got some down time."

Joey continues to look around in disbelief. He snatches his phone from out of Hugo's hand and starts to go through it.

Joey: "You were uh, on my phone?"

Hugo: "You have a great collection of HSW figures."

Joey: "You play too much."

Hugo: But they are action figures, they are suppose to be played with.

Joey: "Not to be rude, or anything, but you weren't booked tonight. I hope you're not like that Jason Warren and start complaining for not getting paid.."

Hugo shakes his head.

Joey: "Happy 5th Anniversary, then."

Hugo: OH, That Grendel called said something about getting hacked and his flight got changed. He also asked if his Promo for the show was ok.

Joey: "The Phantom!!! That son of a bitch. I already sent a memo out when I got here today that he was not to be involved in the Free For All Match for tampering with other things around here. I hope he took my advice and just stayed home. I've got bigger things to worry about right now.."

Joey sighs and opens up the office door. The camera follows him out and Joey is speaking with a group of security guards as the scene fades.


5th Anniversario~! $500 Free For All
Jason Warren vs. Grendel vs. Anton Chase vs. Derrick Arthur vs. Crowbar vs. Leon Stone vs. Raven F. Solurex vs. The Phantom vs. Mark Storm

The camera fades to the ringside area with Tony D and Kris Red at the announce table. The fans behind them and around the building are going wild for the open of the show!

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 92 - 5th Anniversario~! I'm Tony D along with none other than Kris Red. Welcome back, Kris! What a show we have lined up tonight."

Kris Red: "The pleasure is all yours, Tony D! Hell yeah, its great to be back and I'm psyched for tonight. What's the major announcement?!"

Tony D: "We'll all find out together. I personally can't wait! Not to mention we've got a major World Title match tonight, a match surrounded by controversy with everyone wondering if William Wallace will show up to defend his title or not.."

Kris Red: "Tony, I can't believe WARPED is 5 years old! We made it!!!"

Tony D: "It's big! We're live tonight in the home of WARPED HQ, along with President Joey Matthew and PKA, this is Wichita, Kansas and we're live from The Cotillion Ballroom with a sold out crowd of 1900 screaming WARPED fans! Let's kick things off with some fast-paced, high-energy wrestling with the Free For All!"

We fade to the ring where the ring announcer, Randy Long, is standing in the middle wearing a suit and tie, ready to introduce the first match.

Randy Long: "The following contest is the 5th Anniversario~! $500 Free For All match! This is an elimination, scramble style match, and the winner will walk away $500 richer!"

The camera shows all the competitors already in the ring including Jason Warren, Anton Chase, Derrick Arthur, Crowbar, Leon Stone, Raven F. Solurex, and Mark Storm. Absent are Grendel and The Phantom.

Kris Red: "All right all right I'm ready to get a match going and get this show going!"

Tony D: "Quite the cluster of a match we have here kicking off the 5th Anniversario. Every man for himself in this Free For All."

Kris Red: "And don't forget that great $500 prize. Joey really broke the bank for this one, all to prove Jason Warren wrong, I guess?"

Tony D: "That's what we hear. You'll notice two men absent from this match - The Phantom and Grendel. Turns out The Phantom is apparently in hiding from what I know?"

Kris Red: "Really?"

Tony D: "Turns out Prez Joey isn't very happy that The Phantom hacked into Grendel's personal belongings, disrupting his flight and more personal things. That's why no Grendel tonight."

Kris Red: "So weird. This Phantom guy has been causing some crazy things to happen around here lately. He disrupted Grendel's promo this past week, even! And I think he was behind Grendel having that green paint all over him!"

Tony D: "Despicable."

The bell sounds.

Tony D: "Looks like Crowbar and Anton Chase will kick things off in this match. It will be two men in the ring at the same time, and tags are allowed but not requried. Elimination Rules."

Kris Red: "And $500 drools."

Tony D: "Many have expressed their lack of interest in that $500, which I don't understand, I mean, its free money."

Kris Red: "Everyone on the indies is rich, Tony D. Duh."

Crowbar and Anton Chase lock up to start things off.

Tony D: "Two pioneers of WARPED kick things off as Crowbar and Anton Chase, both former Evolution Champions, lock up."

The roughneck brawler Crowbar locks in a side headlock, and cracks a smile as the fans pop for this wrestling hold..

Kris Red: "Looks like Crowbar learned a new move in his time off."

Crowbar loses his grip as Chase shoots him off into the ropes. Crowbar comes back and sends Chase down with a hard shoulder tackle and confidently nods his head.

Tony D: "That's more like it!"

Crowbar goes for an elbow drop but Chase rolls out of the way, hits the ropes, and returns with a flying shoulder tackle of his own.

Kris Red: "How's about ya!"

Chase kicks Crowbar in the back as he starts to get to his feet. Chase with an irish whip.. Crowbar counters.. Chase returns to a tilt-a-whirl from Crowbar countered into a headscissors takedown! Crowbar slips under the bottom rope and that's when Raven F. Solurex enters the match.

Tony D: "Here's the newcomer to WARPED, Raven F. Solurex. He's different."

Solurex comes after Chase but Chase sidesteps and shoots him into the ropes, and on the rebound hits him with a big dropkick. Solurex rises to his feet and Chase catches him in an overhead belly to belly suplex! Solurex goes to slip out of the ring and he's stopped by one Crowbar, who pushes him back in. "I didn't say you could take my spot, boy.." says an annoyed Crowbar, who gets in the ring and stalks his prey. Anton Chase watches on as Crowbar brings Solurex up to his feet and spins him around into a leaping cutter!

Tony D: "Welp, there's a KFO for Solurex.."

Crowbar stands over the body of Solurex as he looks ahead at Anton Chase. Crowbar asks if he wants some, and Crowbar brings Solurex up and sends him into position for Anton Chase to hit the Styles Clash, and he nails it!

Tony D: "Chaos Theory!"

Anton rolls him over into the cover..




Randy Long: "Raven F. Solurex has been eliminated."

Crowbar nods at Chase and gets out on the apron as Mark Storm decides he's next in, delivering a rapid spinning wheel kick to an unexpecting Anton Chase. Storm lets Chase begin to rise up, and he then runs to the ropes, leaps onto the second and comes back with a dropkick, taking Chase to the mat once more. Mark Storm stands over Anton Chase with confidence as he brings him up and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, he leaps up for a hurricanrana, but Anton Chase catches him and looks to hit the Chaos Theory, but Mark Storm kicks Chase in the face and escapes. He slithers through Chase's legs and runs to the ropes. Chase turns around and hits a big standing hurricanrana that sends Mark Storm through the ropes and to the ringside area. The fans get on their feet as Anton Chase hits the ropes and flies over the top rope with a senton splash!

Tony D: "Anton Chase is on fire in this Free For All!"

Kris Red: "He said in his promo for the 5th Anniversario~! that this isn't about the money, he cares about winning the match and getting back on track to another World Title opportunity."

Anton Chase slides into the ring and is met by newcomer Jason Warren who stomps his face to the mat. He brings him up and hits a devastating German Suplex on Chase. He gets to his feet and the crowd no sells the impressive move.

Tony D: "Here's Jason Warren, the man this whole match was made for, to prove that Joey Matthew isn't skipping out on pay for his workers."

Kris Red: "This Jason Warren 'not getting paid' thing is a joke."

Warren brings Chase to his feet and hits a hell of a Half Nelson suplex. Anton Chase escapes through the bottom rope but Warren is not content with this as he hits the ropes and flies through with a suicide senton, taking Chase down!

Tony D: "That move was not a joke, however."

Warren immediately picks up Chase with much intensity and hurls him into the ring. Warren enters the ring and looks at every man on the apron to see if any of them want to come in and get some. Warren brings Chase up and hits a Uranage Backbreaker, causing many 'oooh's from the crowd.

Tony D: "Jason Warren is intense!"

Warren shrugs and brings Chase to his feet and looks to be setting up for the Electric Chair Driver... but stops.

Tony D: "What's he doing?"

Warren slips out of the ring and walks up the aisle.

Kris Red: "Is he leaving? He can't get paid that sweet $500 bonus if he doesn't wrestle. Hell, can he get paid period if he doesn't compete?"

Warren goes through the curtain and the fans erupt in boos.

Anton Chase rolls out of the ring. Derrick Arthur and Leon Stone enter the ring and immediately lock up. Stone with an arm wrench, but Arthur escapes and applies one of his own. Stone kicks him in the gut and whips him into the ropes.. Armdrag! Stone and Arthur get to their feet and Arthur hits a hip toss on Stone. Both men rise up and Stone hits a big Roundhouse kick to the temple!

Tony D: "Stepping Stone!"

Arthur staggers to the corner and Stone charges in with a corner spear! Arthur comes out of the corner and Stone lifts him up in a firemans carry and brings him down with a knee to the face!

Kris Red: "Throwing Stones leads to Shifting Sands which leads to.."




Randy Long: "Derrick Arthur has been eliminated! I've gotten word that, due to abandoning the match, Jason Warren has also been eliminated!"

Leon Stone is caught off guard by Mark Storm who grabs him and drives him into the turnbuckle post face-first. Stone is then pulled back and Storm puts him up on his shoulders and brings him up and over for a GTS of his own! He covers Leon Stone..



Kick out!

Stone gets the shoulder up just in time. Mark Storm brings Leon Stone up and delivers a couple European Uppercuts, backing him into the corner. He hits a spin kick followed by a leaping knee that drops Stone to the mat. Storm puts the boots to Stone now as the referee urges him to get out of the corner, but Storm pushes the ref away and continues to stomp Stone. The referee warns to disqualify Mark Storm and he shrugs his shoulders. He pulls Leon Stone up and out of the corner, and that's when he's spun around and KFO'd by Crowbar out of nowhere!

Kris Red: "Crowbar sticking up for Leon Stone perhaps?"

Tony D: "Certainly not for the referee, no?"

Kris Red: "That's twice we've seen Crowbar work together with one of the WARPED originals, first Anton Chase, now Leon Stone."

Crowbar helps Leon Stone up and Stone thanks him. Crowbar nods and Leon Stone then suddenly pulls Crowbar in and onto his shoulders... Shifting Sands!

Tony D: "Oh man!!"

Stone with the cover..




Randy Long: "Crowbar has been eliminated!"

The fans cheer Stone.

Tony D: "Well, so much for that."

Leon Stone now goes into the cover on Mark Storm, who is still out after that cutter..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Mark Storm continues on. We're down to Anton Chase, Leon Stone, and Mark Storm. One of these men will walk away $500 richer, but more importantly, they will had kicked off this 5th Anniversario~! in proper fashion!"

Anton Chase picks his spot as Leon Stone stands up and turns around and Chase executes a springboard flying forearm that takes Stone to the mat. The fans pop as Chase kips up and pumps his fists. He brings Stone in for the Chaos Theory but Stone escapes, grabbing the hand of Chase and pulling him up onto his shoulders. Chase slips out from behind and pulls Stone's head down into an inverted DDT position but then spins out into a Swinging Inverted Neckbreaker(Cross Rhodes)!

Tony D: "That's what he calls The Chase Factor!"




Storm comes off the top turnbuckle with a Shooting Star Press but Chase rolls out of the way at the last second and Storm lands on Stone! He stays on top for the cover..




Randy Long: "Leon Stone has been eliminated!"

The fans boo that decision!

Tony D: "And then there were two.."

Suddenly, "We Are 138" by The Misfits starts playing over the PA System. Everyone looks to the entrance and that's where The Phantom appears!

Tony D: "It's him! The Phantom!"

The Phantom slowly begins making his way toward the ring.

Kris Red: "He's not part of this is he?"

Tony D: "I don't know. Technically he was supposed to be.."

Suddenly security rushes out and steps in front of The Phantom. WARPED President Joey Matthew follows and looks to be telling The Phantom to please leave. "I'm not going to let you disrupt anything more of mine. This is too big of a night for you to be here. Go!"

Tony D: "Looks like Joey is under a lot of stress. Why'd he have to hire so many security guards?!"

Kris Red: "Well, thankfully he did..."

The Phantom looks at the security and looks at Joey. Phantom says something inaudible to Joey, and Joey's face looks suspicious. Phantom then turns around and heads to the back. Joey stands there uncertain of something, but we're not sure what... as he follows the security and The Phantom to the back..

Tony D: "Very odd.."

The attention goes back to the ring where both men were watching what was going on and that's when Mark Storm rolls Anton Chase up.. feet on the ropes but the referee has no idea..




The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner of the 5th Anniversario~! $500 Free For All - Mark Storrrrm!"

The slow melody of "Far From Any Road" by The Handsome Family begins to play through the sound system. Mark Storm slips out of the ring and collects the envelope at ringside and opens it up. He smells the money inside and smiles as he pulls out five crisp $100 bills. In the ring, Anton Chase looks on with disdain.

Tony D: "Well there's your winner, the returning Mark Storm, capitalizing on the distraction from The Phantom and sneaking out a victory over Anton Chase who - ohhh wait!!"

Anton Chase runs up the aisle and catches Mark Storm off guard, hurling him into the barricade. Anton Chase takes him and rolls him into the ring and follows in. He stalks Storm as he begs off Chase, but Chase shows no remorse as he pulls Storm in and hits the Chaos Theory on him! The fans pop as "Faint" by Linkin Park hits the PA System. He stands over Mark with a smug look on his face.

Kris Red: "Anton wasn't going to stand for that at all and he made Storm pay."

Anton Chase slips through the ropes and goes to ringside. He picks up the $500 and takes it to the ring. He slides back in and stands over Mark Storm who is starting to stir. Chase waves the money in front of Storm's face and says that this money means nothing but that loss meant everything to him and now Storm will pay. That's when, as if this wasn't already enough of a cluster, Jason Warren leaps through the barricade and slides into the ring unannounced, lifts Chase up and drops him with an Electric Chair Driver!!

Tony D: "Jason Warren is back!!"

Warren picks up the hundred dollar bills and holds them in his hands. He then pulls a lighter from his pocket and teases lighting the money on fire.

Kris Red: "Hey wait a minute!"

The money is then engulfed in flames thanks to Warren who shakes the money around as it burns to pieces. He releases the money as it floats down to the ring between Storm and Chase. Warren stands confidently in the ring as we fade...



Earlier Today

We cut to a video from earlier in the day. WARPED President, Joey Matthew is pacing around the wrestler's entrance. The door swings open and in walks the World Champion William Wallace. His hair is tied back as he comes confidently striding through the door wearing jeans and a t-shirt, holding his kit bag.

Joey walks towards Wallace and stands right in front of him, Wallace smiles at the boss.

William Wallace: "This is beginnin to become a habit with you Joey, whats up this time?"

Joey Matthew: "I just came to see if you had your ring gear in your bag, because you have a match tonight."

William Wallace: "A think a’ll stick with having the night off."

Joey Matthew: "I don’t think so."

William Wallace: "Shame you don’t make the decisions around here."

Joey cringes. He points his finger at Wallace as he lays down the law.

Joey Matthew: "Thats what you seem to think, but actually I have made the management decision that with or without you in the match tonights main event will be for the WARPED World Championship."

Joey picks up a briefcase set at his feet.

Joey Matthew: "You've refused to wrestle. You've sold the World Title on eBay for God's sake. You've spat in the face of me, the fans, and everything this company has stood for over the last five years. I'm done with it. I've got a shiny new title in here ready to award to someone tonight. So you can either defend the title or you can forfeit the title."

The color drains from the face of Wallace. He no longer looks so smug and he is at a loss for words.

Joey Matthew: "You don’t have to decide now, you have until match time. You either show up or you don’t but either way we have a title match tonight."

Joey turns and walks away down the corridor with a smile on his face while Wallace stands there stunned as we cut back to the ring.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Collide in a Non-Title Match
Evolution Champion, J.Ronie vs. Cameron MacNichol

The camera fades back to the ringside area where we see Randy Long standing in the middle of the ring.

