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WARPED87 - 3/29/14 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore

The Murder Mitten Mayhem Tour is red hot as we lead up to the big Cobo Center finale on 4/20! It's been a year since WARPED broke the record for its highest capacity crowd ever of 8,000 at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium in Osaka, Japan. Now, we're working our way toward 12,000 fans. Before we get there, we travel down the road to The Fillmore in Detroit for another action-packed show.

The big talk after WARPED86 is that Mr. Rottentreats defeated the World Champion William Wallace. Both men will defend their titles at WARPED87 as Adam Stryker gets his contractually obligated rematch for the Evolution Title. And, to add some spice to their rematch, this match will be contested under FnX Rules! That means no DQ, no countout, falls count anywhere and brutality is greatly encouraged! Then, in our main event, William Wallace will put the World Title on the line for the second time since regaining the gold as he faces Cameron MacNichol. After winning the chance to challenge for the title at the last show, MacNichol now gets the main event in his hometown of Detroit. And the world wants to know what's next with the debut of Mr. Rottentreats' King KUMA, who stood toe to toe with Wallace's monster, Gefahr.

In addition, the #1 contender for the Evolution Championship, Anton Chase, faces a man whom he took his frustrations out on at the last show, Jason Richards. Will Chase be caused more frustration by Crowbar, or will Chase find him and get some redemption? Speaking of Crowbar, he'll be in action in what should be an exciting grudge match between he and Evangelista, two performers who have a storied past with the WARPED/Abominationz war. See all of that and much more including the returning Malik Logan in action against Hugo Strange and the return of the Four Corner Survival match as four newcomers do battle in a fast-paced scramble-style match-up!

Thanks to Faygo for sponsoring the Murder Mitten Mayhem Tour. Plus, we welcome The Town Pump Tavern and Elwood Bar & Grill to this week's sponsors. Thanks for making this tour possible!

Main Event - World Championship Match
William Wallace(c) vs. Cameron MacNichol

Evolution Championship Re-Match - FnX Rules
Mr. Rottentreats(c) vs. Adam Stryker

Grudge Match
Anton Chase vs. Jason Richards

Singles Match
Hugo Strange vs. Malik Logan

Singles Match
Crowbar vs. Evangelista

Newcomer Four Corner Survival
Ariel Shadows vs. Chris Moore vs. Mickey Chandler vs. Jason Stone

Leo Banks vs. Johnny eXtreme vs Cameron Breslin

WARPED87 - 3/29/14 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore

Thank you for your purchase of this WARPED Wrestling DVD "WARPED87"

DISCLAIMER: If this is the first time you're checking out a WARPED show, please click away! This is a summarized show and does not reflect the normal high quality of show we put out. That said, keep reading if you want. But be warned - SHEEP SHEEP will show up at your doorstep with a giant fork.

In the pre-show match: Leo Banks, Johnny eXtreme, and Cameron Breslin were attacked and forked by SHEEP SHEEP. The fans win the match. Baaahdass.




WARPED87 opens to a highlight package of all the events that transpired from the first stop on the Murder Mitten Mayhem Tour. Ariel Shadows easily taking out Seth Moore, before Moore was Forked, Hardcore-style, by the LEGENDARY--SHEEP SHEEP!! Evangelista taking out Cameron Breslin, Hugo Strange overcoming Adam Stryker, Cameron MacNichol rose above both Anton Chase AND Jason Richards... The Evo-Champ, none-other-than Mr. Rottentreats trumped the World Champion, William Wallace, and AFTER the match, the Giant Gefahr chased Vaughn Ronie all the way to the ring where--




When it rains?
It pours.


Words flash across the screen, before the camera opens, set to a mixture of black, white, grey, and green. We are inside of what appears to be a small log cabin, with one window in the distance, and a single wooden chair set in the center. A man in a satin cloak rests upon the chair, staring down at the splintered floor below.

"Dear viewer... You don't know me. No one really does. Atleast... not truly. Some may THINK they do, but they've grown accustom to the stigmas, the stereotypes, the LABELS. They've grown accustom to the past, and they wish to stay there. But ladies and gents... it is time. HIGH time, that society underwent an upgrade."

The man raises his head, slightly. The intensity in his voice increases.

"Allow me to introduce myself. C://i_AM... that upgrade. Alone in my cabin, I look amongst you all. So many sneers. Your faces twisted. Through a vision of feeble dreams I hold within my hands a testament. A testament to my undying animosity for each of you. Countless times have I been pummeled by you all. Not by you specifically, but by this world's uncaring multitudes.

"I taste my own blood set upon my tongue, dripping from the open wound, cascading down my face and painting the canvas below a crimson kaleidescope of each of my inner-most feelings... hidden from your view. You've yet to see me... to TRULY see me. But can you feel me?"

The figure shifts in his chair, the intensity overflowing.

"You feel this? YOU FEEL ME? You will... You shall all feel my pain. My suffering... YOU WILL FEEL THE HATE. Can you even begin to imagine what you've done to me? What this WORLD has done unto me? EACH AND EVERY DAMNED ONE OF YOU. This world's hate. Your thoughtlessness, your carelessness. You may not... but I do.

"And soon? You shall as well. You shall feel every fist to my flesh, every spit in my face... every curse that's filled my ears. Ten fold. One Hundred fold... A THOUSAND TIMES, AGAIN AND AGAIN, RASPING DOWN UPON YOUR BACKS. As I drive my hatred into your skulls. You mock me. You ALL do. You mock US. Anyone who thinks differently. ANYONE that marches to the beat of their own drum. You hurl your stones, you cast your names into our ears. You do everything you can to bring us down.

"But no more. NO MORE...
No more.

"Soon? Each and every last one of you... you shall all taste your own blood, sliding down your throat. Choking on your own life's FUEL. Such as I. We shall rise. We SHALL take over. And finally? You shall all know the true meaning... Of The Storm. All in due time...

"Prepare for the worst. For even that? Shall not prepare you...

"... for me."

The figure stands up from the chair, before moving toward the camera slowly. Suddenly, static fills the screen, and once it's dissipated, we return to the very same scene... only the lone figure has vanished. The chair is knocked over, and upon the floor, scrawled harshly into the wood, is one word, seemingly written with a long, sharp blade. One word, reading simply ;



"...cuz there's a time and a place to die. but this ain't it..."




- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

The show then kicked off with a Four corner Survival match pitting four newcomers against each other in a scramble-rules type match. Two people in the ring at once. When one leaves the ring or tags out, another may enter. One fall to a finish. The match...

Ariel Shadows d. Chris Moore, Mickey Chandler, Jason Stone, when Ariel pinned Chris Moore.



- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

WARPEDVision lights up backstage. Evangelista's hyped up for her match with Crowbar. At her side, with a hand on her shoulder, is Laurel Anne Hardy. Laurel's in her street clothes - still more flamboyant than most people's ring gear - with a wide grin on her face and a mischievous sparkle in her cold grey eyes.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Ladies and fuckin' gentlemen! Are you feeling warped yet? Well this night's only gonna get better an' better. I'd like to take a moment to address Mr Rottentreats - Treats, mate, grats on the title, and grats on the title shot. Well done and good luck. But last time you bemoaned the relative lack of insanity around here lately. Well, if you'd like to remind the world just how warped WARPED can get, I'm game. Name the time, the place and the match type and let's give 'em a show."

She's beaming affably.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "As for the tag situation, I happen to know a couple of old pals of ours might have been thinkin' about getting a little warped. But the bigger the field, the better, right?"

Evangelista: "And we never did get a fair rematch..."

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Well as long as 'The Prodigal Daughter' Evangelista and 'The Installation Event of the Millennium' Laurel Anne Hardy are workin' for the same company, even when we're focusing on solo stuff, we're still a threat to their tag titles. Joey, you know we're instant credible contenders at any time. Wanna show off how well WARPED does tag team wrestling? Give us a call."

Evangelista: "But that's not the only place I'm looking. Tonight... me an' Crowbar. One of WARPED's most successful and respected veterans versus the most technically proficient wrestler on the roster. Win or lose, this is where I restate my case that I should not be overlooked for the Evolution Championship. I have proven myself in this company time and time again and I will keep on proving myself for as long as it takes."

They hug each other close, energetically - but never look away from the camera, determination all over their faces.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Stay fabulous."

And they depart.


- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

Back to the ring for a grudge match between Crowbar and Evangelista, in Crowbar's return to the ring following a neck injury that kept him out of action for a couple of weeks.

Crowbar d. Evangelista via DQ when Anton Chase interfered and attacked Crowbar with a steel chair shot to the back of his head, targetting the injured neck. Only a mere minute after the match started. it had ended. Evangelista pulled Anton Chase off of Crowbar, not to save Crowbar, but to avenge the fact that Anton just cost her the match, but Anton escaped and also hit her with a chair. Chase left the ring with his head held high as the fans booed him.



- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

The lights suddenly cut. Ominous music plays over the PA System, before one word SLiCES through WARPEDVision --




" ALL that you dreamed..."

|we R one. we R many.|





- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

Fade in backstage.. Hugo Strange looks up at the camera as he is taping up his fist.

Hugo Strange: Something is eluding me, something is taunting me. See I need another title to add to my name, I need another feather to put in my hat. I want to be the king of F'n'X I want my name to be said in the sentence as F'n'X. For me to be the king of F'n'X there is two men I need to beat, just beat but leave bloodly in that ring. Now this are two men I respect, so Crowbar I want our re-match and PKA I wanna to show that I am the ultraviolent butcher,challnge throw out.

Fade to black.


- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

The crowd is hot after that last match on the card and they Detroit natives are hungry for more. WARPED vision lights up and all the attention is drawn to WARPED's large screen on the stage. The camera is zoomed in on an elbow pad going up an arm with a darker skin tone. The camera zooms out to show Malik Logan in the mens locker room to a huge pop. Malik is mentally preparing for his match tonight against former World Champion, Hugo Strange by simply sitting down and listen to his favorite songs downloaded on his iPod. While The HitMan is preparing for his match, in comes backstage reporter Austin Sanders ready to conduct and interview with the WARPED original.

Sanders: "Malik, if you don't mind, can I have a quick word with you?"

Malik: "Of course, what's up Austin?"

Malik rises from his chair to properly conduct the interview with the veteran WARPED reporter.

Sanders: "Malik, it's been no secret to the WARPED fans that you have had a war of words over social media with Hugo Strange. Both of you guys are fan favorites, how do you think the fans here in Detroit will respond to you guys. Do you think the crowd will be biased towards one side? Or do you think that the crowd will be divided, some for you and some for Hugo?"

Sanders question takes a bit for Malik to answer.

Malik: "Well listen Austin, I could say that no one likes him, no one knows him but the fact of the matter is he has his own fans. I know that no everyone is going to like what I said, and they're going to be vocal about it. But at the same time, I still have all of my Hitmites, especially some right here in Detroit..." Incites a pop from the Detroit native."... and I know that at the same time they won't let me down either."

Sanders: "And last question Malik, do you think you will show signs of ring rust?"

Malik: "Ring rust? Austin, I may not have been in front of a WARPED crowd in four years, but I have been training like no tomorrow during all four of those years. Detroit, no need for a you still got it chant because The HitMan never lost it!"

The crowd pops once again at the end of Malik's last statement as the original walks off leaving Austin Sanders standing in the camera shot.

Sanders: "Malik Logan returns to the ring tonight against the former World Champion Hugo Strange. That match is next!"

The scene fades.



- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

Next up, Malik Logan is back in WARPED and he battles Hugo Strange.


The ring lights go dim in the arena as the stage lights flash a dark red. Hollywood Undead's "Undead" blasts on the PA system to a pop from the WARPED faithful as they await the HitMan.


The chorus kicks in and the lights come up. Bursting through the curtain comes WARPED original Malik Logan. The Wortown Warrior stands at the top t of the stage, soaking in the reaction he's getting from the WARPED fans before raising one arm and making his way down the ramp.

Randy Long: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first; from Worcester, MA, weighing in at 220 lbs... THE HITMAN... MAAAAALLLLIIIIKKKKKK LOOOGGGGAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!

The announcement from Randy Long pumps the crowd up even more as The Worcester Tornado continues his way to the ring. He moves to his left side and gets some of the hands of the fans at ringside before finally making it to the ring area. Logan walks past the steps and slides right on the apron a la Dolph Ziggler and then immediately pops up to both feet. He quickly steps in the ring and goes to the turnbuckle diagonal to the steps. He climbs on the middle rope, puts his head down, and then throws both arms up bring his head up with them. Malik hops down and the music dies out as he awaits his opponent.

Randy Long: “And his opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!”

The arena goes dark as the opening rifts to Red Fangs “Prehistoric Dog” starts to blast out of the PA system.

Randy Long: “Weighing in at 315lbs!”

Hugo steps out on to the ramp with Missy Von Eerie and throws both hands up in the air the crowd pops. Hugo whispers something in Missy’s ear before she goes to the back. Hugo marches to the ring; pointing at, and shit talking Malik Logan. Once he reaches the ring he rolls under the bottom rope; then pulls himself up to his feet in his corner.

Randy Long: “The Canadian Madman! HUUUGOOO SSTTRA-ohsh...”

The bell rings as Randy Long hastily exits. Malik and Hugo meet in the center of the ring. Malik uses Hugo’s momentum against him with a Deep Arm Drag. Hugo rolls to a knee in the corner, then pounds the mat in frustration. Malik charges the corner and ducks a big boot attempt by Hugo. Malik scales the ropes and back flips into the ring; Hugo ducks under. Malik lands on his feet and drops into a split to evade a lariat from Hugo. Malik pops back up to his feet. Hugo rebounds off of the ropes and Malik evades a Northern Lariat with another split. Hugo catches himself on the ropes and waits for Malik to finish dancing. Hugo rushes Malik; as he spins up to his feet. The Canadian Madman slams the WARPED Original back to the mat with a good old fashioned body slam.

Tony D: “Looks like the homecoming party is over, Kris!”

Kris Red: “Good! This isn’t WARPED’s Got Talent, Tony D!”

Tony D: “Malik’s leg was jammed into the mat with that body slam!”

Malik grabs at his leg. Hugo is quick to stomp away at Malik’s leg. Malik crawls toward the ropes and pulls himself up with assistance from the top rope. Hugo yells ”THIS IS MY HOUSE NOW!” then kicks Malik’s leg out from under him. Hugo yanks Malik up by the leg attempting to apply the stretch muffler.

Tony D: “Canadian Deathlock! Hugo wants to put this one away early, Kris!”

Kris Red: “Hugo’s like a shark, Tony D! And he smells blood!”

Tony D: “Malik may have triggered the Canadian Madman with his stepping stone comments, Kris.”

Malik holds onto the bottom rope and rains down kicks onto Hugo’s head. The referee administers the 5 count as Hugo attempts to shake off the kicks.




Hugo is finally rocked by a kick, and releases the hold; before staggering back to the opposite ropes. Malik rolls under the bottom rope; clutching his knee. Hugo sits on the middle rope; attempting to shake off the kicks to the head. When he finally does, he sees Malik pulling himself to his feet on the apron. Hugo showing the effects of the head kicks; attempts to charge. Malik cuts him off with a shoulder to the gut, then follows with a sunset flip. Hugo sways back and forth; Malik struggles to pull him down. Hugo windmills his arms in an attempt to maintain his balance.


Tony D: “I wouldn’t stay under the big man to long.”

Kris Red: “Especially not after he’s got his balan---OOOH!”

Malik moves his head to the side; Hugo drives his right hand down right into the canvas! The Canadian Madman grabs his hand; as Malik rolls him up with the Sunset Flip.



Tony D: “Simple, yet effective.”

Kris Red: “It wasn’t too effective. Hugo kicked out, Tony D!”

Hugo grabs Malik’s left leg and begins to twist; Malik kicks him in the head. Hugo releases Malik’s leg and both men begin to rise to their feet. Hugo throws a stiff lariat in Malik’s direction; Malik ducks and grabs a waist lock. Malik absorbs a couple of back elbows, then attempts to power Hugo up for a Red(Blue) Thunder Bomb. Hugo blocks it and tosses a huge back elbow at Malik. Malik loosens his grip on the waist lock and ducks. After a full rotation by Hugo, Malik cinches in the waist lock again; then drives an elbow into the back of Hugo’s head. Malik digs deep and powers Hugo up; but he’s too heavy. Hugo counters the Red Thunder Bomb with a DDT. Hugo shoots a half nelson; but Malik fights being rolled to his side. Hugo transitions into a Full Nelson and stands up; lifting Malik with him.

Tony D: “Here comes a MooseBo..”

Kris Red: “Malik’s attempting to counter!!”

Hugo powers Malik into the air for a Full Nelson Slam. Malik manages to escape before being slammed into the canvas with a Moose Bomb. Malik lands hard on his leg, but shakes it off. Malik hobbles to the turnbuckle and begins his ascent.

FINISH 1(HUGO WINS) Hugo is in hot pursuit of Malik and attempts a waist lock on Malik; Malik elbows him away. Hugo attempts again; Malik elbows him away, then climbs to the top. Hugo staggers back and spins around; he hits the top rope, knocking it out from under Malik. Hugo’s eyes light up and he ascends to the second rope and hoists Malik up on his shoulders; from behind.

Tony D: “They’re in no man’s land, Kris! This is not where you want Hugo dropping you with the Moose Killer!”

Kris Red: “Might as well pre-tweet the Po-Po, Ambulance, and the coroner. If Hugo hits this, IT’S OVA!”

Malik begins to fight; but Hugo is adamant. Malik pushes off of the turnbuckle and flips out of Hugo’s burning hammer attempt. Hugo loses his footing and gets hung up in the ropes. Malik lands hard on his bum leg and stumbles into the opposite corner. Malik smacks the top turnbuckle pad to rally the crowd; as the ref helps Hugo out of the ropes. Malik slowly “takes aim” with his hands in the shape of a pistol. Hugo attempts to pull himself up in the corner. Malik “pulls the trigger” as Hugo slumps in the corner. Hugo pulls himself up once more; this time he falls backwards. Hugo rises to a knee; as Malik shakes the pain out of his leg. Malik charges with a superkick to Hugo; who’s down on one knee.

Tony D: “GUNSh!”


Hugo ducked the Superkick attempt, then trips Malik and locks in the stretch muffler submission.

Tony D: “What is it, Kris?”

Malik can’t handle the pressure on his knee and taps.

Kris Red: “OVA!”

Randy Long: “And your winner, HUUUUGOOOOO Sstraange!

Hugo Strange d. Malik Logan

After the match, Hugo extended his hand and Malik accepted as the fans applauded the bout.


- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

Anton Chase d. Jason Richards via DQ when Evangelista returned the favor from earlier and attacked Chase with a chair. Crowbar then hit the ring with a neckbrace on and pushed Evangelista aside, putting the boots to Anton Chase. Evangelista took offense to Crowbar pushing her aside and the two began arguing. This led to Crowbar attempting a KFO on Evangelista but she pushed Crowbar aside just as Jason Richards hits a Superkick and it takes Evangelista out! Jason gasps as Crowbar laughs and then hits him with a KFO! Crowbar favors his neck as he is now to his feet and the last man standing.


- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

All lights in the arena slowly fade as a sound of guitar echoes through the arena. Only one light shines down on the entrance ramp as Adam Stryker slowly walks out from the back and stands there, looking down. He starts walking towards the ring as the Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch comes to its first verse.

"I spoke to god today, and she said that she's ashamed. What have I become, what have I done? I spoke to the devil today, and he swears he's not to blame. And I understood, 'cause I feel the same."

As he is near the ring, he gets inside between the middle and the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle immediately, while the one light still shines at him. As the chorus of "Wrong Side of Heaven" hits, Adam performs his cut-throat taunt and then just poses on the turnbuckle with his arms spread.

"Arms wide open, I stand alone. I'm no hero, and I'm not made of stone. Right or wrong, I can hardly tell. I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell. I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, righteous side of hell."

Stryker hops off the buckles and stretches out to prepare for the match.

Entry of the Gladiators begins to play over the PA. Mr. Rottentreats makes his way from the back riding a tiny tricycle. Treats is followed by Vaughn Ronie Jr. carrying the WARPED Evolution Title. Mr. Rottentreats stops at the top of the entrance ramp and shakes a 2 liter of Faygo. Vaughn Ronie Jr. pops open an umbrella before he shoves Mr. Rottentreats down the ramp. The Wicked Clown Of WARPED twists the top off of the Faygo; spraying fans as he rolls down the aisle way. Some boo and flip him the clown off; even more cheer.

Tony D: “The WARPED Faithful of Detroit have slowly began to take a liking to Mr. Rottentreats as of late, Kris.”

Kris Red: “You aren’t kidding! The balcony above us is full of clowns, Tony D!”

Mr. Rottentreats prepares to ghost ride the tiny tricycle as he nears the ringside mats. Mr. Rottentreats barely makes the jump from tricycle to ring apron. Treats struts down the apron and back before he wipes his feet. He then begins to a bounce around; as if he’s about to perform some more aerobatics. Treats slingshots himself in and drops his trench coat upon landing. Vaughn Ronie Jr. reaches the apron; then closes his umbrella and grabs Treats’ trench coat.

The music dies out.

Randy Long: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is to be contested under FnX rules; and is for the WARPED Evolution Championship!”

Vaughn Ronie Jr. passes the WARPED Evolution championship to Mr. Rottentreats; who kisses it before handing it to the referee. The referee holds the Evolution Title up high for all of the WARPED Faithful to see.

Randy Long: “Introducing first, In the corner to my right; the challenger. He weighed in today at 220lbs; and comes to us from Los Angeles, California! The SoCal Switchblade! ADAAAM ssSSTRYKERR!”

Stryker steps to the center of the ring and examines the WARPED Evolution title; the buzz in the crowd begins to grow.

Randy Long: “In the corner to my left! He comes to us, from the Carnival Grounds; by way of Tiny Tricycle! Weighing in at two-hundred, twenty-two pounds! He is The Whole FUCKIN’ Sideshow, and the defending WARPED Evolution Champeeen! Mr. Rottentreeeaaats!!”

A focused Mr. Rottentreats steps into the center of the ring; immediately Adam Stryker verbally starts in on Mr. Rottentreats.

Referee: “One fall to a finish, no count outs, anything goes, gentlemen. Now, LET’S GET FUCKIN’ EXTREME!!”

The referee hands the Evolution title to Randy long; who exits. Treats and Stryker are in the center of the ring; now nose to painted nose. A slow clap begins. Stryker’s verbal tirade becomes more heated as Vaughn Ronie Jr. joins Tony D and Kris Red on commentary.

Tony D: “Ladies and gentlemen it would seem we have the head of Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services joining us at ringside.”

Kris Red: “Vaughn Ronnie, how th.”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “It’s pronounced ROW-KNEE, Kris. One, N!”

Kris Red: “My bad! No need to get HOT about it!”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Never mind me, Treats is the wrong person for Stryker to be spewing his nonsense on.”

Bell rings; the clapping speeds up as Treats kisses Stryker on the nose. Stryker rocks Treats with a slap; Treats staggers back. Treats returns the favor with a slap that rocks Stryker. Stryker shakes it off and returns with a stiff punch; Treats staggers back checking his jaw. Treats returns with a stiff left hook of his own; Stryker is rocked. Stryker hits the ropes and returns with a clothesline; Treats ducks. Go behind and full nelson attempt by Treats. Stryker escapes by flipping Treats up and over with an arm drag. Both men back to their feet; Treats charges with a double leg takedown attempt. Stryker blocks it and transitions into a back mount; then rolls treats over with a body scissors. Stryker lives up to his last name and begins to blast Treats with a series of vicious cross faces.

Tony D: “No love lost between these two, Kris.”

Kris Red: “Yeah, and with Mr. Rottentreats eye the way it is; this could end the match.”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “DAMN IT, COVER UP!”

Stryker lands a direct blow to Treats previously injured left eye; the eye patch goes flying. Treats begins to rage about swinging his elbows and catches Stryker with a wild strike. Stryker shakes the elbow to his cheek bone off; he rolls Treats over for a pin attempt.

ONE-Treats rolls out of the pining predicament; back in a seated position he removes his elbow pad; then throws a few more back elbows. Stryker catches the clown with a cross face and uses the momentum to roll into another pin attempt.

ONE-Treats rolls out again. Still in the body scissors; Treats throws a perfect back elbow. The elbow busts Stryker open; causing him to release the body scissors. Treats is quick to make the pin attempt.

ONE! Stryker kicks out!

Tony D: “These two definitely aren’t pulling any punches tonight!”

Kris Red: “Or elbows for that matter, Tony D!”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Damn it, he’s busted open!”

Kris Red: “Yeah, Stryker is SEEIN’ RED!”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Not Stryker, ya numbskull! Treats! His eye’s been busted open again!”

Frustrated; Treats touches his eye and sees the blood on his white gloves. He slaps Stryker who retaliates. Treats pulls Stryker to his knees by the hair. Stryker elbows Treats; Treats removes his right glove and chops Stryker. Stryker delivers a chop of his own. Treats rears back with his right hand; then pokes Stryker in the eye with his left. Treats hops to his feet as Stryker swings wildly. Treats rebounds off the ropes for speed. On his return he introduces the bridge of Adam Stryker’s nose to his shin-NO! Stryker ducks and meets Treats on his return with a rolling elbow; busting Treats’ eye up even more. Stryker makes the pin attempt.




Tony D: “That rolling elbow from Stryker caught Treats in that bad eye.”

Kris Red: “A couple more good shots to that eye and, it’s OVA!”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “Not if I have anything to say about it!”

Stryker performs his cut throat taunt; as Treats crawls toward the announce table side of the ring. Vaughn Ronie Jr., stands up to help pull Mr. Rottentreats on top of the announce table. VRJ quickly reaches into Treats’ Trench coat and pulls out a Candy Apple Faygo; then displays it for the crowd. VRJ opens it up and pours it into Treats’ mouth and slaps the clown’s painted cheeks; attempting to revive him. Stryker turns around and notices; then reaches through the ropes to pull Treats back in. Treats spits Faygo in Stryker’s eyes!

Tony D: “Stryker doesn’t seem to be the only one focused on the eyes, Kris!”

Kris Red: “No he doesn’t. That was Juggalo Mist, Tony D!”

Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “An eye for an eye, fellas; an eye for an eye!”

Stryker staggers back and VRJ reaches into his vest; he retrieves a flask. VRJ removes Treats’ left glove revealing a completely taped up hand; within seconds he’s dousing Treats left hand with the contents of the flask. VRJ whispers something into the clown’s ear as Stryker returns; barely able to see. Stryker pulls Treats up by the green hair as he makes his way to the apron; then applies a half nelson.

Tony D: “This could be a..”

Kris Red: “Holyshi-NO!”

Treats throws a back elbow that causes Stryker to loosen the Half-Nelson. Treats falls back into the ring through the middle and top rope. Stryker re-enters the ring and charges for a Headhunter Kick (Busaiku Knee Kick) in the corner, and catches nothing but turnbuckle pad. VRJ begins to fan Mr. Rottentreats as Stryker clutches his knee. Stryker shakes off the pain and grabs Treats by the hair. He begins to pull Treats up; as he jaws with VRJ. Treats lights his hand on fire!

Kris Red: “FIYAH!”

Treats catches the unsuspecting Adam Stryker with a left hook; then shakes the flame off of his fist. As he goes for the pin attempt he scrapes the hot taped wrist across Adam Stryker’s face for added insult.


Vaughn Ronie Jr.: “That’s my cue, gentlemen. It’s been a real blast.”






Kris Red: “It’s OVA!”

Tony D: “What a dirty way to win!”

Kris Red: “Are you kidding me? This was an FnX rules match! Nothing dirty about it. It sure was ROTTEN, though!”

Ryan Casey bolts down the ramp way and clocks Vaughn Ronie Jr. in the back of the head.

Tony D: “Looks like Vaughn Ronie Jr. is getting his just desserts!”

Kris Red: “I wouldn’t be too sure about that! Here comes King KUMA!”

Tony D: “This isn’t in my notes!”

Kris Red: “What notes? You get notes, Tony D? I WANT NO-OH! Poor, Vaughn Ronnie!”

King KUMA arrives just as Ryan Casey tosses Vaughn Ronie Jr. in to the ring steps. KUMA snatches Ryan Casey up by the neck and tosses him into the ring. The medics luckily have Stryker out of the ring in time. KUMA pulls himself into the ring and powers Ryan Casey up for a gorilla press slam. Just as he’s about to drop him on the announce table; Gefahr catches his attention.

Tony D: “Here comes William Wallace’s Giant, Gefahr!”

Kris Red: “If these two go at it, we’re liable to get banned from The Fillmo-OH SHIT!!”

Ryan Casey crashes through the ringside announce table! King KUMA exits the ring and meets Gefahr in the aisle way! The Tongan Terror and the German Giant are going at it; toe to toe! Security is out; only to be tossed off the stage like rag dolls.

Tony D: “Someone has got to put a stop to this; before it gets too out of hand!”

Kris Red: “And how do you suggest that, Tony D? A SWAT Team wouldn’t even risk getting in between these two!”

The two behemoths continue to fight to the back and out of sight; leaving carnage in their wake.


- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

SUDDENLY....something oddly familiar happens. LIGHTSOUT!

Suddenly, the lights around the arena shut off completely. A few of the fans scream out of both excitement and fear. Occasionally the lights flicker back on, but only briefly before shutting back off again.....

...WARPEDVision cuts to static, and Treats eyes gaze toward the screen, as do the eyes of everyone in attendance. The static slowly dissipates... being replaced by a scene. One from long ago...

*cut scene*

The scene opens in the designated parking lot for the wrestlers. Walking towards the front lot of the Frontier Park Field house and a crowd of excited Juggalos is Mr. Rottentreats. He’s looking quite suave in his JC Penney pin-stripe suit. His face paint is damn near perfection, and his dreads pulled back in a large orange and white pony tail. As he gets to the front lot he’s approached by the vivacious Kelly Calloway.

Kelly Calloway: Mr. Rottentreats, you’ve caused quite a stir here and WARPED hasn’t even officially launched yet, how do you feel about that?

Mr. Rottentreats: HOW DO I FEEL?! I feel like it’s raining diamonds you tantalizing tenderoni. You see all these Juggalos in the lot? You hear the chants of family? You hear those WOOP WOOPS? Those are for me! Dangerous Dan Dillinger better have himself an escape plan after the match, because if, and that’s a BIG if. But IF I lose, there’s going to be hundreds of angry ass Juggalos coming for him. And there’s two things a pro wrestler don’t want chasing him down after the show, that fat chick in the front row in the same seat at every show...

