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Slaughter opened with a camera in the parking lot, where Ultra Violet was spotted. Violet and twelve fWo officals had a chalkboard set up, and small stick figures were drawn of the Flying Frenchie and Ultra Violet. The officals were trying to explain that Ultra Violet now had the Internet Title, and Ultra Violet continued to maintain that he did not remember pinning him. Obviously having heard this several times before, one offical kicked the chalkboard over as the cameras returned inside the arena.

Fallen vs. Plague


Plague came to the ring with his face already bleeding, presumably after it had been smashed into a wall backstage by himself. Fallen came to the ring limping badly after the attack suffered at the hands of Darkness. Fallen got into the ring, and at once fell to his knees. Fallen began to raise his arms up to Plague, calling him the "great one". Plague watched this, and then began to stomp away at Fallen's head. Fallen encouraged the attack, yelling "anything to be one, anything to be one of you". Plague then pinned Fallen, who offered no resistance.

Result: Plague by Pinfall

Mathew Zhuk (c) vs. Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet

Matthew Zhuk came to the ring with the Cruiserweight title, and awaited Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet did not come to the ring however, and cameras sent to the back found Ultra Violet, 18 fWo officals, 4 fWo refs, the fWo commissioner, Scotty Cool, Stone, and Stephen Hawkings all trying to explain to Ultra Violet that he was the new Internet champion. Ultra Violet continued to not understand, and the ref inside the arena counted him out and awarded the match to Matthew Zhuk, who shook his head in disgust. The crowd began to erupt as Apocolyptica came out of the crowd and stood in front of Matthew Zhuk, not saying anything but simply standing in his way.

Result: Matthew Zhuk by No Contest

Stone (c) vs. Sid Snow

Sid Snow

Sid Snow came to the ring with the Shocker, and at once began to prance around inside the ring. The Shocker seemed annoyed by this, but stood guard over the Lone Gunmen member all the same. Stone came to the ring and at once began to bitch slap Sid Snow, who began to cry in pain. Stone tossed him into the ropes, and then grabbed him by the groin and "groin slammed" him to the canvas for the three count. Stone left the ring then, as the Shocker admired the view of her backside as she sauntered up the entrance ramp. Meanwhile, backstage a large crowd surrounded Ultra Violet as people continued to try and inform Ultra Violet that he was the champion. Finally, Violet handed Ultra Violet the title and informed him "shiny thing yours". A light seemed to go off in Ultra Violet's head, and he jumped up and down, shouting "I'm the Intranet Champion"!

Result: Stone by Pinfall

Briana vs. Chris Universal

Chris Universal

Briana and Chris Universal came to the ring, and shook hands inside the ring before locking up. The match turned physical, and in the first real match since Universal's injury he showed that he had kept in good condition. Briana had the upper hand, but a quick uppercut followed by a swinging lariat gave Chris Universal the victory, and he advanced in the tournament. As he left the arena, loud French music began to play over the loudspeakers...

Result: Chris Universal by Pinfall

Flying Frenchie Interview

Flying Frenchie Interview

The Flying Frenchie came to the ring with the rest of the French Foundation, and the Frenchie at once began to yell at the crowd, telling them to "shut their stupid American cake holes". The Frenchie then called Ultra Violet out, saying that the Frenchie still deserved the title, that the Frenchie was cheated, and that the Frenchie wanted a rematch. Ultra Violet came onto the ramp and told the Frenchie that he didn't think that was a good idea, because they had already wrestled like... C times already. The Frenchie suddenly grinned, as if with a good idea. The Frenchie then told Ultra Violet that he wanted a different kind of match for the Internet Title... a 2 out of C falls match. Ultra Violet seemed to accept this, and nodded his approval.

Ground Zero (c) vs. Chaos


Ground Zero came to the ring, Plague still bleeding and War looking angry. The new champions Ground Zero came to the ring, and the four men at once began to brawl inside the ring. The ref attempted to restore order, but Doomsday then exited the backstage area and ran to the ring, with Stevie Roberts leading the charge. The men jumped on Chaos, as all rules broke down inside the arena. Scotty Cool came out onto the entrance ramp, and seemed pleased, telling Chris Finn that it was good to see Roberts channeling his anger against the Dark Riders, and that he had arranged a special tag match at PAIN III. Inside the ring, Ground Zero escaped the area as a melee continued to break out and the cameras went off the air...

Result: No Contest