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, already in the ring, from The Carnival Grounds, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the WARPED Evolution Champion - J. Ronie!"

The camera shows Ronie, Evolution Title and Tag Titles on his shoulder. The fans give a mixed reaction for the former Mr. Rottentreats.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.."

Lights around the arena flash in time with the music as the manic riff of "Rock Bottom" by UFO plays over the speakers. After a moment or two, Cameron MacNichol walks out from behind the curtain with his sister Dyan.

Randy Long: "From Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds and being accompanied by his sister, Dyan; this is Cameron MacNichol!"

Stopping at the top of the ramp, he takes Dyan's hand and gives her a once-around twirl. As they reach the ring,

J.B. Ronie, with microphone in hand; cuts Cameron MacNichol off before he slides into the ring.

J.B. Ronie: “I was being serious, Cameron. I don’t want to wrestle you.”

The fans give a mixed reaction. The music cuts.

Tony D: "J. Ronie has been refusing to face his former tag team partner for weeks leading up to this meeting between the two, and it seems he's not letting up now."

Kris Red: "Former tag partner? Tony D, they're still technically the Tag Team Champions!"

Tony D: "Those titles haven't been active or acknowledged in quite some time. I think Ronie is hanging on to the past by not wanting to face his Dirty Rotten Scoundrels partner."

Kris Red: "What is it with wrestlers refusing to wrestle matches so much lately, anyway?"

The referee attempts to back J.B. Ronie up so Cameron can enter the ring.

J.B. Ronie: “I’ll back up so we can get this match started. On one condition.”

Cameron MacNichol ascends the steps inaudibly questioning J.B. Ronie. Ronie raises his right hand high in the air and looks at it.

J.B. Ronie: “Shake. My. Hand.”

Cameron MacNichol shakes his head no; understandably.

Tony D: "I wouldn't trust him if I were Cameron either. You can take the face paint away from Mr. Rottentreats.."

Kris Red: "And his eye.."

Tony D: "And his eye, but he's still Rotten to the Core."

Cameron still refuses to shake.

J.B. Ronie: "What's a matter? Don't trust me? We're the WARPED Tag Team Champeens, Cam! Cooome ooon."

Cameron MacNichol reluctantly agrees as a few ringside members of the WARPED Faithful begin a "Shake His Hand!" chant.

Tony D: "Is he going to shake?"

True to his word, Ronie backs up; with his hand extended. Cameron inspects Ronie's hand. Ronie chuckles as Cameron reaches in. Ronie pulls his hand back in an apologetic manner.

J.B. Ronie: "You're right to be suspicious, Cameron. My right hand is my shaking hand after all. Never more than twice, though."

Kris Red: "Hey he might not be playing with himself, but something's up on the Cameron end of things.."

Ronie extends his left hand. Cameron MacNichol accepts the handshake just wanting to get the match started. MacNichol receives quite the shock from a Joy Buzzer in Ronie's hand. MacNichol responds with a huge right fist; the bell rings to start the match.

Kris Red: "I'm shocked! Well.. I'm not, Cameron is.."

Tony D: "Why am I not surprised!"

In defense mode, JB Ronie kicks him in the gut and slaps him across the face. He laughs in the face of MacNichol and slaps him again. Ronie winks at Dyan at ringside, then slaps MacNichol once more. MacNichol pushes Ronie and flips him the bird and the fans pop! Ronie goes for a chop but MacNichol ducks and hits the ropes.. he returns as Ronie swings wildly for another chop but MacNichol ducks that and hits the ropes once more and hits Ronie with a high knee that takes him to the mat. MacNichol brings him up.. Irish Whip.. Ronie counters.. MacNichol comes off the ropes and Ronie with a drop toe hold. He floats over and applies a front facelock, but quickly just toys with Cameron as he slaps the top of his head. This enrages The Dirty Mac, who gets to his feet and pushes Ronie off of him. Ronie comes off the ropes and delivers a big chop to the chest of MacNichol, who retaliates with a chop of his own! Ronie grabs the head of MacNichol..

Tony D: "Side headlock applied by James Ronie, the former Mr. Rottentreats."

Kris Red: "He's just not the same!"

Tony D: "Some people are saying that, but I think if he can still go out there and wrestle as he did before, just now without the paint and perhaps a bit more of a clear head, then why not give him a chance?"

Kris Red: "Touche.."

Headlock takeover by Ronie, but Mac uses his leg to push the head of Ronie back and his shoulders to the mat, but Ronie kicks up out of it and the two get up and Ronie takes him over with another headlock takedown. The same sequence happens again, and this time as they rise up, Ronie pokes the eyes of Cameron. The referee tells Ronie to knock that off or get disqualified.

Tony D: "Some solid back and forth wrestling by the two men, but that, well, there was nothing fancy about that."

Ronie grabs an arm of Mac and whips him into the corner. He charges in but Cameron gets the boot up and goes through the ropes and climbs up. He leaps off the top with a diving clothesline that takes Ronie to the mat. Cam with a cover..


Kick out!

Tony D: "These are two pioneers of WARPED Wrestling, and while both have had their paths cross numerous times, both have gone in totally different directions."

Kris Red: "Both are former Tag Team and Evolution Champions. Both have an odd attraction for Dyan."

Tony D: "Oh, come now!"

Cameron applies a headlock to try and keep Ronie down but to no avail as Ronie elbows out and flings Cameron toward the ropes. Cameron comes back and into a sleeperhold from Ronie, but Cameron doesn't let him keep hold of it for long as he drops down and grabs an ankle, tripping up Ronie and getting to his feet, locking in an Ankle Lock! Ronie rolls forward and sends Cameron rolling toward the corner. Ronie charges and Cameron backdrops him over the top rope, but Ronie lands on the apron. He yanks Cameron's hair and snaps his throat across the top rope. Cameron drops down and Ronie pulls him out feet-first to the ringside area and delivers a couple chop blocks before sending him into the barricade.


Tony D: "J.b. Ronie is in firm control now."

Kris Red: "What'd you call him?"

Tony D: "His name? J.B. Ronie?"

Kris Red:" Hmm.."


Tony D: "He recently passed one year with the Evolution Championship around his waist, but this one folks, is non-title."

Kris Red: "Certainly a victory over the champ tonight could get Cameron MacNichol a title shot."

Ronie brings MacNichol to his feet and drives Mac's face off the apron and rolls him back into the ring. He readies himself on the apron as MacNichol gets to his feet and Ronie leaps in with a springboard hurricanrana that sends Mac into the corner turnbuckle face-first.

Tony D: "The always crisp RottenRana!"

Kris Red: "Or is it now a RonieRana?"

Ronie pulls Cameron from the back of his tights and rolls him up in a school boy..



Kick out!

Ronie looks out at Dyan and waves. She gives a look of disgust back at him. He shrugs and pulls MacNichol to his feet.. Irish whip.. Cameron reverses, sending Ronie to the ropes. Ronie attempts a springboard moonsault; Cameron ducks. Ronie charges; Cameron sidesteps. Ronie avoids a spill to ringside with a tiger feint between the top and middle ropes. Ronie spins back into the ring to perform a head scissors that sends Cameron to ringside.


On the apron, Ronie flips off the nearest camera and yells "top that, Pat!"; backing himself into a ringpost.


Cameron rises to his feet as Ronie takes a running start.


Ronie leaps with a running Rotten Rana attempt.


Cameron manages to catch it and send Ronie crashing left shoulder first into the ring steps.


Tony D: "He tried again for the RottenRana but Cameron was ready!"

Cameron continues to shake the cobwebs off; rolling into the ring.


Kris Red: "I can't believe Cameron countered the RottenRana! I told you he wasn't the same without his paint! Mr. Rottentreats would had never let that happen."


Ronie manages to sit up; propping himself against the ring.


Tony D: "Ronie looks to be in bad shape now. He needs to answer the 10 count."

