FWO: THE ZONE 1999 - 2/19/1999

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The Zone opened to a sold-out crowd from North Carolina. On announcing duties were Chris Finn and James Armstrong. Ring announcer was Matt Panzer. Before the show the fWo presented Pre-Zone from the Midtown Convention Center, which featured such events as "Dunk the Announcer", as well as an fWo costume contest for fans and autograph signings. Outside the arena Machina and the Lone Gunmen distributed buttons for his presidental campaign, and roving reporter Matt Loco brought word that the Flying Frenchie had also arrived at the arena, even though he was not scheduled for a match.

Joy vs. ShowStopper

Joy came to the ring with a large bag of lollypops and suckers, and began passing them out to the crowd. Ultra Violet came out from backstage to the ring area wanting a sucker of his own, and Joy happily gave him one. The ShowStopper then entered the ring, and both men smiled at each other. As the ShowStopper waved at the crowd happily, Joy attacked from behind, screaming and yelling. This cost Joy the match, and he shoved the ref down and grabbed the microphone, informing the crowd that he was sick of their bad attitudes, and that he was going to "crap happy down their stupid little mouths". Fallen came out to meet Joy, and the two walked backstage together.

Result: ShowStopper by Happy

Ultra Violet vs. Chris Universal

Ultra VioletChris Universal

Ultra Violet came to the ring with Violet, who was wearing a new set of earings and a necklace, which appeared to be made from the Internet title. This brought an angry Flying Frenchie out, who yelled at Violet. She seemed to understand his angst, and pinned the earings on the waist of the Frenchie, who stomped angrily back to the backstage area. Chris Universal came to the ring and both wrestlers fought a tough battle, with Ultra Violet getting the advantage and landing a springboard plancha to the outside and onto Universal. Ultra Violet got back into the ring where he grew distracted by the fWo big-screen, which was flashing large purple letters that read "LOOK HERE". While Ultra Violet did so, Primetime leapt into the ring and attacked Ultra Violet with a wrench. Seeing none of this, Chris Universal got into the ring and pinned Ultra Violet.

Result: Chris Universal by Pinfall

Mitch Wilson vs. Black Panther

Mitch WilsonBlack Panther

Both wrestlers came to the ring looking intense, and wrestled a quick submission-style match. Holds and counter-holds were applied, with neither wrestler gaining a significant advantage. Mitch Wilson landed a swinging DDT, which took the Panther down, but was unable to get a three count. Mitch Wilson went for another power move and landed it, but the momentum carried him over and allowed the Panther to get a quick roll-up for the pinfall victory.

Result: Black Panther by Pinfall

Darkness (c) vs. Cactus Jack vs. Austin Davis vs. Shocker

Austin Davis

The Shocker, Cactus Jack, and Austin Davis all came to the ring first, and at once began brawling inside and outside of the ring, and out into the crowd. Darkness meanwhile stood on the top of the entrance ramp and laughed down at the fWo wrestlers and the audence. Austin Davis spotted a nearby Shane Austin, and began to use him as a human club, attacking and demolishing Cactus Jack before tearing his clothing off, revealing a set of bra and panties. Darkness joined in on the fray, and piledrove the Shocker into the concrete, redering him unconcious. The three remaining wrestlers worked their way up into the second tier of the balcony, and tossed chairs and fans at each other. Darkness hit a running spear on Davis and Jack, and all three toppled off and over to the floor below. As medical personel arrived to take them away, the Shocker insisted that the ref make the count, and he "pinned" an unconcious Cactus Jack.

Result: Shocker by Pinfall

Briana & Apocolyptica (w/Mystery Partner) vs. Stone & Wynd (w/bWo)


The bWo came to the ring looking tired and angry, and Stone at once called out Briana, Apocolyptica, and "whatever bitch is stupid enough to stand with them". Briana and Apocolyptica came to the ring as Femme Fetale, and called out Melissa Smalls, who made her return to wrestling after a long period of being retired. The four started in a brawl, which the ref quickly got to a simple one on one match. As the pace progessed Femme Fetale took the offense, but a blind tag by Stone allowed her to surprise Apocolyptica with a quick pin. Smalls, Apocolyptica, and Briana then chased the bWo from the ring and out of the arena.

Result: Stone & Wynd by Pinfall

Chris Universal vs. Black Panther

Chris UniversalBlack Panther

The Black Panther and Universal both came to the ring looking tired from their earlier hard-fought matches. Both wrestled a clean fight, with each wrestler allowing the other to get to their feet and back in the ring when pushed to the outside. The Panther got a quick succession of suplexes in, but Universal countered with a quick uppercut and a shot to the jaw. The Panther then ducked a running lariat, and executed a Superplex for the pinfall victory and the title.

Result: Black Panther by Pinfall

Cactus Jon vs. Ice

Cactus JonIce

As Ice made his way down to the ring, Scott Slugger attacked from behind with a baseball bat, laying the contender out. As Scott Slugger prepared to leave, Cactus Jon called him down to the ring, taunting him and his recent injury. Scott Slugger hobbled down to the ring, where Cactus Jon proceeded to maul him with quick chops. Slugger was tossed into the ref, and the ref went down. This distracted Scott Slugger, and Cactus Jon landed a lard powerbomb. Cactus Jon covered Scott Slugger, but the ref was unable to make the count. As the ref recovered, Scott Slugger pulled out a set of brass knuckles and delivered a hard shot with them, knocking Jon out. A dazed ref made the three count, and Scotty Cool came to the ring to fight Scott Slugger for the title. As Cactus Jon was helped out of the ring, Oracle arrived at ringside and decked him with a large hammer. Orcale then shouted at Jon that "he would make him pay on his own turf".

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall

Scotty Cool (c) vs. Scott Slugger

Scott Slugger

Scott Slugger could barely stand on his feet and Scotty Cool paced the surprise competitor. Scotty Cool took his time in the ring, methotically beating down the smaller weakened man with carefully exectued moves and holds. Scotty Cool worked on the leg of Slugger, which made it hard for him to stand. Finally, Scotty Cool went for the Scotty Dropper, but Slugger blocked the move. Stevie Roberts came to the ring to cheer on Scotty Cool, but Scotty Cool's second Scotty Dropper was blocked again. Scotty Cool tossed Slugger into the ropes, but Scott Slugger ducked and delivered a quick swinging double arm DDT. A surprised Scotty Cool was quickly rolled up for the pinfall victory. After the match Stevie Roberts tossed salt into the eyes of Scotty Cool, and delivered a hard shot to the groin. Meanwhile, Ice looked on from the top of the entrance ramp at Scott Slugger, plotting revenge.

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall