220: IPPV 1 "FREE" - 11/16/2013

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Darkness. Quiet. Nothing. Absolutely nothing to let you, the viewer know that this is a wrestling event, much less a company’s first event. Darkness. Quiet. Nothing. The silence was deafening to those watching live on the Second to None Internet Pay Per View Channel. Finally at an awkward two minutes and twenty seconds after the advertised start time of eight p.m. eastern standard time a small Second to None logo blipped onto the lower right corner of the screen. A few uncomfortable silent seconds of darkness later and we are live. Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby is doing her best to keep her capacity crowd of 500 in a small old Washington D.C. Boxing Gym from turning on her by leading a chant. That was the first thing to be seen live on 220 Wrestling, Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby in a black leather mini-skirt and six inch heels standing on top of her broadcast table. Her left hand would throw up two fingers and she would scream..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: SECOND!

Again, with her left hand, she chunked the deuce.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: TO!

Then she would throw a fist into the air with her right..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: NONE!

Over and over for while there was dead air on the 220iPPV Channel she lead the crowd with that chant. Finally, she saw herself doing this on the small big screen that was hung over a small staging that was little more than a “black curtain” she squeeled with delight and jumped off of the broadcast table down onto the floor..


And the song which will grow notorious as the intro of all Second to None events, “Tattooed Bruise” by doubleDrive simply exploded from the speakers. Having held no events yet, Second to None has NO HIGHLIGHT REEL to play as the intro music hits so the cameras panned the small crowd, shooting it from different angles to make it look larger than it actually is. The crowd fought for camera time by waving their homemade signs and continuing Lucia’s “Second to None” chant..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: What’s up motherfuckers? You found us! And here we are, together at last..

As Lucia spoke and the cameras focused on her face, our house D.J. Chloe Deville, faded the show’s intro out and remixed in “We are going to be friends” by The White Stripes but low, so Lucia could speak over it..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Welcome to Second to None Wrestling! This is our first event and it is FREE!

The crowd gave up a cheap pop for the show’s name and gimmick of being “free”..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: I am the boss’ wife..

They turned on her. This crowd of 500 invited guests were all basically friends of Heath Sommersby’s. They’d met Lucia and they knew her well enough to know that when she introduced herself as “the boss’ wife” even before she’d said her name, they all knew that Lucia was going to milk her spot as play by play broadcaster and General Manager for all it would ever be worth..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: And everyone knows that my name is Lucia. Lureaux. Sommersby..

She just smirked making sure the camera caught her gaudy wedding set..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: I just wanted to say that just to make sure that every little thing was official and hey, officially, I’ve been texting, emailing and facebooking Faith Dempsey every since she agreed to sit beside me and add some color commentary to the matches.

Lucia looked around. Overselling it a bit, even looking under the empty chair next to her..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: I’m glad I’m not like her. I mean her husband, “Big” Dick Dempsey has to lead her around like she is blind before she can get anything done! Hey and speaking of people who are too good to grace us with their presence..”Insatiable”?

The look on Lucia’s face simply said: “bitch, please..”

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Insatiable? Megan Dela Vega? Mystic? Kirsta Lewis’ friend? Supposedly Heath Sommersby’s friend and former tag-team partner? Hey Megan, weren’t you even trained by Heath Sommersby back in 2005 in Uncensored..?

Lucia laughed out loud..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: And aren’t you supposedly raped and dead? Or left for dead? Or presumed dead because oooooooooooh mysteriously nobody ever found your body? Creepy! And oh so suspenseful ..

Lucia was staring off into space looking bored as hell, her right hand moving back and forth under and over the broadcast table in a jerking off motion..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: You’ve got to be shittin’ me Megan. I don’t even know why you got Heath’s hopes up that you would be around. I don’t know why you had to have him contact “Cold, Hard” Clint Bone and book that fight between you two. What the hell are we supposed to do with “The Carnivore” now? You know what .. “Insatiable” .. I’d bet Heath booked that whole card of those lazy, tired, old, wrestlers to appease you! And now..I’m stuck to clean up the mess with what few actually Second to None guys I’ve been able to sign. You know what? That’s all the time you get. You missed the opportunity of a lifetime, Megan. Congratulations. Now would somebody pleeeeeeease come fight for me? Can I see someone who is actually…Second…to..None???