On his knees, Ronie attempts to pull himself into the ring with his left arm.


His shoulder gives out and he drops to ringside.


The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match via count out - Cameron MacNichol!"

"Rock Bottom" by UFO plays as Cameron stands in the ring and reluctantly allows the referee to raise his arm in victory.

Kris Red: "That's too bad for J.B. Ronie, unable to make the 10 count."

Tony D: "How odd, right?"

Kris Red: "What do you mean?"

Tony D: "I'm just saying, he looked like he just sort of..gave up?"

Cameron MacNichol is joined in the ring by his sister, Dyan, as she pats him on the back for this victory. Ronie gets to his feet and simply walks toward the entrance area. Cameron doesn't look pleased as this scene fades..



Backstage the camera catches up with Johnny Raike in his ring gear, stretching his legs out against the wall. The Hedonistic Hellcat smiles big as he brings his legs down and leans against a folding chair.

Johnny Raike: “Well, almost time for my big night. My coming out party, as it were. I mean, we are at the Cotillion Ballroom. Though our event promises to be much more exciting than a group of spoiled teenage girls in ridiculous dresses. And I’m certain etiquette will not be a main focus of the night. No, tonight is about me. Tonight is about having unassailable proof of being the best. So that when I tell the world to fear me, to respect me, they will. It’s about putting Wallace’s shoulders to the mat so there can be no ambiguity, no talk about who I did or didn’t beat. It’s about breaking Sinc’s jaw so he’ll shut the fuck up for five seconds. And it’s about looking like a billion dollars while I do it.”

Johnny folds up the chair and gives it a quick test swing.

Johnny Raike: “It’s a triple threat match, you know what that means? Means everything flies. Means I get to use this clever little brain of mine to come up with all sorts of nasty, sick, borderline evil things to do. And no one will be able to stop me. Not my illustrious challengers, not some lazy, corrupt ref, not even Joey Mathew himself. In this match I am truly free to be myself. And that excites me. Oh, look, close up on the nipple, see how pointy? Yeah, you can tell I want this. Or that it’s cold in these hallways. But I’ll assure you, it’s excitement.”

Johnny smiles his usual arrogant grin.

Johnny Raike: "And you know what's even better? It dawns on me that I don't have to wait. Just as long as one of my opponents can stumble into the ring, we can have this match. Now, as of a few days ago, I'd really like to take Wallace down a peg. But he's hiding somewhere deep in his hold, like a rabbit that's heard a loud noise, and we won't be seeing him, so he's safe for the moment. Maybe he's had a change of heart and some wacky race to the venue is going on, and he'll come charging down to the ring to try and steal my thunder later tonight, but I won't bet on those odds. So I guess I can't start the match against Wallace. Which leave me with my other new friend, Sinc Mercier, prattler of the great abyss."

Johnny Raike: “Sinc, I got about as far as you telling me that I could have a relationship with your non-existent god and mistaking me for a Mormon. Not now, never was, never will be. But it’s interesting that you’re so sure I could be welcomed back into the flock. You know, like another sheep? Tell me, do you think there’s a priest on this earth could hear my confessions and not die of a heart attack? Or jealousy? You really think I can be forgiven? Well, let’s find out. Come on.”

Johnny signals to the camera to follow as he begins walking around the backstage of the Cotillion Ballroom. It doesn’t take him long to spot Sinc at a water fountain. It takes only a moment longer for the American Wet Dream to charge over and sandwich Sinc’s head between chair and fountain.

Johnny Raike: “Forgive me my sins, oh lawdy!”

Johnny lashes in another shot to the back before spotting Rellington making his way over to him. Shit eating grin fixed in place, Johnny drops the chair and bolts in the other direction, giggling as he goes.



The camera fades back to ringside.

Tony D: "My goodness, Johnny Raike just bum-rushed Sinc Mercier!"

Kris Red: "He sure did but I can't believe you just used the term 'bum rushed'.."

The lights in the arena go dark and "We are 138" by The Misfits blast throught the pa system.

Tony D: "Wait a minute. We've heard this song already once tonight. Who..?"

When the lights come back on the Phantom is standing in the ring the crowd pops.

Tony D: "The Phantom!"

Kris Red: "Oh great, this guy again!"

Phantom: "We are on the edge of insanity and you all love it. Tonight Warped turns five years old, an amazing feat. My first gift to Warped was me being in this ring now my other gift is for Joey..."

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA System as Joey Matthew immediately comes out onto the stage.

Tony D: "The boss is back."

He stares in disbelief and throws his arms up in the air as he makes his way down the aisle and into the ring. The music fades out..

Phantom: "You were so kind to put up the money for the Free For All, so I thought I would return the money to you."

Joey asks Phantom what in the hell he's talking about and why is he even in the ring right now? Joey tells Phantom to get out of the ring, because they have a main event to host!

Phantom: "Now!"

Joey speaks off-mic "Now WHAT??"..

That's when GLITTER dumps down on Joey...... a lot of glitter.

Tony D: "Whoa! Glitter!"

Kris Red: "That's a lot of glitter!"

Joey stands in the ring completely covered in glitter and his mouth open wide with shock and surprise. The fans laugh.

Phantom: "Oh Joey I giving it back to you in glitter and $500 buys a lot of glitter."

The fans chant "What the fuck! What the fuck! as Joey wipes glitter from his eyes.

Tony D: "Did he say he bought $500 worth of glitter?!"

Kris Red: "The Phantom must be rich! He's an indy wrestler, after all!"

Joey's security rush the ring. The Phantom hops out of the ring and then hops the guardrail and leaves through the crowd. Joey makes his way up the aisle, completely covered in glitter, as anger is spread across his face...

The camera fades to ringside with Tony and Kris.

Tony D: "Ha... well, uh.. The Phantom, ladies and gentlemen."



A Special Guest...

The fans rise to their feet as the crunching guitar riff of “Stranglehold” plays over the arena speaker system and Cameron MacNichol walks through the curtain, his blonde hair drooping into his face, dressed in Vans sneakers, denim blue jeans, and a black T-shirt with a screen-printed image of Bob Seger on the front. At the top of the ramp, Cameron stops and glances off the side, where a mini stage has been erected. Along with a microphone stand, an electric guitar, an electric bass guitar, and a saxophone all rest in three-legged stands in front of a drum kit.

Tony D: "It's almost announcement time but first up, a special guest."

Kris Red: "I've already seen Cameron once tonight. He's not that special."

Tony D: "No, no.. just watch."

Cameron walks down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans, continuing a single circuit around the ring. He slides under the bottom rope into the ring, jumps to his feet, and raises his arms in triumph. As the cheering dies down, Cameron calls for a microphone from Randy Long.

Cameron MacNichol: How is everybody in this fine town doing tonight??

The fans erupt into cheers.

Cameron MacNichol: Thank you for that. I have this overwhelming urge to borrow “Finally [I have] come back to…” from The Rock, but I won’t. That’s his shtick, and I am my own man. But I have to tell you, it's nice to be here in Wichita!!

The fans erupt into cheers yet again, louder than the second time.

Cameron MacNichol: You know, it’s been a long time since you fans have seen a WARPED show. After closing shop a couple months ago, Joey had a big return show planned for Dearborn, just outside my hometown of Detroit. But there was a snafu, and the show was not what you fans were expecting; but hey, that's okay. When Joey folded WARPED, he had been working so hard and so fast he overexerted himself, and needed time to recharge. I can understand completely; I've said before that working as a wrestler is hard work, but it’s relatively simple. We just come out here day in and day out and bust our butts for your enjoyment. But that’s us, the talent; shouldering everything outside the ring can’t be any easier. So if Joey overworked himself again, I urge you to give him the benefit of the doubt. We are here LIVE in Witchita, the hometown of WARPED. Joey has got all his ducks in a row, so this show should more than make up for last time. And please, please, please do not think anything has changed. Joey is one of the most innovative minds in this business I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. And knowing him, whatever you’re going to see in the coming weeks and months, you are never, ever going to forget it. Because this is WARPED, God damn it!!