And a mob of angry Juggalos.

*cut scene*

Dan Dillinger: All of us from the wrestlers to the staff are really excited about WARPEDLive! - “The Audition” On Sunday, March 7th, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois at the Frontier Park Fieldhouse. That evening, I will be in a singles match against a singles competitor that calls himself..... “Mr. Rottentreats”.

Dan: Now, I don't know who this so-called “Juggalo” is or what he thinks he will accomplish here.... but my #PAST achievements speak for themselves...

*cut scene*

Tony: And Rottentreats uses the soda pop to his advantage!!... I can’t believe I just said that.

Kris: I can’t believe you just called it soda pop...

Rottentreats grabs the impaired Dillinger and connects with BLAAM! Rottentreats hooks the leg for the pin. 1…2…3!

The referee calls for the bell as Rottentreats stands up and holds his hands up in victory. The referee grabs his arm to make the win official, but Rottentreats pushes the ref away and yells obscenities at him.

Randy: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match by pinfall…MR. ROTTENTREATS!

Tony: And Mr. Rottentreats picks up the somewhat controversial win over Dan Dillinger here tonight.

Kris: Apparently Rottentreats isn’t just a juggler, he’s also a magician... His disappearing act, while a bit unorthodox, did get him the all important three count at WARPED’s first show.

Tony: Don’t forget about Dillinger, Kris. He showed the crowd just a small taste of what he can do in the ring. However, his cocky attitude may hinder him from reaching true greatness in the #FUTURE.

*cut scene/return to present*

WARPEDVision shuts down. Before static cuts through the screen, and a video plays --


The following image appears at the end of the video package :

And then, the scene becomes familiar, once again. It's hard to place... but it strikes a chord. A very, VERY, familiar chord.

A deep, ominous voice is heard from above.

Voice: Do you #BELiEVE in second chances? Do you believe in redemption of the sins of the past? Let my return be a sign that all things are possible, that all of mankind is blessed with the free will to #CHANGE who they once were. It is here that I will be reborn as a hero of the people.

Voice: We all need a hero in our lives….............

Let Me Be Yours.

And just like that, the lights come back on..... with Mr. Rottentreats looking confused as to what just happened.




- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

We fade into the backstage area where you see the catering table set up. A rather pudgy man in shorts and a t-shirt is stuffing his face in front of the chicken wings. He gets startled by the camera and wipes his mouth with his shirt and begins to speak.

Man: Oh hey…I guess this is my air time huh? K just give me a second…that hot sauce is kicking my ass….

The man takes a swig of beer and burps loudly then shakes his head to loosen up.

Man: Ok I’m ready…..wait we’re already shooting? Dammit….look do me a favour and step back and pan up again….

Cameraman: But we are already….

Man: Just do it dammit!

The cameraman sighs but agrees. You see the camera fade our then back in as you see a pair of black wrestling boots with hot sauce dripped on them. The camera scrolls up slowly as the man begins to talk.

Man: Don’t let these sauce stained wrestling boots fool you…..I’m curvy….

The camera pans up to the man’s face.

Man: I’m the most uncoordinated bastard you’ll ever see…..I drink beer, pop and juice…I don’t do drugs save for a little contact C when I have the sniffles….I eat chicken wings….A LOT of chicken wings because to maintain my girlish curves….but my real addiction…is professional wrestling…I do what I do to prove everyone wrong. A fat man in shorts and a t-shirt can’t make anything of himself in this business….WRONG! I am the fat man in shorts and a t-shirt that will turn this industry upside down. My obsession is proving the Smarks wrong…..My name is Shawn Knight…….

Shawn stares at camera with intent then chomps on chicken wing before taking a swig of beer as the camera fades out.




- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -

Next up.. the World Title is on the line as Cameron MacNichol faces the champion William Wallace. And...

William Wallace d. Cameron MacNichol after a hard fought match with Cameron's hometown behind him. When it looked to be in Cameron's favor, everything switched after the exposing of the turnbuckle pad by Wallace (without the referee's knowledge), much like Mr. Rottentreats the show prior. Wallace rolled Cameron up and got the 3 count victory. Wallace then hit a Freedom Bomb for good measure and stood over Cameron MacNichol with the World Title, screaming into the camera "Ah hear that's the proper way to win a match" followed by a laugh and a pose with the World Title over his head as the show fades out.


- WARPED87 - Summarized Results -