Right on cue, the very, very messed up intro of “Carry on my wayward son” by GWAR hit the speakers and on the big screen we see a live scene from outside. The Referee, Perry Davidson is still out front waving a large white sign. In red letters it read: PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING TONIGHT! Perry got a text message, so he knew exactly what time it was. He rolled the sign up into a tight roll and double-checked his phone that it really was time to head inside and start the show. As he walked, he wasn’t really paying attention because he was checking his phone. He tucked his sign under his left arm and holding his phone in his left hand, he reached for the back door to the venue but only swatted at air. Still not looking up from his phone he took a step forward and again reached for the door handle.


He almost scared Perry Davidson right out of his boots. The Referee was not expecting anyone to be standing there holding the door open for him. He scanned the much larger guy up and down. Masked. His pro Wrestler’s mask was red and in black his eyes and nose looked like a “Death’s Head”. The mask was the type that did not cover the chin so he had a long goatee exposed. It was nearly to his waist and dreadlocked in two. More dreadlocks were pulled through a small opening at the top of his mask. He wore no shirt or shoes and his pants looked to be a Martial Arts Gi bottom and around his waist was a red belt. He looked about six foot four, barefoot to Perry. He pointed inside, right where Perry was headed.

Grinder: PURORESU?

This guy’s voice was beyond deep. It was beyond gravelly. He had spoke only Japanese to Perry but had Perry not seen him and only heard him, he would have sworn he was speaking to an eighty year old black blues singer from the turn of the twentieth century Mississippi Delta. The guy was so tan he might have even been Japanese, Perry couldn’t tell, so he didn’t know to speak in English or what. So he just sort of smiled and nodded.


The mysterious masked wrestler then begins violently shaking a can of spray paint. He then sprayed a square of tile inside of the building yellow. He stepped down onto it with his barefoot. Then sprayed another one farther into the building and turned to Perry..

Grinder: And if I follow the yellow brick road, it’s going to take me to the Emerald City. Right!??!

Immediately, Perry knew that this guy was probably about as fucked up as a lab rat and just wanted to get away from him and into the ring where Lucia was now expecting him to be. Perry just nodded, and pointed him in the direction he was already headed, and then he took off in the other. The cameras returned to Lucia at ringside.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Um ok, whatever and whoever that was..

She thought about it for a moment..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: So who did he mean? Richards? Or Stevenson? Obviously one of those two, right? Oh who cares?!?!? Does ANBODY besides me want to see some Second to None Wrestling?

The crowd gives her another cheap pop as the match bell sounds three times calling for everyone’s attention! The opening guitar riff to “Let Me Out” by Future Leaders of the World hits as Maddox emerges from the back and walks to the top of the ramp.

Chloe Deville: Ladies and Gentlemen..the underpaid, oversexed, wicked-good, bullet-proof, better than advertised Heath Sommersby welcomes you all to the Second to None headquarters in Washington D.C. for a night of SECOND TO NONE WRESTLING!!!

Maddox looks around the small crowd of five hundred who are now cheering wildly for Chloe’s announcement. He just shakes his head.

Chloe Deville: Introducing first..

Immediately the crowd turns and begins to boo. Maddox then slaps his thighs and works his way up slapping each arm, his chest and finally slapping himself in the face before running down towards the ring and sliding in underneath the bottom rope..

Chloe Deville: Hailing from Fargo, North Dakota and weighing in tonight at two hundred and seventy pounds…THIS…IS…MADDOX!!!

As he slides in he jumps up to his feet and immediately intimidates the referee before backing away and leaning into the corner as “Clutch” by Barrie Gledden hits the speakers.

Chloe Deville: And his opponent!!!

The crowd goes wild as Richards pushes through the black curtain and with a noticeable focus makes his way to the ring..

Chloe Deville: “The American Wolf” Jason Richards!

As Richards rolls into the ring, Maddox lands a boot to the back of his the neck of Richards. When Richards’ feet hit the mat, the Ref calls for the bell and as the match and show is officially started, the crowd gives a nice pop. Richards makes it up to his feet but Maddox hits him with a boot to the gut. As Richards doubles over Maddox shows off his strength by hitting a hard Gutwrench Suplex.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Nice smashmouth power move by a guy who is quite frankly the size of a bear! Now earlier this week in Second to None, Jason Richards went on record clearly stating that he wasn’t much for cutting promos and preferred to do his talking in the ring. Well apparently the same can be said for Matthew “Maddox” Doxin. Now when I personally signed Maddox, I couldn’t wait to hear what he would have to say about not only “The American Wolf” Jason Richards but Second to None in general, but alas, it was not to be Hopefully Maddox won’t be so shy next time and will open up a bit and let us all get to know him a little better..