The fans pop again, and Cameron gives them a wide smile.

Cameron MacNichol: But I am not out here to tout Joey. I can do that anytime. On YouTube in promos, in tweets, Facebook posts, whatever. I am out here for another reason. I promised you all a very special guest at the last show, but since it all went to hell, I had to cancel. It took some time and negotiating to get him the first time, and even more to get him back here, but he is backstage right now. A Michigan man like myself, he was born in Dearborn and grew up in Ann Arbor. He’s a Grammy winning musician, he’s sold millions of records, and his album ‘Live Bullet’ is one of the greatest live albums ever released.

The fans pop in anticipation.

Cameron MacNichol: It doesn't have the same impact as it would have had in Michigan, but ladies and gentlemen, here to perform his new single “Detroit Made”, it is my great pleasure to introduce the one and only BOB … SEGER!!

The crowd pops loudly again. Cameron points towards the top of the ramp, and the opening of “Old Time Rock & Roll” hit the speakers. Cameron drops his microphone and climbs out of the ring as Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band walk out from behind the curtain. As the Silver Bullet Band walks to their stage to set up, Cameron meets Bob at the top of the ramp. The pair shakes hands, Cameron whispers something in Bob’s ear, and pats him on the shoulder before disappearing behind the curtain.


As the song ends, the audience rises to their feet and cheers, as Cameron appears from behind the curtain again with a microphone in his left hand. Cameron walks over to the stage and shakes hands with Bob again.

Cameron MacNichol: Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band!!

The audience cheers again.

Tony D: "What a get! Bob Seger!"

Kris Red: "I'm ready to TURN THE PAGE and get to our big announcement, how about you?"

Tony D: "...the Night Moves along.. let's go.... Roll it."

Kris Red: "Tony D, you're such a Beautiful Loser. Like a Rock. So dull.."

The camera pans to the live crowd...



The Announcement

WARPEDVision lights up with a video as a male voice narrarates..

- February 2010 -
After years out of the business following the end of Headstrong Wrestling, Joey Matthew decided to start up a new company, with a new vision, something that the wrestling world lacked.. something refreshing and different than all of the other big time, big money promotions.

WARPED Wrestling opened its doors.


- March 2010 -
WARPED debuted in Chicago Ridge, IL to just under a hundred fans that didn't know what was to come..

Shots of various venues including Frontier Park Fieldhouse, Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, The Arena in Philly, Dayton Airport Expo Center, etc..

Through the years, WARPED built its fanbase, and slowly began running more and more venues on the East Coast, then expanding to the Midwest, and eventually touring the West Coast as well as a stint in Japan and the United Kingdom.

From humble beginnings of technical issues and having the bare minimum to run a wrestling show, to flashing lights and a professional set up with thousands of fans rather than hundreds, WARPED continued to grow at a steady pace for 4 years.

Those same venues, as well as others, are shown, but as the images progress, the crowds get larger and larger..

Our shows were spread via word of mouth, with DVDs at first, followed by website streams of the event and eventually a USB drive given to every fan who attended the show so that they could enjoy the show immediately. We'd come a long way in 4 years, but there was still plenty of room for improvement.


- May 2014 -

WARPED closed.

A sad SHEEP SHEEP is shown tossing his giant fork in a dumpster.

It seemed that things were done with, but that was not the case. WARPED would begin co-hosting shows through Ronie's Rasslin' Services, which many WARPED mainstays were a part of.

Shots of the HoliCrazeHell Tournament are shown, including Johnny Raike picking up the victory in the finals.

This would lead to January 2015, when the return of WARPED was made official.

And now, here we are, at the Fifth Anniversary of WARPED Wrestling.

New beginnings.

Refreshing changes.


A flat screen television is shown on a wall in a room. The camera slowly zooms toward the TV..

WARPED will continue its gradual rise in the professional wrestling world - but now - with a different sort of platform.

The TV on the wall lights up with WARPED clips.

WARPED Wrestling is proud to announce a partnership with AXS TV for a weekly one hour program airing Thursday nights at 8pm. This will be one hour of the best professional wrestling out there.

Accompanying our launch on AXS TV, we're proud to announce the return of the worldwide junior heavyweight tournament known as the Total J Cup!

Fans, prepare for something new and exciting, and prepare to know the wrestlers and what they're all about more than ever before. It's WARPED Wrestling - now with more AXS than ever before. Join us as we begin this new chapter in our journey.

The world is watching.

The camera fades back to the live crowd..


Tony D: "I echo exactly what the fans are saying!! That's HUGE news!"

Kris Red: "WARPED Wrestling coming to AXS TV is daaaaaaaamn huge! We thought things were exciting these last five years.. imagine what the next five will be now that we're on nationwide television!"

Tony D: "Well, one big question that's been on our minds has now been answered. Now, on to the next one. Who will be the champion as we make our television debut? It's time to find out!"

Kris Red: "I'm already markin' out, Tony D!!!"




Main Event - WARPED World Championship Triple Threat Match
William Wallace(c)? vs. Sinc Mercier vs. Johnny Raike

Randy Long: "The following contest is a Triple Threat match for the WARPED World Championship!"

The lights go out in a prolonged pause, and when it's been a few seconds, blue smoke billows out and it cues the music.


Three sets of blue laser lights angle into the air and the lights then come to a spotlight where Sinc Mercier comes out from the center of the ramp entrance with his head lowered, then slowly raises it up and goes from a serious grimace to a big grin and raises his fist into the air walking down the ramp admiring the crowd. He favors his head a bit as he rolls into the ring from under the third rope and yells at the crowd from all corners of the ring getting them and himself pumped up for the match. He then finishes off with one more prominent right fist into the air igniting reactions from beyond the turnbuckles. He pulls out a microphone from his trunks with the spotlight staying on him still this whole time while his music fades.


Tony D: "Mercier looks determined and ready to go for this title match, but I wonder how his head feels after that attack earlier from Raike.."

His music returns and he relishes in the crowd's reaction for a moment and then the lights go back to a default color and he tosses the mic out of the ring preparing for his match.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.."

"Pure Morning" by Placebo hits. As the singing begins, Johnny Raike emerges from behind the curtain, sauntering, lost in the music, and running his hands sensually over his own chest. Rather than toy with the attractive fans at ringside with his trademark 'you legal?' cards, he focuses on heading to the ring, keeping his eyes on Sinc Mercier. From behind the curtain, accompanying him to ringside, is none other than PKA.

Tony D: "There's Johnny Raike, accompanied by his newfound friend, and percentage owner of WARPED by the way, Patrick Kay Anthony. We've not seen him in a WARPED building since last year."

Kris Red: "Raike looks determined. This isn't the same Raike we saw at WARPED91, the show we're never to speak of again, except to tell you that these two men faced off and took it to the time limit draw and then some, without a winner, or number one contender decision."

Tony D: "They'll now face off against each other as well as William Wallace, the World Champion, right now in this Triple Threat match!"

The arena blacks out as Crank begins to fill the arena.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Inverness, Scotland, weighing in at 254 pounds, he is the WARPED World Champion - William Wallace!"

The fans watch for Wallace as he would normally enter at the 30 second mark of his music, but there's no Wallace.

Tony D: "Where is he?"

Kris Red: "There's a lot of drama regarding this match. Wallace downright refused to show up for the match, and insists that this be a contenders match.

The music continues to play as the fans look around to see if he's somewhere else. Raike and Mercier do the same, and question the referee, who simply shrugs.

Tony D: "Wallace is the longest reigning WARPED Champion in history, holding that title since November 22, 2013, when he defeated Hugo Strange."

The camera stays focused on the entrance. Still no Wallace.

Kris Red: "And he's not quite been a fighting champion, has he? Three title defenses doesn't say much for that reign."

Tony D: "To be fair, his first two title defenses were both a month apart, and WARPED didn't hold any shows from May of 2014 to January 2015. "

Wallace's music cuts... and restarts.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WARPED World Champion - William Wallllllaaace!"

The fans watch the entrance eagerly, but still no Wallace.

Tony D: "Maybe he's really not showing up for this title match?"

Kris Red: "So its a number one contenders if not, or what?"

The music fades and the lights come up. Both men look at the entrance stage, awaiting the arrival of William Wallace. The referee tells both of them something and calls for the bell.. Ding ding!

Kris Red: "Are we having this match?"

Suddenly, Raike charges behind Mercier and rolls him up in a school boy..





Kris Red: "I guess so!!"

Tony D: "And away we go!"

Sinc Mercier pops up and is shocked that he almost got pinned there by surprise from Johnny Raike, who holds his hand up with his index and thumb held out saying 'I was THAT CLOSE' and Mercier insists that they lock up and the two men do just that in the middle of the ring.

Tony D: "This is the second match ever for both of these wrestlers here in WARPED Wrestling, so its safe to say that this title match is quite the opportunity for them."

Kris Red: "I think you mean number one contenders opportunity?"

They fight for control and its Mercier who goes to toss Raike aside but Raike cartwheels out of it and smirks at Mercier. Raike slips through the ropes and down to ringside, hands on his hips. Mercier tells him to bring it back in! Raike shakes his head and looks under the ring and out comes a couple steel chairs. He puts one on the apron and slides into the ring with the other as Sinc quickly approaches and tries to pull the chair out of his hands.

Tony D: "They are having a tug of war with that chair!"

Kris Red: "Dude just let go and grab the one behind you, Johnny."

As if Raike heard what Kris Red said, he lets go of the chair and the momentum causes Sinc to slam the chair into his own skull! He drops to a knee while Johnny Raike turns around and picks up the other chair. As he turns around though Sinc tosses his chair at Johnny but Johnny blocks with his chair! Mercier thinks quickly and Bicycle Kicks the chair into Raike's face and he staggers back into the corner and escapes through the ropes, down to ringside, clutching his face.

Tony D: "And that'll put a dent in the pretty face of Johnny Raike."

Mercier follows him out of the ring now and chop blocks him in the knee and Raike goes down. Mercier pulls him to his feet, kicks him in the gut and points at the ring and that's exactly where he sends him into, under the bottom rope. Mercier slides into the ring and grabs the right leg of Raike and begins to twist it while he's on the mat. He then drops down and locks in a legscissors.

Tony D: "Sinc Mercier is very technically sound and it looks as though he has chosen to target the right leg of Johnny Raike, and if you're without a leg to stand on, that does you no good in a squared circle."

Kris Red: "Yeah but he still has that other leg."

Tony D: "And he still has his arms and hands as he's just reached the ropes and caused the break of the hold. Sinc Mercier wasting no time breaking the hold, even though he could if he wanted to, as there is no disqualification in a triple threat match."

Johnny Raike starts to get up and that's when Sinc Mercier hits the ropes and returns with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Raike sits up and Mercier hits a shuffle sidekick to take him to the mat. Into the cover..



Kick out!

Mercier brings him to his feet and hammers him with a right hand, followed by another, that drops Raike to a knee. Sinc brings him up and irish whips him into the ropes and drops down, but Raike holds onto the ropes. Sinc looks up and Johnny charges in with a quick big boot!

Tony D: "Raike takes down Mercier with a Yakuza Kick!"

Raike smiles and points to his head as he shakes off his leg pain a bit.

Kris Red: "And notice he used that leg that Mercier was targetting and it might be giving him some trouble."

Raike brings Mercier up and delivers a hard kick to the midsection, followed by a kick with the other leg to the thigh of Mercier. Raike with an irish whip.. Mercier off the ropes.. armdrag! Both men get to their feet and Mercier charges in again.. Armdrag! They rise up and this time Mercier puts on the breaks and doesn't allow the armdrag but Raike has something for him in the form of a Rake to the Eyes!

Kris Red: "Old school pain right there man!"

Mercier grabs at his eyes and turns away and that's when Johnny rakes the back! Mercier grabs at his back now and Raike pulls him in for a Russian Leg Sweep. He covers..


Tw- Kick out!

Tony D: "A Johnny Raike to the eyes and Raike to the back are both legal in this .. well.. triple threat match that's really down to two men at this point. Still no sign of William Wallace."

Kris Red: "I see what you did there. Clever."

Raike brings Mercier up and delivers a right hand, which is blocked, and Mercier delivers a right hand of his own. Raike returns with a right hand, followed by another. Mercier goes for a punch but Raike blocks it and goes for a kick to the gut, and Mercier grabs the leg. Raike waves his hands and shakes his head 'no!' rapidly and hits an Enziguri to avoid anything happening to his leg. Raike with the cover..



Kick out!

Raike kicks Mercier in his head as he starts to get to his feet, just playing with him. Mercier continues up and Raike paintbrush slaps him across the face a couple times until Mercier slaps the shit out of him! This causes Raike to take a step back and evaluate things a bit more and to see if he's now busted open from that slap. No blood..

Mercier is fired up as he charges in for the kill but Mercier ducks a clothesline and gets pulled down to the mat in a Backslide, but Mercier slips out of it. Raike delivers a superkick to the face of the kneeling opponent and as Mercier is rattled, Raike hits a Baby Ace Crusher!

Kris Red: "He stunned him from a kneeling position! I've never seen that before."

Raike into the cover..



Tony D: "Kick out at two! Sinclaire Mercier still has some fight left in him."

"Let's Go Sinc!" chants begin to build in The Cotillion Ballroom and Johnny Raike covers his ears, trying to ignore them. At ringside, PKA shouts at the fans and tells them to shut their "pie holes" and tells Johnny to just ignore "those clowns" as Raike brings Mercier to a position to set up for the Small Package Piledriver aka "Full Frontal" but he has taken too much time and Mercier grabs hold of the right leg and spins out with a Draogn Screw leg whip!

Tony D: "Dragon Screw! Classic move!"

Kris Red: "Excellent move too, targetting that leg of Raike's once again."

Both men slowly rise to their feet and Raike is the first to make a move as he chops the chest of Mercier. Mercier replies with a knife edge chop of his own! Raike returns the favor with a hard chop to the chest. Mercier delivers another chop and both men's chests are bright red! Raike goes for a chop but Mercier ducks and hits a low dropkick to the right knee of Raike, taking him down a notch. He goes behind and grabs the head of Raike and drops to a knee, hitting the Sinc Up (Randy Orton Backbreaker). He wastes no time going to the leg as he lifts it up and starts kicking the back of his knee and thigh repeatedly as Raike reaches out to try and find safety in the bottom rope but he's in the middle of the ring!

Kris Red: "Those are some stiff kicks to the thighs of the Thigh High Thriller!"

Tony D: "Sinc Mercier saw an opening and is going after that leg."

Mercier looks to lock in a Figure Four. He spins and Raike kicks him in the ass and causes him to stumble forward. Raike pushes himself up and somewhat runs toward Mercier, leaps, and Mercier catches him and hits a Fallaway Slam!

Tony D: "Raike had trouble picking up speed there thanks to that hurt leg of his and Sinc Mercier capitalized once again."

Raike is near the corner and Mercier grabs his leg and pulls him more towards it and slips out of the ring. He brings his legs closer to the turnbuckle post and everyone knows what's coming as Raike begs him not to but Mercier does as he yanks the legs and Raike's crotch collides with the turnbuckle post! He leans up and grabs his groin and screams out in pain as the fans cheer. Mercier slaps the hands of fans around ringside and celebrates with them, but not for long, as he quickly grabs the legs and locks in a Figure Four on the ringpost!!

Tony D: "Oooh as if the groin shot wasn't enough, this is going to rip apart the legs of Johnny Raike!"

The referee tells Sinc Mercier to release the hold immediately but Sinc doesn't have to! Raike cries out as Mercier pulls on the legs. PKA appears and Mercier catches him out of the corner of his eye and releases the hold. He stands up and eggs PKA on and tells him to do something. PKA grins and backs off.

Tony D: "PKA might have just saved Johnny Raike right there."