Back in the ring, both men are flat on their stomachs and Maddox has a front facelock applied to Richards. With deceptive quickness for a big man, Maddox snatches Richards and rolls them both over twice in an Alligator Death Roll. As Maddox stops, Richards is pinned. The Ref slides into position to make the count and he hammers the mat loudly one time, Maddox quick Alligator rolls himself and Richards back cross the ring. Once again, as Maddox ended the maneuver, he had Richards pinned. The Ref quickly slid into position but before he could start a three count, Maddox quickly pulled Richards back across the ring with another Alligator Death Roll.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Big. Strong. And nasty. Right now Maddox looks like a mean old alley cat playing with a newborn mouse..

This time, Maddox bridged the move and allowed the Ref a count, but when Richards kicked out at two, the smaller man was able to break the hold Maddox had on him. Both men moved to their feet. Maddox went in for a collar and elbow tie up but Richards ducked him wrapping his arms around the waist of Maddox as he did. Wasting no time, Richards lifted and took Maddox down, but as soon as Maddox was down, he slipped out of the hold Richards had on him with a simple Ganby and again displaying surprising quickness for a big man, from his knees hedid to Richards what he had just down to him, took the waist.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Richards calls himself a Pure Wrestler, a Puroresu if you will and he is baiting Maddox into wrestling and not fighting it would seem..

Maddox had the waist of Richards from behind, with both men on their knees, Maddox could not actually take Richards down, so he just showed off his superior strength by lifting and standing at the same time to hit Richards with a hard overhead belly to back suplex!..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: But if Maddox is going to be forced to wrestle it looks like he is still going to wrestle his own ..fight..

Maddox tossed Richards so hard that Richards was able to flip over onto his feet. With a low dropkick he effectively chop-blocked Maddox which took the big man down to one knee. Richards applied a Dragon Sleeper but the bigger, stronger Maddox began to bridge out of the move and we saw that was exactly what Richards was hoping for..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Springboard Implant DDT by Richards! Lateral Press and Richards has a leg hooked..referee is in position…one…two…WOW! Maddox just heaved Richards halfway across the ring with that burly kick-out!

Both men moved to their feet with Maddox on the attack and going for a Bicycle Kick, Richards ducked the move and hit the ropes running. This time Maddox went in for a straight solid standing clothesline, when Richards ducked it, he stopped, wrapping his leg around Maddox’s and going for the throat..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: STO by Richards takes Maddox down HARD to the canvas! Richards is up and going for the ropes…Springboard Elbow Smash down hard onto the chest of Maddox..Richards with Lateral…two…Maddox kicks out!

As Maddox made it up to his feet, Richards stood him up with a hard European Uppercut then sent him back into the ropes with a Standing Dropkick..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Big dropkick by Richards, he just kicked Maddox right in the mouth!

When Maddox bounced off of the ropes Richards caught him with a side headlock, before Maddox could react or counter it Richards hit him with his patented Spike Headlock Driver finisher!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Emerald City Boom!

As the ref slid into position, Richards was hooking a leg..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: This could it, the first winner in Second to None history…ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!

The Referee called for the bell as “Clutch” by Barrie Gledden once again hit the speakers..

Chloe Deville: And your winner…THE AMERICAN WOLF…JASON..RICHARDS!!!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: You know..I shouldn’t be surprised by this. I have personally seen Richards competing for Second to None affiliates WARPED Wrestling and Frontier Grappling Arts, but honestly and not to sound biased, I had some really high hopes for Maddox when I signed him. This is not at all how I thought his first match would end up.

As Lucia had spoken, both men had left the ring and the big screen roared into life. Backstage, standing in front of a large banner with the Second to None logo on it stood someone Lucia had mentioned earlier in the show’s opening..

”The Carnivore” Clint Bone: You’re right Lucia. I didn’t think that the match that replaced my Taipei Death Match ended up nearly as Second to None as what I bring to the table..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: And?

”The Carnivore” Clint Bone: And? And…like you said before…what are you going to do with The Cold Blooded, Cold Hearted Carnivore now that Sommersby has talked him into being Second to None…AND…who better to kick a guy when he’s down?

She knew what he was saying, knew what he was asking for..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: You wanna fight Maddox..?

”The Carnivore” Clint Bone: The Carnivore versus The Bear..

She turned to the crowd as if to ask them what they thought, and you know it, they gave her a good loud cheap pop..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: You got it Clint! At Second to None II it will be Maddox…versus Bone!!! And it won’t be a boiler room brawl…

She paused, for dramatic effect..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: It will be a…BATHROOM BRAWL!!! First man to take a swirlie is the …LOSER!!!

The Second to None logo once again hit the big screen and the show’s theme song, “Tattooed Bruise” by doubleDrive hit the speakers..

Chloe Deville: You heard it here first! Live from Club Icon in Waldorf, Maryland. Saturday, November Thirtieth 2013 Second to None Wrestling presents: INFECTIOUS! Don’t miss this FREE event which will feature a BATHROOM BRAWL! And…an announcement by Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby about how the vacant Second to None WWWorld Championship will be decided!

With no information whatsoever on the next wrestler, Chloe was forced to use the show’s intro music which was still playing to introduce him. She rang the match bell three times to grab everyone’s attention..

Chloe Deville: This next contest is for one fall! Introducing first, Prince Wadjethotep!!!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Say that again Chloe..

Chloe Deville: Wadjethotep..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: One more again, please?

Chloe Deville: WADJETHOTEP!!!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Gonna have to call this guy Prince.

Chloe Deville: And his opponent..

The arena lights suddenly just shut off consuming the arena into complete darkness. The sudden engulfing of a massive bright spotlight shines down onto the entry area, the fans try looking through it but it is far too bright to see through it with the naked eye. Suddenly, the public address sound system comes on playing “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold as the stage is still engulfed in the massive light. After a few seconds, the spotlight begins fading away and the arena lights return to life as there stands Drew Stevenson with his hands on his hips just looking out nodding as these fans boo him loudly.

Chloe Deville: From Kansas City, Missouri, Mister Mainstream, Drew Stevenson!!!

Stevenson just begins walking down the aisle sporting his usual attire which consists of dark green Chute Boxe style shorts, dark green kneepads, boots and his hands taped up in dark green tape as well. He begins walking down the aisle until he gets down to the ring, he quickly rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope immediately getting back to his feet as the match bell sounds..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Alrighty then, let’s just see who is the biggest star in my company…or just the biggest mouth..

As Wadjethotep moved in for a collar and elbow tie-up, Stevenson landed a high knee to the solar plexus. Stevenson followed this with a hard forearm smash down onto the back of Wadjethotep, then wrenched the arm out hard with a wristlock. Stevenson knocked Wadjethotep flat with a short arm clothesline and placing a boot down on Prince’s chest, demanded a count from the ref ..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Oh wow, he is not quite but almost as cocky as my Heath is! It’s like…Sommersby…light.

Prince Wadjethotep pushed Stevenson’s boot off of his chest and moved to his feet. With the grace and confidence of a true indy wrestler, Wadjethotep again went for the collar and elbow tie-up. Completely not expecting this, Stevenson was caught off guard and engaged. Wadjethotep pulled Stevenson in for a side-headlock, Stevenson backed them both into the ropes and sent Wadjethotep for the ride.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Feeling each other out, maybe we’ll get some action in a few minutes..

As Wadjethotep hit the ropes, Stevenson went for and applied a Sleeper Hold. Quickly, Wadjethotep, reached back, grabbed two handfuls of hair and sat down hard hitting Stevenson with a jawbreaker! Stevenson tried to walk it off but out of nowhere Wadjethotep rolled him up with a School Boy and the referee was right on top of it to hammer out an almost, kinda sorta quick three count..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: You’ve got to be shitting me! Arrest that man! Prince just stole one!

The Ref called for the bell and Wadjethotep quickly rolled out of the ring and headed for the back. Lucia was laughing hysterically at ringside.

Chloe Deville: And your winner..PRINCE…WADJETHOTEP!!!

Back inside of the ring, Stevenson was in a rage! He slowly slid out of the ring and moved towards the broadcast table towards Lucia. He snatched the microphone that Faith Dempsey was supposed to have been using.

Drew Stevenson: Do you know who I am Lucia?

As Lucia goes to speak, he cuts her off.

Drew Stevenson: No, no, you listen! You see Lucia, I am Drew Stevenson – Mr. Mainstream and the very man who will put this company on the map and how do I get rewarded, huh? You book me and I was okay with that because I am a very giving person but you book me against one of your husband’s indy losers when it’s as clear as day that I am the biggest star you got. And now look at what’s happened!!! I also heard that you agreed with my manager Mr. Robertson, that I would be in the Main Event and let me tell you Lucia – you’re not scratching my back like I’m scratching yours.

Walking in even closer, he clearly wasn’t happy..

Drew Stevenson: So what do you say we do about this?

Lucia just smirked, then winked at him.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Easy killer.. the night is young..