Kris Red: "MIGHT have? Dude, he just saved his life!"

Mercier keeps his eye on PKA as he climbs up on the apron. Johnny Raike is up and he pulls Mercier in and over the top rope the hard way. Raike grabs Mercier by the head but Mercier grabs a leg and trips up Raike. He then turns Raike over and locks in a Half Crab!

Kris Red: "He's got that leg locked tight for that half crab and as he's sitting down more and more that's causing more pain to the back as well!"

Tony D: "Fans I am just getting word now that William Wallace has apparently left the building. He's nowhere to be found backstage."

Kris Red: "What!"

Raike reaches out for the ropes and grabs the nearby ropes to his left. Mercier stands and yanks him by his leg away from the ropes and sits down in the middle of the ring. Mercier adds an extra twist to the leg as he sits down in the half boston crab.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

Tony D: "The fans are behind Sinc Mercier here tonight as they want him to be their new World Champion!"

Kris Red: "Uhh don't you mean Number One Contender??"

Tony D: "Not according to President Joey Matthew! This is a TITLE MATCH!"


At ringside, PKA is trying to find something he can do to distract Sinc Mercier. He grabs one of the chairs on the ring apron and slams it hard against the apron repeatedly to try and get Sinc to let go of the hold. Sinc looks to his right and yells at PKA while Johnny Raike tries to claw his way toward the ropes. PKA gets up on the apron as it looks like his friend can take no more pain and Mercier charges and gets whacked in the skull by the chair from PKA!

Kris Red: "Headshot!!"

Tony D: "Oh come on now! PKA get the hell out of this match."

The fans erupt in boos as Sinc Mercier drops to the mat from that chairshot. The referee tells PKA to get the hell off the apron and he hops down and drops the chair, his hands up, trying to look as innocent as possible. Johnny Raike sees what's gone down as he crawls toward his opponent. He grabs him by the head and brings him to his feet, all the while trying to stand on one foot. He sets up him for the package piledriver and lifts him and drops him on his skull!

Tony D: "Full Frontal!"

But Raike grabs at his leg and doesn't make the pin.

Kris Red: "Raike's leg is hurting him bad or he'd make the cover."

Tony D: "I can't imagine it was easy lifting a man's entire body up for that package piledriver with a bad leg. That had to do some damage."

PKA slaps the apron and yells for Raike to get with it! Raike slowly rolls over and puts his arm across the chest of Mercier and the fans boo..





Tony D: "That was CLOSE! But only two!"

The fans pop for the kick out and PKA throws a fit at ringside. In the ring, Raike sits up and gives a gnarly look at The Arrogant Aviator. Raike motions for Mercier to get up to his feet as Raike himself rises up, clutching the leg. Mercier slowwwwwwly starts to rise, and Raike lights him up with kicks from the left boot exclusively - catching him repeatedly in his upper chest. Sinc Mercier absorbs the shots, though, and feeds off the energy of the crowd to continue rising to his feet. Johnny Raike is shocked as he continues to kick Mercier in the midsection and chest that he continues to rise. Raike delivers another kick, but Mercier grabs the boot. In an effort to avoid another Dragon Screw, Raike manages to back flip out of it, in a move that gets a quick pop from the crowd.. Mercier looks for a right hand, but Raike ducks it and hits the Pele Kick! This rocks Mercier as he staggers to the ropes, but comes out of them with a second wind as Mercier hits the ropes and goes for a Clothesline from Hell but Raike sidesteps and looks for a Tiger Suplex as he's got the arms hooked. He hits the move and bridges!



Kick out!!

Mercier is up first as Raike rises up, clutching his leg, and Mercier hits the ropes and comes back at Raike with a Clothesline From Hell that connects this time and turns Raike inside out!

Tony D: "That's a helluva clothesline!"

Mercier breaks from his gameplan and continues the assault as he brings Raike to his feet and hits a quick Cobraclutch Backbreaker! Mercier isn't done as he quickly brings Raike to his feet again and lifts him onto his shoulders in a set up for the S.I.N.C. but PKA slides into the ring and pulls Raike off of Mercier's shoulders. This infuriates Mercier, who tackle spears PKA to the ground and begins delivering repeated right hands!

Kris Red: "That's the Broken Sinc and Peeks might have a broken face after that."

Johnny Raike pulls Mercier off of PKA but Mercier then puts Raike up on his shoulders and hits the F-5!

Tony D: "S I N C!"

Raike uses the momentum of the devastating move to roll under the bottom rope and drop to the ringside area. Mercier looks around for him to go for a cover, but realizes he's not in the ring anywhere. Mercier slides out of the ring and looks for Raike. He runs around the ring and Raike pops up from behind the ring steps with some liquid mist to the face of Mercier!

Tony D: "What was that!?"

Raike takes a swig from his flask and tosses it back to PKA who laughs in favor of his partner's crafty ways.

Kris Red: "That had to be liquor of some sort! I'm surprised PKA isn't crying that Raike just wasted perfectly good booze."

Tony D: "Mercier can't see. He's blinded!"

Raike pulls him in between his legs and the fans go nuts for what is about to come. Fans shout "NOO!!" as Raike lifts Mercier up and drops him with a Package Piledriver on the floor!!

Kris Red: "Full Frontal on the floor and man he could have a broken neck!!"

Tony D: "The Most Liberated Man in Professional Wrestling just became one of the most dangerous men in professional wrestling with that move right there. He is showing he will do anything to win this match and the WARPED Title!"

Kris Red: "Well wouldn't you?! I would!"

Tony D: "I wouldn't ever consider putting another man's life in danger by doing something like THAT! Not to mention, the attack before the match.. this just adds more damage.."

Kris Red: "For Christ's sake Tony D, Mercier has been trying to put Raike in a god damn wheel chair this entire match!"

Raike rolls Mercier back into the ring and rolls in to follow. It is at this point that President Joey Matthew is seen at ringside, still with glitter all over his suit and hair, shouting at PKA and telling him to get the hell out of this match. PKA argues with Joey and tells him he isn't his boss! Joey reminds him of who runs things around here and PKA insists that Joey barely has a handle on anything around WARPED anymore and he will be the death of it! Joey is soon joined by security who he has apprehend PKA. PKA shrugs it off and says that he will leave on his own and he doesn't need Joey's thugs to help him out. PKA says this is no way to treat the "hashtag True 10's".. PKA is followed out of the ringside area by the security as the fans cheer for his departure.

Tony D: "Well there seems to be some heat between Joey Matthew and PKA but that's for another time. PKA is out of the match and we can now carry on with this title match!"

Kris Red: "But has the damage already been done??"

Johnny Raike is arguing with the referee and asking him how he could let Joey come out here and do that! Johnny tells Joey he's out of his mind! Joey sits at ringside and ignores Johnny and Johnny turns around and right into a big fist to the face from Sinc Mercier. He delivers repeated knife edge chops to the chest as the fans cheer him on. Another chop causes Raike to twirl around 180 degrees and this sets up for a snap half nelson suplex that drops Raike right on his skull!

Tony D: "Sinc Mercier calls that one "Sinc In!" and its a move he tried to put Raike away with at WARPED91 but to no avail!"

Kris Red: "And you say that Raike was dangerous! Did you SEE THAT?!"

Mercier pulls Raike away from the ropes and covers, hooking the leg -




NOOO!!! Kick out!!

Tony D: "The match continues!!"

"THAT WAS THREE! THAT WAS THREE!" chants the fans.

Holding the back of his neck, Mercier sits up, looking up at the referee in disbelief. He sighs and slaps the mat, a look of frustration filling his face right now. The fans chant "one more time!" and Mercier looks out and acknowledges their chants. He holds up one finger and asks them, and they continue chanting "One more time!" so he nods and gets to his feet. He pulls Raike up, but Raike stops short and pulls him in for a Small Package..



Mercier shifts the weight and Raike's shoulders are on the mat..



Kick out!

Both men slowly rise to their feet.. and begin trading slaps to the face. These slaps increase to punches, and the referee tells them to watch out for closed fists, but its anything goes so they ignore and continue to hammer away at each other. Every time Mercier hits Raike, the fans chant "YAAAY!" and every time Raike hits Mercier, the fans "BOOO!"









Yaaay! Yaaay! Yaaay! Yaaay!

Mercier takes control and.. LOW BLOW!

Tony D: "Johnny Raike with a swift KICK to the groin!!"

Kris Red: "Turnabout is fair play from earlier!"

The fans erupt in boos as Raike wipes the sweat from his brow and turns his back to Mercier, posing for the fans. He backflips into a wheelbarrow clutch from Mercier, but Mercier turns it into an ankle lock!

Tony D: "Raike was going for the Pleasure Seeker but its countered! Mercier has the right ankle!"

Raike rolls on his back and kicks Mercier in the face to escape the hold. He then backflips, Mercier catches in the wheelbarrow, Raike pushes up and as he comes back down he tucks his upper body and Mercier gets face planted to the mat!

Kris Red: "There it is!"

Raike struggles to push the lifeless body of Mercier over onto his back and he does so slowwwwwwwly and is able to make a cover, and hooks the leg..




Kris Red: "It's!!"

The referee is pulled from the ring!

Tony D: "What the?!"

Raike gets to his feet and looks around and is cracked in the face with a steel chair by William Wallace!

Kris Red: "Wallace!!! It's William Wallace!"

Much like the fans in attendance, Joey Matthew stands up and can't believe his eyes. The fans chant HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! as Wallace drops into the cover on Raike. The referee slides back into the ring and argues a bit, but Wallace tells him to COUNT! The referee does just that..



Sinc Mercier pulls William Wallace off of Raike!

Tony D: "Mercier to the rescue!"

Kris Red: "Was Wallace hiding under the ring this whole time?!"

Mercier hammers away at Wallace but Wallace pushes him away into the ropes and on the rebound nails a big Spinebuster!

Kris Red: "So wait, Wallace just shows up after these two guys killed each other?!"

The fans boo as the fresh man, Wallace, brings Mercier up and onto his shoulders, setting up for the TKO. He walks around the ring for a few moments, letting everyone hate him even more than before, raining down showers of jeers. That's when Wallace hits the TKO on Mercier.

Tony D: "Welp.. ugh.. Highland Fling.. so there it is.."

Kris Red: "Really.."

Wallace covers..

Tony D: "Champ retains. No new beginning for WARPED. Same stuff different year.."



Kick out!!

The fans pop!! Wallace can't believe it!"

Kris Red: "Whoa! Two count!!"

Tony D: "I'm Shocked! Sinc Mercier just took the best shot of William Wallace and he kicked out!"

Kris Red: "That's what the WARPED World Championship is all about, Tony D! Sinc wants to lead WARPED into new beginnings on AXS TV!"

Wallace scoffs as he brings Mercier to his feet and traps him there, hooking both arms, and the fans know what's next. Wallace hits the repeated trapped headbutts...

Tony D: "The Glasgow Kiss and look at how many times he's connecting with those vicious headbutts!!"

After at least ten rapid headbutts, Wallace releases and Mercier collapses.

Kris Red: "His head and neck had to already be hurting after the assault from Raike earlier, and now this."


Wallace easily brings Mercier up onto his shoulders and sets him up for another Highland Fling. That's when Johnny Raike comes out of nowhere with a Superkick to the jaw of Wallace, but Wallace holds his ground and Mercier on his shoulders! Raike looks left, looks right, then kicks Wallace square in the balls! Wallace drops Mercier and grabs his groin in pain. Mercier collapses nearby and Raike twists around, backflips, Wallace catches him, Raike pushes up and... PLEASURE SEEKER - as Wallace's face goes directly into the balls of Sinc Mercier!!!

Tony D: "Double whammy!!"

Kris Red: "Good God this is painful to watch!"

Raike rolls Wallace onto his back and covers!



Wallace powers out! Raike covers Mercier..



While still lying on the mat, Wallace kicks Raike in the head and breaks up the count. Wallace and Raike both get to their feet, Wallace looking a bit stunned by taking that series of shots from Raike. The Self-Indulgent Hedonist climbs to the second turnbuckle now but Wallace charges in and palm thrusts him in the face. He grabs his right leg and yanks him off the turnbuckle, and Raike immediately grabs at his leg. Wallace grabs the legs and locks in a Cloverleaf!

Tony D: "Wallace is targetting that injured leg!! If he sits down with all of his weight this is going to be OVER!"

And Wallace indeed sits down alllllllll the way, pulling back on the legs, causing pain to the back and the legs at the same time.

SLAP to the face from Sinc Mercier! Chop to the chest! Wallace then gets kicked in the side of the face and Mercier hooks both arms and hits a DDT!

Tony D: "Double underhook DDT!"

Raike rolls out of the ring, to safety. Meanwhile, Wallace doesn't stay down though and that's fine by Mercier who comes from behind and hits the Snap Half Nelson Suplex!

Kris Red: "Sinc In!"

Mercier goes for the cover!!




Kris Red: "He got him!"


Tony D: "What the!"


Mercier doesn't stop as he pulls Wallace up and delivers a hard right and a few chops, and twists Wallace around and hits Sinc In once more!! He covers..




Raike tries to slide in for the save..


Tony D: "He got him!! "

The bell sounds! Raike lies belly-first on the mat with a look of disbelief. Mercier gets up from his knees and puts his arms in the air! Wallace's jaw drops. The fans cheer!!

Tony D: "Wallace didn't kick out in time! Raike didn't break the pin in time!"

Kris Red: "Its ova!!"

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and the newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww WARPED World Champion - Sinc Merrrrrcier!!"

"Lucky One" By Celldweller hits the PA System as the fans cheer and applaud the brand new champion Sinc Mercier. The referee raises his arm in victory as he basks in the glory of this victory. Johnny Raike is shown slithering back out of the ring, while Wallace pulls himself up in the corner. President Joey Matthew enters the ring with briefcase in one hand and a microphone in the other. Sinc's music dies down as Joey speaks.

Joey Matthew: "Congratulations, Sinc Mercier, you are the brand new WARPED Champion."

Joey puts the microphone in his armpit and extends his hand to Sinc, who shakes the boss' hand. The fans go wild. Joey takes the mic and continues.

Joey Matthew: "I have this for you..."

William Wallace watches on with disgust as Joey Matthew opens up the briefcase and reveals a brand new, shiny championship. He hands the title to Sinc Mercier, who puts it on his shoulder and admires it. William Wallace starts to confront Joey Matthew and Sinc Mercier off-mic.

Joey Matthew: "As far as YOU are concerned, Wallace... You're fired."

Wallace's jaw drops and the fans pop!

Joey Matthew: "Security!"

Wallace kicks the ropes and nearly goes after Joey but security rushes the ring and blocks him from doing so. They restrain him as he struggles to escape, but they zip-tie his hands together and hold him down. Wallace is forced to vacate the ring and is dragged up the aisle as the fans chant 'Nananana, nananana, hey hey hey, goodbyyye'

Tony D: "I can't believe it! Joey just fired William Wallace!!"

Kris Red: "Sounds like the bossman has had enough of Wallace's shenanigans as of late!"

Joey turns his attention to Sinc.

Joey Matthew: "The floor is yours. Congratulations."

Once more, "Lucky One" By Celldweller hits the PA System and the celebration continues as Sinc Mercier climbs the turnbuckle and raises the new World Title up high! Confetti starts falling from the low ceiling of the ballroom and the fans, ringside crew, Sinc and all are showered in blue and white confetti. The colors of Sinc fill the venue as he celebrates on each corner turnbuckle.

Tony D: "What a great iPPV event this was. The 5th Anniversario~! is in the books. We've got a new World Champion in Sinc Mercier. Wallace is out of WARPED. And the next time we speak to you, we'll be debuting on AXS TV! For Kris Red, I'm Tony D, and thank you everyone for five great years! Here's to many more!"

Kris Red: "Cheers!"