He did not like that answer at all, but had nothing else to say to her. Stevenson dropped the microphone and left the ringside area for backstage.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: You know that gives me an idea. Drew Stevenson did have to face one of the indy losers that my Heath hired, and so did Maddox. So I think that at Infectious, I want to see “The American Wolf” Jason Richards take on Prince Whatchamacallit. Sound good everybody?

As the crowd roared their approval, Chloe once again sounded the match bell three times capturing everyone’s attention..

Chloe Deville: This IS a ladder match for a ten thousand dollar cash prize and it is your Main Event of the evening!!!

The lights and the noise level fell. Silence and darkness enclosed the small venue, except for a single spotlight shining on a briefcase which was suspended over the ring by the rafters. Just then, “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine simply exploded from the speakers!

Chloe Deville: Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia..BULLRUSH!!!

As he made it to the ring, “Suicide Messiah” by Black Label Society hit the speakers and Ridge hit the ramp running..

Chloe Deville: From Detroit, Michigan..SNAKE RIDGE!!!

Ridge attacked Bullrush from behind as he entered the ring, with both men inside, the ref called for the bell officially starting the match. “What do you say” by Mickey Avalon hit the speakers next, and the next man hit the ramp running, anxious to get in on the action..

Chloe Deville: From Southern California, The Cocaine King! COREY..RAMIREZ!!!

The crowd began to chant, J..X..D! J..X..D! J..X..D!

Chloe Deville: And finally, by way of Derby England!!!

NYMPHETAMINE by Cradle of Filth hit the speakers and the crowd gave clearly the biggest pop of the night!

Chloe Deville: He is the definition of technician..THE NIGHTMARE..J..X..D!!!

The four hardcore indy wrestling warriors know, hate and have worked with each other for the last eight years on the indy circuit and they put on a show! It was a highspot extravaganza and all four men wore the crimson mask. A little over fifteen minutes into the match, came a point when all four men were down, out and not moving..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: NOW DREW! NOW!!!

Before Chloe could even cue up Drew Stevenson’s music, he was storming back into the arena! He ran down the ramp and slid into the ring..


Ramirez started to make it up to his feet, but Stevenson nailed him with a sick Super Kick!..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: The Emporer’s Rise!

Drew began setting up the ladder in the ring, he looked over at Lucia and shouted something..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: I know! I know you hate ladder matches! Just get up there before one of those indy wrestlers wins!!!

Drew Stevenson began climbing the ladder. He looked down, everyone was still out. He climbed a bit higher, he reached for the briefcase and his fingers barely grazed it. Just then, and once again, “Carry on my wayward son” by GWAR hit the speakers! Stevenson began looking around frantically..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Who is this mysterious masked wrestler? And what does he want?

No one came out to challenge Stevenson and the four men in the ring were all still out. Drew looked back up over the ring, now the briefcase that he only a second ago could almost touch was about a foot out of his reach. Stevenson went up to the top step. He reached, and oddly the briefcase ascended about six inches higher, still just out of Drew’s grasp.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: HURRY UP!!!

Drew stepped up onto the very top of the ladder onto what isn’t even considered a step..


He reached, and yet again, the briefcase ascended just out of his reach. This caused Drew to almost lose his balance on top of the ladder..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: What is going on?

When Drew regained his balance, the cameras and spotlight caught the mysterious masked wrestler up in the rafters slowly pulling the money up out of Stevenson’s grasp. In frustration, Drew began to climb down, and Grinder lowered the briefcase. As Stevenson reached, Grinder pulled it back up just out of his reach.

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Oh you have GOT to be shitting me..

Stevenson reached one last time and as he did, Grinder opened the briefcase spilling out the contents all over Stevenson!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Holy…shit..

And the crowd of 500 thought so too! As Drew Stevenson fell off the top of the ladder, covered in Grinder’s YELLOW PAINT and down hard onto the mat they started a “HOLY SHIT” chant that nearly blew the roof off of the small venue!!!

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Ok, I have had enough! I call bullshit! Don’t worry about this Drew, I got it, I got it.

Lucia stood up at the broadcast table and pointed a finger up into the rafters at Grinder as Chloe Deville played the Second to None outro, “In one ear” by Cage The Elephant..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: Whoever you are, you’d better know that on November 30th in Waldorf, Maryland you will be facing Mr. Mainstream Drew Second to None II: INFECTIOUS! And..

She paused, for dramatic effect..

Lucia Lureaux-Sommersby: will be…ANY MATCH…that Drew Stevenson chooses!!

With the outro playing, just as the show had opened with Lucia’s “Second to None” chant..that was just how it ended..